5/20/24 ​CACAGNY Supports Boston Parents with Supreme Court Amicus Brief  (Brief)

5/1/24  CACAGNY Joins Coalition Against Biden Administration's Illegal Re-Interpretation of Title IX

2/6/24  CACAGNY Opposes Governor Hochul’s 10% Scheme for SUNY, CUNY
  2/9/24 World Journal 紐約客談/亞裔學生不是種族平衡的犧牲品

  2/7/24 Epoch Times 高中前10%畢業生直升州立大學 紐約同源會:對亞裔不利
  2/6/24 New York Post  Hochul’s SUNY/CUNY admission scheme is simply more unfair racial discrimination

1/17/24   CACAGNY Sues New York State Over Racial Discrimination in Education Program

   3/11 Instruction Discussion STEP Discrimination

   2/ 9 World Journal 紐約客談/亞裔學生不是種族平衡的犧牲品

   1/23 QNS Whitestone mom leads lawsuit alleging discrimination in state science program

   1/22 Lion Lion New York STEM education grants favor certain races, lawsuit claims

   1/19 AsAm News  Asian parents file lawsuit against New York over alleged discrimination

   1/19 Gothamist  Asian parents allege racial discrimination in New York’s STEM program
   1/19 Patabook News Asian parents allege racial discrimination in New York’s STEM program

   1/18 Brooklyn Eagle  New lawsuit targets program to diversity NYS STEM students
   1/18 Campus Reform Asian parents sue New York over program that favors Blacks, Hispanics

   1/18 Connecticut Centinel  CACAGNY Sues New York State Over Education Program
   1/18 Conservative Daily News Asian parents sue NY STEM program for discrimination

   1/18 Daily Wire  Asian Parents File Lawsuit Claiming NY STEM Program Discriminates

   1/18 New York Post End this openly anti-Asian New York education policy NOW

   1/18 Sing Tao  華裔告州府STEP項目
   1/18 World Journal  紐約州弱勢生STEP補助遭控歧視 亞裔維權提告
   1/17 BNN  Asian Parents Sue New York State Over Alleged Discrimination in STEM Program
   1/17 Chalkbeat  New lawsuit targets program to diversify NY’s college STEM majors

   1/17 China Press  STEP招生歧視性指導方針遭起訴
   1/17 Legal Insurrection  Asian Parents Sue New York State Over Alleged Discrimination in STEM Program
   1/17 New York Post  Asian parents claim NY STEM program discriminates against their kids: suit
   1/17 Pacific Legal Foundation  Federal lawsuit challenges racial discrimination in school grant program
   1/17 Pacific Legal Foundation  Chu et. al. v. Rosa

12/6/23  CACAGNY Holds Webinar with Success Academy Charter Schools

9/22/23  CACAGNY Supports TJ Parents with Supreme Court Amicus Brief  (Brief)

  9/27 Sing Tao 籲高院審理傑斐遜高中招生案
  9/25 Epoch Times 紐約市多個家長組織聲援TJ高中反歧視訴訟
  9/25 World Journal 傑佛遜高中招生涉歧視 同源會聲援維權組織上訴
  9/23 New York Post How the Supremes can head off back-door racial favoritism by US colleges

6/29/23  CACAGNY Issues Statement on SFFA v Harvard 

   7/  1 Epoch Times  美華社領袖陳慧華:種族偏好之戰還沒結束

  6/30 China Press 紐約多家教育倡導組織發聲明表贊同

  6/30 Daily Caller Most Asian Americans Oppose Race-Based Admissions. Why DIdn't Their Advocacy Groups?
   6/30 Epoch Times 最高法裁決大學招生不看種族 華人團體慶祝

   6/30 World Journal  高院裁決哈佛案違憲 華裔家長叫好

   6/29 Sing Tao  精英教育團體歡呼雀躍'

5/5/23  CACAGNY's Discovery Expansion Lawsuit against New York City Reaches Court of Appeals
   5/10 Epoch Times 亞裔團體告紐約市歧視亞裔學生案 巡迴法庭開審

4/16/23  CACAGNY Co-Sponsors Forum On SFFA v Harvard Lawsuit
    4/17  China Press  趙宇空分享哈佛歧視亞裔案維權經曆

   4/17  Epoch Times  哈佛排亞訴訟未休 美國亞裔教育維權不停止
   4/17  Sing Tao  哈佛大學招生案裁決在即 華人籌謀勝利之後下一步
   4/17  World Journal  哈佛招生歧視案將裁決 亞裔教盟樂觀

3/10/23  AWA, CACAGNY, NYCRA, NYPG Rally to Lift Chapter Cap

2/5/23  CACAGNY, AWA and NYCRA Support Lifting NYC Charter Cap

   2/26 New York Post  Free the charters: The right choice for New York’s families is obvious
   2/26 New York Post  Republicans will help pass Hochul’s charter-school plan — it’s a no-brainer  (Rob Ortt)

   2/25 New York Post  Nearly half of NYC DOE grads at CUNY need remedial classes

   2/25 Sing Tao 高中教育被批嚴重摻水 近半社區大學生須補課
   2/24 Epoch Times 反對特許學校卻送子女上私立 部分民主黨州議員惹議
   2/24 Sing Tao 反對特許學校民主黨人 被揭送子女讀昂貴私校

   2/22 Fox Business  Risk of Chinese education outpacing American’s

   2/19 New York Post  China’s spy balloon should be a wake-up call — about US schools
   2/17 Fox News Eric Adams refusing to support funding for NYC charter school

   2/15 Manhattan Institute  Parents Want Charters Because Schools Are for Kids, Not Unions (New York Post)

   2/ 6 Epoch Times 華人社團支持紐約州長取消特許學校數量上限

10​/30/22  CACAGNY Co-Sponsors Rally at Supreme Court on Harvard/UNC Lawsuits

9/21/22  CACAGNY Repeats Warning on Social Emotional School Surveys

9/19/22  CACAGNY Provides Update on Discovery Expansion Lawsuit

7/6/22  CACAGNY Introduces Vertex Charter High School to Chinese Families

6/21/22 CACAGNY Supports TJ Parents with Amicus Brief  (Brief)

 6/21 Asra Investigates  Chinese, Hindu, Jewish groups file brief supporting TJ families

 6/23 Epoch Times  反對搞種族平衡 紐約同源會支持TJ家長

5/25/22 CACAGNY congratulates Parents Defending Education

  6/  3 World Journal  撤銷資優班已駁回 同源會慶抗議成功
  5/26 Epoch Times  曼哈頓高院法官 駁回尋求取消天才班的訴訟

  5/26 Sing Tao 取消天才班訴訟 遭州高院法官駁回

  5/25 Daily Caller Dem-Appointed Judge Unravels Liberal Plot To Racialize Schools With Four Sentences
  5/25 New York Post  Judge dismisses suit seeking to end NYC’s Gifted & Talented programs

5/24/22 CACAGNY Invites Members and Friends to Support Campaign to Lift Charter Cap 
  5/26 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲州議會增加特許學校

5/1/22 CACAGNY:  The New G&T and Mayoral Control

    5/  3 Epoch Times  紐約同源會為天才班提建言 修正制度兩缺陷
   4/29 New York Post  Thank Mayor Adams for expanding G&T — but, alas, the plan has some big flaws

    4/15  Sing Tao  市府擴展天才班家長民代叫好 錄取細節尚未明了喜中有憂

4/21/2  CACAGNY Officer Participates in Harvard Admission Lawsuit Forum

    4/28 Manhattan Institute Litigating Affirmative Action: The Road to SCOTUS (video)
    4/23 Epoch Times 從哈佛排亞訴訟案 一窺美國高等教育平權政策疏漏
     4/22 Sing Tao 哈佛大學歧視華人學生訴訟案 成敗深遠影響亞裔在美地位
     4/22 World Journal  曼哈頓研究所探討哈佛大學招生歧視案

4/6/22  CACAGNY Hosts SFFA for Harvard Lawsuit Update, Urges Students to Join SFFA  (SFFA Website)

      5/26 CNBC How Asian Americans became the center of the affirmative action debate

     4/18 Sing Tao  哈佛招生涉歧視亞裔案或10月終審 布魯姆:需華裔支持
     4/  7 Epoch Times  哈佛大學招生案 原告籲更多亞裔生說經歷
     4/  7 Sing Tao  高院將審哈佛招生歧視案 原告代表籲亞裔學生家長加盟
     4/  7 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視亞裔案 估10月辯論明春宣判

​3/24/22 CACAGNY Introduces Success Academy Charter Schools to Chinese Parents!

12/14/21 CACAGNY Asks Supreme Court to Fix Past Errors, Restore Equal RIghts in Admissions 

                 Amicus Brief

      2/ 7 Epoch Times Supreme Court May End Affirmative Action in College Admissions, Experts Say
      1/31 Epoch Times  加州CFER籲高院糾正哈佛和UNC招生政策
      1/28 New York Times   It’s Time to End Race-Based Affirmative Action
​      1/27 Washington Free Beacon   Mini-Doc on Harvard Case Marks Step Forward for Affirmative-Action Critics
      1/26 Breitbart Larry   Tribe Tells Harvard to Evade Supreme Court on Racial Preferences
      1/26 Minding the Campus   Harvard, UNC Cases Give SCOTUS Chance to End Racial Preferences for Good

      1/25 City Journal   An Affirmative Action Endgame?
      1/25 Epoch Times 美最高法院聽審哈佛招生歧視案 亞裔團體歡迎

      1/25 Epoch Times 歧視亞裔?美最高法院將聽取哈佛大學招生案

      1/25 Harvard Crimson   ‘Bad News for Harvard’: Affirmative Action in Doubt as Court Takes Up Cases
      1/25 National Review   Harvard President’s Dodgy Defense of Discrimination Against Asian Americans

      1/25 Sing Tao  種族應否列錄取考慮因素 高院受理哈佛招生歧視案
      1/25 Wall Street Journal   A Chance to Remove Race From College Admissions

      1/25 World Journal  哈佛、北卡大招生歧視亞裔?最高法院受理…名校遇最大挑戰
      1/24 Epoch Times   Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenges to Colleges Using Race in Admissions

      1/24 Harvard Crimson   Supreme Court to Take Up Harvard, UNC Affirmative Action Case

      1/24 Wall Street Journal   Race, Harvard and the Supreme Court
      1/24 Wall Street Journal   Supreme Court to Review Race-Conscious Admissions Policies at Harvard, UNC

      1/24 Washington Examiner   White House touts 'equity' as Supreme Court takes up race-based admissions
    ​ 12/15 Epoch Times  大學招生歧視案 紐約多團體籲複審 紐約同源會向美國最高法院提交法庭之友摘要
     12/15 Sing Tao  同源會等機構提交法庭意見書 挺北卡大學招生歧視亞裔案原告


11/26/21 City Journal Article Reflects on SHSAT Fight

10/24/21  CACAGNY President Listed in "PoliticsNY Power Players in Education"

10/20/21   CACAGNY Holds City Council District 1 Candidates Forum

      10/21  Epoch Times  華埠市議員選舉論壇 馬泰缺席成箭靶
      10/21  Sing Tao  民主黨候選人馬泰拒絕出席 成莫美倫杜波魯夫攻擊目標
      10/21  World Journal  市議會第1選區候選人論壇 馬泰缺
​      10/19  Epoch Times  市議會第一選區候選人論壇 紐約同源會20日舉辦

10/19/21   CACAGNY EMERGENCY ALERT to Parents: Opt Out of Social Emotional Surveys in Schools!

       10/30 Epoch Times   美國家長團體:販賣「覺醒」是一門大生意
       10/24 Legal Insurrection  Chinese American Group Calls On Parents To Opt Out Of Social Emotional Surveys
       10/21 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲家長抵制教育局「社會情感」測評
       10/21 Sing Tao  紐約同源會籲家長抵制 德弗羅學生實力評估篩查

10/12/21   CACAGNY Joins Rally to Bring Back G&T:  Flyers, Statement, Photo

       10/18 New York Post  The top issues for NYC’s next mayor ahead of the candidates’ first debate
 ​      ​10/16 Epoch Times  29選區市議員候選人邁克 獲紐約市居民聯盟背書
       10/15 World Journal  抗議廢除資優班 家長示威籲亞當斯扭轉政策
​       10/13 China Press  近百家長及民代集會抗議取消資優班 顧雅明批市府并未公平分配項目資源
       10/13 New York Post Eric Adams signals support for a Gifted and Talented admissions exam

       10/13 NTD  NYC Parents Rally for the Gifted and Talented Program
       10/13 Sing Tao  逾百不同族裔家長示威 嚴厲批評市長教育政策
       10/13  Sinovision 美国华人圈   近百纽约家长抗议市长“天才班”决定:不该取消 反而应增多
       10/13 World Journal  紐約市將取消資優班 華裔家長抗議籲保留更應擴大
​       ​10/12 CBS NY  De Blasio’s Plan To Overhaul NYC’s Gifted And Talented Program
       10/12 Epoch Times  9歲童想借錢唸私校 民選官與家長籲保留天才班

       10/12 eStar TV KEEP G&T保卫天才班!我们会在52 Chambers Street市教育局抗议示威!
       10/12 New York Post Protesters call on de Blasio to expand Gifted and Talented program
       10/12 NTD  NYC Parents Rally for the G&T Program
       10/12 NY1  Some parents question how much input they'll get in gifted and talented plans

         10/12 World Journal  華裔家長市教育局前抗議 要求市府保留並擴大資優班

       10/11 Epoch Times  紐約同源會:取消天才班是CRT接管學校的信號

10/10/21 CACAGNY Denounces De Blasio's Decision to Ax G&T With No Educational Justification

                 Coalition for TJ  10/15   Statement of Support

       Legal Insurrection 10/24  Chinese American Group Calls On Parents To Opt Out Of Social Emotional Surveys
       Epoch Times 10/11  紐約同源會:取消天才班是CRT接管學校的信號
       QNS  10/11  Outrage and action following Gifted & Talented announcement

10/9/21 CACAGNY Joins Rally to Bring Back G&T
                    Sing Tao 10/10 白思豪取消天才班計劃引反彈 數十家長及公職候選人舉牌抗議
​                    World Journal 10/10 支持紐約保留資優班 家長上東城抗議
                    New York Post 10/9  Don’t count NYC’s Gifted and Talented programs out yet: Adams rep

6/15/21  Manhattan Institute Holds Education Roundtable with CACAGNY

                    NTD  6/16   NYC Parents Voice Concerns Over Education

5/24/21   CACAGNY Urges Assembly Members to Reject Anti-Asian SHSAT Bill

​                 PLACE NYC: Oppose New York State Assembly A7510 to Repeal Hecht-Calandra

                 NYCRA Urges Assembly Members to Oppose Assembly Bill A7510

                      World Journal  5/25   特殊高中錄取權轉紐約市 州眾議會再提案

5/9/21   CACAGNY Requests Meetings with State Senators on Anti-Asian SHSAT Bill

                NYCRA Request Meetings with State Senators on Anti-Asian SHSAT Bill

​                PLACE NYC Opposes Anti-Asian Senate Bill to Destroy Specialized High Schools

​                     PoliticsNY  5/25   DSAer Salazar Chided for Proposed Legislation being Anti-Asian

​                     Sing Tao  5/12   廢SHSAT法案再提 亞裔家長組織反擊

                     Epoch Times  5/11  紐約州參議員再提廢除SHSAT 民團展開攻防

                     World Journal  5/11   特殊高中錄取改革提案捲土重來 劉醇逸:不會通過
 ​                     PoliticsNY  5/10  Chinese community group continues support of SHSAT

5/7/21    CACAGNY Joins Tweed Hall SHSAT Rally

                    Fox News 6/28  Eli Steele: De Blasio's shameful racial profiling of Asian students
​​                Epoch Times 5/13   紐約高中生組織反SHSAT 背後有「大人」指導

​                NTD TV  5/9  紐約家長要求教育局長下台 停止歧視亞裔孩子Play
                Epoch Times 5/8  紐約家長籲市府修復教育系統 停止歧視亞裔生

4/30/21  CACAGNY Sends Unique Message to Students Receiving Specialized High School Offers

​                 Fox News 6/28  Eli Steele: De Blasio's shameful racial profiling of Asian students

                 Epoch Times 5/5  紐約教育局長廢SHSAT言論 亞裔社區批駁

                 Sing Tao  5/4  教育總監稱SHSAT不公平 多華裔團體不滿嗆聲反擊

                 Epoch Times 5/1  同源會賀亞裔生:永不為學習好而道歉

                 New York Post 5/1  NYC DOE official called parents who support specialized high school tests ‘bigots’

                 New York Post  4/29  NYC schools chancellor calls for end to elite school test as Asians dominate


4/23/21   Manhattan Institute:  An Education Playbook for the Next Mayor

3/30/21  CACAGNY Asks Supreme Court to Stop Racial Discrimination in College Admissions

​                CACAGNY Amicus Brief 3/30       Epoch Times 3/31         Sing Tao 3/31

3/22/21  CACAGNY Support Parents’ Intervention in IntegrateNYC’s Absurd Lawsuit

                Epoch Times  3/24

3/10/21  CACAGNY Stands with TJ Parents to Fight Anti-Asian Racism

                Epoch Times   3/12              Sing Tao  3/11


2/23/21  CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud   (For mobile: HTML)

   11/ 11/21  The City 

   10/24/21 Legal Insurrection

    6/22/21  Epoch Times (English)

    6/ 12/21  NTD TV

    5/ 21/21  PJ Media

    5/  8/21  Citizens Journal

    5/  6/21  Texas Pubic Policy, Granite Grock

    4/30/21  Epoch Times (English)

    4/27/21  Epoch Times (English)

    3/25/21  Epoch Times

    3/23/21  OANN

    3/21/21   Dinesh D'Souza

    3/17/21   NTD

    3/15/21   Federalist

    3/  9/21  NewsweekPressFrom

    3/  7/21  Epoch Times (English)

    3/  5/21  MNBC,  Washington Times

    3/  3/21  Asian DawnPandemic Warroom

    3/  2/21  GraniteGrock

    3/  1/21   America's Citizen PressDailyFriend

    2/28/21   NTD TV

    2/27/21   石山角度,  Epoch Times,  PJ Media,  RT

    2/26/21   Epoch Times,  Fox News @ Night,  Ingraham ReportLegal Insurrection

    2/25/21   Daily Wire,  Epoch Times (English),  Fox News,  India Times Post,  KCUE,

​                     News Wars,  RT,  South Asian Express,  WCSI

    2/24/21   ArabNews24,  Asra Investigates,  Bacon's Rebellion,  ENM News,

                     Investment Watch,  Twitchy,  Washington Examiner

1/16/21  CACAGNY urges more electeds and candidates to defend Gifted & Talented Programs

                World Journal  1/21        World Journal  1/19        World Journal 1/18

12/19/20  CACAGNY Statement to De Blasio: the Problem is not Screened Schools!
                 China Press 12/20                     Sing Tao 12/20               
                 PLACE Statement 12/19

12/ 2/20  CACAGNY Urges Participation in Alumni Petition to Governor Cuomo on SHSAT

                 China Press                  Epoch Times                 World Journal

12/ 1/20  CACAGNY Urges Participation in Assemblyman William Colton's Petition

                  Assemblyman William Colton's Petition

11/12/20   CACAGNY and NYCRA Rally for the SHSAT

10/23/20   CACAGNY Participates in Rally for G&T Programs, Screened Schools, and SHSAT

10/9/20  CACAGNY Joins Letter to De Blasio and Carranza on SHSAT Administration
          China Press                    Epoch Times                 Epoch Times                   Sinovision         

          World Journal               World Journal                World Journal 

10/8/20  CACAGNY's Lawsuit Featured in Documentary  ("Dream Factories")

                  China Press

9/24/20  CACAGNY Co-sponsors Education Forum with Leading Queens Borough Pesident Candidate

                  CACAGNY Announcement          PLACE Website

                  Epoch Times 10/28                      Epoch Times 10/30                    Sing Tao 10/29

7/11/20  CACAGNY & NYCRA launch NYC campaign to elected representatives to save SHSAT

              NYC Email Campaign   /   NYC Phone Campaign   

              Instructions for:   Email Campaign  /  Phone Campaign   (for help: cacagny.tools@gmail.com)

                Suggested Text for EMAIL   /   Suggestions for CALL    (Text of Mosley Bill A10731)
                 China Press 7/15              Epoch TImes 7/11        Kings County Politics 7/22      Sinovision 7/23

              World Journal 7/12      World Journal 7/20      World Journal 7/21                   World Journal 7/24

              CACAGNY Thanks SHSAT Supporters 7/24     Epoch Times 7/25

7/1/20  CACAGNY Stands with Unjustly Smeared Parent Leader

                       China Press             Epoch Times             Epoch Times

5/28/20 - 6/8/20  CACAGNY Parents to DOE: Keep Screened Schools!

            Parents:          Chien Kwok                       Vito LaBella

                         Melanie Liu                       Melanie Liu                    Melanie Liu

                         Charles Vavruska             Phil Wong                      Derek Zhang

            DOE Josh Wallak:          SHSAT (Two Questions)             Formal Testing

6/5/20  US News Express  要反對種族歧視,有很多正當方法爭取權益,而不是去街上使用暴力

5/27/20  CACAGNY Opposes Return to Racial Spoils in California

5/23/20  CACAGNY Outraged at Carranza's Latest Racial Antics

                     Chinese-American group rips Carranza over anti-Asian bias training

                     Carranza resumes anti-bias workshops remotely, citing anti-Asian bigotry

5/22/20  CACAGNY to DOE: Don't Use Lockdown as Excuse to Dismantle Selective Admissions

                        China Press                     Epoch Times                        Sing Tao

5/20/20  CACAGNY Calls Out DOE for Anti-Asian Racism and Wasteful Spending

                  Videos:                 Phil Wong                Yiatin Chu                   Chien Kwok

5/15/20  CACAGNY Applauds Councilman Robert Holden's New York Post Op-Ed

                              Carranza is NYC’s most overpaid nonessential worker

5/12/20  CACAGNY Urges State Oversight of NYC DOE in Sen. Liu Town Hall

​                 China Press  24学区和同源会等远程会议炮轰教育局评分政策

                 Sing Tao  紐約市教育里民大會 新評分標準引關注 

                Videos:           Wai Wah Chin                Phil Wong                 Melanie Liu 

                    Lucas Liu     Vito LaBella    Chien Kwok     Yiatin Chu     Amy Tse    George Lee

4/27/20  CACAGNY Endorses "Do No Harm" Grading; Condemns Attacks on Standards

                  Sing Tao  教育局遠程教學成績計法 同源會反對怒斥崔馬克

                  Sinovision  “太荒唐了” 华裔家长批纽约公校因疫情评分“一刀切”
                  AM New York         Epoch Times           QNS              Sing Tao           TribecaTrib

                     CACAGNY Statement 4/29/20

4/25/20  CACAGNY Issues Statement Upon DOE Announcement of Gifted & Talented Exam Results

                            Kings County Politics                  Queens County Politics

3/2/20  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

2/26/20  Carranza Hides from Angry Parents at PEP Meeting

2/19/20  DeBlasio detains, ejects CACAGNY members from Town Hall, still gets booed, heckled

2/4/20  Carranza's DOE Blocks Chinese at Schoolhouse Door

1/29/20  Carranza Pretends to Apologize

1/16/20  CEC Can't Silence Aggrieved Parents; Carranza Hightails

1/7/20  CACAGNY Member, Long-time Education Activist, Elected CEC President

1/7/20  Jackie Cody suspended; Carranza still not fired

1/2/20  CACAGNY Joins Protest Against Secretive Planning to Bus Students

12/17/19  Holden is Honored; Carranza Hightails

12/16/19  CACAGNY Calls for State Control of NYC Public Schools in NYS Assembly Hearing

                              Sing Tao                         World Journal

12/11/19  Court of Appeals Hears Discovery Lawsuit Injunction

11/17/19  CACAGNY deplores Cody slur, blames Carranza for hostile, racist environment

10/19/19  CACAGNY Urges Rejection of Referendum 88 in Washington State 

9/16/19  Russ Salzberg: Cheating the Elite

9/4/19  CACAGNY Supports Gifted & Talented Programs in Multiple Rallies

8/30/19  WABC: Russ Salzberg interviews Wai Wah Chin

8/28/19  Cats At Night with John Catsimatidis  (starts at 12:50)

8/6/19  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally:  Carranza Mows Down Protesters

7/31/19  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally Confronting Carranza Face-to-Face

7/18/19  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

6/26/19  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally  (Main Page for "Fire Carranza!" Rallies)

6/24/19  CACAGNY Participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in Staten Island

                              Complete Video Transcript

6/18/19  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

6/13/19  CACAGNY Not Invited to De Blasio's Sham Meeting with "Asians"; Joins Protest Outside

                               Chalkbeat  ​               Chalkbeat                  China Press 

                               Epoch Times            Epoch Times             New York Post

                               NY1                             Sing Tao                     World Journal                         

6/7/19  CACAGNY Participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in South Brooklyn

                                       Brooklyn Eagle            China Press           Sing Tao           World Journal

                            Complete Video Transcript

6/1/19  CACAGNY Participates in Assemblyman William Colton's SHSAT and G&T Forum

5/23/19  CACAGNY Participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in Manhattan

                             Complete Video Transcript

5/20/19  CACAGNY Participates in AACE Conference 

5/17/19  CACAGNY Participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in the Bronx

                             Sing Tao                       WPIX

​                             Complete Video Transcript

5/10/19  CACAGNY Participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in North Brooklyn

5/10/19  CACAGNY Holds Rally & Testifies in NY Assembly Hearing, with ***surprise***visitor!

5/4/19  In Community Meeting with CAACR, CoalitionEdu, KeepSHSAT, and SMF

​              China Press            Epoch Times              Sing Tao                World Journal

5/1/19  CACAGNY Participates in City Hall Rally and Hearing

4/30/19  CACAGNY participates in Albany Lobby Day for SHSAT

                   Scholastic Merit Fund (SMF): Strategies for Increasing Access to the Specialized HIgh Schools

                Epoch Times     华人家长到州府发声 抵制取消SHSAT

                                                       (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Harry Bronson)

                Epoch Times     为捍卫SHSAT而走出来的纽约华人

                Sing Tao             反對取消特殊高中入學考試 近200華人奧本尼集會遊說 

                                                       (John Liu, Peter Abbate, Toby Stavisky, William Colton, Yuh-Line Niou)

                Sinovision          首次州府游说 逾150纽约民众挺SHSAT 

                                                       (John Liu, Toby Stavisky, Peter Abbate, but Kimberly Jean-Pierre is agains us

                Sinovision          华人这样游说非裔议员 这段辩论你挺谁?

                                                       (Kimberly Jean-Pierre: against us)

                World Journal   呼籲保留SHSAT 華人家長赴州府請願 

                                                       (Peter Abbate, Andrew Gounardes, Toby Stavisky, William Colton)

4/11/19  CACAGNY participates in Sen. John Liu's SHSAT Forum in Queens

4/2/19  Joining April 30 Rally at Albany to support SHSAT

               China Press        Epoch Times       Sing Tao        World Journal

3/2/19  CACAGNY Explains Discovery Expansion Lawsuit

2/21/19  At the Manhattan Institute Forum

​               Diversity By Decree: Is NYC's New Policy For Elite High Schools Constitutional?


2/17/19  At BRACE's Chinese American Civil Rights Forum 

2/13/19  At CEC 2 Public Hearing in Upper West Side

                Resolution Urging De Blasio to Address Issues with His SHSAT Proposals

                Epoch Times

1/31/19  At CEC 26 Public Hearing in Bayside

               China Press          Epoch Times          Queens Chronicle          Sing Tao

​               Video:  Elected Officials    Neighboring CEC Members     Concerned Parents

1/25/19  CACAGNY, IS 187 PTO Host Assembly Member Malliotakis on SHSAT, G&T Programs

1/16/19  At CEC 2 Meeting in PS 340

                    Epoch Times (Jan 15 / Jan 17)            New York Post              World Journal

1/16/19  At CEC 15 Meeting in MS 51

              China Press           Epoch Times          NY1           Patch

12/13/18 CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Education

12/11/18  CACAGNY Explains SHSAT in CEC 3 / MS 54 Meeting


12/7/18  With Korean American Parents Association of Greater New York

12/3/18  At CEC 2 Public Hearing near Union Square, Manhattan

             Chalkbeat       China Press       New York Post        World Journal       WSJ 

             Print:  New York Post Front Page/Story

             Video:   CACAGNY President     IS 187 PTO President

11/27/18  At CEC 1 Public Hearing in Lower East Side, Manhattan

             Epoch Times              Weixin

11/19/18  At CEC 30 Public Hearing in Astoria, Queens

10/23/18  At CEC 24 Public Hearing in Elmhurst, Queens

             World Journal           A Parent Speaks             Question on Discovery Expansion

             Intimidation Scandal:    New York Daily News     Ridgewood Post     Times Ledger

10/17/18  At CEC 20 in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

​             China Press           Epoch Times        New York Post        World Journal

             Video:    CEC Speaks          Politicians Speak          Parents Speak    

10/3/18  At CEC 25 Public Hearing in Flushing, Queens

              China Press         Sing Tao          World Journal 

9/26/18  Candidate Marc Molinaro tours Chinatown, supports SHSAT, opposes jails 

9/9/18  CACAGNY Sponsors Pre-Primary SHSAT Rally with CoalitionEdu and CAACR

8/3/18  On Sinovision, on expanding Gifted & Talented Programs to every district

7/31/18  CACAGNY Supports Bills that Improve Education for ALL

7/12/18  CACAGNY Supports More Gifted and Talented Programs in New York City

             City Councilman Robert Holden's Resolution      Sing Tao      World Journal

             CACAGNY City Hall Rally on July 31

7/8/18  With CoalitionEDU/Stuyvesant Alumni Association on NY1's "Inside City Hall"

7/8/18  At CEC 26 in Bayside, Queens

6/24/18  With the South Asian community in Queens Borough Hall 

6/21/18  Save the Specialized High Schools - CEC26 Bayside

          China Press    Epoch Times    Queens Chronicle    Sing Tao    Sinovision    World Journal

              A Parent Speaks

6/21/18  With Square Deal Committee - CEC 24 Bayside   (Another Video) 

                                                                                    (China Press)   (QNS)

6/16/18  Assemblyman Colton & others on SHSAT: treat the problem, not the symptom!

6/15/18  Students rally at City Hall to keep SHSAT    (Video)

6/13/18  With the Korean community in Murray Hill, Queens

6/10/18  5,000 demonstrate at City Hall; Keep the Test or Vote them Out!

6/10/18  On WPIX, explaining the SHSAT

6/8/18  On fighting to preserve the SHSAT

6/6/18  Eric Adams can't answer how getting rid of the SHSAT helps Blacks educationally

6/5/18  Hundreds protest at City Hall against DeBlasio's Proposals on SHSAT

6/4/18  Community leaders denounce De Blasio proposal against SHSAT

6/4/18  CACAGNY is interviewed by CBS New York


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