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 5/10/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中招生诉讼 家长挺原告上诉

 5/  7/19   Amicus Curiae Filed on Behalf of Middle School Parents' Associations

 4/22/19   Epoch Times  不满“探索计划”扩招 7学生追特殊高中学额

 4/22/19   World Journal  「探索」項目擴大致落榜 7學生請願要入學

 4/20/19   Wall Street Journal  Seven NYC Students Didn’t Get Seats in Elite Schools, So They Asked State for Help

                                                     CACAGNY Statement of Support

 3/30/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中诉讼 非西裔团体欲介入撑市长

 3/29/19   Chalkbeat  Organizations join battle to "integrate" specialized high schools 

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 3/26/19   Youtube  Middle School PTO Sues New York's Mayor and Schools Chancellor

 3/ 21/19   Chalkbeat  Lawmakers call for forums to ‘hear every single voice’

 3/ 12/19   Sing Tao  同源會長陳慧華批市長教育總監 取消特殊高中入學試涉種族歧視

 3/  6/19   Epoch Times  同源会会长撰文 批市长改革SHSAT涉歧视违宪

 3/  6/19   Epoch Times  今年纽约市高中录取发榜推迟

 3/  5/19   China Press  取消SHSAT 陈慧华纽约邮报撰文批违宪

 3/  4/19   Chalkbeat  DOE uses lawsuit as excuse for delay on SHSAT results; fools Chalkbeat (see comments)

 3/  4/19   China Press   非法和种族歧视!纽约同源会会长撰文痛批白思豪废除SHSAT 计划...

 3/  2/19   New York Post  The mayor’s new scheme for top NYC schools is illegal and racist

 2/26/19   CACAGNY Statement

 2/26/19   China Press  纽约市推进特殊高中改革 将在3月中下发入学通知

 2/26/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中诉讼案 法官否决禁令“探索计划”扩招

 2/26/19   World Journal  特殊高中「探索」項目 法官允市府擴大

 2/25/19   Chalkbeat  New York City can move forward with specialized high school changes

 1/20/19   World Journal  白思豪特殊高中改革被訟 市府律師回應:非歧視亞裔

 1/19/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中招生歧视案 纽约市教育局回应

 1/18/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中官司 或致高中放榜延迟

 1/18/19   Sing Tao  特殊高中入學試爭議 市府辯稱非歧視亞裔

 1/18/19   Wall Street Journal  De Blasio Lawyers Say Change Isn’t Biased Against Asian-Americans

 1/16/19   Chalkbeat  Lawsuit could delay admissions decisions, New York City says

​1010 Wins  Asian-American families sue de Blasio over plan to diversify elite schools

AP  Parents Sue to Stop New York’s Attempted Discrimination Against Asian-American Students

Chalkbeat  Lawsuit seeks to halt program to increase integration at City’s specialized high schools

China Press  多机构就改革SHSAT提起诉讼


Epoch Times  华人家长及亚裔团体 联合状告市府

Epoch Times  华人家长告市长 诉讼案胜算多大?律师解析

Kings County Politics  Specialized High School Lawsuit Could Wake Asian Voters In PA Race

NY Daily News  NYC families join suit to halt Mayor de Blasio's school desegregation plan

NY Daily News  De Blasio's attempt to reduce Asian-Americans in Discovery Program is unconstitutional

New York Post  Parents hate de Blasio’s racist plans for the city’s top schools

New York Post  Asian-American civil rights groups, parents sue over school diversification plan

New York Times  De Blasio's plan on the Specialized High School faces new obstacle

NTD TV 【2018紐約十大新聞】市長改革特殊高中考試 遭家長提告

NTD TV  紐約家長提告市長 改革特殊高中考試 亞裔生受限

NY1  Asian-American Parents File Lawsuit Against the City

Our Time Press  Why Not Have a REAL NYC Specialized High School Integration Plan?

Patch  City 'Gerrymandered' Elite High School Program, Lawsuit Says

Queens Chronicle  Suit to halt SHSAT shift in its tracks

Queens County Politics   Ron Kim: City "scapegoating one test while vilifying an entire racial group"

Sing Tao  教育團體家長聯名提訴訟 指市長特殊高中改革違憲

Sinovision  白思豪力挺SHSAT改革 纽约亚裔家长告市长违宪

Sinovision  Parents sue City over SHSAT reform/白思豪力挺SHSAT改革 纽约亚裔家长告市长违宪

US News & World Rport  Asian-Americans Sue New York City Over School Desegregation Plan

Voices of New York  Asian Americans Sue City Over Specialized High School Reform

​Wall Street Journal   De Blasio Sees Too Many Asians

Wall Street Journal   Parents Sue New York City Over Mayor’s Plan to Diversify Elite High Schools

​​​Washington Post  NYC plan to diversify elite high schools challenged in court

World Journal  市議長張晟 對就控告市府一案表示: 建立更多特殊高中 才是解決問題根本之道

World Journal  反特殊高中招生改革 亞裔團體告市府 3華裔家長參與

WPIX  Parents suing Dept. of Education over changes to admission policy for specialized high schools



December 13, 2018:  CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to stop

           Discrimination against Asian Americans in Education

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York