10/23/19  New York Post  De Blasio hasn’t remotely abandoned his war on the city’s top schools

10/23/19  PLF  NYC Education Chancellor Carranza’s policies of racial discrimination are causing growing concern

10/14/19  Epoch Times  第28學區選出白人家長 入「多元化小組」立場不左傾 華人家長對結果滿意

10/  1/19  New York Post  Fourth white DOE executive sues over racial discrimination

 9/30/19  New York Post  Carranza accused of ‘pitting parents against each other’ along racial lines

 9/30/19  Sing Tao  稱亞裔為黃種人朋友 華裔社區教委不滿

 9/25/19  New York Post  Bill de Blasio suddenly changes tune on testing for elite high schools

 9/24/19  Chalkbeat  Mayor’s plan to "diversify" specialized high school could raise admissions standards elsewhere

 9/23/19  New York Post DOE’s curricular diversity overhaul slated to begin this year

 9/18/19  The 74 Milllion  NYC Wants to "Integrate" Its Schools. Great. Now, Let's Talk About Why Kids Aren’t Learning?
 9/ 9/19  AM New York  Misguided effort to diversify NYC schools

 9/ 6/19  The 74 Million  De Blasio: How to Make Every School Good ‘Has Not Been the Essence of the Conversation’ 

 9/ 4/19   National Review  In New York City, an Attack on Programs for Gifted Students

 9/ 4/19   New York Daily News  De Blasio’s diversity advisory group didn’t want to hear from many parents

 9/ 4/19   New York Post  Carranza doesn’t even get the point of Gifted & Talented programs

 9/ 4/19   SI Live  Island officials to city: Don’t eliminate Gifted & Talented programs

 9/ 3/19   New York Post  De Blasio and Carranza should heed the wisdom of ‘Dear White Teacher’
 9/ 3/19   New York Post  New NYC teachers given book with essay titled ‘Dear White Teacher’

 9/ 2/19   Epoch Times  New York’s School Desegregation Plan Raises Concern Of Identity Politics

 8/31/19  Epoch Times  “探索”扩招致失学额? 七生申诉受挫  (对联邦诉讼没有影响)

 8/31/19  World Journal  「探索」擠占特殊高中學位?7生投訴遭駁回  (對聯邦訴訟沒有影響)

 8/30/19  Chalkbeat  State rejects claims students were unfairly denied admission to NYC elite high schools

 8/30/19  Sing Tao 指擴展「探索項目」違法 7學生上訴被州教育廳駁回  (對聯邦訴訟沒有影響)

 8/29/19  Queens Chronicle  SHSAT: Who has the answers?

 5/31/19   AM New York  City in a muddle over 'anti-racist' thinking

 5/31/19   China Press   教育局长遭起诉索赔9000万美元 白思豪出面力挺斥荒谬

 5/31/19   Epoch Times  政论家:纽约市极端“平等”政策就是“种族主义”

 5/31/19   New York Post  De Blasio defends Carranza against ‘outrageous’ anti-white bias lawsuit

 5/30/19  ABC New York  Senior New York City education executives file discrimination lawsuit against DOE

 5/30/19  CBS New York  Lawyer For Women Suing Dept. Of Education Speaks Out

 5/30/19  Federalist  NYC’s Racist Dept. Of Ed. Shows The Perils Of Privilege Theory

 5/30/19  Fox News  New York City's radical push for 'equity' in schools is the very definition of racism

 5/30/19  New York Post  $90M lawsuit aims to nail Carranza for false denials of anti-white bias

 5/30/19  New York Post  Flame-throwing is no way to lead the schools

 5/30/19  World Journal  張晟挺亞裔學生:未受益白人特權

 5/29/19  CBS New York  Carranza Denies Claims Of Toxic Work Environment For Whites In $90 Million Lawsuit

 5/29/19  Blaze  $90 million lawsuit: 'Toxic' whiteness purge at NYC education department / 'Get on board ... or leave'

 5/29/19  China Press  市教育局3白人女高管被降职 卡兰纳遭起诉索赔9000万

 5/28/19  China Press  支持市教育局组织称 亚裔生受益种族特权

 5/28/19  City Journal  Diversity Over Quality

 5/28/19  Epoch Times  市教育局反种族主义培训 称亚裔受惠于白人特权

 5/28/19  New York Post  Bombshell suit claims Carranza’s ‘toxic’ whiteness purge cost DOE execs their jobs

 5/28/19  New York Post  Richard Carranza’s prejudicial race politics have gone too far

 5/28/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩「白人有毒」文化 3女高層提9000萬訴訟

 5/28/19  World Journal  稱亞裔生從白人至上獲益 受教局贊助機構挨轟

 5/27/19  Sing Tao  「亞裔生受益白人優勢」 反歧視組織說法惹不滿

 5/26/19  New York Post  DOE-sponsored group said Asians benefit from white privilege: parent

 5/26/19  Sing Tao  市教育局反歧視培訓 偏重非裔似矯枉過正

 5/25/19  New York Post  Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training

 5/22/19  Breitbart  NYC Department of Education: ‘Individualism’ Is ‘White Supremacy Culture’

 5/21/19  China Press  卡兰纳重组教育局被指种族歧视

 5/21/19  New York Post  This ‘white-supremacy culture’ training is far worse than nonsense

 5/20/19  CBS New York  NYC May Face Lawsuit Over Carranza’s Reorganization Of Department Of Education

 5/20/19  Epoch Times  卡兰萨被指歧视白人 教育局四高层拟诉市府

 5/20/19  New York Post  Richard Carranza held ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school admins

 5/19/19  New York Post  Carranza’s lunatic war on ‘toxic whiteness’

 5/18/19  New York Post  Richard Carranza accused of demoting admins because they were white

 5/18/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩被指歧視白人 4名高層擬興訟市府

 5/10/19  Epoch Times  特殊高中招生诉讼 家长挺原告上诉

 5/  7/19   Amicus Curiae Filed on Behalf of Middle School Parents' Associations

 4/22/19   Epoch Times  不满“探索计划”扩招 7学生追特殊高中学额

 4/22/19   World Journal  「探索」項目擴大致落榜 7學生請願要入學

 4/20/19   Wall Street Journal  Seven NYC Students Didn’t Get Seats in Elite Schools, So They Asked State for Help

                                                     CACAGNY Statement of Support

 3/30/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中诉讼 非西裔团体欲介入撑市长

 3/29/19   Chalkbeat  Organizations join battle to "integrate" specialized high schools 

                                    (skip article, read comments)

 3/29/19   City Journal  Discriminating By Race

 3/26/19   Youtube  Middle School PTO Sues New York's Mayor and Schools Chancellor

 3/ 21/19   Chalkbeat  Lawmakers call for forums to ‘hear every single voice’

 3/ 12/19   Sing Tao  同源會長陳慧華批市長教育總監 取消特殊高中入學試涉種族歧視

 3/  6/19   Epoch Times  同源会会长撰文 批市长改革SHSAT涉歧视违宪

 3/  6/19   Epoch Times  今年纽约市高中录取发榜推迟

 3/  5/19   China Press  取消SHSAT 陈慧华纽约邮报撰文批违宪

 3/  4/19   Chalkbeat  DOE uses lawsuit as excuse for delay on SHSAT results; fools Chalkbeat (see comments)

 3/  4/19   China Press   非法和种族歧视!纽约同源会会长撰文痛批白思豪废除SHSAT 计划...

 3/  2/19   New York Post  The mayor’s new scheme for top NYC schools is illegal and racist

 2/26/19   CACAGNY Statement

 2/26/19   China Press  纽约市推进特殊高中改革 将在3月中下发入学通知

 2/26/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中诉讼案 法官否决禁令“探索计划”扩招

 2/26/19   World Journal  特殊高中「探索」項目 法官允市府擴大

 2/25/19   Chalkbeat  New York City can move forward with specialized high school changes

 1/20/19   World Journal  白思豪特殊高中改革被訟 市府律師回應:非歧視亞裔

 1/19/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中招生歧视案 纽约市教育局回应

 1/18/19   Epoch Times  特殊高中官司 或致高中放榜延迟

 1/18/19   Sing Tao  特殊高中入學試爭議 市府辯稱非歧視亞裔

 1/18/19   Wall Street Journal  De Blasio Lawyers Say Change Isn’t Biased Against Asian-Americans

 1/16/19   Chalkbeat  Lawsuit could delay admissions decisions, New York City says

Lawsuit Coverage

​1010 Wins  Asian-American families sue de Blasio over plan to diversify elite schools

AP  Parents Sue to Stop New York’s Attempted Discrimination Against Asian-American Students

Chalkbeat  Lawsuit seeks to halt program to increase integration at City’s specialized high schools

China Press  多机构就改革SHSAT提起诉讼


Epoch Times  华人家长及亚裔团体 联合状告市府

Epoch Times  华人家长告市长 诉讼案胜算多大?律师解析

Kings County Politics  Specialized High School Lawsuit Could Wake Asian Voters In PA Race

NBC News  Advocates allege NYC school plan discriminates against Asian Americans

NY Daily News  NYC families join suit to halt Mayor de Blasio's school desegregation plan

NY Daily News  De Blasio's attempt to reduce Asian-Americans in Discovery Program is unconstitutional

New York Post  Parents hate de Blasio’s racist plans for the city’s top schools

New York Post  Asian-American civil rights groups, parents sue over school diversification plan

New York Times  De Blasio's plan on the Specialized High School faces new obstacle

NTD TV 【2018紐約十大新聞】市長改革特殊高中考試 遭家長提告

NTD TV  紐約家長提告市長 改革特殊高中考試 亞裔生受限

NY1  Asian-American Parents File Lawsuit Against the City

Our Time Press  Why Not Have a REAL NYC Specialized High School Integration Plan?

Patch  City 'Gerrymandered' Elite High School Program, Lawsuit Says

Queens Chronicle  Suit to halt SHSAT shift in its tracks

Queens County Politics   Ron Kim: City "scapegoating one test while vilifying an entire racial group"

Sing Tao  教育團體家長聯名提訴訟 指市長特殊高中改革違憲

Sinovision  白思豪力挺SHSAT改革 纽约亚裔家长告市长违宪

Sinovision  Parents sue City over SHSAT reform/白思豪力挺SHSAT改革 纽约亚裔家长告市长违宪

US News & World Rport  Asian-Americans Sue New York City Over School Desegregation Plan

Voices of New York  Asian Americans Sue City Over Specialized High School Reform

​Wall Street Journal   De Blasio Sees Too Many Asians

Wall Street Journal   Parents Sue New York City Over Mayor’s Plan to Diversify Elite High Schools

​​​Washington Post  NYC plan to diversify elite high schools challenged in court

World Journal  市議長張晟 對就控告市府一案表示: 建立更多特殊高中 才是解決問題根本之道

World Journal  反特殊高中招生改革 亞裔團體告市府 3華裔家長參與

WPIX  Parents suing Dept. of Education over changes to admission policy for specialized high schools



December 13, 2018:  CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to stop

           Discrimination against Asian Americans in Education

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