Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 

Past Events

Developing Stories:
CACAGNY Calls out DeBlasio for Scapegoating Asians in Specialized High Schools    (CACAGNY Activities)

CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asians in Specialized High Schools

CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rallies



September 28 CACAGNY Congratulates NUBC on Lawsuit Victory   (Chinatown Jail Page)

September 24 CACAGNY Co-Sponsors Education Forum with Leading Borough President Candidate

           CACAGNY Announcement                     PLACE Webpage

August 22  CACAGNY Holds Essay Contest Award Ceremony     (March 7 Essay Contest)

August 14 CACAGNY Applauds DOJ Finding that Yale Discriminates against Asians

         美司法部:耶魯招生歧視亞裔 違反民權法 / 同源會指 優先考慮「結果平等」違背正義

August 6  CACAGNY to DeBlasio & Legislators: Provide Basic Street Safety to your Citizens!

July 11 CACAGNY & NYCRA launch NYC campaign to elected representatives to save SHSAT
         NYC Email Campaign  /  NYC Phone Campaign  /  CACAGNY Thanks SHSAT Supporters

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June 8 CACAGNY Parents to DOE: Keep Screened Schools!  (Videos 5/28/20 - 6/8/20)
June 3 CACAGNY Supports Protests; Demands Real Action to End Looting 

         Epoch Times           World Journal            AppleDaily

May 27  CACAGNY Opposes Return to Racial Spoils in California
May 23 CACAGNY Outraged at Carranza's Latest Racial Antics

May 22 CACAGNY to DOE: Don't Use Shutdown as Excuse to Dismantle Selective Admissions

May 20 CACAGNY Calls Out DOE for Anti-Asian Racism and Wasteful Spending  (Videos 5/20/20)
May 12 CACAGNY Urges State Oversight of NYC DOE in Sen. Liu Town Hall (Statement, Videos 5/12/20)

April 27 CACAGNY Endorses "Do No Harm" Grading, Condemns Attacks on Standards  (Statement 4/29/20)

April 27 CACAGNY Supports Small Businesses with Useful Information

April 25 CACAGNY Issues Statement Upon DOE Announcement of Gifted & Talented Exam Results

March 7 CACAGNY Holds Essay Contest     (Awards Ceremony)

March 2  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

February 26  Carranza Hides from Angry Parents at PEP Meeting

February 25 CACAGNY Joins Amicus Brief Against Anti-Asian Discrimination in Harvard Lawsuit

February 19 DeBlasio detains, ejects CACAGNY members from Town Hall, still gets booed, heckled
February 4 Carranza's DOE Blocks Chinese at Schoolhouse Door

January 29 Carranza Pretends to Apolgozie

January 16 CEC Can't Silence Aggrieved Parents; Carranza HIghtails

January 7 CACAGNY Member, Long-time Education Activist, Elected CEC President

January 7  Jackie Cody suspended; Carranza still not fired

January 2  CACAGNY Joins Protest Against Secretive Planning to Bus Students


December 16:  CACAGNY Calls for State Control of NYC Public Schools  (Sing TaoWorld Journal)

December 11: Court of Appeals Hears Discovery Lawsuit Injunction

December 5: Dinner Gala Celebrates CACAGNY's 3rd Anniversary

November 17: CACAGNY Deplores Cody Slur, Blames Carranza for Hostile, Racist Environment

November 15: CACAGNY Supports NUBC's Lawsuit Against New Jail (Updated 9/22/20)

            CACAGNY Congratulates NUBC 9/22/20

October 2: CACAGNY Hosts Third Mid-Autumn Film Festival

October 19:  CACAGNY Urges Rejection of Referendum 88 and Racial Quotas in Washington State

October 19:  CACAGNY Honored by OCA Long Island Chapter

October 17:  CACAGNY Demands City Council to Vote No on New Jails
October 6: CACAGNY Protests Against New Jails in Chinatown
September 21: Maj. General Chen, Past CACA President Update Veterans on Congressional Gold Medal

September 4: CACAGNY Supports Gifted & Talented Programs in Multiple Rallies

August 6: CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally; Carranza Mows Down Protesters

July 31: CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally Confronting Carranza Face-to-Face

July 18: CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

June 26: CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Caranza!" Rally

June 18: CACARGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

June 15: CACAGNY Awards Prizes to 2019 Essay Contest Winnters

May 20: CACAGNY Participates in AACE Conference

March 30: CACAGNY Participates in Khan's Tutorial Education Workshop

March 2: CACAGNY Explains Discovery Expansion Lawsuit

February 9: CACAGNY Celebrates Chinese New Year in Flushing Parade

January 29: Chinese American WWII Veterans Honored in Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

January 25: CACAGNY, IS 187 PTO Host Assembly Member Malliotakis on SHSAT,  G&T Programs


December 13: CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Education

December 10: CACAGNY's Proposed Resolution Commemorates Repeal of Chinese Exclusion Act

December 1: Dinner Gala Celebrates CACAGNY's 2nd Anniversary

November 16:  Students Phone Congressmen for Chinese American WWII Vets Gold Medal

October 13: CACAGNY Officer Honored at Boston Rally for 2007 Education Discrimination Lawsuit v NYC

September 29: CACAGNY Hosts Second Mid-Autumn Film Festival

September 26: Candidate Marc Molinari tours Chinatown, supports SHSAT, opposes jails

August 17: CACAGNY & Friends Welcome Mayor Allan Fung, the Next Governor of Rhode Island!

July 31:  CACAGNY Supports G&T Bills that Improve Education for ALL

June 23:  CACAGNY Awards Prizes to Essay Contest Winners and Explains SHSAT

June 14:  CACAGNY Presents in Brooklyn College Workshop

June 4: CACAGNY Calls out DeBlasio for Scapegoating Asian Kids over his Educational Failures

May 24: CACAGNY Member Wins CEC 24 Election to Fight for SHSAT

May 20:  CACAGNY Holds College Admissions Seminar in Chinese

April 28: CACAGNY Rallies in City Hall for SHSAT

April 14: CACAGNY Speaks for the SHSAT, Congressional Gold Medal, and Other Agenda Items at Forum

April 6: Julie Killian, Candidate for NY Senate, Supports Chinese Americans on Education, Small Business

March 16: CACAGNY Receives Shirley Chisholm Civic Leadership Award from State Senator Jesse Hamilton III

March 11: CACAGNY Explains SHSAT on Radio

March 3: CACAGNY Holds Essay Contest  (Awards June 23, 2018)

February 19: CACAGNY and BRACE Commemorate Peter Liang and Honor Peter Wang

February 17: CACAGNY Celebrates Chinese New Year in Flushing Parade

January 21: CACAGNY and CUMC Screen SHSAT Documentary Tested and Hold Q&A


December 2: CACAGNY Dinner Gala Celebrates First Anniversary

November 19: CACAGNY and American Legion Recognize Students Honoring Chinese American WW II Veterans

November 3: CACAGNY, BRACE, City Council Candidate Hikind Jointly Denounce Anti-Chinese Cemetery Vandalism

October 26: New York Times Interviews CACAGNY on SHSAT

October 12: CACAGNY Hosts Nicole Malliotakis, NYC Mayoral Candidate, on Chinatown Tour
September 30: CACAGNY Holds First Mid-Autumn Film Festival
September 1: CACAGNY Press Conference on City Council Candidate SHSAT Positions -- City Wide
August 28: CACAGNY Press Conference on City Council Candidate SHSAT Positions -- Flushing (CD 20)
August 10: CACAGNY Co-Sponsors City Council Candidate Forum, Brooklyn CD 38
August 5: CACAGNY Supports DOJ Investigation of Discriminatory Admissions Policies at Harvard (Updated 8/5/18)
June 24: CACAGNY Supports Elmhurst United Pan Am Shelter Rally
June 14: CACAGNY Urges Congressional Gold Medal for Chinese American WWII Veterans
June 6: CACAGNY Holds Crime & Safety Forum
March 4: CACAGNY Holds Essay Contest (Awards June 17, 2017)
January 21: CACAGNY Participates in Education Seminar at Khan's Tutorial with Sen. Jesse Hamilton III


December 11: CACAGNY Holds College Admissions Talk with United Chinese Association of Brooklyn
December 3: Celebrates Inauguration
October 17: CACAGNY Holds Protest Against YG's Racist Lyrics
June 5: C.A.C.A. Boston Holds "George Frisbie Hoar Award" Gala
June 4: CACAGNY Holds First NY Meeting