Chinese American

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               Greater New York 


November 16, 2018:  Stuyvesant Students Phone Congressmen

           for Chinese American WWII Vets Gold Medal

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CACAGNY organized a campaign for Stuyvesant High School students to phone New York State Congressmen and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 2358, which awards a Congressional Gold Medal to Chinese American World War II Veterans.

About a quarter of the Chinese American population in the United States served in the armed services during World War II. That's an amazing percentage, especially since the discriminatory Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was still in effect when the war started, so about half of the Chinese Americans who served our nation so bravely and patriotically at its hour of need were not even citizens!

Congress has recognized many groups, including Native Americans, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans, and women, for their service during World War II with a Congressional Gold Medal. CACAGNY asks Congress to recognize similarly the patriotism and sacrifice of Chinese Americans.

The Senate version of the bill was already sponsored by both New York Senators, and has already passed the  Senate.