September 4, 2019:  CACAGNY Supports Gifted & Talented Programs

                        in Multiple Rallies

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 9/10 World Journal  反對取消資優班 州參議員推法案  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic, Corey Johnson)

 9/ 6  Brooklyn Reporter  Opposition mounts against elimination of G&T program (Kagan, Malliotakis, Cornegy, Tregyer)
 9/ 6  China Press  州议员推新法案 普及资优班考试  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)
 9/ 6  China Press  反取消资优班 布碌仑华裔同声  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 6  Epoch Times  两州议员提法案 资优班选拔扩大到每个学生  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)
 9/ 6  New York Post  De Blasio: I may scrap gifted and talented testing for 4-year-olds    
 9/ 6  Sing Tao  白思豪首次表態 擬取消天才班計劃   (Robert Cornegy) 
 9/ 6  The 74 Million  De Blasio: How to Make Every School Good ‘Has Not Been the Essence of the Conversation’
 9/ 5  Chief  Council Members Rip Panel's Plan To Eliminate G&T Classes  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Holden, Kallos)
​ 9/ 5  China Press  保留资优班 议员联名致市长  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Kallos, King, Brannan, Rose)
 9/ 5  China Press  反取消资优班 布碌仑华裔同声  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 5  Epoch Times  14位市议员吁白思豪扩大资优班  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Vallone, Holden, King)
 9/ 5  Epoch Times  布碌崙集会 反对取消资优班  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 5  NTD TV  市長籲廢天才班 布魯克林家長學生集會反對  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 5  QNS  Lawmakers introduce legislation to boost diversity for G&T Programs  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)
 9/ 5  Sing Tao  民代史塔文斯基及李羅莎 強烈表達支持天才班課程  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)
 9/ 5  World Journal   14市議員聯名致函 促市府擴大資優班  (Cornegy, Koo, King)
 9/ 5  World Journal   瑪麗奧聯手華裔組織 促市府增設資優班  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 4  China Press  卡兰纳宣布本学年资优班将不会受影响
 9/ 4  Epoch Times  卡兰萨:今年不会启动取消资优班
 9/ 4  Fox News  Plan to scrap NYC’s G&T program on hold (Cornegy, Grodenchik, Holden, Kallos, King, Koo, Malliotakis)
 9/ 4  Kings County Politics  Cornegy Says Expand Don’t Eliminate G&T (R. Cornegy, A. Maisel, R. Holden, A. Adams)
 9/ 4  Kings County Politics  Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move Sept. 4, 2019  (Malliotakis, Colton, Cornegy & 11 others)
 9/ 4  National Review  In New York City, an Attack on Programs for Gifted Students
 9/ 4  New York Daily News  De Blasio’s diversity advisory group didn’t want to hear from many parents  (Maron)
 9/ 4  New York Daily News  Critics hit proposal to overhaul G&T program  (Cornegy, Koo, Adams, Diaz, Rozic, Stavisky)
 9/ 4  New York Post  Carranza doesn’t even get the point of Gifted & Talented programs
 9/ 4  NY1   City Council Members Urge Expansion, Not Elimination, of G&T Programs (Cornegy, Holden, Koo)
 9/ 4  Queens County Politics  Expand, Don’t Eliminate G&T Programs  (Holden, Koo, Comrie, Meng, 12 others)
 9/ 4  QNS  Council members oppose eliminating G&T Programs (Cornegy, Grodenchik, Kallos, Meng, Holden)
 9/ 4  SI Live  Island officials to city: Don’t eliminate Gifted & Talented programs (Malliotakis, Matteo, Borelli, Rose)
 9/ 4  Sing Tao  民選官員與家長市府集會 保衛天才班批多元小組建議  (Cornegy, Koo, King, Kallos)
 9/ 4  Sing Tao  史島議員馬麗奧 砲轟取消「天才班」報告  (Nicole Malliotakis)
 9/ 4  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩向家長派定心丸 天才班計劃不會突然喊停
 9/ 4  World Journal  市教育總監:本學年不取消資優班
 9/ 4  WPIX  Carranza: School diversity, gifted and talented program remains an ‘ongoing conversation’
 9/ 4  WPIX  More push back against elimination of ‘gifted and talented’ programs  (Cornegy, King, Malliotakis)


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