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  1/10/20 Sing Tao  關雷島監獄計劃欠詳 皇后區居民紛表憂慮

  1/10/20 World Journal  雷克島監獄關閉改用途 皇后居民憂衝擊房價

  1/ 9/20  Wall Street Journal  Planned Closing of Rikers Island Jail Has Residents Wondering What Comes Next

  1/ 6/20  Chief  Corrections Officer Assaulted in 'Tombs' Has Multiple Injuries

12/31/19  New York Daily News  NYC correction officer attacked by inmate at Manhattan jail

12/31/19  WPIX  Correction officer assaulted by inmate at Manhattan jail

12/28/19 New York Post  Ex-Rikers inmates use city-funded debit cards to buy booze, juul pods

12/28/19 Sing Tao  市府贈釋囚禮品卡 被揭用來買酒買煙

12/27/19  World Journal  紐約年度10大新聞之8–反華埠建監獄 社區展開司法行動

12/15/19  New York Post  NYC paying through the nose to close Rikers, execute other justice reforms

12/15/19  New York Post  I’m all for criminal justice reform but NY’s latest changes are nuts

12/12/19  New York Times  Why Workers Fear Moving 50 Criminally Insane Patients

12/ 8/19  Wall Street Journal  New York City Jail Costs Reach Record Level

12/ 6/19  China Press  市主计长称 雷克岛监狱每囚犯花费337,000美元

12/ 6/19  New York Post   NYC spends record $337,524 per inmate in jail annually: report

12/ 5/19  Epoch Times  专家:华埠盖新监狱 对健康影响大

12/ 5/19  World Journal  華埠監獄施工需7年 危害社區大

12/ 4/19  Sing Tao  多個組織辦公共信息會 華埠建監獄將嚴重影響耆老健康

12/ 4/19  Sing Tao  建築專家分析施工對社區危害 華埠監獄工期或長於政府估算


​​11/16/19  China Press  反对华埠建监狱 华裔演员马泰助社区筹款

11/16/19  Epoch Times  NUBC启动筹款告监狱计划 华裔影星支持

11/16/19  NTD TV  眾籌告紐約市府 華裔影星反對華埠建監獄

11/16/19  Sing Tao  華埠反監獄組織告市府 呼籲熱心人士積極捐款

11/16/19  Sing Tao  華裔演員加入反監獄行列 馬泰呼籲親朋出錢出力

11/16/19  World Journal  助華埠反監獄訴訟 華裔影星馬泰將捐下部片酬10%

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