A (short) disruption, by anti-screened schools group Teens Take Charge

Who were they:

          Tajh Sutton, president, Community Education Council District 14

                      "Manager"  of Teens Take Charge

                      Not a teen

          Shino Tanikawa, Community Education Council District 2 (but currently has no child in district!?!?!)

                      Member, School Diversity Advisory Group (SDAG)

​                      Member, Education Council Consortium (ECC)

                      Not a teen

                      Her own child went to a screened school

          Eric Goldberg, Community Education Council, also District 2

                      Not a teen

                      His own child goes to a screened school

          Tamara Gayer,  parent association co-president, Brooklyn Arbor School, also District 14

                      Wore Black Lives Matter T-shirt

                      Her own child's school is 28% White, in a gentrifying district that's 14% White

                      Not a teen

          Unknown Sneaky Guy

                      Rammed his Citibike into our people while screaming "Don't touch my bike!"

                      Not a teen

What they believe:

           They are awesome

              If you are race-blind, you are a racist  ("Anti-Racism" and its ills)

           They are not hypocrites (see "They are awesome")


Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 

​October 23, 2020:  CACAGNY Participates in Rally

                for Gifted & Talented Programs, Screened Schools, and the SHSAT

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