Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater N.Y. (CACAGNY) and Chinese United Methodist Church (CUMC) hosted a screening of Tested, a documentary about the SHSAT test used for admissions to the NYC Specialized High Schools. The screening was preceded by a brief presentation of data about the test, and was followed by a Q&A with the audience, attended by a parent and two students featured in the film.

CACAGNY strongly supports the continued use of SHSAT scores as the only admissions criterion for the Specialized High Schools of New York City. The test-only admissions format gives hard-working students, especially those from poor, immigrant Chinese American families, as good a shot at the Specialized High Schools as children from privileged families. As for the Specialized High Schools, which are regarded as among the best STEM high schools in the country -- they owe their excellence in no small measure to the very high, meritocratic standard set by the SHSAT-only admissions format.

Mayor De Blasio has recently intensified his rhetoric against the SHSAT, wanting to replace the SHSAT single-test admissions by multiple criteria admissions, despite studies showing that multiple criteria admissions are elitist, as they favor better-to-do, well-connected demographics at the expense of poor, politically weaker immigrant families.

January 21, 2018:  CACAGNY and CUMC Screen

SHSAT Documentary Tested  and ​Hold Q&A

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               Greater New York