​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News     (  Lawsuit Updates  10/14/19  )


10/19 New York Post  NYC students can graduate without attending school

10/19 World Journal  公平教育運動挺SHSAT 推動擴大免費輔導  (Leroy Comrie, Charles Barron)

10/18 Epoch Times  富裕的SHSAT支持者 准备奥本尼的第二轮较量   (Leroy Comrie)

10/18 Thomas B. Fordham Institute  Standardized tests remain the best way to fairly and equitably assess students

10/17 Chalkbeat  Wealthy group of SHSAT backers are ready for round two in Albany  (Leroy Comrie, Robert Cornegy)

10/17 CBS New York  Program Aims To Level Playing Field For Testing Into NYC’s Specialty High Schools

10/17 New York Post  Richard Parsons calls City Hall’s specialized HS plan ‘insulting’  (Leroy Comrie, Robert Cornegy)

10/17 Sing Tao  億萬富翁再發聲 反對取消SHSAT

10/16 City Journal  The Most Revealing Screen

10/16 Harvard Crimson  Harvard Law Students Debate Discrimination Against Asian Americans

10/16 James G. Martin Center  Round One—Harvard Beats Asian Americans

10/16 Sing Tao  跟市長白思豪達成共識 暫不取消減少公校天才班

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10/15 Minding the Campus  Why Harvard’s Affirmative Action Victory Should Be Overturned

10/15 Sing Tao  精英公立高中收生 錄取標準含糊不清

10/15 Wall Street Journal  Few Selective New York City Schools Post Precise Admissions Criteria  (John Liu)

10/14 Epoch Times  第28學區選出白人家長 入「多元化小組」立場不左傾 華人家長對結果滿意  (Toby Stavisky)

10/14 NY1  Attorney Launches Program to Help Underrepresented Students Prepare for SHSAT

10/14 World Journal  州會考表現 亞裔最佳 女生更優

10/12 Epoch Times  教育专家对教育局长说:让孩子们自己创造“身份”

10/11 Chalkbeat  Founder of Brooklyn’s high-performing Ascend charter network out as CEO  (read comments!)

10/10 Atlantic  The Contradiction at the Heart of Public Education

10/10 New York Post  Will de Blasio, Carranza put ideology ahead of children’s dreams?

10/ 9 China Press  教育局长卡兰纳称 今年SHSAT结果仍将和去年相似

10/ 9 Harvard Crimson  Lead Trial Lawyer for SFFA Criticizes Ruling in Harvard Admissions Lawsuit

10/ 9 Seattle Times  A high school is a ‘slave ship’? Seattle should be expanding its gifted programs

10/ 8 New York Post  Charter CEO: Have schools refocus on achievement

10/ 8 New York Post  Charter-school CEO takes on Carranza, panel at ‘Sesame Street’ forum

10/ 8 Wall Street Journal  Harvard’s Asian Quotas Repeat an Ugly History

10/ 7 College Fix  Liberals are OK with racial discrimination as long as it’s against Asian Americans

10/ 7 New York School Talk  The Surprising Integration Sceptics Of NYC (It’s Not Who You Think!)

10/ 5 World Journal  紐約市府校園更新計畫 打造40所一流公校

10/ 4 Epoch Times  州众议员巴伦拟用新策略废SHSAT  (Charles Barron William Colton)

10/ 4 New York Post  De Blasio embraced school innovation, but will he stay the course?

10/ 3 China Press  白思豪将用私人捐助建立20所新学校

10/ 3 China Press  废除特殊高中入学考试提案支持者再出新策略  (Charles Barron)

10/ 3 National Review  A Harvard Dean Applauds a Yale Dean’s Assessment of ‘Diversity’

10/ 3 New York Post  Bill de Blasio will tap private donors to help create new schools, expand 20 more

10/ 3 NY1  Assemblyman Pushes Elimination of Specialized High School Exam (Charles Barron, John Liu)

10/ 3 Queens Chronicle  On SHSAT, a win for our top students

10/ 3 Wall Street Journal  Charter Schools Ace Another Test

10/ 3 Wall Street Journal  Harvard’s Legal Discrimination

10/ 3 World Journal  紐約將建20所新校 包括改造老校 資金3200萬元

10/ 3 World Journal  改革特殊高中錄取 州議會醞釀新提案  (William Colton, Charles Barron)

10/ 3 World Journal 4優質高中多元化錄取 增貧困生比例  (Maud Maron)

10/ 2 Boston Herald  Harvard’s Asian student quota a lesson in liberal bias

10/ 2 China Press  SHSAT保卫战未结束 寇顿吁保持警惕  (William Colton)

10/ 2 Epoch Times  州众议员巴伦 拟废1971年确立SHSAT的州法  (Charles Barron)

10/ 2 James G. Martin Center  A Review of Anthony Kronman’s ‘The Assault on American Excellence’

10/ 2 Quartz  Harvard won the admissions trial but has changed its process anyway

10/ 2 Shorefront News  Assemblyman Colton is warning parents that SHSAT fight is not over (William Colton)

10/ 2 Sing Tao  多間高中調整招生政策 增收弱勢生提高多元化

10/ 2 World Journal  稱亞裔「黃種人」 非裔教育理事會成員被砲轟

10/ 1 Chalkbeat  The sponsor of de Blasio’s controversial SHSAT bill is backing a new strategy

10/ 1 National Review  Two Points about the Harvard Affirmative-Action Ruling

10/ 1  New York Post  Fourth white DOE executive sues over racial discrimination

 9/30 New York Post  De Blasio just admitted that his ‘team’ doesn’t care about school kids

 9/30 New York Post  Carranza accused of ‘pitting parents against each other’ along racial lines

 9/30 New York School Talk  Follow the Money and See Where It Goes: NYC Schools Edition

 9/30 Sing Tao  稱亞裔為黃種人朋友 華裔社區教委不滿

 9/29 World Journal  亞裔對 "平權" 措施有代溝 研究:第一代反對 第三代最支持

 9/28 China Press  路易斯高中学生大规模斗殴

 9/28 Epoch Times  纽约市教育总监:目前资优班制度不是最佳

 9/28 New York Post  De Blasio knew of Maspeth HS alleged grade-fixing but failed to act (Robert Holden)

 9/28 New York Post  I quit Maspeth HS because I didn’t want to be complicit in corruption: Teacher

 9/28 New York Post  Reaction to Post’s Maspeth HS exposé
 9/28 World Journal  與市長不同調? 教育總監:廢SHSAT立場不變

 9/27 China Press  卡兰纳坚持取消SHSAT 推行文化响应教育    白思豪教育计划失败 特殊高中考试仍将继续

 9/27 Epoch Times  纽约特殊高中招生改革 卡兰萨:市长没改变立场

 9/27 Patch  Fight Starts Outside Francis Lewis HS, Students Dismissed: NYPD

 9/27 Queens Chronicle  Brawl outside of Francis Lewis High School puts school on temporary lockdown

 9/27 Sing Tao  堅定立場反SHSAT與天才班 卡蘭札否認與種族有關

 9/27 World Journal  卡蘭扎: 取消SHSAT不關種族 單一考試制度無任何研究結果支撐

 9/26 Brooklyn Eagle  Brooklyn pols call for gifted program expansion (Colton, Treyger, Malliotakis, Barron)

 9/26 China Press  保留SHSAT?白思豪首松口  (Grace Meng)

 9/26 Epoch Times  白思豪:特高改革重头来 听所有人意见  (Mark Treyger)

 9/26 Kings County Politics  Treyger Applauds De Blasio Decision To Drop SHSAT Plan  (Mark Treyger)

 9/26 NYC Council  Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Statement upon News That Mayor de Blasio Will Not Eliminate the SHSAT

 9/26 Queens Chronicle  Mayor changes his mind about ending SHSAT  (Grace Meng)

 9/26 Sing Tao  取消特殊高中入學考試 白思豪轉口風立場軟化   市長軟化取消SHSAT立場 崔馬克讚揚白思豪改變  (Treyger)

 9/26 World Journal 白思豪首度鬆口:廢SHSAT無成效 將聽各方意見重啟改革 (Treyger, Meng, Malliotakis)

 9/26 World Journal 研究報告:白思豪錄取改革就算實施 公校仍難多元

 9/25 China Press  修改纽约市特殊高中录取政策将增非裔西裔学生

 9/25 Forbes  Why Integration Won’t Fix Educational Inequity

 9/25 New York Post  Bill de Blasio suddenly changes tune on testing for elite high schools

 9/24 Chalkbeat  Mayor’s plan to "diversify" specialized high school could raise admissions standards elsewhere


 9/24 Sing Tao  市議會教委會公聽 探討考試是否必要

 9/24 Wall Street Journal  SAT Scores Fall as More Students Take the Test

 9/23 China Press  纽约市高中博览会受欢迎 史岱文森依最受华人追捧


 9/23 National Review  Leave Every Child Behind

 9/23 New York Post DOE’s curricular diversity overhaul slated to begin this year

 9/23 New York School Talk  3 Things NYC Can Do TODAY To Integrate Public High Schools!

 9/23 Sing Tao  研究指取消SHSAT 特殊高中種族變天

 9/23 World Journal   紐約市高中博覽會登場 華裔鍾愛特殊高中   教局專員:申請特殊高中 志願表應填滿8校

 9/22 New York Post  Expect ‘post-presidential’ Blas to not change a single dysfunctional spot

 9/22 World Journal  亞裔青少年未來研討會 籲多元化不應犧牲教育品質  (Yuh-Line Niou)

 9/22 World Journal  全市公校申請改革 選校要注意是否先錄取學區申請者  (Peter Koo)

 9/21  New York Post  I was always stoned, drunk and skipping class — so they let me graduate early: Maspeth

 9/21  New York Post  Maspeth cheating expose opens floodgates for other examples of academic fraud

 9/19  Queens Chronicle  Cheating improved HS stats: report; DA looking into it  (Robert Holden)

 9/18  Epoch Times  麦斯佩斯高中被指学术造假 皇后区地检调查  (Robert Holden)

 9/18  Fox News  De Blasio's attempt to eliminate Gifted and Talented programs  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/18  The 74 Milllion  NYC Wants to "Integrate" Its Schools. Great. Now, Let's Talk About Why Kids Aren’t Learning?

 9/17  Epoch Times  四教师指控麦斯佩斯高中学术不当  (Robert Holden)

 9/17  New York Post ‘The Maspeth Minimum’: More fake diplomas the city never checked  (Robert Holden)

 9/17  New York Post  Get on board or be called a ‘bigot’: Dilemma facing parents against Carranza’s ‘Diversity’

 9/17  Reason  Is Everyone Who Opposes a New School Zoning Plan in Brooklyn Racist?

 9/17  Wall Street Journal Not All Gifted Children Are From Affluent Families

 9/16  Chaz's School Daze  Maspeth High School Cheats For The Illusion Of Success

 9/16  China Press  教师揭露皇后区高中高毕业率窍门

 9/16  New York Post  DA reviewing grade-fix allegations at Maspeth High School

 9/16  New York School Talk  What’s “Enrichment,” Anyway? Can It Really Replace G&T Programs?

 9/16  Russ Salzberg   Cheating the Elite

 9/15  New York Post  Bloomberg: Rage has free speech under siege on the American campus

 9/15  World Journal  公校若取消資優班 最傷少數族裔和低收

 9/14  Epoch Times  第二学区吁重组“学校多元化咨询小组”

 9/14  New York Post   Maspeth High School’s secret to high pass rates is cheating: teachers

 9/14  New York Post   New York City public schools ‘toothless’ on vaping despite national health crisis

 9/14  Sing Tao  禁止電子煙措施軟 公校被批無牙老虎

 9/14  World Journal  貝賽高中家長聯手民代 促市府公平撥款  (John Liu, Grace Meng, Paul Vallone, Edward Braunstein)

 9/13  New York Post  The Regents’ latest step on the road to ruin for New York schools

 9/13  Sing Tao  貝賽高中家長集會要求公平撥款 孟昭文劉醇逸瓦隆等出席聲援  (John Liu, Grace Meng, Paul Vallone)

 9/12  Chalkbeat  Gifted education scholars: NYC should not follow school diversity group’s recommendations

 9/12  Wall Street Journal  Manhattan Parents Resist Mayoral Panel’s Call to Phase Out Gifted Programs

 9/11  Epoch Times  州议员提立法 纽约市所有学区设资优班  (Addabbo, Stavisky, Hoylman, Colton, Arroyo, Aubry, Dinowitz, Reyes)

 9/11  New York Post  State hit with 140K public comments on bid to boost private school oversight

 9/11  QNS Bayside parents rally for equitable funding, consider legal action (Johnson, Meng, Katz, Liu, Braunstein, Vallone)

 9/10 China Press  专家:废除天才班计划引发“身份政治”担心

 9/10 Epoch Times  纽约州拟废高中毕业会考 教育理事:会引发热烈讨论

 9/10 Epoch Times  又一名市教育局高层离开卡兰萨团队

 9/10 New York Post  Call off the state bid to micromanage private schools

 9/10 World Journal  反對取消資優班 州參議員推法案  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic, Corey Johnson)

 9/10 World Journal  28學區公校最擠 市府斥資億元改善  (Corey Johnson)

 9/ 9  AM New York  Misguided effort to diversify NYC schools

 9/ 9  Epoch Times  申请高中填志愿 事先了解学校很重要  (Peter Koo)

 9/ 9  China Press  法拉盛举办免费高中招生研讨会  (Peter Koo)

 9/ 9  New York Post  Another top DOE official is leaving Richard Carranza’s team

 9/ 9  New York School Talk “Black, Hispanic Kids Only Do Better When They’re With White Kids" is Racist

 9/ 9  NY1  De Blasio's Not Committing to Deciding Yet on the Fate of G&T Programs

 9/ 9  World Journal  申請高中選校流程已變 專家建議分散志願  (Peter Koo)

 9/ 8  China Press  教育局因虚假免费血液检测遭指责  (Robert Holden)

 9/ 8  New York Post  Why won’t de Blasio, Carranza let Queens get another good middle school?

 9/ 7  New York Post  De Blasio wants to snuff out charter schools — the bright light of NYC schools

 9/ 7  New York Post  New book tells secrets and surprises of Success Academy’s winning academics

 9/ 6  Brooklyn Reporter  Opposition mounts against elimination of G&T program (Kagan, Malliotakis, Cornegy, Tregyer)

 9/ 6  China Press  州议员推新法案 普及资优班考试  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)

 9/ 6  China Press  反取消资优班 布碌仑华裔同声  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 6  China Press  白思豪参观双语课 称赞全民平等与杰出计划Corey Johnson

 9/ 6  Epoch Times  两州议员提法案 资优班选拔扩大到每个学生  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)

 9/ 6  New York Post  De Blasio: I may scrap gifted and talented testing for 4-year-olds   

 9/ 6  NTD TV  紐約市百萬學生開學 市長首度回應天才班計畫

 9/ 6  Sing Tao  白思豪首次表態 擬取消天才班計劃   (Robert Cornegy

 9/ 6  The 74 Million  De Blasio: How to Make Every School Good ‘Has Not Been the Essence of the Conversation’

 9/ 5  Chief  Council Members Rip Panel's Plan To Eliminate G&T Classes  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Holden, Kallos)

 9/ 5  China Press  保留资优班 议员联名致市长  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Kallos, King, Brannan, Rose)

 9/ 5  China Press  反取消资优班 布碌仑华裔同声  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 5  Epoch Times  14位市议员吁白思豪扩大资优班  (Cornegy, Koo, Grodenchik, Vallone, Holden, King)

 9/ 5  Epoch Times  布碌崙集会 反对取消资优班  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 5  Information Processing  Ex-Yale Dean on Asian discrimination case: The facts are so embarrassing to Harvard

 9/ 5  NTD TV  市長籲廢天才班 布魯克林家長學生集會反對  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 5  QNS  Lawmakers introduce legislation to boost diversity for G&T Programs  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)

 9/ 5  Sing Tao  民代史塔文斯基及李羅莎 強烈表達支持天才班課程  (Toby Stavisky, Nily Rozic)

 9/ 5  World Journal   14市議員聯名致函 促市府擴大資優班  (Cornegy, Koo, King)

 9/ 5  World Journal   瑪麗奧聯手華裔組織 促市府增設資優班  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 4  China Press  卡兰纳宣布本学年资优班将不会受影响

 9/ 4  Epoch Times  卡兰萨:今年不会启动取消资优班

 9/ 4  Epoch Times  紐約明年普高招生簡化 特高測試錄取減千人  (Peter Koo)

 9/ 4  Fox News  Plan to scrap NYC’s G&T program on hold (Cornegy, Grodenchik, Holden, Kallos, King, Koo, Malliotakis)

 9/ 4  Kings County Politics  Cornegy Says Expand Don’t Eliminate G&T (R. Cornegy, A. Maisel, R. Holden, A. Adams)

 9/ 4  Kings County Politics  Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move Sept. 4, 2019  (Malliotakis, Colton, Cornegy & 11 others)

 9/ 4  National Review  In New York City, an Attack on Programs for Gifted Students

 9/ 4  New York Daily News  De Blasio’s diversity advisory group didn’t want to hear from many parents  (Maron)

 9/ 4  New York Daily News  Critics hit proposal to overhaul G&T program  (Cornegy, Koo, Adams, Diaz, Rozic, Stavisky)

 9/ 4  New York Post  Carranza doesn’t even get the point of Gifted & Talented programs

 9/ 4  New York Post  New school year opens with controversies and questions

 9/ 4  NY1   City Council Members Urge Expansion, Not Elimination, of G&T Programs (Cornegy, Holden, Koo)

 9/ 4  Queens County Politics  Expand, Don’t Eliminate G&T Programs  (Holden, Koo, Comrie, Meng, 12 others)

 9/ 4  QNS  Council members oppose eliminating G&T Programs (Cornegy, Grodenchik, Kallos, Meng, Holden)

 9/ 4  SI Live  Island officials to city: Don’t eliminate Gifted & Talented programs (Malliotakis, Matteo, Borelli, Rose)

 9/ 4  Sing Tao  民選官員與家長市府集會 保衛天才班批多元小組建議  (Cornegy, Koo, King, Kallos)

 9/ 4  Sing Tao  史島議員馬麗奧 砲轟取消「天才班」報告  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 9/ 4  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩向家長派定心丸 天才班計劃不會突然喊停

 9/ 4  Sing Tao  紐約州公校入學率 創30年來最低位

 9/ 4  Sing Tao  講解申請流程和注意事項 高中入學研討會9/8展開  (Peter Koo)

 9/ 4  World Journal  市教育總監:本學年不取消資優班

 9/ 4  World Journal  紐約州人口流失 公校新生30年新低   紐約州公校學生數 三十年最低

 9/ 4  WPIX  Carranza: School diversity, gifted and talented program remains an ‘ongoing conversation’

 9/ 4  WPIX  More push back against elimination of ‘gifted and talented’ programs  (Cornegy, King, Malliotakis)

 9/ 3  CBS New York  De Blasio Gets Earful From Lawmakers On Lead In Schools, G&T Programs (Treyger, Miller)

 9/ 3  New York Daily News  The SHSAT isn’t racist

 9/ 3  New York Post  De Blasio and Carranza should heed the wisdom of ‘Dear White Teacher’

 9/ 3  New York Post  New NYC teachers given book with essay titled ‘Dear White Teacher’

 9/ 3  New York Post  Carranza says gifted, talented programs safe for this school year

 9/ 3  New York Post  NY public schools have lowest enrollment in decades: study

 9/ 2  China Press  华社筹款 支持寇顿竞选连任  (William Colton)

 9/ 2  Epoch Times  New York’s School Desegregation Plan Raises Concern Of Identity Politics

 9/ 2  New York Post  How de Blasio is driving city parents crazy

 9/ 2  New York Times  Don’t Eliminate Gifted Programs

 9/ 2  Wall Street Journal  Education Reform Will Weather the Left’s Assault

 9/ 2  World Journal  州眾議員寇頓競選連任 華人籌款支持  (William Colton)

 9/ 1   Sing Tao  南布碌崙華人 為寇頓競選籌款  (William Colton)

 8/31  China Press  公校近千教室爆铅漆超标  (Andrew Gounardes, Justin Brannan)

 8/31  Epoch Times  “探索”扩招致失学额? 七生申诉受挫  (对联邦诉讼没有影响)

 8/31  New York Daily News  Readers sound off on Gifted and Talented programs

 8/31  New York Post  De Blasio is out to destroy NYC’s public schools

 8/31  New York Post  City probing DOE pension fund exec’s ‘crazy’ pay rise

 8/31  New York Post  Lead paint found in dozens of classrooms at Queens special-needs school  (Robert Holden)

 8/31  NTD TV  紐約擬廢天才班 教育家憂逃離公校潮再現

 8/31  Sing Tao  皇后區特殊學校 32間教室有鉛漆  (Robert Holden)

 8/31  World Journal  「探索」擠占特殊高中學位?7生投訴遭駁回  (對聯邦訴訟沒有影響)
 8/30  Chalkbeat  State rejects claims students were unfairly denied admission to NYC elite high schools

 8/30  Ed Notes Online  Daily Howler on Elimination of G&T - Trashes NYT coverage, How WIll teachers teach?

 8/30  Epoch Times  亚裔教育联盟:撤天才班将削弱竞争力

 8/30  Epoch Times  市教育局承诺 开学前修复所有铅教室 (Mark Treyger)

 8/30  New York Daily News  Protect gifted and talented education: Bronx’s borough president  (Ruben Diaz, Jr.)

 8/30  New York Daily News  Brooklyn teacher racks up $78,000 in overtime and back pay

 8/30  New York Post  City DOE warns that 900 more classrooms need lead treatment

 8/30  Sing Tao 指擴展「探索項目」違法 7學生上訴被州教育廳駁回  (對聯邦訴訟沒有影響)
 8/30  Sing Tao 公校900課室鉛漆超標 灣脊2議員抨擊教育局  (Andrew Gounardes, Justin Brannan)

 8/30  World Journal  華人家長遞交教育草案 保SHSAT、促公校改革  (John Liu)

 8/29  China Press  天才班如被废除 亚裔家庭将搬离纽约市

 8/29  Epoch Times  多名议员致信白思豪 吁其放弃取消资优班 (Malliotakis, Lanza, Reilly, Matteo, Borelli, Ulrich, Holden)

 8/29  Federalist  Bill DeBlasio: Merit Is Racist, So We Won’t Allow It In NYC Public Schools

 8/29  New York School Talk  Calls For Closing All NYC G&T/Screened Schools – Where Does Hunter Fit In?

 8/29  NTD TV  推公校多元化 紐約欲取消天才班 多方反對

 8/29  Queens Chronicle  SHSAT: Who has the answers?  (John Liu)

 8/29  Queens Chronicle  Scrap gifted and talented classes? (Robert Holden, Eric Ulrich)

 8/28  China Press  市府拟废除资优班 华裔访民代反对  (Stavisky, Koslowitz, Hevesi, Addabbo)

 8/28  China Press  废资优班?市议长发声明反对 (Nicole Malliotakis, Corey Johnson)

 8/28  City Journal  How to Destroy a School System

 8/28  Epoch Times  纽约市公校多元化咨询小组 提取消资优班  (Corey Johnson, Peter Koo)

 8/28  Epoch Times  废“资优班” 纽约恐现第二次“逃离公校潮”

 8/28  Epoch Times  纽约公校多元化咨询小组 提限制初高中“筛选”录取

 8/28  Fox News  De Blasio backs proposal to eliminate G&T programs from New York City schools

 8/28  Kings County Politics  Treyger, Cornegy Weigh In On G&T Recommendations (Treyger, Cornegy, Johnson)
 8/28  Kings County Politics  Malliotakis Decries Proposal to Shutter Gifted & Talented Programs  (
Nicole Malliotakis)

 8/28  New York Daily News  Keep gifted and talented: diversity panel's recommendation invites brain drain

 8/28  New York Post  Killing G&T is de Blasio's next step in war on excellence in education

 8/28  New York Post  Gifted-and-talented purge will spark Asian exodus: activist

 8/28  New York Post  SAT drops supplemental ‘adversity score’ amid criticism

 8/28  Sing Tao  SAT取消逆境指數華人叫好 反對「全面考量」數據濫用

 8/28  World Journal  28學區家長向民代陳情 反對市府校園多元化計畫 (Stavisky, Kowlowiz, Hevesi, Addabbo)

 8/28  World Journal  反彈強烈 大學理事會取消SAT「逆境分數」

 8/27  Chalkbeat  Eliminate gifted, scrap middle school screening — but only study high school admissions?

 8/27  Chalkbeat  Carranza hints at support for SDAG proposals as backlash grows against gifted changes

 8/27  China Press  学校多元咨询小组建议废除天才班 张晟表示反对 (Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger)

 8/27  Commentary  The Beatings Will Continue

 8/27  East Bay Times  College Board modifies controversial SAT ‘adversity score’ after criticism

 8/27  New York Daily News  Readers sound off on Carranza

 8/27  New York Post  De Blasio dodges questions about scrapping city's gifted programs 

 8/27  New York Post  ‘Diversity’ plan would destroy the city’s school system to ‘save’ it

 8/27  New York Post  City teachers union opposes plan to cut gifted school programs

 8/27  New York Post  How Gifted & Talented programs boost minorities  (Robert Cornegy Jr.)
27  New York Post  The city needs more Gifted & Talented programs like the one that worked for me

 8/27  New York Post  The radical plan to redistrict New York City schools

 8/27  New York Post  Mayoral panel calls for redistricting of NYC's 'highly segregated' schools

 8/27  New York Times  De Blasio Weighs Eliminating Gifted Programs (Johnson, Diaz, Adams, Stringer, Cornegy)

 8/27  Sing Tao  取消天才班建議 反對聲浪四起  (Corey Johnson, Peter Koo)

 8/27  Sing Tao  公校多元化小組建議取消天才班和擇生校

 8/27  Sinovision  炸锅了! 纽约教育新报告再提议取消天才班

 8/27  Wall Street Journal  De Blasio Gives Up on Educating Poor Kids

 8/27  Wall Street Journal  Mayor Doesn’t Commit to Panel’s Call to End Gifted Programs in Schools

 8/27  Wall Street Journal  College Board Drops Plans for SAT Student Adversity Scores

 8/27  World Journal  「學校多元化顧問小組」建議取消資優班項目

 8/26  Epoch Times  纽约市超1/4学生 读私立及特许学校

 8/26  New York Post  School diversity panel wants city to scrap gifted programs

 8/26  New York Post  The war on charters is a war to deny minority opportunity
 8/26  New York Times  Desegregation Plan: Eliminate All Gifted Programs in New York

 8/26  Sing Tao  市長任命多元化教育小組 建議取消資優計劃增公平

 8/26  Wall Street Journal  Mayor’s Panel Recommends Scrapping Gifted Programs at New York City Schools

 8/25  New York Post  No one fails at Success (Academy)

 8/25 Wall Street Journal  More Than a Quarter of New York City Students Attend Private or Charter Schools

 8/25  World Journal  市議員提議取消高中畢業會考  (Mark Treyger)

 8/24  China Press  纽约州州考成绩公布 华人聚居学区成绩佳

 8/24  China Press  崔马克立场疑转向 支持废纽约州统考  (Mark Treyger)

 8/24  New York Post  The kids keep failing — but Dept. of Ed honchos do pretty well
 8/24  New York Post  Public schools are 'ripping parents off' with classroom supplies scheme
 8/24  World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革持久戰 寇頓籲亞裔勿鬆懈  (
William Colton)

 8/23  Epoch Times  议员推动在南布碌崙增设特殊高中  (Andrew Gounardes, Justin Brannan)

 8/23  Epoch Times  纽约市过半学生英数不合格 但亚裔表现亮眼

 8/23  Shorefront News  Gounardes, Brannan Want Specialized High School in Brooklyn (Gounardes, Brannan)

 8/23  Sing Tao  以更創意方式評估學生表現 崔馬克建議取消州高中會考 (Mark Treyger)

 8/23  World Journal  3至8年級州會考成績公布 亞裔生遙遙領先  各族裔學生成績提高 白思豪歸功免費學前班

 8/22  Bklyner  Could Bishop Kearney High School Be Turned Into A Specialized High School? (Gounardes, Brannan)

 8/22  Brooklyn News 12  Future unsure for Bishop Kearney High School in Brooklyn (Gounardes, Brannan)

 8/22  Brooklyn Reporter  Push to turn Bishop Kearney into specialized high school (Gounardes, Brannan)

 8/22  China Press  州考试成绩出炉 约市教育官员宣传学生分数有所提高

 8/22  Guardian  Controversial Michaela free school delights in GCSE success

 8/22  New York Daily News  Brooklyn politicians call for new specialized high school (Gounardes, Brannan)

 8/22  New York Post  NY schools bomb out again — even if officials pretend otherwise

 8/22  New York Post  Over half of NYC kids can’t handle basic English, math on state tests

 8/22  New York Post  Left-wing activists trying to hijack kids’ minds with ‘ethnic studies’

 8/22  Sing Tao  紐市會考成績提高 亞裔學生成績最好

 8/22  World Journal  州會考成績放榜 亞裔遙遙領先

 8/21  China Press  纽约市校园性犯罪案连涨三年

 8/20  China Press  市议长要求教育局全面检测校园铅害  (Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger)

 8/20  Epoch Times  张晟、崔马克要求教育局全面检测校园铅害 (Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger)

 8/20  New York Post  Dear Mayor de Blasio: An open letter to our hapless presidential candidate

 8/20  New York Post  Number of NYC students busted for sex crimes increases for third year

 8/20  New York Post  CUNY has betrayed its greatest reformer
 8/20  Sing Tao  公立學校性犯罪案令人擔憂 被捕學生人數連續3年攀升

 8/19  Chief  City Council Concerns About Lead Paint In School Hallways Downplayed by Mayor

 8/19  New York Post  Hey, Mr. Mayor: Please don’t make me send my son to a rotten school

 8/17  New York Post  Salaries ‘gone wild’: Carranza cronies pocket pay hikes as high as 35%

 8/17  New York Post  NYC public school caught tossing books, unused supplies while asking for donations

 8/17  World Journal  華人家長會攜手紐約學院 辦SHSAT、SAT模擬考

 8/17  Sing Tao  亞裔高度關注SHSAT命運 特殊高中模擬考試31日舉行

 8/16  Chief  De Blasio's Neverland: A Long, Strange Trip

 8/16  China Press  刘醇逸批市府公校学生族裔多元化政策  (John Liu)

 8/16  City & State  Liu: No quick fix to specialized high schools exam (audio) (John Liu, Michael Benedetto)

 8/16  New York Post  State to probe DOE special-education schools after Post exposé (Robert Holden)

 8/16  World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革 劉醇逸:亞裔社區應當領頭羊  (John Liu)

 8/15  China Press  陈慧华谈反对卡兰纳政策重要性   (Justin Yu)

 8/15  China Press  纽约初高中招生流程变化 申请更简单直接

 8/15  Epoch Times  陈慧华鼓励华裔实习生 拒绝因能力肤色遭歧视  (Justin Yu)

 8/15  New York Daily News  NYC program meant to diversify elite high schools comes up short

 8/15  Sing Tao  教育峰會探討標準化考試未來 劉醇逸稱尚無解決SHSAT方案 (John Liu)

 8/15  World Journal  特殊高中「太多亞裔」? 陳慧華籲駁歧視性說法  (Justin Yu)
 8/14  China Press  (非原頭條) 亚裔儿童家庭联盟(CACF) 支持 De Blasio SHSAT提案  纽约市议增50万元

 8/14  Epoch Times  专家担心纽约教室防铅措施不足
 8/14  New York Post  Queens principal who passed kids through bogus online classes finally ousted

 8/14  Town Hall  Fire Carranza!  (Robert Holden)

 8/14  World Journal  特殊高中「太多亞裔」? 歧視性說法應回擊   (Justin Yu)

 8/14  World Journal  市議會進步黨團促公校多元化 反對只憑成績招生

 8/14  World Journal  (非原頭條) 亚裔儿童家庭联盟(CACF) 支持 De Blasio SHSAT提案  纽约市议增50万元

 8/13  Epoch Times  皇后特殊儿童学校环境差 议员批评教育局  (Robert Holden)

 8/13  New York Daily News  Progressives call for admissions policies to increase ‘academic diversity’

 8/13  New York Post NYC schools: reading, writing ... knives   Most ‘violent and disruptive’ in state last year   

 8/13   Sing Tao  (非原頭條) 亚裔儿童家庭联盟(CACF) 支持 De Blasio SHSAT提案  纽约市议增50万元

 8/13  Wall Street Journal  New York City Teachers Get ‘Culturally Responsive’ Training

 8/13  Wall Street Journal  The Smear Campaign Against Charters

 8/12  New York Post  Cops confiscated over 1,600 knives from schools, a five-year high

 8/12  Wall Street Journal  New Data Show Few New York Teachers of Color in the Pipeline

 8/12  World Journal  公校多元化新報告 將對招生政策提建議

 8/11  New York Daily News  The Daily News went easy on Carranza

 8/11  World Journal  居民聯盟夏令營結業 下一代不當啞裔   居民聯盟:培育下一代不當啞裔   (Ron Kim, Peter Koo)

 8/10  New York Post  Principal ousted from out-of-control high school where kids threatened staff

 8/10  New York Post  Mom blasts Carranza over refusal to meet parents at decaying PS 9: ‘He’s a chicken’

 8/10  Sing Tao  青少年領袖夏令營結業 州市民意代表頒感謝狀

 8/10  Sinovision  纽约华人组织夏令营 从小这样培养公民意识   “要抗争也要自救” 这个数千人组织一年做了这些...

 8/ 9  China Press  受害家长举行新闻发布会 痛批卡兰纳坐车鲁莽行驶

 8/ 9  China Press  郭纳德访华社 重申反废SHSAT  (Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 9  Epoch Times  指卡兰萨座驾撞人 抗议者报警

 8/ 9  New York Post  Carranza uses his power to ignore prove the protests of the powerless

 8/ 9  New York Post  DOE pours $16M into rotting school after Post report  (Robert Holden)

 8/ 9  NTD TV   紐約市教育局長撞人不停車? 華裔家長報案

 8/ 9  Queens Chronicle  Protester claims hit by Carranza's DOE car, pressing charges

 8/ 9  World Journal  布碌崙南區建特殊高中 郭納德:進行中  (Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 9  World Journal  企業家砸150萬助考SHSAT 市府不領情

 8/ 8  Chalkbeat  Many NYC teachers undecided about chancellor’s leadership  (Chaz's School Daze Comments)

 8/ 8  Chalkbeat  ‘The sky isn’t falling’:  Carranza on peeling lead paint in nearly 1,000 classrooms

 8/ 8  China Press  教长座车撞翻示威者 华女伤

 8/ 8  Epoch Times  卡兰萨车辆撞倒示威者 扬长而去

 8/ 8  Patch  DOE: Carranza popular - but survey conducted largely under predecessor  (see note at end of article)

 8/ 8  Queens Eagle  Queens parents say they were abruptly cut out of meeting with Schools chancellor

 8/ 8  SI Live  35 Staten Island schools had high lead levels in water, data shows

 8/ 8  Sing Tao  郭納德拜訪賓臣墟華社稱 正爭取布碌崙南區建特殊高中  (Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 8  Wall Strreet Journal  NYC Considers Rezoning for Admission to Some Brooklyn Schools

 8/ 8  World Journal  卡蘭扎座車被指撞倒示威者 駁「自導自演」

 8/ 7  China Press  教长社区畅谈搞暗箱 引爆抗议  (Nicole Malliotakis, Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 7  Epoch Times  学监开“黑箱”会议 华人炮轰  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 8/ 7  Wall Street Journal  Philanthropists Putting $1.5 Million Toward Prep for Specialized High Schools’ Test

 8/ 7  World Journal  教局閉門會 華裔場外喊「卡蘭扎下台」 教育總監一度躲車內  (Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 6  Epoch Times  学监推种族主义教学 专家分析后果

 8/ 6  Manhattan Institute  Report Proves Trump Was Right to Rescind Obama School Discipline Policies

 8/ 6  New York Post  Angry Asian-American protesters swarm Richard Carranza’s car  (Malliotakis, Gounardes)

 8/ 6  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎布碌崙閉門會未邀華人 遭華人家長抗議學監種族歧視

 8/ 6  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎開閉門會議 華人委員吃「閉門羹」  (Andrew Gounardes)

 8/ 5  Breitbart  More Than 900 NYC Classrooms Contaminated with Lead

 8/ 5  Epoch Times  55所纽约市初中 10/30上学日考SHSAT

 8/ 5  New York School Talk  NYC School Hypocrisy Continued: Universal Pre-K Edition

 8/ 5  World Journal  上學日考SHSAT 全市55所初中10月舉行

 8/ 4  China Press  竞选市长 亚当斯福建公所拜票  (Eric Adams)

 8/ 4  New York Post   CUNY reverting to bad old days with no tests for remedial courses

 8/ 3  Epoch Times  中华总商会第二次致函市长:开除教育局总监  (Justin Yu)

 8/ 3  New York Post  DOE to roll out contentious admission test to more schools across city

 8/ 3  New York Post  Carranza refuses to meet councilman at decaying special-needs school  (Robert Holden)

 8/ 3  Sing Tao  特殊高中考試擴規模 55公校10月30日舉行

 8/ 3  Sing Tao  改善殘疾兒童服務 皇后區議員籲建新校  (Robert Holden)

 8/ 3  World Journal  亞當斯拜會華社 若當選市長華埠、法拉盛建唐人街牌樓  (Eric Adams)

 8/ 2  AsAm News  NYC Scrambled for Chinese Translators at Meeting on Culturally Responsive Curriculum

 8/ 2  China Press  文化响应持续教育项目通过 华裔家长抗议未征询其意

 8/ 2  Fox News  D'Souza: 'Culturally responsive' education limits job choices to Antifa, Black Lives Matter

 8/ 2  New York Post  DOE panel approves diversity policy at raucous Chinatown meeting

 8/ 2  New York Times  Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Excellence

 8/ 2  Sunnyside Post  Nearly 50 Queens Public Schools Tested Positive for Lead: DOE

 8/ 2  Wall Street Journal  The Downside of Diversity

 8/ 2  Welcome to the Bronx  90 Bronx School Buildings Test Positive for Lead Paint

 8/  1  China Press  百名家长要求解雇卡兰纳

 8/  1  Epoch Times  华人集会 质疑卡兰萨以种族为中心推公校多元文化教学  (Maud Maron)

 8/  1  Epoch Times   “文化响应持续教育”项目11:2通过

 8/  1  New York Daily News  NYC education panel agrees to "diversify" curriculum after contentious meeting

 8/  1  NY1  Schools Chancellor Criticized at Curriculum Meeting in Chinatown

 8/  1  Patch  These Brooklyn Schools Have Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint

 8/  1  Patch  These Manhattan Schools Have Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint

 8/  1  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎近距離領教華人家長火力

 8/  1  Sinovision  纽约教育局长推多元化教学获通过 华裔民众:又是针对我们

 8/  1  Wall Street Journal  938 New York City Classrooms Tested Positive For Lead

 8/  1  Wall Street Journal  New York City Adopts ‘Culturally Responsive’ Education in Schools  (Maud Maron)

 8/  1  World Journal 卡蘭扎華埠會議 西語發言引激烈抗議 等中文翻譯到場再繼續  (video)

 7/ 31  New York Daily News  Manhattan teens call for ouster of school council rep who opposes DOE  (Maud Maron)

 7/ 31 World Journal  降低高中畢業門檻 州會考或取消  /  教育界、家長齊反對:降低標準不負責任

 7/ 31 Sing Tao  卡蘭扎力推「文化響應持續教育」 數十華人家長怒吼抗議

 7/ 30 New York Post  Fudging the facts on school discipline

 7/ 30 World Journal  紐約州重審高中畢業要求 或取消州會考

 7/ 29 China Press  残疾学生上学条件恶劣 卡兰纳遭猛批 (Robert Holden, Joseph Addabbo, Joseph Borelli)

 7/ 29 New York Post  Richard Carranza is bungling the ABCs of his job (Robert Holden)

 7/ 29 New York Post  How to save Queens’ horror school — move buildings and leave it to rot (Robert Holden)

 7/ 29 New York School Talk  Should the NYC Department of Education Be In Charge of Private Schools Too?

 7/ 29 Sing Tao  公校多元文化教學明投票 華裔擬孫逸仙中學門前示威  (Maud Maron)

 7/ 29 Wall Street Journal  California Wants to Teach Your Kids That Capitalism Is Racist

 7/ 28 New York Post Carranza under fire for conditions at school for disabled (Holden, Addabbo, Borelli, Treyger, Ortiz)

 7/ 28 Sing Tao  卡蘭薩被批辦事不力 忽視特殊學生遭劣待  (Joseph Addabbo, Joseph Borelli, Mark Treyger)

 7/ 27 New York Post City exiles disabled students to ‘dilapidated’ school building in Queens (Robert Holden)

 7/ 26 New York Post  Carranza’s ugly new ‘R’ for city schools  (Maud Maron)

 7/ 25 Epoch Times  “不管阅读数学只搞种族主义”卡兰萨又挨轰  (Maud Maron)

 7/ 25 New York Post  The push to make New York high school diplomas completely meaningless

 7/ 25 New York Post  Please, give New York a state Education commish who puts kids first

 7/ 24 Chalkbeat  NYC ditched its school turnaround program. Principals are wondering what comes next (read comments)

 7/ 23 Chaz's School Daze  Will The Chancellor's Desegregation Plan Cause "White Flight?"

 7/ 23 Education Post  NAACP: Don’t Make Black Kids the New ‘Cotton’ That Funds Failing Public Schools

 7/ 23 New York Post  Forget reading and math — Carranza wants focus on racial privilege, activism (Maud Maron)

 7/ 23 Times Union Rethinking the Regents exams in New York: State Ed considers scrapping test

 7/ 22 City Journal  Classrooms of the Absurd

 7/ 21  Chaz's School Daze  Chinese-American Community Rise Up Due To The SHSAT Debate

 7/ 21  New York Post  Regents get set to guarantee even more bad New York schools

 7/ 21  Sing Tao  華人新移民保守派崛起  / 新移民站穩腳跟變保守 /  華人傳統價值觀已改變

 7/ 20 New York Post  City probe targets ‘discriminatory’ DOE emails and tweets

 7/ 20 Sing Tao  阻白思豪特殊高中改革計劃 反對者斥資百萬辦宣傳運動

 7/ 20 World Journal  廢SHSAT提案 公平教育運動砸百萬擋下了

 7/ 19  New York Post  City deserves answers on the scandalous hiring of Abram Jimenez

 7/ 19  World Journal  揭教育總監黑歷史 近百家長喊下台

 7/ 18  Brooklyn Eagle  What’s next for the SHSAT? (Andrew Gounardes)

 7/ 18  Politico  The seven-figure campaign to thwart NYC elite school plan

 7/ 18  Sing Tao  華人市府門前集會 要求解僱教育總監

 7/ 17  Epoch Times  居民联盟“Youth4AM”夏令营 培养孩子领导力

 7/ 17  National Review  The Rise of the Chinese-American Right

 7/ 16  Chaz's School Daze  New York State Wants To Drop High School Regents Exams

 7/ 15  Newsday  State education officials call for revamping high school Regents exam system

 7/ 14  World Journal  反對妖魔化SHSAT 華人家長學生組夏令營 分享備考經驗

 7/ 13  New York Post  Carranza crony hired, made millions in business with DOE (Holden, Borelli)

 7/ 12  Chief  Asian Activists: Mayor Playing Racial Politics

 7/ 12  Epoch Times  纽约学校如用旧设备可节约二十多亿美元

 7/ 12  Lohud  New Rochelle: Community activists want new schools superintendent replaced

 7/ 12  World Journal  28學區委員改選 華裔家長:要真正的多元化

 7/ 11  Chalkbeat  NYC parent leaders seek — and receive — new assurance about Carranza’s future

 7/ 11  China Press  刘醇逸拜访长乐公会  (John Liu)

 7/ 11  China Press  纽约市教育局花数十亿建新校 仍分配不均

 7/ 11  New York Daily News  In turning his back on charter schools, de Blasio harms black and Latino kids

 7/ 11  New York Post  Private schools angry over state proposal to give city more oversight

 7/ 11  Sing Tao  教育局只顧大興土木 未充分利用現有設施

 7/ 11  Wave  Carranza Blitz Rolls On: Pol rep, RRC demand Chancellor’s ouster

 7/ 10  Boston Globe  New superintendent open to replacing entrance test for exam schools

 7/ 10  China Press  于金山与刘林剑虹成功连任地区党代表  (Justin Yu)

 7/ 10  City Journal  “Woke” Politics Over Progress in New York Schools

 7/ 10  Epoch Times  于金山、刘林剑虹连任民主党65D区领袖  (Justin Yu)

 7/ 10  Epoch Times《邮报》批白思豪扭曲特许学校

 7/ 10  New York Post  NYC schools could save billions by using existing facilities: report

 7/ 10  World Journal  聯合民主黨當選人答謝社區 籲華裔參政

 7/ 10  Sing Tao  劉醇逸為競選連任籌款 「SHSAT壓力將繼續增加」  (John Liu)

 7/   9  New York Daily News  De Blasio’s kids benefited from quality public schools he wants to deny others

 7/   9  Ridgewood Post  DOE Responds to Holden’s Concerns Over Grade Inflation

 7/   9  World Journal  紐約市居民聯盟 辦暑期SHSAT課程

 7/   8  New York Post  De Blasio’s charter school lies

 7/   8  New York Post  De Blasio shouts that he ‘hates’ charter schools at campaign event

 7/   8  Sing Tao  回擊反考試者說詞 居民聯盟辦SHSAT夏令營

 7/   8  Sing Tao  白思豪向特許學校開火 憎恨把公共教育私有化

 7/   7  Chaz's School Daze  The Carranza Hypocrites

 7/   7  New York Post  High-priced hires drive gender pay gap in de Blasio administration

 7/   6  New York Post  Top Carranza executives ditched their residential zones for ‘whiter’ schools

 7/   5  New York Post  Carranza has no plan at all for making the city’s schools do better

 7/   4  China Press  州议会新案 特殊高中再建十所  (Leroy Comrie, Peter Abbate)

 7/   4  Epoch Times   州众议员白彼得提案 让八年级学生都考SHSAT  (Leroy Comrie, Peter Abbate)

 7/   4  World Journal  白彼得提案 為初中生免費輔導SHSAT  (Leroy Comrie, Peter Abbate)

 7/   4  World Journal  卡蘭扎引進 教局「黑官」年薪逾20萬 紀錄差將離職

 7/   3  Epoch Times  于金山喊话崔马克:别支持卡兰萨  (Justin Yu, Mark Treyger, Robert Holden)

 7/   3  Epoch Times  州级数学会考 布朗士一中学全班取得最高成绩

 7/   3  Gothamist  Opponents Of LaGuardia Pri ncipal Say Ouster Was Over Diversity, Not Just Arts

 7/   3  New York Post   Carranza protégé is leaving DOE after checkered past exposed

 7/   2  Epoch Times  纽约学校虚夸成绩?!学生难过州级考试

 7/   2  City Journal   Richard Carranza’s Deflections

 7/   2  New York Post  Proof charters deliver opportunity and regular public schools fake it

 7/   2  New York Post  Half of public school kids in  Bronx District 9 fail state math test

 7/   1  Chaz's School Daze  Schools Still Practicing Academic Fraud

 7/   1  New York Post  Entire Bronx Success Academy class aces statewide math exam

 7/   1  New York Post  The grand swindle of ‘progress’ in the city’s public schools

 7/   1  Sing Tao  家長狠批市府處理不力 校園欺凌問題嚴重失控

 7/   1  Wall Street Journal  New York City Struggles to End Bullying in Schools

 6/30  ICE-UFT “They’re inflating the grades and passing all the kids. It’s fake": anonymous DOE administrator

 6/30  Morano in the Morning  Wai Wah Chin on Morano in the Morning, Topic: Carranza! (Audio Only)

 6/29  New York Post  Critics cry ‘grade inflation’ at NYC schools as students pass without meeting standards

 6/28  New York Post  DOE official who sued Carranza for ‘white bias’ gets promotion — in Westchester


 6/27  China Press  家长再次要求解雇卡兰纳  (Mark Treyger)

 6/27  Education Week  What's Next fNow That De Blasio's Plan Is Dead (read comments)

 6/27  Epoch Times  家长示威 要求白思豪解雇卡兰萨

 6/27  Hopclear  Asian parents want Richard Carranza fired for ant-Asian racism

 6/27  Nation  90% of his high school grads aren't college ready, and putting them in Stuyvesant is the solution?!

 6/27  News 12 Brooklyn  Keep it or scrap it: Debate rages over specialized high school admissions test

 6/27  World Journal  捍衛SHSAT 200家長市府前示威  (Mark Treyger, Brad Lander)

 6/27  World Journal  資優教育不足 學生跨區上學通勤苦

 6/26  Chaz's School Daze  New York City Cannot Retain Teachers

 6/26  China Press  同源会会长:卡兰纳点燃种族偏见的火焰

 6/26  Epoch Times  陈慧华投书呼吁市长撤换卡兰萨

 6/26  Joe Borelli  Students from Carranza's "excellent schools" fail State Tests, take remedial courses in college

 6/26  New York Post  Asian parents call for Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s firing

 6/26  News 12 Bronx  Biased journalist gives only 2 of 12 paragraphs to pro-SHSAT side (William Colton)

 6/26  Sing Tao  300家長學童齊集市府公園 高聲叫喊「解僱學監卡蘭扎」

 6/26  Sing Tao  為捍衛保留考試 大家繼續努力  (William Colton)

 6/25  Chalkbeat  ‘We’re going to move the agenda’: Carranza speaks at top screened school (Ydanis Rodriguez)

 6/25  China Press  取消特殊高中入学考试计划宣告失败  (John Liu)

 6/25  Epoch Times  纽约时报:种族分裂 市长废SHSAT计划失败

 6/25  New York Daily News  De Blasio’s and Richard Carranza should back down on SHSAT

 6/25  NY1  School Year and Session in Albany End without Any Legislation on SHSAT (John Liu)

 6/24  Chief  'Blunt Talk' by Carranza Distraction Over Action

 6/24  Epoch Times  第15学区初中招生废学术标准后 不满录取的学生增

 6/24  National Review  Racial Bean-Counting in New York City Schools

 6/24  New York Post  Richard Carranza’s racial arson

 6/24  New York School Talk  A Child’s Education: Whose Job Is It Anyway – The Parents’ or the School’s?

 6/24  New York Daily News What the school discipline fix gets right, and what it gets wrong

 6/24  New York Times  Eliza Shapiro blames everyone and everything except for the racist bogus bill itself

 6/24  WNYC  WNYC Finds High Levels Of Lead-Paint Contamination In Four NYC Schools

 6/23  New York Post  ‘White privilege’ survey posted in mostly minority school in Manhattan

 6/22  China Press  布碌仑举行保卫SHSAT论坛及筹款会  (William Colton)

 6/22  Daily Wire  WILLIAMS: Black Education Decline
 6/22  Epoch Times  州议会会期结束 废SHSAT提案未表决  (Charles Barron)

 6/22  Epoch Times  于金山致信白思豪 要求其放弃废SHSAT  (Justin Yu)

 6/22  New York Post  Mom accuses DOE of ‘disrespecting’ Asian-American community

 6/22  Wall Street Journal  Rise in Requests for Different School Seats After District’s New Admission Lottery

 6/22  World Journal  學術優異基金籌款 續為SHSAT奮戰  (William Colton)

 6/22  World Journal  剛愎決策等同歧視 亞裔籲市長道歉 卡蘭扎下台  (Justin Yu)

 6/21  China Press  学生校园携带抽食大麻 不再交市警逮捕

 6/21  Epoch Times  教育官员发动支持卡兰萨集会 市议员要求调查  (Robert Holden, Joseph Borelli)

 6/21  New York Post  De Blasio’s latest push to make schools less safe

 6/21  Wall Street Journal  Albany Passes on Changing Admissions to New York City’s Elite Schools

 6/21  Sing Tao  學術優異基金辦募款餐會 為爭取保留SHSAT籌經費  (William Colton)

 6/20  Chalkbeat  Carranza — and his critics — dig in as controversy over racism (Joseph Borelli)

 6/20  Chief  Carranza: Critics Attack Based on My Skin Color

 6/20  China Press  亚裔律师协会联合谴责 白思豪

 6/20  China Press  白思豪联手卡兰纳 纽约市限制警察进入学校

 6/20  NTD TV  要紐約教育總監下台 亞裔家長雨中抗議  (Robert Holden, Mark Treyger)

 6/20  New York Post  Indecisive politicians extend Albany legislative session

 6/20  New York Post  De Blasio says DOE official wrong for promoting pro-Carranza rally

 6/20  New York Post  NYPD won’t arrest students for low-level offenses in schools

 6/20  Queens Chronicle  Council members call out Carranza  (Holden, Vallone, Koslowitz, Koo, Ulrich)

 6/20  Sing Tao  特殊高中案未在州議會通過 市長:不到休會不知鹿死誰手

 6/20  Town Hall  Bronx Tales: Black School Reformers Confirm Admissions Test's Door-opening Power

 6/19  Chalkbeat  Clock running out in New York legislature for SHSAT bill, even as sponsor looks to future

 6/19  China Press  民众示威罢免卡兰纳 22市议员现身挺卡 

            (Holden, Treyger, Rodriguez, Miller, Koo, Chin, Johnson)

 6/19  China Press  废除SHSAT案 州众院教委会通过  (John Liu, Ron Kim)

 6/19  Epoch Times  家长市议会前雨中示威 吁教育总监下台

            (Holden, Koo, Vallone, Deutsch, Koslowitz, Ulrich, Borelli, Colton, Abbate, 

​                Treyger, Gibson, Inez Barron, Dromm, King, Miller, Johnson)

 6/19  Epoch Times  白思豪废SHSAT计划今年再泡汤

​            (Charles Barron, John Liu, Ron Kim, Alicia Hyndman, Rebecca Seawright, Sean Ryan)

 6/19  Epoch Times  州众议会教育委通过废SHSAT

            (Charles Barron, Carl Heastie, Kevin Parker, Justin Yu, Ron Kim, Alicia Hyndman)

 6/19  Kings County Politics  Lawmakers Increasingly Split On Carranza Initiative To Diversify Schools

            (Miller, Reynoso, Adams, Holden, Lander, Koo, Chin, Koslowitz, Vallone, Borelli, Ulrich, Deutsch, Abbate, Colton)

 6/19  New York Post  Lawmaker calls for ethics probe of aide to Richard Carranza  (Robert Holden, Joseph Borelli)

 6/19  Roll Call  Bill de Blasio is wrong about New York City’s schools

 6/19  SI Live  Bill to scrap specialized high school exam unlikely to pass (Malliotakis, Barron, Holden, Borelli)

 6/19  Sing Tao  SHSAT法案未上州議會投票 華社保留SHSAT支持者勝利日  (Charles Barron)

 6/19  Sing Tao  多個亞裔律師協會發聯合聲明 譴責SHSAT立法排除亞裔意見

 6/19  Sinovision 废除SHSAT投票通过 华人家长“特别震惊”  (John Liu)

 6/19  World Journal  亞裔家長示威 要卡蘭扎下台

 6/19  World Journal  特殊高中改革案 州眾議會教委會過關

            (Ron Kim, John Liu, Peter Koo, Margaret Chin, Corey Johnson, Charles Barron, Leroy Comrie)

 6/18  Bklyner  Too ‘Divisive’ or Just Honest? Local Pols Split on Carranza

            (Deutsche, Colton, Abbate, Holden; Reynoso, Espinal, Menchaca, Barron, Amry-Samuel, Lander, Levin, Cornegy)

 6/18  Chaz's School Daze  Should Richard Carranza Resign As Chancellor?

 6/18  China Press  对话华裔论坛 教育局被批无诚意

 6/18  China Press  21名市议员支持卡兰纳 市议会分成两大阵营  (Robert Holden, Mark Treyger)

 6/18  Epoch Times  特殊学生考特殊高中增答题时间 白人占四成

 6/18  New York Post  De Blasio seeks City Council support for Carranza amid racial divide (Holden, Reynoso)

 6/18  New York Post  State Senate won’t back de Blasio on high school admissions  (Liu, Barron, Mosley, Taylor, Kim)

 6/18  New York Post  Carranza protégé takes ‘personal time’ after prior scandals exposed

 6/18  New York Post  School chancellor Richard Carranza brings racial divide to City Hall

 6/18  NTD TV  紐約州參議員提案:增加特殊高中 學生都考SHSAT  (Leroy Comrie)

 6/18  Sing Tao 華人家長高聲抗議 要求教育總監下台 (Holden, Koo, Vallone, Colton, Abbate)

 6/18  Sing Tao 26位市議員聯署致函市長 支持卡蘭扎促進種族融合公平 (Holden, Treyger, Dromm, Gibson, Inez Barron)

 6/18  Sing Tao 取消特殊高中入學試 劉醇逸明言不會過關  (John Liu, Ron Kim)

 6/18  Sing Tao 州眾議會教育組16比13 通過取消特殊高中考試 (Carl Heastie, Charles Barron, Ron Kim, Justin Yu, John Liu)

 6/18  Sinovision  罢不罢免卡兰萨? 支持与反对阵营隔空喊话  (Daneek Miller, Adrienne Adams, BLAC)
 6/18  World Journal  SHSAT改革提案 州眾議會教育委員會投票通過  (John Liu, Charles Barron, Leroy Comrie)

 6/18  World Journal  SHSAT改革提案 今州眾議會教育委員會投票  (John Liu, Charles Barron, Leroy Comrie)

 6/18  WPIX  De Blasio doubles down on defense of schools chancellor  (Robert Holden, Daneek Miller)

 6/17  CBS New York  Council Members Call For Chancellor Richard Carranza To Be Fired

 6/17  Chalkbeat  Dividing the city or bold intervention? (As usual with Chalkbeat, read the comments)

 6/17  China Press  州议员推新案 增建10所特殊高中  (Leroy Comrie)

 6/17  China Press  市议员要求解雇教育局长卡兰纳  (Robert Holden, William Colton, Peter Koo)

 6/17  Chronicle Review  Affirmative Action Is Not About Equality. It’s About Covering Ass.

 6/17  Epoch Times  皇后区州议员提案:增十所特高 八年级生全须考SHSAT

 6/17  Epoch Times  议员联署致函市长 解雇卡兰萨 

                 (Councilmen, Holden, Colton, Koo, Vallone, Deutsch, Koslowitz, Ulrich, Borelli, Abbate)

 6/17  MSN  Council Members Call For Carranza To Be Fired

 6/17  New York Post  Carranza’s ideology insults the people he claims to help

 6/17  New York Post  De Blasio defends Richard Carranza’s race agenda

 6/17  New York School Talk  Parents Helping Parents – When the DOE Won’t (Gifted & Talented Edition)

 6/17  Politico  Elite high schools admissions bill is stalled again and it might be de Blasio’s fault

                (Benedetto, Barron, Bichotte, Rozic, Blake, Liu, Stewart-Cousins, Comrie, Heastie, Cuomo)

 6/17  Sing Tao  特殊高中入學試504規條 延長作答時間白人佔四成

 6/16  1010 WINS Lawmakers slam ‘divisive’ DOE chancellor in letter to de Blasio  (Holden, Colton)

 6/16  New York Post  Comrie wants more opportunity — Carranza’s just finding jobs for cronies

 6/16  New York Post  Queens pol pushing bill to save specialized HS exam  (Leroy Comrie)

 6/16  New York Post  Richard Carranza’s race-baiting politics are wearing thin

 6/16  NY1  City Council Members Pen Letter Calling for Firing of Schools Chancellor  (Holden, Ulrich, Koo

 6/16  Shorefront News  Colton Calling to Remove Education Chancellor (William Colton)

 6/16  Sing Tao  廢特殊高中入學試做法 州參議員提議案否定  (Leroy Comrie)

 6/16  World Journal  「不斷挑起族裔爭端」…紐約議員聯名致函市長 要教育總監下課

                 (Councilmen Holden, Colton, Abbate, Koo, Vallone, Deutsch, Koslowitz, Ulrich, Borelli)

 6/15  Sing Tao  兩黨政客聯署 促卡蘭薩下台  (Robert Holden)

 6/15  New York Post  Council members turn on ‘divisive’ Carranza in searing letter to de Blasio

                 (Councilmen Holden, Vallone, Koo, Ulrich, Borelli, Deutsch, Koslowitz, Colton, Abbate)

 6/15  New York Post  Carranza protégé once quit job in ‘mismanaged’ funds scandal

 6/15  New York Post  Dept. of Entertainment’s Carranza hires Disney exec as ‘chief experience officer’

 6/15  World Journal  州眾議會少數族裔黨團支持廢SHSAT 牛毓琳、金兌錫反對  (John Liu, Ron Kim, Yuh-Line Niou)

 6/14  China Press  白思豪邀谈特高改革 亚裔冒雨抗议

 6/14  Epoch Times  市长与亚裔开闭门会 场外抗议废SHSAT

 6/14  Epoch Times  州议长:不以扩天才班交换废SHSAT

 6/14  New York Post  Carranza’s friends keep cashing in

 6/14  World Journal  不滿被代表 場外華人家長冒雨示威

 6/14  World Journal  廢SHSAT方式欠妥 白思豪閉門道歉

 6/14  World Journal  特殊高中改革案 州眾議長:拒拿資優班交換廢SHSAT

 6/13  Chalkbeat  SHSAT debate heats up with close-door meeting at Gracie Mansion

 6/13  China Press  教育局长亲往州议会游说取消特殊高中入学考试

 6/13  Epoch Times  市長今邀亞裔團體 討論特殊高中招生改革

 6/13  Kings County Politics  De Blasio Should Not Be Using G & T Programs As Bargaining Chip

 6/13  New York Post  De Blasio’s bogus bid at appeasing Asian-American anger

 6/13  New York Post  De Blasio blames ‘tabloid media’ for elite school scheme backlash

 6/13  NY1  De Blasio Meets with Asian Community Leaders Over SHSAT

 6/13  Queens Chronicle  Carranza’s racial approach is wrong for schools

 6/13  Sing Tao  市長閉門討論SHSAT 華人家長冒雨示威

 6/13  World Journal  特殊高中改革╱州眾議長:不拿資優班項目換廢SHSAT

 6/12  Chalkbeat  De Blasio invites Asian advocates to Gracie Mansion as SHSAT plan hangs in balance in Albany

 6/12  New York Post  Richard Carranza lobbies Albany to scrap entrance exam for top high schools

 6/12  Wall Street Journal  Elite High-School Debate Simmers as Albany Session Winds Down

 6/11  China Press  教育局长卡兰纳被控任人唯亲

 6/11  China Press  卡兰纳宣布采纳学校多元化建议

 6/11  Epoch Times  市长向五学区拨款 效仿第15学区推“多元化”

 6/11  NTD TV  紐約市長推動下 公立學校多元化再進一步

 6/11  World Journal  紐約市教育局推校園多元化 納顧問小組62建議

 6/10  AZNews  Richard Carranza slams allegations of cronyism as racist 

 6/10  Brooklyn Eagle  Forum on diversity in specialized high schools favors ‘objective’ admissions exam

 6/10  CBS New York  Carranza On Race-Based Agenda Criticism: ‘I Will Not Be Silenced, I Will Not Be Quiet’

 6/10  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩猛烈反駁 反白人種族指控

 6/10  New York Post  Richard Carranza slams allegations of cronyism as racist

 6/  9  New York Post  De Blasio’s latest hostage: opportunity for poor and minority kids

 6/  9  New York Post  De Blasio refuses to see what’s needed for racial justice at NYC’s schools

 6/  9  New York School Talk  Algebra in 8th Grade Is Good! Algebra in 8th Grade is Bad! Pick One, Mr. Chancellor.

 6/  8  China Press  郭纳德举行特殊高中入学考试与多元化论坛  (John Liu, Andrew Gounardes, Robert Jackson)

 6/  8  New York Post  Richard Carranza scrambling to thwart The Post’s coverage of the DOE

 6/  8  New York Post  Richard Carranza accused of waiving protocol to hire pals in high-ranking jobs

 6/  8  World Journal  特殊高中改革論壇 華裔:好成績來自努力 非補習  (John Liu, Andrew Gounardes, Robert Jackson)

 6/  7  New York School Talk  Democrats Won’t Dictate Where My Black Children Go to School

 6/  7  Epoch Times  森林小丘高中校长 调往市教育局总部

 6/  7  NTD TV  籲取消特殊高中考試 合法大麻 白思豪州府遊說

 6/  7  Sing Tao 灣脊特殊高中改革論壇 華裔發言怒嗆市長教局 (John Liu, Andrew Gounardes, Peter Abbate, Robert Jackson)

 6/  6  New York Post  Richard Carranza joins anti-bias rally amid controversy over trainings

 6/  6  World Journal  初中生升學 亞裔偏愛特殊高中 非裔生興趣不大

 6/  6  World Journal  亞裔生受益白人特權? 華人團體公開信駁教育總監

 6/  5  Kings County Politics  Colton Mobilizes Parents To Keep The SHSAT  (William Colton)

 6/  4  Chalkbeat  Where do NYC’s top-scoring middle schoolers go to high school?

 6/  4  China Press  教育局发广告专招有色人种教师引争议

 6/  4  Epoch Times  探索生入读特殊高中 平时成绩比同学稍低

 6/  4  Epoch Times  吁取消特殊高中考试 合法大麻 白思豪州府游说
 6/  4  Gotham Gazette  De Blasio's End-of-Session Albany Agenda

 6/  4  New York Post  The tone for this illegal ad came from the top of DOE

 6/  4  New York Post   Racial division is Richard Carranza’s only agenda

 6/  4  Sinovision  斯静格: 建低收入住房 特殊高中问题需解决  (Scott Stringer)

 6/  4  Sinovision  特殊高中应效仿藤校录取标准

 6/  3  Brooklyn Eagle  Parents step up fight with mayor over elite high school test  (William Colton, Peter Abbate)

 6/  3  Chief  White Female Execs Sue Carranza, DOE On 'Racist' Demotions

 6/  3  China Press  拉瓜迪亚高中艺术生质疑学校重视文化课

 6/  3  City Journal  New York’s Toxic Schools Chancellor

 6/  3  Epoch Temes  纽约州众议员寇顿开里民会 誓保SHSAT  (William Colton)

 6/  3  ICE-UFT  "We have students graduating high school unable to formulate a sentence"

 6/  3  New York Post  DOE job ad sought ‘teachers of color’ for NYC schools

 6/  3  New York Post  Exploiting kids to push racial division: Team de Blasio’s new low

 6/  3  New York Post  Forest Hills HS ‘pot principal’ steps down after months of controversy

 6/  3  Sing Tao  教育局招聘廣告 列明請有色人種

 6/  3  Sing Tao  森林小丘高中校長 大麻爭議聲中調任

 6/  3  Wall Street Journal  Discovery student GPAs were about one to five points lower at most schools

 6/  3  World Journal  名校競爭激烈 並非適合每個人

 6/  2  China Press  州议员寇顿动员社区民众全力支持SHSAT  (William Colton)

 6/  2  New York Daily News  De Blasio, Carranza opt for symbolism on school integration and equal opportunity

 6/  2  World Journal  市府找高中生拍視頻反SHSAT 被指「北韓式文宣」

 6/  2  World Journal  寇頓開里民會 動員保衛SHSAT   (William Colton)

 6/  2  World Journal  想考特殊高中 六年級就該準備

 6/  1  American Bazaar  We can spell but we do not count? Asian Americans scapegoated for failing education system

 6/  1  BBC  Bangladeshi American kids excel at NY School entrance tests

 6/  1  Brooklyn News 12  Families, officials host meeting to voice support for SHSAT  (William Colton)

 6/  1  China Press  白思豪特殊高中入学改革 过半纽约选民反对

 6/  1  China Press  白思豪一心拼大选 忽略本地施政

 6/  1  Epoch Times   新民调:半数以上纽约人反对取消SHSAT

 6/  1  New York Post  Carranza should be fixing special education instead of playing race games

 6/  1  New York Post   School superintendent celebrated promotion with ‘extravagant’ gala

 6/  1  Sing Tao  寇頓再辦支持SHSAT大會 籲民眾持續抗爭不鬆懈   (William Colton)

 6/  1  Sing Tao  紐約市教育局宣布 教育理事會選舉結果

 6/  1  World Journal  教育組織調查 紐約特殊高中錄取改革案 逾半反對

 6/  1  World Journal  紐約教育理事會選舉 華裔當選多

 5/ 31  AM New York  City in a muddle over 'anti-racist' thinking

 5/ 31  California Political Review  Democrat Racism is Rampant in California and New York

 5/ 31  China Press  教育局长遭起诉索赔9000万美元 白思豪出面力挺斥

 5/ 31  Epoch Times  政论家:纽约市极端“平等”政策就是“种族主义”

 5/ 31  New York Post  Poll says majority of voters oppose de Blasio’s high school admissions plan

 5/ 31  New York Post  De Blasio defends Carranza against ‘outrageous’ anti-white bias lawsuit

 5/ 31  New York Post  De Blasio ramps up ‘propaganda’ against specialized ‘admit’ exams
 5/ 31  New York Post  LaGuardia HS kids make noise over lack of arts emphasis

 5/ 31  Sing Tao  白思豪特殊高中改革 逾半選民表態不支持

 5/ 30  ABC New York  Senior New York City education executives file discrimination lawsuit against DOE

 5/ 30  CBS New York   Lawyer For Women Suing Dept. Of Education Speaks Out

 5/ 30  Federalist  NYC’s Racist Dept. Of Ed. Shows The Perils Of Privilege Theory

 5/ 30  Fox News  New York City's radical push for 'equity' in schools is the very definition of racism

 5/ 30  New York Post  $90M lawsuit aims to nail Carranza for false denials of anti-white bias

 5/ 30  New York Post  Flame-throwing is no way to lead the schools

 5/ 30  World Journal  張晟挺亞裔學生:未受益白人特權  (Corey Johnson)

 5/ 29  Blaze  $90 million lawsuit: 'Toxic' whiteness purge at NYC education department / 'Get on board ... or leave'

 5/ 29  CBS New York  Carranza Denies Claims Of Toxic Work Environment For Whites In $90 Million Lawsuit

 5/ 29  China Press  市教育局3白人女高管被降职 卡兰纳遭起诉索赔9000万

 5/ 29  China Press  保卫SHSAT会 1日布碌仑召开  (William Colton)

 5/ 29  Newsday  Diversity training goes overboard

 5/ 29  Fox News  New York City's radical push for 'equity' in schools is the very definition of racism

 5/ 29  World Journal  寇頓6/1開大會 誓死捍衛SHSAT  (William Colton)

 5/ 28  China Press  支持市教育局组织称 亚裔生受益种族特权

 5/ 28  City Journal  Diversity Over Quality

 5/ 28  Epoch Times  市教育局反种族主义培训 称亚裔受惠于白人特权

 5/ 28  New York Post  Bombshell suit claims Carranza’s ‘toxic’ whiteness purge cost DOE execs their jobs
 5/ 28  New York Post  Richard Carranza’s prejudicial race politics have gone too far

 5/ 28  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩「白人有毒」文化 3女高層提9000萬訴訟

 5/ 28  World Journal  稱亞裔生從白人至上獲益 受教局贊助機構挨轟

 5/ 27  Sing Tao  「亞裔生受益白人優勢」 反歧視組織說法惹不滿

 5/ 26  Atlantic  Letters: Should NYC Change the Admissions Process for Its Specialized High Schools?

 5/ 26  New York Post  DOE-sponsored group said Asians benefit from white privilege: parent

 5/ 26  Sing Tao  市教育局反歧視培訓 偏重非裔似矯枉過正

 5/ 26  Sing Tao  首屆平等教育權益研討會 聚焦大學招生種族問題

 5/ 26  Sing Tao  白思豪打教育種族牌 愛荷華州選民不領情

 5/ 25  China Press  纽约中华总商会致信白思豪 要求解雇市教育局长卡兰纳Justin Yu)

 5/ 25  Epoch Times  中华总商会致函市长:辞退市教育总监卡兰萨   (Justin Yu)

 5/ 25  New York Post  Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training

 5/ 25  New York Post  Staffers at ‘out of control’ Brooklyn school threatened, injured by students
 5/ 25  New York Post  Iowa voters confused by de Blasio’s crusade against ‘toxic whiteness’

 5/ 25  World Journal  紐約中華總商會等聯合去函市長 要求辭退卡蘭扎  

 5/ 24  Gothamist  Brooklyn Parents Pull Kids Into Private School

 5/ 24  NTD TV  爭取教育平等 美國亞裔籲改善教育政策

 9/ 24  World Journal  亞裔兒童與家庭聯盟(CACF)公開信 再聲援特殊高中改革

 5/ 23  Epoch Times  多名华人当选纽约市学区教育委员

 5/ 23  Sing Tao  第4場校園特殊高中討論會 學生談自身經歷斥體制弊端  (John Liu, Robert Jackson)

 5/ 23  Sing Tao  教育理事會選舉結果出爐 多名華裔當選大豐收

 5/ 22  Breitbart  NYC Department of Education: ‘Individualism’ Is ‘White Supremacy Culture’

 5/ 22  Epoch Times  5/25民主正义论坛 交流亚裔关心议题

 5/ 22  New York Daily News  Carranza: to root out ‘white supremacy’, look at the top of the administration

 5/ 22  NTD TV  討論特殊高中走向 紐約法拉盛5月25日講座

 5/ 22  Sing Tao  富裕社區學生SAT考試 較易獲加時優待

 5/ 22  Wall Street Journal  The College-Admissions Mess

 5/ 22  World Journal  美華民主正義聯盟 華社議題3場講座 

 5/ 21  China Press  卡兰纳重组教育局被指种族歧视

 5/ 21  Epoch Times  非裔众议员撰文 改革后的招生方式复杂打开多个主观标准的大门 无法监督  (Latrice Walker)

 5/ 21  New York Post  This ‘white-supremacy culture’ training is far worse than nonsense

 5/ 21  New York Post  NYC spends double the national average on education, has little to show for it

 5/ 21  New York Post  Richard Carranza is stomping on Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

 5/ 21  Wall Street Journal  Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT

 5/ 20 CBS New York  NYC May Face Lawsuit Over Carranza’s Reorganization Of Department Of Education

 5/ 20 Epoch Times   卡兰萨被指歧视白人 教育局四高层拟诉市府

 5/ 20 New York School Talk  It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid: NYC School Choice For… Some

 5/ 20 New York Post  Richard Carranza held ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school admins

 5/ 19  City & State  Keep the SHSAT and give black and Latino students a fair chance at passing (Latrice Walker)

 5/ 19  Federalist  Reporters Should Press Presidential Candidate Bill De Blasio On ‘Toxic Whiteness’

 5/ 19  New York Post  Carranza’s lunatic war on ‘toxic whiteness’

 5/ 19  Sing Tao  招生弊案涉謊報種族 考生假冒非裔騙錄取

 5/ 19  Wall Street Journal  Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal

 5/ 18  New York Post  Richard Carranza accused of demoting admins because they were white

 5/ 18  New York Post  College admissions scam mastermind reportedly told clients to lie about ethnicity

 5/ 18  Sing Tao  卡蘭薩被指歧視白人 4名高層擬興訟市府

 5/ 18  Wall Street Journal  Inside the Effort to Diversify Middle School in New York

 5/ 18  World Journal  反白思豪廢SHSAT 非裔領袖日增

 5/ 18  World Journal  「青少年做主」,亞裔兒童與家庭聯盟(CACF)  晤卡蘭扎 促公校多元化  (Mark Treyger)
 5/ 18  WPIX  Hearing on specialized high school admissions gets heated  (John Liu, Jamaal Bailey)
 5/ 17  China Press  民众:极左治市 白思豪让纽约一团糟  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 5/ 17  China Press  白思豪选总统 华社不看好

 5/ 17  China Press  SAT加逆境分缺透明性 华社忧虑

 5/ 17  New York Post  Why adding an ‘adversity score’ to the SATs is a terrible idea

 5/ 17  New York Times   The SAT’s Bogus ‘Adversity Score’

 5/ 17  Sing Tao  州議員布朗士辦SHSAT討論會 社區齊指錯不在考試在體制  (John Liu, Jamaal Bailey)

 5/ 16  Chalkbeat  "It’s time to start ‘hard work of rethinking’ Regents exams": Betty Rosa, Regents Chancellor

 5/ 16  New York Post  Jumaane Williams joins chorus of critics after de Blasio announces 2020 run  (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 16  Wall Street Journal  “The purpose is to get to race without using race:"  SAT to Give ‘Adversity Score’

 5/ 15  Epoch Times 非裔哥大教授:不废考试 帮助孩子战胜它

 5/ 15  New York Post  ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is Bill de Blasio rule for governing


 5/ 14  Federalist  Asian Americans Push Back Against Identity Politics In Washington State

 5/ 14  World Journal  IBO:廢SHSAT 特殊高中非裔生可增5倍

 5/ 13  Bklyner  Heated Exchanges As Senators Listen To Brooklynites On SHSAT Exam

 5/ 13  Epoch Times  教育局推小学数学新课程 教师忧内容不足

 5/ 13  Sing Tao 教育局新數學課程 老師批評內容不足

 5/ 12  China Press 布碌仑华策会举办教育资源展  (Peter Abbate)

 5/ 11  China Press  州参议会听取民众对特高录取改革意见  (Liu, Montgomery, Gounardes, Colton, Myrie, Salazar, Parker, Simon)

 5/ 11  China Press 新任民选官员纷纷支持SHSAT获好评

 5/ 11  China Press 州众议会公听特高入学考试 (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Ron Kim, Jumaane Williams, Ben Kallos, Peter Koo)

 5/ 11  Epoch Times 州众议会讨论SHSAT 各执一词   (Jumaane Wiliiams)

 5/ 11  Epoch Times 顾雅明反对废SHSAT 金兑锡批市长未征求亚裔意见  (Ron Kim, Peter Koo)

 5/ 11  Epoch Times 反对废SHSAT 各族裔家长州议会公听会场外发声  (William Colton, Ben Kallos, Jumaane Willams)

 5/ 11  Epoch Times 特殊高中招生诉讼 家长挺原告上诉  

 5/ 11  New York Daily News  Put NYC in charge of elite schools: Repeal state law in five years

 5/ 11  New York Post   New York City schools chief’s top deputy got her children into selective middle schools

 5/ 11  New York Post   Staffers at violent Brooklyn HS fear retaliation from politically connected principal

 5/ 11  NTD TV  紐約特殊高中考試聽證 教育委員會聽各方聲音

 5/ 11  Wall Street Journal  NYC changes math curriculum: some say it doesn’t stress concepts enough

 5/ 11  World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革 家長嗆:SHSAT不是問題   (William Colton, Peter Abbate, John Liu)

 5/ 11  World Journal  州議會公聽 卡蘭扎批SHSAT應試教育民選官員  (Petr Koo, Grace Meng)

 5/ 11  World Journal  華策會布碌崙辦教育展 現場模考SHSAT  (Peter Abbate, Justin Brannan)

 5/ 10 Chalkbeat  Carranza in the hot seat during Assembly’s specialized high school hearing

                                (Ron Kim, Rebecca Seawright, William Colton, Jumaane Williams, Latrice Walker,

                                                   Jo Anne Simon, Rodneyse Bichotte, Charles Barron)

 5/ 10  Flushing Post  U.S. Rep. Meng Calls on State Assembly to Protect Specialized High School Exam

 5/ 10  Sing Tao  州參眾院公聽 近百家長示威 稱特殊高中改革是種族歧視  (Ron Kim, William Colton, Andrew Gounardes)

 5/ 10  NBC  Public Advocate Surprisingly Supports Standardized Test  (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 10  New York Daily News  NY politicians spar over elite high school admission testing  (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 10  New York Post  Admissions test change sends message ‘your kids are too dumb to pass’ (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 10  New York Post  Jumaane Williams stands tall for real justice in education  (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 10  NY1  Politicians Point Fingers at Hearing on Specialized High School Admissions  (Jumaane Williams)

 5/ 10  Parent Organizations Open Letter to NYC, NYS on Specialized High School Bills

 5/   9  Amsterdam News  Carranza sticks to his guns, fights for change to SHSAT

 5/   9  Atlantic  Don’t Scrap the Test, Help Black Kids Ace It
 5/   9  Harvard Crimson Harvard enrolls record 25.6% Asians after lawsuit

 5/   9   Sing Tao  華裔家長發動網上請願 籲民眾參與今日SHSAT公聽

 5/   8  Epoch Times  反对废SHSAT 倡议者揭“数学门”丑闻

 5/   8  Fox  Sheep enrolled at school in France as students to save classes

 5/   8  Politico  Fight over specialized schools reveals rift among black leaders

 5/   8  The 74 Million  78 Percent of NYC Kids Who Qualify for Gifted Education Are Denied Seats

 5/   7   Amici Curaie Filed on Behalf of Middle Schoool Parents' Associations

 5/   7   Epoch Times  教育联盟:取消SHSAT前 市长应先改善基础教育

 5/   6   Epoch Times  观点:保SHSAT非仅为亚裔 且为纽约教育质量

 5/   5   Chicago Sun Times  We can do more for Chicago’s gifted students

 5/   5   New York Schol Talk  True Equality Means Everyone Is Equally Unhappy

 5/   5   Sing Tao  亞裔教育聯盟將辦 首屆平等教育權益研討會

 5/   4   China Press  华社吁民众踊跃出席SHSAT听证会

 5/   4   Epoch Times  保留SHSAT 抗议亚裔传统月亚裔不受尊重

 5/   4   Epoch Times  5/10两场特高招生制度公听及论坛

 5/   4   NYSUT   State teachers' union calls on Regents to "overhaul" (dumb down) testing system

 5/   4   World Journal  下周起連辦五場! 特殊高中改革公聽會 籲華裔齊發聲

 5/   3   Sing Tao  取消SHSAT 市長等一意孤行 團體呼籲杯葛亞太裔月慶典

 5/   3   New York Post   More reason for NYC parents to worry about school safety

 5/   3   Sinovision  如果你支持SHSAT 你需要关注这两场活动

 5/   2   China Press  多华裔组织集会示威 吁保留特殊高中考试  (Jumaane Williams, Robert Holden, Joe Borelli)
 5/   2   China Press  卡兰纳表示坚决取消SHSAT

 5/   2   Epoch Times   华裔社团保SHSAT 市府前再示威  (Peter Koo, Andy King, Joe Borelli)

 5/   2   Epoch Times  听证公校隔离 市议长:须改特殊高中招生  (Corey Johnson, Peter Koo, Justin Yu, Steve Wong)

 5/   2   Kings County Politics  NYC Schools Head Doubles Down on Elimination of SHSAT  (Peter Koo)

 5/   2   Legislative Gazette  Report takes hard look at who is scoring “well below proficient” on state’s ELA exams

 5/   2   New York School Talk  The Hypocrisy of Progressives 

 5/   2   Sinovision  华人这样游说非裔议员 这段辩论你挺谁?  (Kimberly Jean-Pierre; against us!)

 5/   2   World Journal  紐約市公校多元公聽會 亞裔團體場外高喊「保留SHSAT」 (Robert Holden, Joseph Borelli, Peter Koo)
 5/   2   World Journal  紐約市公校多元公聽會 議會圍剿卡蘭扎  (
Corey Johnson)
 5/   1   American Spectator  Mathgate: Bill de Blasio Caught in Massive Grade Fraud Scandal

 5/   1   Brooklyn Reporter  Education coalition plans next step in fight to save SHSAT  (William Colton)

 5/   1   Council Member Robert Holden  Proud to support SHSAT and G&T for all  (Robert Holden)

 5/   1   Epoch Times  华人家长到州府发声 抵制取消SHSAT  (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Harry Bronson)

 5/   1   Epoch Times  为捍卫SHSAT而走出来的纽约华人 

 5/   1   Epoch Times  纽约市公立学校收缴器械 四年来暴增26.7%

 5/   1   Minding the Campus  News and Fake News About College Admissions

 5/   1   Sing Tao  反對取消特殊高中考試 華人家長議會發強音
 5/   1   Sing Tao  教育總監議會發言 強調考試必須取消  (
Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger)
 5/   1   Sinovision  纽约市议会讨论公校问题 华裔社团高呼保留SHSAT (
Joe Borelli, Peter Koo)
 5/   1   Sinovision  “SHSAT与我选区无关”? 纽约家长这样游说议员

 5/   1   Sinovision  “特殊高中种族隔离错不在亚裔” 纽约市议会公听拟提案根除弊病

 5/   1   New York Daily News  Testing the proposition: Expand, don’t limit access to, the city’s top schools

 5/   1   New York Post  Richard Carranza slams parents who question admissions changes
 5/   1   Wall Street Journal  New York City Chancellor Affirms Push to End Elite-Schools Test

 5/   1   World Journal  呼籲保留SHSAT 華人家長赴州府請願  (Abbate, Gounardes, Stavisky, Colton)

 5/   1   WPIX  Council speaker gets testy with chancellor at hearing on schools (Peter Koo, Corey Johnson)

 4/ 30  China Press  保卫SHSAT 寇顿6月1日举办社区会议  (William Colton)

 4/ 30  Sing Tao  反對取消特殊高中入學考試 近200華人奧本尼集會遊說  (Liu, Abbate, Stavisky, Colton, Niou)

 4/ 30  Sinovision  首次州府游说 逾150纽约民众挺SHSAT  (Liu, Stavisky, Abbate, but Jean-Pierre is against us) 

 4/ 30  World Journal  公校多元化問題 市議會5/1辦公聽

 4/ 29  Epoch Times  布碌崙和布朗士区长 呼吁更多天才班  (Eric Adams, Ruben Diaz Jr)

 4/ 29  Epoch Times  两富豪出资游说州议会 阻挡纽约市阻取消SHSAT

 4/ 29  New York Post  Numbers show increased weapons busts at NYC schools

 4/ 29  New York School Talk  The Privilege (and Cost) Of Being “Well-Rounded"

 4/ 29  Sing Tao  市議會公聽教育議題 議長呼籲民眾參與

 4/ 29  Wall Street Journal  Always blame racism

 4/ 28  New York Daily News  NYC can test all students for G&T. So why won’t de Blasio do it?  (Eric Adams)

 4/ 27  Caribbean Life News  Our children can do this work: give us back our G&T programs!  (Ruben Diaz Jr.)

 4/ 27  China Press  于金山华埠举办筹款会竞选连任党代表  (Justin Yu)

 4/ 27  Epoch Times  力保SHSAT 寇顿邀家长6月1日开会  (William Colton)

 4/ 27  New York Times   Five days later, NYT covers Lauder/Parsons' campaign to keep SHSAT, educate Blacks

 4/ 27  Reporter News  Affirmative Action is systematic racial discrimination

 4/ 27  World Journal  于金山籌款 拚連任民主黨代表  (Justin Yu)

 4/ 26  Los Angeles Times  A sixth-grader was sick of coloring. So she skipped six grades to attend Cal State
 4/ 26  New York Post  Corey Johnson’s rotten ‘solution’ for the city’s top high schools  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 26  New York Post  Secular universities now demand a ‘profession of faith’

 4/ 25  Chalkbeat  Carranza Steps on Banana Peel Again: Lab Middle School experiences admissions snafu

 4/ 25  China Press  张晟吁组建专家小组 研究特殊高中招生  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 25  Epoch Times  市议长提成立特别小组 制定特殊高中新招生标准  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 25  New York Times  Carranza's San Francisco Had Plan to Tackle School Segregation. It Made It Worse

 4/ 25  World Journal  特殊高中改革工作組 成立草案擬定  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 24  Epoch Times  卡兰萨:在特殊高中族裔多元化上不退缩

 4/ 24  Fox News  Louisiana high school student accepted into 115 colleges, offered over $3M in scholarships

 4/ 24  Sing Tao  莊遜倡設特別工作小組 為特殊高中招生提建議  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 24  Wall Street Journal   City Council Speaker Calls For Diversity Study on Elite Schools  (Corey Johnson)

 4/ 23  Atlantic  The Other Segregation

 4/ 23  Epoch Times  阻市长取消SHSAT 倩碧老板洒大钱买广告

 4/ 23  NY1   The Fight to Keep the Spe­cialized High Schools Ad­mis­sions Exam   ( facebook )

 4/ 23  World Journal  紐約富商反廢SHSAT 發起「公平教育運動」

 4/ 22  Baltimore Sun  Montgomery County schools investigated for discrimination against Asian Americans

 4/ 22  Chalkbeat  Effort to save the SHSAT gets deep-pocketed allies

 4/ 22  China Press  亿万富豪提供数百万支持保留SHSAT

 4/ 22  China Press 郭纳德下月2日将举办家长邻里大会  (Andrew Gounardes)

 4/ 22  Epoch Times  不满“探索计划”扩招 7学生追特殊高中学额

 4/ 22  New York Post  Standing up for excellence and opportunity at NYC’s top high schools

 4/ 22  New York Post  Billionaire joins push to stop de Blasio’s high school admissions test plan

 4/ 22  World Journal   2企業家撥款百萬元製作廣告 阻紐約市長取消SHSAT

 4/ 22  World Journal  「探索」項目擴大致落榜 7學生請願要入學

 4/ 21  China Press  七学生未获特高学位 州教育厅讨说法

 4/ 21  Sing Tao  七高中落榜生上書州教局 告市府「發現項目」違法

 4/ 21  Washington Post  U.S. officials probe alleged discrimination against Asian American students in Md

 4/ 20  New York Post  ‘Out of control’ Brooklyn HS has teachers battered and students skipping class

 4/ 20  New York Post  Albany Dems are slapping minority kids by not lifting the charter cap

 4/ 20  Sing Tao  不滿市府亂擴「探索計劃」 7學生追討特殊高中學額

 4/ 20  Wall Street Journal  Seven NYC Students Didn’t Get Seats in Elite Schools, So They Asked State for Help

                                                CACAGNY Statement of Support

 4/ 19  China Press 谈SHSAT斯静格批教改区分族裔  (Scott Stringer)

 4/ 19  WNYC  CACF's Vanesa Leung Attacks SHSAT Again

 4/ 18  City & State  Queens lawmaker weighs in on the SHSAT  (John Liu)

 4/ 18  Epoch Times  中华总商会致函市长 反盖社区监狱和废SHSAT (Justin Yu)

 4/ 18  Epoch Times  特殊高中非裔校友:支持保留特殊高中入学考试  (video from 4/11 Queens Forum)

 4/ 18  Epoch Times  史岱文森高中非裔女生被八所藤校录取

 4/ 18  Queens Chronicle  Keep SHSAT, pols told at HS forum  (video)

 4/ 17  China Press  史岱文森高中女生被8所藤校录取

 4/ 17  Epoch Times  天才班入学考试发榜 招生引入多元化

 4/ 17  New York Daily News Kids can rise to challenge: The right response to Specialized High Schools admissions

 4/ 17  Sing Tao  教育理事會選舉 26學區華人踴躍

 4/ 17  World Journal  非洲裔律師: SHSAT對所有族裔都公平  (video from 4/11 Queens Forum)

 4/ 16  China Press 纽约部分优质中学生源多样性有所提高

 4/ 16  Education Equity  Launch Video with Kirsten John Foy

 4/ 16  Epoch Times  要发声 十多名华裔家长参选第26学区教育委员

 4/ 16  Sing Tao  190初中舉辦SHSAT論壇 劉醇逸:「市長方案已死」 (John Liu)

 4/ 16  Sing Tao  資優班放榜 第二學區耀眼

 4/ 15  New York Daily News  NYC middle school "integration" plan on target

 4/ 15  New York Post  City middle schools radically reshaped admissions offers after diversity push

 4/ 15  QNS  ‘We can do better’: Parents, educators and lawmakers at hearing over specialized school tests

 4/ 15  Wall Street Journal  Some High-Performing New York City Middle Schools Make "Diversity" Gains

 4/ 13  Korea Times  “SHSAT 폐지는 아시안 역차별… 즉각 철회하라”


 5/ 13  New York Post  Parents say Richard Carranza calls them racist for opposing diversity program

 4/ 12  ABC NY  Angry parents rally against plan to do away with SHSAT specialized admissions testing

 4/ 12  Epoch Times  纽约州参议会公听会场外 数百家长示威吁保SHSAT

 4/ 12  China Press  SHSAT保留现转机 主废议员态度变

 4/ 12  New York Post  De Blasio’s school plan slammed by parents at Queens rally

 4/ 12  Sinovision  纽约特殊高中教育论坛 各族裔集结挤爆会场

 4/ 12  WNBC  Mayor, chancellor found "little support" on specialized high schools admissions

 4/ 12  NY1  SHSAT Forum Gets Heated in Queens as Test Supporters Call Out Mayor

 4/ 12  World Journal  特殊高中招生論壇 華裔集結誓保SHSAT

 4/ 12  World Journal  通過市長辦公室拿撥款的CACF促擴大「探索」項目 必須取消SHSAT

 4/ 11  Chalkbeat  Opposition abounds against specialized high school admissions changes at Senate forum

 4/ 11  Epoch Times  纽约922学生获“探索项目”入场券 亚裔过半

 4/ 11  Sing Tao  劉醇逸辦首場SHSAT論壇 各族裔參與者擠爆會場

 4/ 11  WNYC Supporters of the SHSAT Make Their Presence Known at Queens Forum

 4/ 11  World Journal  紐約市「探索」項目922人獲選 亞裔仍逾半

 4/ 10  China Press  教育局无能!  精英高中招生出错 144名学生被拒收

 4/ 10  CNN  New Jersey teen gets accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools

 4/ 10  Epoch Times  史岱文森高中校友:1960年毕业生亦仅7名非裔 但并没有今天种族的争议

 4/ 10  New York Daily News  NYC program to diversify elite high schools comes up short: should educate instead

 4/ 10  New York Post  Despite diversity efforts, Asian students still lead elite enrollment: DOE

 4/ 10  Wall Street Journal  Expanded Diversity Initiative at NYC’s Elite Schools Yields Few Gains

 4/   9  Bloomberg  The Test is Not the Problem:  Charter Schools Create Opportunity for Minority Students

 4/   9  New York Post  NYC’s schools chancellor is a total pathetic twit

 4/   9  New York Post  Richard Carranza’s black and white approach is ruining city schools

 4/   9  Our Time Press  How I Got into Stuyvesant High School

 4/   9  Sing Tao  教育局無能!  名高中系統擺烏龍 144學生錯收錄取信

 4/   9  Wall Street Journal  Top New York City School Makes Big Admissions Error

 4/   9  Wall Street Journal  U.S. Requires Texas Tech Med School to End Use of Race in Admissions Decisions

 4/   8  China Press  布碌仑区长亚当斯再挺特殊高中入学考  (Eric Adams)

 4/   8  Epoch Times  史岱文森高中家长会春宴 “KEEP SHSAT”T恤赠民代及官员  (Bill Colton, Peter Koo, John Liu)

 4/   8  Epoch Times  非裔教育界人士:别取消SHSAT 要扩大天才班  (Robert Cornegy)

 4/   8  Fox News  Hypocritical Democrats ignore the biggest threat to black and brown children

 4/   8  Minding the Campus  Harvard Flinches and Admits a Few More Asians

 4/   8  New York Post  Schools chief Richard Carranza ‘surprised’ NYC isn’t all liberal

 4/   8  Queens County Politics  Liu Gets CACAGNY Applause for Calling Out SHSAT Changes as Racist  (John Liu)

 4/   8  Wall Street Journal  Cheating on the SATs, Abolishing the SHSAT -- Both Are Side Doors

 4/   8  World Journal  紐約市特殊高中 低收入社區學生難進  (Eric Adams)

 4/   8  World Journal  紐約中華總商會 新職員就職 特殊高中錄取改革 繼續為華人社區奮鬥

 4/   7  Brooklyn Tech Homecoming  Larry Cary Address

 4/   6  KBOI CBS   Boise teen accepted to EVERY Ivy League school

 4/   6  New York Post  ‘Educational genocide’: NYC schools leave black and Hispanic students behind

 4/   6  New York Post  De Blasio’s meddling with elite-high-school admissions hurts the kids it claims to help

 4/   6  NYC School Help  Black Students and the SHSAT

 4/   6  World Journal   搶救SHSAT 社區民代發聲團結  (John Liu)

 4/   5  World Journal  公益維護人威廉姆斯、劉醇逸:紐約市好像教育只有SHSAT問題  (John Liu, Jumaane Williams)

 4/   4  AM New York  A Latino student's journey to Stuyvesant High

 4/   4  Baltimore Sun  Baltimore student accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges

 4/   4  Chalkbeat   State Sen. John Liu calls New York City’s specialized high school overhaul ‘racist’  (John Liu)

 4/   4  Sing Tao   顧雅明發表聲明 反對廢除SHSAT


 4/   4  World Journal   劉醇逸:反廢SHSAT 在州參議會成少數

 4/   4  World Journal   教育作家:非裔生難進特殊高中不怪SHSAT 是基礎教育太失敗

 4/   3  China Press  捍卫SHSAT 亚裔家长拟州府请愿

 4/   3  Epoch Times  保SHSAT 社团定4月30日州府抗议

 4/   3  NYC Democratic Conference  Expand G&T to improve education for black, brown students!  (Robert Cornegy)

 4/   3  New York Daily News  Advocates of changing Specialized High Schools have questions to answer first
 4/   3  Quillette  What New York’s Public Schools Could Learn From Stuyvesant

 4/   3  Sing Tao  反對取消特殊高中考試 華裔4/30赴奧本尼示威

 4/   3  Sinovision   刘醇逸:特殊高中问题需要亚裔的声音

 4/   3  World Journal  搶救SHSAT 亞裔組織30日集會赴州府陳情

 4/   2  China Press  第二学区教委竞选 多名华人家长参选 “亚裔不是哑裔”

 4/   2  Daily Pennsylvanian  Texas high school student accepted to all eight Ivy League schools

 4/   2  EdNavigator  Can We Stop Pretending Fraud in Education Is Victimless?

 4/   2  New York Daily News  Boys need test-based Specialized High School admissions

 4/   2  Sing Tao  顧雅明發表聲明 反對廢除SHSAT  (Peter Koo)

 4/   2  Sinovision  华裔社团力保SHSAT 吁社区贡献力量

 4/   2  Sinovision  纽约市第二学区学委竞选 8华裔家长参选反废SHSAT

 4/   2  The 74 Million  Eliminating Merit in Admissions Will Only Boost Privilege's Advantage

 4/   2  World Journal  華裔家長爭權益 參選教育理事委員

 4/   1  Blogginheads TV  Grievance Politics | Glenn Loury & Amy Wax

 4/   1  New York Post  Give more kids a chance at a good public school: Lift the charter cap

 4/   1  New York School Talk   Math the NYC Department of Education Really Doesn’t Want Parents To Do
 ​4 /  1  World Journal  挺錄取改革 NAACP等欲加入訴訟 華裔反對

 3/ 31  Town Hall  Fuzzy Math: New York Times Cites Dodgy Data to Push Race Quotas

 3/ 30  Epoch Times  特殊高中诉讼 非西裔团体欲介入撑市长

 3/ 30  New York Post  NYC public schools logged 464 ‘major crimes’ last year

 3/ 30  Sing Tao  去年紐約市公立學校 「重大犯罪」464宗

 3/ 30  Wall Street Journal  New York Tutoring Firm Helps Low-Income Minority Students

 3/ 29  Chalkbeat  Organizations join battle to "integrate" specialized high schools (skip article, read comments)

 3/ 29  China Press 白思豪承认SHSAT改革未考虑亚裔

 3/ 29  City Journal  Discriminating By Race


 3/ 29  Epoch Times  纽约市公立学校问题 为什么左翼政客无法解决?

 3/ 29  Epoch Times  特殊高中多元化 白思豪坦承没多征询亚裔意见

 3/ 29  Epoch Times  10学区非裔西语裔学生超九成 天才班寥寥无几

 3/ 29  Gotham Gazette  Where Top Officials Stand on the SHSAT:

             (Andrew Cuomo, Carl Heastie, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, John Liu,

              Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger, Jumaane Williams,

              Eric Adams, Ruben Diaz Jr, Gale Brewer)

 3/ 29  New York Post  De Blasio’s record-setting week of hogwash

 3/ 29  New York Times  An alumnus explains why SHSAT diversity was achieved in the 1970s till the 1990s

 3/ 29  World Journal  教委會主席崔馬克:不接受損害亞裔的公校改革案  (Mark Treyger)

 3/ 29  World Journal  市議長張晟:廢SHSAT 增特殊高中 亞裔生成功 非問題所在  (Corey Johnson)

 3/ 28  Amsterdam News  New SHSAT results show low admission numbers of Black/Brown students

 3/ 28  China Press  市议长主张废除SHSAT 市公益维护人建议保留

 3/ 28  Epoch Times  公益维护人:没有SHSAT 便没有今天的我  (Jumaane Wiliiams)

 3/ 28  Sing Tao  特殊高中改革爭議 白思豪承認欠溝通

 3/ 28  New York post  De Blasio admits he failed outreach to Asians before plan to diversify schools

 3/ 28  Queens Chronicle  Where does AOC stand on NY tests?  (Video)

 3/ 28  Sinovision  是否取消SHSAT 纽约市议会下月展开公听 (Corey Johnson, Mark Treyger)

 3/ 28  World Journal  誓廢SHSAT 教育總監:推進中

 3/ 28  World Journal  公益維護人:SHSAT不能取消   (Jumaane Williams)

 3/ 28  World Journal  紐約市議長:建更多特殊高中 廢唯SHSAT錄取制度  (Corey Johnson)

 3/ 27  Epoch Times  教育失調 抹殺非裔學生SHSAT競爭力?

 3/ 27  Epoch Times  近50年前 確立SHSAT的理由:消種族隔離

 3/ 27  Sing Tao  新任公益維護官力挺SHSAT 「沒考試我進不了特殊高中」   (Jumaane Williams)

 3/ 27  New York Daily News  Keep the test, change the system (specialized high schools)  (Jumaane Williams)

 3/ 27  World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革 新財年預算不討論

 3/ 26  New York Times  For an Asian-American Family, the Cost of Education

 3/ 26  Wall Street Journal  Culture Explains Asians’ Educational Success

 3/ 25  American Renaissance  Loudoun County NAACP Calls for Investigation into Academies’ Admissions Process

 3/ 25  Kings County Politics  Two Bed-Stuy Programs Prove Black Students Can Compete In SHSAT

 3/ 25  New York School Talk  The Sorting Hat: How NYC’s Kindergarten Admission Really Works

 3/ 25  The 74 Million  How Exams Forced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s School to See Beyond Stereotypes
 3/ 24  New York 12  
‘I literally just yelled’: 13-year-old celebrates admission to top high school

 3/ 24  New York Daily News  De Blasio should not attack the Specialized High School admissions process

 3/ 23  China Press  白思豪:特殊高中施行“种族隔离”

 3/ 23  Epoch Times  三大特殊高中招生决定权 白思豪欲纽约市控制

 3/ 23  Epoch Times  16纽约市议员致信卡兰萨 吁增补习班 助弱势生

 3/ 23  New York Post  Teen gets into Stuyvesant after being told ‘it’s practically impossible’

 3/ 23  New York Post  The racially diverse, high-achieving schools of NYC’s past have vanished

 3/ 23  Town Hall  AOC Gives Ammo To School-Choice And Standardized Test Advocates

 3/ 23  World Journal  15市議員致函教育總監 促增非裔西裔教育資源

 3/ 22  Chalkbeat  De Blasio decries ‘segregation’ on specialized high schools — a term he has avoided

 3/ 22  China Press  刘醇逸:教育社区论坛下月起每区一场   (John Liu)

 3/ 22  China Press  特殊高中非裔西裔学生少 教育局长质疑一考定前途

 3/ 22  CNS   Indeed Something Ought to Be Done to Fix Ailing Public Schools in NYC


 3/ 22  Epoch Times  特殊高中招生政策 纽约州参议会将办系列听证

 3/ 22  Epoch Times  史岱文森高中非裔家长:特高放榜结果 凸显教育局无能

 3/ 22  Kings County Politics  Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move March 22, 2019  (Andrew Gounardes)

 3/ 22  NY1  Should the SHSAT Determine Entrance to NYC's Elite High Schools?  Bias Alert!!! )

 3/ 22  New York Post  De Blasio says specialized high schools practice ‘massive segregation’

 3/ 22  New York Times  Questions and Answers About Black Admission to Stuyvesant High

 3/ 22  Quillette   In Defense of New York City’s Elite Public High Schools

 3/ 22  Vito LaBella  IS 187 PTO Presents NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes

 3/ 22  Washington Post  No one likes the SAT. It’s still the fairest thing about admissions.

 3/ 22  World Journal  州參議會辦社區教育論壇 SHSAT存廢聽民意

 3/ 22  World Journal  不滿特殊高中錄取結果 多名州、市議員聲討SHSAT

 3/ 22  World Journal  特殊高中入學制 白思豪再開砲

 3/ 21  America Can We Talk  AOC Merges Socialism With Racism – Asians in NYC Schools

 3/ 21   Chalkbeat  As controversy over the SHSAT heats up, lawmakers call for forums to ‘hear every single voice’

 3/ 21   China Press  亚裔学生占半边天 葛谟称特殊高中录取政策令人不快

 3/ 21   Daily Signal  Why Politicians on the Left Can’t Fix What Ails Public Schools in New York City

 3/ 21   Epoch Times  库默谈特高招生:纽约市本来就可定那5所高中的招生

 3/ 21   New York Post  City accused of keeping Asian-Americans in dark over changes to school admissions

 3/ 21   Sing Tao  州參議員聯手辦論壇 特殊高中錄取傾聽民意

 3/ 21   Sing Tao  非裔州眾議員發起集會 為取消SHSAT法案造勢

 3/ 21   World Journal  卡蘭扎喊話廢SHSAT 家長應找隱藏鑽石

 3/ 21   World Journal  特殊高中入學制 白思豪再開砲

 3/ 21   World Journal  特殊高中錄取分數線 史岱文森最高

 3/ 20  China Press   坚废SHSAT 市府遭批政治凌辱优秀学生

 3/ 20  China Pres  特殊高中录取分数线公布!史岱文森高中最高

 3/ 20  Epoch Times  特殊高中录取政策 州众议长拟5月召开听证

 3/ 20  Epoch Times  特殊高中发榜 华裔教育团体强调保留SHSAT

 3/ 20  Fly Nubian Queen  Why Are Black Kids Being EXCLUDED From Specialized High Schools?!!

 3/ 20  Letter to Carranza from 19 New York City Council  Members on SHSAT, G&T Programs  (Robert Corney et al.)

 3/ 20  New York Post  The drive to change elite-school admissions is all about killing the messenger

 3/ 20  New York Post  Cuomo calls on city to fix ‘obnoxious problem’ in high school admissions

 3/ 20  NTD TV  紐約市特殊高中考試發榜 亞裔人數仍過半

 3/ 20  Success Academies  We Got into One of NYC’s Elite High Schools, But Chose to Stay at Success Academy

 3/ 20  Wall Street Journal  Top Lawmakers Open to Diversity Fix at New York City’s Elite Schools

 3/ 20  World Journal  特殊高中錄取分數:史岱文森高中557分領頭

 3/ 20  World Journal  特殊高中錄取結果出爐 歐凱秀批不公  (AOC thanks testing?/AOC's white flight/AOC on SHSAT)

 3/ 19   AM New York  An idea for NYC's specialized high schools

 3/ 19   CACAGNY  CACAGNY Congratulates Students, Holds De Blasio Accountable

 3/ 19   China Press  特殊高中放榜 亚裔生大减

 3/ 19   Epoch Times  非裔西語裔考入特殊高中比例 無起色
 3/ 19   Fox News  Ocasio-Cortez blasts 'injustice' that prestigious NYC high school admitted few black students

              ==> AOC thanks standardized tesing? / defends own white flight / asks why 100% can't be top 5%

 3/ 19   New York Post  The real issue on elite high-school admissions

 3/ 19   New York Post  Heastie wants hearings on NYC high school admissions policy

 3/ 19   New York Post  School safety is another reason to lift the charter cap

 3/ 19   QVGOP News  AOC Education Town Hall Draws Asian Protests to Defend Academic Merit, Opportunity

 3/ 19   Sing Tao  希斯特擬開聽證會 審查特殊高中收生

 3/ 19   Sing Tao  錄取名額削減幅度最大 布朗士科學高中家長擔心

 3/ 19   Sinovision  纽约市特殊高中放榜 亚裔又占一半 这回政客能正视问题了吗?

 3/ 19   World Journal   紐約市特殊高中錄取結果公布 白思豪:須大改革

 3/ 19   World Journal   看特殊高中放榜亞裔仍過半…教育總監無法接受、誓廢SHSAT

 3/ 18   Chalkbeat  Specialized high schools continue to accept few black, Hispanic students (read comments!)

 3/ 18   Gothamist  Latest Specialized High School Acceptance Rates Still Don't Reflect NYC's Diversity

 3/ 18   New York Post  Asian students received most offers to city’s elite high schools

 3/ 18   New York School Talk  How Much For a ‘Good’ NYC Public School?  (de BLasio, Brad Lander, Richard Buery)

 3/ 18   New York Times  Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.’s Most Selective School  (Jumaane Williams, John Liu)

 3/ 18   Sing Tao  高中放榜七成獲前三志願 亞裔特殊高中錄取率首降

 3/ 18   Wall Street Journal  NYC’s Elite Public High Schools Admit a New Class—With Little Change in Diversity

 3/ 18   World Journal 避談SHSAT 歐凱秀:應提升公校整體質量

                                        (AOC thanks testing?/AOC's white flight/AOC on SHSAT)

 3/ 17   New York Post  The arguments against charter schools show why we need more of them

 3/ 16   Chalkbeat Fake News Ocasio-Cortez, other politicians debate SHSAT at lively education town hall

              ==> Real Videos:  AOC thanks testing? / AOC's white flight / Ramos, AOC Make No Sense

 3/ 16   China Press  反对延长市长公校控制权 华裔家长公听会表达不满

 3/ 16   Epoch Times  公聽「市長公校控制權」家長和公益官籲予限制

 3/ 16   Epoch Times  大学录取丑闻暴腐败 美国亚裔教育联盟谴责

 3/ 16   New York Post  Ocasio-Cortez scorches NYC schools at Queens town hall 

                 ==> Videos:  AOC thanks testing? / AOC's white flight / Ramos, AOC make no sense

 3/ 16   World Journal   廢除SHSAT案 州議會今年沒戲

 3/ 16   World Journal  公校市長控制權 華裔家長反對延期3年

 3/ 15   Bloomberg  The 1590 SAT Score Blues: College Scam Betrays American Strivers

 3/ 15   Epoch Times  州参议会教委今听证市长公校控制权 华人家长将发声

 3/ 15   Epoch Times  州众议员玛丽奥提出 延市长公校控制权前应先公听  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 3/ 15   Epoch Times  纽约州主计长:公立学校未如实提交霸凌报告

 3/ 15   Fox News  Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorance proves college admissions fraud is the symptom, not cause

 3/ 15   New York Post   College scam ‘mastermind’ faked ethnicity of students: docs

 3/ 15   New York Post  State senators go easy on de Blasio at school control hearing

 3/ 15   Sing Tao  市長公校控制權有讚有彈 白思豪卡蘭扎籲再延3年

 3/ 15   World Journal  延長市長公校控制權 議員提案先聽民意  (Nicole Malliotakis)

 3/ 14   AACE  AACE Condemns Appalling Corruption Exposed by the College Admissions Scandal

 3/ 14   Daily Mail   Multiple lawsuits are filed for more than $500 billion accusing Yale, USC and more

 3/ 14   Sing Tao   不堪欺凌刺死同學少年 起訴市教育局疏於保護

 3/ 14   World Journal   州主計長:紐約市公校隱瞞校園霸凌事件

 3/ 13   Epoch Times  放任学生吸大麻 森林小丘高中教师吁换校长

 3/ 13   Fox News   Dershowitz: the real victims in this admissions scandal were qualified students who worked hard

 3/ 13   New York Post   Politicians skeptical of NYC schools’ bullying report

 3/ 13   New York Post   Classroom chaos — de Blasio’s poisonous ‘gift’ to NY kids

 3/ 13   New York Post   How ‘suspension schools’ smash the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’

 3/ 13   Harvard Crimson   University Presidents: Only 37% Confident in Harvard’s Admissions Trial Defense

 3/ 13   Sing Tao  州主計長指責市公校 未妥善報告校園欺凌

 3/ 12   Sing Tao  同源會長陳慧華批市長教育總監 取消特殊高中入學試涉種族歧視

 3/ 11   New York Post  We need to fix NYC’s school discipline policy as soon as possible  (Leroy Comrie)

 3/ 11   New York School Talk  How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth It Is To Have Ungrateful NYC Families!

 3/  8   Brooklyn Eagle  Chancellor defends plan to scrap elite school test; audience boos

 3/  8   Brooklyn Reporter  Chancellor defends plan to scrap elite school test at Bensonhurst town hall

 3/  8   Epoch Times  布碌崙D20学区会议 卡兰萨出席难解疑惑

 3/  8   Harvard Crimson   Here we go again:  Harvard Business School Plans New Position on Diversity

 3/  8   New York Post  State senate to de Blasio: Get school discipline under control or else

 3/  8   SIng Tao  公校老師訴慘痛經歷 遭學生打罵不能處分

 3/  8   World Jouranl  公校控制權 市長、教育總監要求延長至少三年

 3/  7   Chalkbeat  In New York legislature, little apparent momentum behind bills to eliminate the SHSAT

 3/  7   China Press   卡兰纳里民会强推特高改革

 3/  7   China Press   多位民代反对改革特殊高中录取规则

 3/  7   New York Post  New York is shutting the door on schools that deliver for kids

 3/  7   New York Post  NYC teachers speak out about their horrific experiences in class

 3/  7   New York Post  UFT boss: City’s approach to school discipline is ‘broken’

 3/  7   World Journal   20學區鄰里大會狂噓卡蘭扎 怒轟教育總監廢SHSAT

 3/  7   Youtube   Carranza plays race card in District 20 town hall

 3/  6   Chalkbeat  In hotbed of  SHSAT opposition, Carranza doesn’t back down

                                 (Watch how Carranza "listens" to parents)

 3/  6   Epoch Times  同源会会长撰文 批市长改革SHSAT涉歧视违宪

 3/  6   Epoch Times  今年纽约市高中录取发榜推迟

 3/  6   New York Post   Don’t slam the door on new hope for NYC’s kids: Lift the charter cap

 3/  6   New York Post   NYC private schools fear state may disrupt ‘classroom excellence’
 3/  6   Sing Tao   教育總監稱特殊高中改革可商量 眾多華人家長齊喝倒采

 3/  5   China Press  取消SHSAT 陈慧华纽约邮报撰文批违宪

 3/  5   City & State  Treyger’s take on school aid, the charter cap and the SHSAT  (Mark Treyger)

 3/  5   New York Post   My students know they’re in charge — and there’s nothing I can do

 3/  5   New York Post   NYC’s ‘progress’ in cutting school suspensions comes at the expense of education

 3/  5   New York Post   We got our plan to open a good school ok’d — but the charter cap leaves our kids in limbo

 3/  4   Chalkbeat   DOE uses lawsuit as excuse for delay on SHSAT results; fools Chalkbeat (see comments)

 3/  4   China Press  非法和种族歧视!纽约同源会会长撰文痛批白思豪废除SHSAT 计划...

 3/  4   New York School Talk  Universal Pre-K Closes Without Warning, Kids Left With Nowhere To Go

 3/  4   The 74 Million  Everything Carranza Doesn’t Understand About His Own District’s G&T Program

 3/  4   World Journal  紐約新科公益維護人威廉姆斯 反對廢SHSAT  (Jumaane Williams)

 3/  3   New York Post   If you want to support schools that deliver, lift the charter cap

 3/  3   New York Post   Why did it take a Post exposé to get action at Forest Hills HS? 

 3/  3   New York Post   NYC students caught with weed are receiving ‘warning cards’

 3/  3   New York Post   The pathetic rush to finally handle the horrors at Forest Hills High

 3/  2   China Press  调查:70%人认为美大学录取不应考虑种族因素

 3/  2   New York Post   The mayor’s new scheme for top NYC schools is illegal and racist

 3/  1   New York Post   Team de Blasio’s Asian-discrimination problem

 2/27   New York Post  De Blasio's makes $773 Million Renewal fiasco after Bloomberg had it right before

 2/27   New York P[ost  Malliotakis asks city to probe de Blasio’s failed $773 Million Renewal Schools program

 2/26   China Press   教育专家批特高改革歧视亚裔

 2/26   Epoch Times  冲刺公益维护人 欧瑞曲法拉盛造势  (Eric Ulrich)

 2/26   New York Post   De Blasio cancels embattled, $773 million Renewal school program

 2/26   New York Post  ‘Renewal Schools’ con game will go on — only without the name

 2/26   New York Post  Cops clean up school with rampant drug use  ("Diversity" panel wants cops out of schools)

 2/26   New York Times  $773 Million Later, de Blasio Ends Signature Initiative to Improve Failing Schools

 2/26   World Journal   劉醇逸:廢SHSAT提案 今年不會過關  (John Liu, Mark Tregyer)

 2/26   World Journal  唯一華裔 余炳文獲紐約溫州同鄉會力挺  (Benjamin Yee)

 2/25   New York Post  I didn’t smoke pot until I came to Queens high school: students

 2/25   New York Post  Marijuana madness at Forest Hills HS

 2/25   New York School Talk   A SHSAT School For All Who Want One!

 2/25   Pew Research Center  Most Americans say colleges should not consider race or ethnicity in admissions

 2/25   PragerU  Is Harvard Racist?

 2/25   Sing Tao  保衛特殊高中入學考試 劉醇逸崔馬克聯手把關  (John Liu, Mark Treyger)

 2/25   Sing Tao  皇后區高中大麻風波 學生揭發工會戰內幕

 2/25   World Journal  公益維護人26日選舉 紐約美華婦女會挺烏爾里希  (Eric Ulrich)

 2/24   Breitbart  University of North Carolina admission emails full of racial comments

 2/24   China Press  森林小丘高中校长与吸麻学生称兄道弟

 2/24   New York Post  De Blasio’s out to discriminate against Asian-American kids   (video)

 2/24   New York Post  De Blasio's excuse on school overflowing with pot: I don't know what goes on in my schools

 2/24   World Journal   公校多元化報告出爐 白思豪:續遊說州府 定改特殊高中

 2/24   World Journal   公益維護人候選人問卷 烏爾里希:改特殊高中錄取 傷害亞裔  (Eric Ulrich)

 2/23   China Press  余炳文访侨报分享政见主张  (Benjamin Yee)

 2/23   Epoch Times  冲刺竞选市公益维护人 金兑锡法拉盛造势  (Ron Kim)

 2/23   New York Post  Queens high school "spiraling downhill" because of marijuana

 2/23   Sing Tao   皇后區高中大麻風波 學生揭發工會戰內幕

 2/23   Sing Tao   森林小丘名高中 默許學生抽大麻

 2/22   China Press  教育局长称天才班名不副实

 2/22   China Press  金兑锡访中华总商会  (Ron Kim)

 2/22   Wall Street Journal   AP Tests Are Still a Great American Equalizer

 2/22   World Journal  公益維護人選舉 金兌錫訪中華總商會 反對特殊高中改革  (Ron Kim)

 2/21   China Press  金兑锡侨报论政 反大麻合法挺SHSAT  (Ron Kim)

 2/21   China Press  艾森巴赫访华社 争取华裔支持  (David Eisenbach)

 2/21   Manhattan Institute   Diversity By Decree:  Is NYC's New Policy For Elite High Schools Constitutional?

 2/21   New York Post  Richard Carranza: Too many NYC students qualify as ‘gifted’

 2/21   Queens Chronicle   Vote Eric Ulrich for public advocate Feb. 26  (Eric Ulrich)

 2/21   Sing Tao  取消SHSAT是當代排華法案 專家稱市府犯了訴訟大忌

 2/21   Sing Tao  卡蘭薩批資優計劃 「太多學生資優」

 2/21   World Journal  市公益維護人候選人余炳文訪世報 要讓華人更具影響力  (Benjamin Yee)

 2/21   World Journal  市公益維護人候選人 艾森巴赫反華埠建監獄  (David Eisenbach)

 2/20  Chalkbeat   Only 1 candidate gave the right answer to educational question  (Eric Ulrich)

 2/20  China Press  布碌仑第20学区(CEC 20)3月6日办邻里大会

 2/20  SI Live  Staten Island Tech outreach program mentors underrepresented students

 2/20  World Journal  20學區教育里民會(CEC 20) 3/6登場 籲華人家長參與 捍衛特殊高中入學考試

 2/20  World Journal  參選人艾森巴赫:選出為社區發聲 是華社大好機會  (David Eisenbach)

 2/19   Epoch Times  紐約市教育總監談天才班要族裔多元化

 2/19   New York School Talk  NYC Parents Sound Off On Department Of Education Incompetence! (Part #2)

 2/18   Epich Times  布碌崙科技高中春宴 与会者:今年继续打拼捍卫SHSAT  (Bill Colton, Andrew Gounardes)

 2/18   Epoch Times   共和党在取消特殊高中考试这方面持续对抗市长白思豪

 2/18   New York Post   Parents say city’s new admissions plans will hurt boys more than girls

 2/18   New York Post  De Blasio hates schools that are helping Blacks and Hispanics the most 

 2/18   Sing Tao  特殊高中收生改革 恐致學生女多為62%

 2/17   New York Post  De Blasio’s latest ridiculous NYC school "diversity" report

 2/16   Medium  Teardown of NYC DOE Chancellor Comments to CEC 4 on G&T Schools and SHSAT

 2/16   WPIX   Will the city’s plan to change SHSAT make its best schools worse?

 2/15   Brooklyn Eagle   Public advocate candidates blast mayor’s SHSAT plan   (David Eisenbach, Jard Rich, Benjamin Yee)

 2/15   Brooklyn Reporter  PA candidates blast mayor’s SHSAT plan (Colton, Eisenbach, Espinal, Rich, Williams, Yee)

 2/15   Epoch Times   第二学区通过决议 支持修订市长改革特高计划  (决议案)

 2/15   National Review  If NYC had good schools, etc,  it wouldn't have needed to bribe Amazon to come

 2/15   World Journal   郭納德訪至孝篤親公所 感謝支持   (Andrew Gounardes)

 2/14   China Press  纽约市公益维护人竞选论坛3参选人就各议题各抒己见David Eisenbach, Jard Rich, Benjamin Yee)

 2/14   Epoch Times  公益官候选人辩论会 聚焦SHSAT  (David Eisenbach, Jard Rich, Benjamin Yee)

 2/14   Sing Tao  促進公校多元化 研究機構籲擴展優質校

 2/13   China Press  白思豪顾问小组呼吁教育局接手学校安保: 结果将惨淡

 2/13   CEC 2  CEC 2 Passes Resolution Urging De Blasio to Address Issues with His SHSAT Proposals 

 2/13   Queens Eagle  None of 11 Public Advocate candidates called for city to eliminate SHSAT

 2/13   The 74 Million   New Study Says Homework Too Easy, Favors Lower-Level Skills

 2/13   Thomas B. Fordham Institute  Rampant grade inflation is harming vulnerable high schoolers

 2/13   World Journal  多元化報告促公校融合 被批無實質意義
 2/13   World Journal  改革特殊高中錄取 市府被指掩蓋失職

 2/13   World Journal  紐約最佳學校排行榜 三一學校居冠 史岱文森公校第一  (Niche)

 2/12   China Press  纽约市公立学校评估应基于多元化

 2/12   New York Post   "Diversity" panel wants police out of public schools

 2/12   Sing Tao  白思豪小組建議學校保安移到教育局: 只會減低校園犯罪率透明度

 2/11    InsideHigherEd   More AP Success; Racial Disparities Remain

 2/10   China Press  资优班项目在市贫困区铺开

 2/10   New York Post  Carranza’s ‘give me more money’ game (NY already leads nation in per-student spending)

 2/10   Quillette   These are the "wonderfully talented kids" Carranza says are missed by the SHSAT

 2/  9   Wall Street Journal  Gifted Programs in High-Poverty Districts Aim to Create Pipeline to Opportunity

 2/  8   Manhattan Institute  Barriers To Black Progress: Structural, Cultural, Or Both?  (video)

 2/  8   Public Advocate Debate on Specialized High Schools   Video

      For SHSAT as only measure:  Ron Kim, Eric Ulrich, Ydanis Rodriguez, Rafael Espinal
      For De Blasio's proposal to eliminate SHSAT : Michael Blake, Danny O’Donnell, Nomiki Konst
      Against De Blasio but Against SHSAT as only measure: Melissa Mark-Viverito, Jumaane Williams, Dawn Smalls
      Not at debate but For SHSAT as only measure:  Benjamin Yee, David Eisenbach, Manny Alicandro, Anthony Herbert
  2/  8   Epoch Times  公益官候选人见社区媒体 再谈特殊高中与社区监狱

  2/  7   Chalkbeat  Debate over SHSAT divides candidates for public advocate during NY1 debate

  2/  7   City & State  Nomiki Konst fact-checked WRONG that SHSAT favors the rich (Wrong: Nomiki Konst)

  2/  7   Queens Chronicle  Anti-SHSAT plan dissed at CEC 26

  2/  7   World Journal  公益維護人候選人 激辯特殊高中錄取議題

  2/  7   World Journal  劉醇逸:取消SHSAT涉種族歧視 不公平  (John Liu)

  2/  6   Gotham Gazette  Enough DOE Deception Around Admittance to Specialized High Schools

  2/  6   New York School Talk  NYC Wants to Reserve Seats in Elite High Schools By Race. Here’s Why That’s Wrong

  2/  6   New York Times  John Liu: De Blasio's SHSAT proposals "an absolutely non-starter"  (John Liu)

  2/  6   Sing Tao  市長特殊高中招生改革 亞裔批與公平背道而馳

  2/  5   World Journal 馬麗桃訪世報 強調與民溝通重要  (Melissa Mark-Viverito changes on SHSAT!)

  2/  4   Epoch Times  牛毓琳:紐約教育問題要從根上解決  (Right: Yuh-Line Niou /Wrong: Deborah Glick)

  2/  4   New York School Talk  NYC’s Plan For Raising Student Achievement Isn’t Close To Good Enough

  2/  4   NY1  Without Lowering Standards: New Program Aims to Diversify Admissions at NYC's Elite High Schools

  2/  4   Queens Chronicle  Corey Johnson wants more specialized high schools built  (Corey Johnson)

  2/  4   World Journal   反廢SHSAT 牛毓琳:紐約教育制度應從根本改革  (RightYuh-Line Niou /Wrong: Deborah Glick)

  2/  3   New York Post  The ugly truth about de Blasio’s ‘equity’ agenda

  2/  3   New York Post  Carranza is picking more fights than he can possibly hope to win

  2/  3   Sing Tao  牛毓琳里民會 SHSAT引發討論  (RightYuh-Line Niou /Wrong: Deborah Glick)

  2/  3   World Journal  白思豪改革特殊高中 亞裔錄取率腰斬

  2/  2   China Press  特殊高中改革 亚裔录取率将腰斩

  2/  2   Epoch Times  独立预算办:废SHSAT后 绩优生读特殊高中比例降
  2/  2   New York Post  Black, Hispanic students still struggling despite rising graduation rates
  2/  2   Sing Tao  反考試成績評估教育 紐約州成改革排頭兵

  2/  1   China Press  民代强烈反对《特殊高中考试提案》

  2/  1   Commentary  De Blasio’s Plan Would Destroy Asian-American Admissions

  2/  1   Epoch Times  第26学区教委会议 家长民代继续奋争保SHSAT   (Videos)

  2/  1   New York Daily News  More proof the mayor's plan to eliminate the SHSAT is a bad idea
  2/  1   New York Post  Carranza’s poisonous charter school lie
  2/  1   Sing Tao  特殊高中若招生改革 研究:亞裔生將減半

  2/  1   Sinovision   纽约皇后区第26学区例会 逾百家长到场力保SHSAT
  2/  1   World Journal  馬麗桃支持華埠建監獄 中華公所不滿意  (
Wrong: Melissa Mark-Viverito, Margaret Chin)

  1/31   China Press  市教育局长反对支付特许学校租金

  1/31   Daily Wire  DIversity? University of California Emloyees Donated Nearly 100% to Democrats

  1/31   Epoch Times  纽约高中生毕业率创纪录 亚裔毕业率最高

  1/31   New York Post  Asians in specialized high schools would plummet under admissions changes

  1/31   Sing Tao  公聽「特殊高中考試提案」 逾百不同族裔家長嗆聲反對   (Videos)

  1/31   Sing Tao  馬麗桃訪中華公所 伍銳賢「對她的回答不滿意」(Wrong: Melissa Mark-Viverito, Margaret Chin)

  1/31   World Journal  加入州參議會市教育委會 郭納德重申反廢SHSAT  (Andrew Gounardes)

  1/31   World Journal  紐約市高中畢業率創新高 族裔差距仍大

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  1/28   Brooklyn Eagle  Parents fight de Blasio effort to change elite school admissions  (Nicole Malliotakis)

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  1/26   Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis facebook (Nicole Malliotakis)

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  1/26   IS 187 PTO  Press Conference: Opposition to New Proposed SHSAT Legislation (Nicole Malliotakis)

  1/26   News 12 Brooklyn  Critics slam city's plan to eliminate specialized HS admissions test  (Nicole Malliotakis)

  1/26   NTD TV  紐約華裔家長集會反對改革SHSAT 州眾議員助陣  (Nicole Malliotakis)

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  1/25   Epoch Times  特殊高中招生改革 众议员巴伦再提案  (Nicole Malliotakis)

  1/25   CACAGNY, IS 187 Christa McAuliffe PTO Host Assembly Member Malliotakis on SHSAT, G&T Programs

  1/25   Kings County Politics  Malliotakis To Discuss Mayor's, Schools Chancellor’s Quota Plan  (Nicole Malliotakis)

  1/25  World Journal  單憑SHSAT進特殊高中 白思豪:必須廢除

  1/24   Wall Street Journal  India's Ethnic Quotas vs Chinese Test Scores: A Cautionary Tale

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John Liu

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  1/16   Epoch Times  取消SHSAT的提案又出现在州参议会

  1/16   Patch  Meeting will let public weigh in on De Blasio's controversial plan to diversify city's top high schools

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  1/  6   New York Post  The hypocrisy behind Bill de Blasio's and Richard Carranza’s quota drive

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  1/  4   New York Daily News  Carranza to buy "independent" student input with $70K "job"; fools Daily News 

  1/  3   Cato Institute  Many states spend half as much as New York but students score higher

  1/  2   China Press  新州高中毕业PARCC测试规则改变

  1/  1   China Press  角逐公益维护人 金兑锡访布碌仑华社  (Ron Kim)

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  1/  1   World Journal  州參議員韓文頓離任 答謝華社  (Jesse Hamilton)

​News -- 2018

​​​CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 

​​​​​June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

for Scapegoating Asian Kids over his Educational Failures

                                                                               --- developing story . . .


CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Education

                                                                                                                          (Updated 5/31/19)


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                                                               CACAGNY Statement

                                                                    . . . . . while  Class grades are inflated, especially for the rich

                                                                                               and  Grades are outright fraudulent in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods

De Blasio's Education Chancellor Carranza Insults Asian Americans  . . . CACAGNY Demands Apology

                                     Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

                              Carranza says 'sorry' after city official is accused of intimidation at community meeting

                              De Blasio calls Park Slope White parents racist

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Blame private schools? 27% of Blacks & Latinos get into the Specialized High Schools but don't go there!

In San Francisco, Carranza banned Algebra to dumb down Middle Schools, despite parent objections

CACAGNY Events Photos & Videos   (Updated 9/16/19)