​​​​​June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

                for Scapegoating Asians in Specialized High Schools


CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asians in Specialized High Schools

Parents Demand Carranza's Resignation​


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DeBlasio releases long-suppressed study on SHSAT:  The test is VALID (and he knew all along) !!!

                                                               NYT :  SHSAT predicts whether students will succeed in school

                                                               WSJ:  Study Shows Scores on Elite High School Test Predict Success

                                                               CACAGNY Statement

                                                                    . . . . . while  Class grades are inflated, especially for the rich

                                                                                               and  Grades are outright fraudulent in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods

De Blasio's Education Chancellor Carranza Insults Asian Americans  . . . CACAGNY Demands Apology

                                     Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

                              Carranza says 'sorry' after city official is accused of intimidation at community meeting

                              De Blasio calls Park Slope White parents racist

                              Carranza calls Upper West Side White parents racist

Blame private schools? 27% of Blacks & Latinos get into the Specialized High Schools but don't go there!

In San Francisco, Carranza banned Algebra to dumb down Middle Schools, despite parent objections

​​​​​​​​​News     (  Lawsuit Updates  3/20/20  )


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  3/  3 World Journal  卡蘭扎堅持一試錄取不合理 華人家長批歧視 促市長解雇   (Video)

  3/  2 New York Post  Another grand failure from Chancellor Richard Carranza

  2/29 New York Post  Insiders say Carranza’s secret ‘Academic Response Team’ squandered millions

  2/29 New York Post  卡蘭薩改進學校計劃 被轟浪費數百萬公帑

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  2/26 Queens Ledger  Mayor fields questions, insults at Queens town hall
  2/26 Sing Tao  卡蘭扎缺席教育局華埠社區會議 數十華裔家長撲空 怒斥其「懦夫」

  2/26 Sing Tao  教育總監竟然缺席 華人踴躍發言批評

  2/26 World Journal  反廢SHSAT、資優班 寇頓籲家長再抗爭  (William Colton, Peter Abbate)

  2/25 CACAGNY CACAGNY Joins Amicus Brief Against Anti-Asian Discrimination in Harvard Lawsuit

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  2/24 China Press  郭纳德举办造势大会宣布启动竞选连任  (Andrew Gounardes)

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  2/20 Queens Chronicle  Mayor defends his positions at crowded town hall

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  2/19  China Press  父母择校看重教学质量 而非学校种族结构

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  2/19  New York Daily News  De Blasio’s education blind spot: Parental choice

  2/19  Sing Tao  皇后區學校多元化計劃 教局推遲半年化解爭議

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  2/16  New York Post  Yet another sign Team de Blasio can’t be bothered to keep schools safe

  2/15  Epoch Times  纽约史岱文森高中 上全美三大名校的人数最多

  2/15  New York Post  Teachers say Brooklyn principal handed out exam questions in advance  (Robert Holden)

  2/15  New York Post  Richard Carranza builds himself big new office in DOE headquarters   

  2/15  Sing Tao  受到威脅擔心安全 卡蘭薩建新辦公室

  2/15  World Journal  亞裔家長示威如影隨形 教育局會議移出華埠

  2/14  China Press  教育局社区会议不变 仍在华埠举行

  2/14  China Press  教师多元化法案州参议会过关  (John Liu)

  2/14  Epoch Times  市教局要求第二学区里民会 从华埠改至雀儿喜召开

  2/14  Epoch Times  艾姆赫斯特第24學區 3/2辦里民會議

  2/14  World Journal  州參議會通過法案 改善教育確保多樣性  (Velmanette Montgomery, Jamaal Bailey, John Liu)

  2/13  China Press  教育局拟将华埠社区会议移至切尔西

  2/13  New York Post  DOE pulls bid to relocate Chinatown parent meeting with Carranza after Post story

  2/13  New York Post  DOE wants to move Carranza town hall meeting from Chinatown to Chelsea

  2/13  Queens Chronicle  Parents’ protest gets city to budge

  2/13  Queens Chronicle  1,000 expected for Carranza town hall


  2/12  China Press  对待亚裔纽约客不公 刘醇逸炮轰卡兰纳  /  紐約同源會聲明  /  Video   (John Liu)

  2/12  New York School Talk  NYC Public School Mom Explains What Drove Her Out Of the System

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  2/11  New York Post  Sen Liu clashes with Carranza over treatment of Asians CACAGNY Statement  / Video  (John Liu)

  2/11  New York Post  After 5 years of probing, sure looks like fix is in on Orthodox yeshivas

  2/11  Sing Tao 劉醇逸狂轟教育總監卡蘭薩 斥無心修補與亞裔社區裂痕  /  紐約同源會聲明  / Video  (John Liu)

  2/11  Wall Street Journal  Liberal Faculty Endorse Testing

  2/10  Columbia Spectator  Columbia wants more Harlem students, but ... 

  2/10  New York Post  Save our city: The top threat to New York’s schools comes from within

  2/  8  Epoch Times  反对声下 第28学区“多元化计划”推进延缓

  2/  8  Epoch Times  “市情咨文”无提及特殊高中改革

  2/  8  New York Post  Principal to hand out Valentine’s Day lollipops at violence-plagued middle school

  2/  8  World Journal  華裔家長抗議卡蘭扎遭拒 教局:未禁止入場

  2/  8  World Journal  28學區多元化計畫延後 家長:獲階段性勝利

  2/  8  World Journal  民代籲:保留SHSAT 資優班考試延到三年級  (Stavisky, Comrie, Kim, Rozic, Hyndman)

  2/  7  Chalkbeat  After parent opposition, Queens integration plans are delayed

  2/  7  Chief  School Bully Indulged At Her Victim's Expense

  2/  7  China Press  参加学区会遭歧视性拦阻 维权团体发动示威  (William Colton)

  2/  7  China Press  教育局未完全施用反霸凌系统 投诉无人处理  (John Liu, Scott Stringer)

  2/  7  Epoch Times  市议员霍顿要求调查阻拦华裔家长进入学区会一事  (Robert Holden)

  2/  7  New York Post  Court Papers: DOE still hasn’t fully implemented anti-bullying system  (John Liu, Scott Stringer)

  2/  7  New York Times  How an Education Visionary Got Canceled

  2/  7  Sing Tao  劉醇逸等重申支持公校多元化 堅決保留特殊高中考試  (John Liu, Jamaal Bailey)

  2/  7  Wall Street Journal  Backlash From Parents Delays Effort to Integrate Queens Schools

  2/  7  World Journal  帶標語禁入卡蘭札社區會議 維權團體:歧視華裔   /  Video   (William Colton)

  2/  6  Politico  De Blasio mum on specialized school reform

  2/  6  Queens Chronicle  Beating at Marie Curie shows crisis in schools

  2/  5  China Press  家长抗议卡兰纳引冲突

  2/  5  New York Post  Asian protesters temporarily barred from Carranza town hall

  2/  4  City Journal  Preferences by Any Other Name

  2/  4  Sing Tao  攜反對卡蘭扎標語遭拒入場 華裔家長與外族裔家長爭論

  2/  4  Wall Street Journal  New York City Teachers Pulled From Class to Grade State Tests

  2/  3  AJC  Much-awaited California report advises: Keep the ACT, SAT admissions requirement

  2/  3  CBS Sacramento University Of California Report Says UC Should Keep SATs

  2/  3  New York Post  This principal does very well as she pushes ‘social justice’

  2/  3  NY1  Where Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza Goes, These Protesters Follow

  2/  3  Rampa News  Councilman Holden on census, elections, crime, homelessness, transportation, education (Holden)

  2/  3  Shorefront News  Colton: Fight For Gifted School Is “Far From Over”; Organizes Next Meeting (William Colton)

  2/  3  Wall Street Journal  University of California Task Force Recommends Keeping SAT in Admissions for Now


  2/  2  New York Post  Queens is seeing through Richard Carranza’s bull

  2/  2  New York School Talk  If This Is a Victory For Integration Then, Yup, I’m a Racist

  2/  2  Wall Street Journal  Is It Fair to Award Scholarships Based on the SAT?

  2/  1  China Press  寇顿吁家长继续抗争 保卫SHSAT和资优班  (William Colton)

  2/  1  New York Post  ‘Hypocritical’ Beacon principal squeezes rich parents while students rally against ‘privilege’

  2/  1  World Journal  特殊高中保衛戰未成功 寇頓呼籲勿鬆懈  (William Colton)

  1/ 31  AM New York  Carranza apologizes to parents of sexually abused Marie Curie Middle School student

  1/ 31  Epoch Times  卡兰萨向第26学区家长道歉 承诺安排见面

  1/ 30  China Press  卡兰纳向26学区两家长道歉 家长:太迟了不接受  (John Liu, Corey Johnson, Grace Meng)

  1/ 30  Epoch Times  卡兰萨称抱怨家长是“安排好的” 遭孟昭文张晟反击  (Grace Meng, Corey Johnson, Jimmy Van Bremer)

  1/ 30  Epoch Times  又一学生被殴没人管 父亲被迫转学

  1/ 30  Gothamist  Schools Chancellor Apologizes To Parents Of Alleged Assault Victims

  1/ 30  New York Post  DOE sitting down with Queens politicians to mend Carranza rift  (Meng, Grodenchik, Koo, Rozic, Liu)

  1/ 30  New York Post  Richard Carranza finally apologizes to Queens parents after walkout (Liu, Meng, Johnson)

  1/ 30  Queens Chronicle  Carranza remains silent after fiasco

  1/ 30  Queens Chronicle  Teacher removed from Maspeth HS  (Robert Holden)

  1/ 30  Reason  N.Y. Schools Chief Richard Carranza Can't Quit Calling Parents 'Racist'  (Grace Meng, John Liu)

  1/ 30  Wall Street Journal  NYC Schools Chancellor Apologizes After Heated Exchanges  (Grace Meng, John Liu)

  1/ 29  CBS New York   Former NYC School Chancellors On Carranza Playing Race Card: ‘Put On Your Big Boy Pants’

  1/ 29  China Press  卡兰纳称26学区家长是一群种族主义者  (John Liu)

  1/ 29  CIty & State  Richard Carranza’s rough new year  (Robert Holden)

  1/ 29  Epoch Times  联邦准备调查纽约公校考试作弊问题  (Robert Holden)

  1/ 29  Jewish Voice  FBI Probes Academic Fraud in NYC Schools; Carranza Under Fire for Failures

  1/ 29  New York Post  Carranza spars with Rep. Grace Meng on Twitter: ‘No more politics’  (Meng. Johnson, Lander)

  1/ 29  New York Post  What will it take for de Blasio to fire radioactive Richard Carranza?

  1/ 29  New York Post  Queens dad pulls daughter from school after videoed playground attack

  1/ 29  PLF  Victory for Hartford families fighting schools’ racial discrimination

  1/ 29  Sing Tao  教育政策例會前抗議 家長提出5點訴求

  1/ 29  Sing Tao  抨擊卡蘭扎罔顧家長聲音 多民選官員舌戰教育總監  (Grace Meng, Corey Johnson, John Liu)

  1/ 29  World Journal  卡蘭扎回應教理會離席風波 稱遭設局  (John Liu)

  1/ 28  China Press  联邦调查局启动侦办纽市公校学术欺诈问题  (Robert Holden)

  1/ 28  Epoch Times  卡兰萨2/4到布碌崙第22学区办里民会Stavisky, Comrie, Kim, Rozic, Hyndman

  1/ 28  New York Daily News  NYC schools chancellor slams critics over abrupt ending to town hall, calling it a ‘set up’

  1/ 28  New York Post  Richard Carranza blames everybody but himself after ditching Queens meeting

  1/ 28  NY1  Schools Chancellor Defends Walking Out of School Meeting in Queens Amid Jeers

  1/ 28  NYC Rubber Room Reporter  NYC ALERT: Do Not Criticize Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza

  1/ 28  Wall Street Journal New York City Spends $200 Million a Year to Aid High-Poverty Schools, With Mixed Results

  1/ 28  WPIX  City officials respond to allegations of grade fraud, teacher intimidation at schools (Robert Holden)

  1/ 27  AM New York  Queens lawmaker wants to limit school suspensions  (Jessica Ramos)

  1/ 27  New York Post  Yes, NYC’s public schools need a federal racketeering probe (Robert Holden)

  1/ 27  New York Post  Far-left agitprop for pre-K tots: what NYC schools have come to

  1/ 27  QNS  This week on the QNS Podcast: Carranza abruptly ends an education town hall

  1/ 27  Reason  Seattle School System Wants to Dismantle Gifted Programs: Why School Choice Matters

  1/ 27  Sing Tao  里民會聚焦教育根本問題 牛毓琳籲勿用特殊高中障眼  (Yuh-Line Niou)

  1/ 27  WPIX  City official investigating allegations of grade-fraud against NYC Department of Education

  1/ 26  BaysideLiveTV  And intimate discussion with Scott and Rob, parents of 158 students

  1/ 26  Chaz's School Daze  Maspeth High School In The News Again

  1/ 26  City Journal  Equity Warriors

  1/ 26  New York Post  Flipping off rightly-angry parents should be the last straw for Richard Carranza

  1/ 25  Epoch Times  皇后区学校混乱秩序 市长议长批评教育局

  1/ 25  New York Post   FBI probes allegations of ‘deep-rooted’ academic fraud in NYC schools  (Robert Holden, Mark Treyger)

  1/ 25  New York Post  Maspeth High School dean who allegedly helped kids cheat is removed  (Robert Holden)

  1/ 24  AM New York  Manhattan school board calls on Brooklyn board member to resign over slur  (Chaim Deutsch)

  1/ 24  New York Post  De Blasio calls disciplinary situation at embattled Queens middle school ‘troubling’

  1/ 23  Epoch Times  纽约3位华生入围“雷杰纳隆科学奖”决赛

  1/ 23  NY1  Parents Look for Answers on School Safety Following Carranza’s Walkout on Meeting (John Liu)

  1/ 23  New York Post  Corey Johnson rips DOE over discipline woes at Queens school  (Corey Johnson)

  1/ 23  Queens Chronicle  The resignation letter schools chief Carranza should write  (Grace Meng)

  1/ 23  Queens Chronicle  Angry D26 parents drive out Carranza (Meng, Vallone, Grodenchik, Koo, Liu, Rozic, Braunstein)

  1/ 23  World Journal  市議員利華娜 將推動電單車合法化 並支持擴大資優班  (Carlina Rivera)

  1/ 22  China Press  “小诺贝尔奖”决赛名单揭晓 华裔脱颖而出

  1/ 22  China Press  角逐州众议员 韩裔李荣恩筹款超越牛毓琳  (Grace Lee, Yuh-Line Niou)

  1/ 22  Epoch Times  皇后区区长参选人论坛 教育和保释金改革成焦点 (Miao, Yin,  Quinn

  1/ 22  New York Post  Would-be mayors need to start calling out Chancellor Richard Carranza

  1/ 22  New York Post  Parents demand answers from principal of embattled Queens MS 158

  1/ 22  New York Post  Why ‘taxing’ successful PTAs is a rotten idea

  1/ 22  Sing Tao  再生元科學獎決賽名單 華裔學生佔逾四分之一

  1/ 22  Sinovision  SHSAT、可负担住房、亚马逊... 他们的政见你认可吗?  (Crowley, Maio, Quinn, Yin; Constantinides, Richards)

  1/ 22  World Journal  皇后區長競選論壇 2華裔候選人支持保留SHSAT  (Miao, Yin, Crowley, Quinn)

  1/ 21  China Press  里民会不欢而散 26学区各方互怨  (Grace Meng, John Liu)

  1/ 21  Epoch Times  教育總監里民會中途離場 第26學區發聲明表達失望

  1/ 21  QNS  Queens officials demand Carranza schedule school safety meeting for parents (Grace Meng, John Liu,. et al.)

  1/ 21  Sinovision  “我是教育局长我有理!”华人家长彻底怒了...“下台”

  1/ 21  World Journal  卡蘭扎因安全疑慮倉促結束里民大會 忽略學生安全挨轟  (Grace Meng)

  1/ 21  World Journal  瑪麗奧挑戰羅斯進軍國會 盼華裔支持  (Nicole Malliotaks)

  1/ 20  New York Post  Teachers at troubled Queens school no fans of embattled principal

  1/ 20  New York Post  The con job behind rising high-school-graduation rates

  1/ 20  Queens Chronicle  Angry D26 parents drive out Carranza

  1/ 19  Ridgewood Post  DeBlasio Touts Record Graduation Rates, Bob Holden Not Impressed (Bob Holden)

  1/ 18  New York Post  Carranza slams ‘grandstanding’ at meeting, further infuriating Queens parents

  1/ 18  Sing Tao  皇后區中學生毆鬥 老師竟袖手旁觀

  1/ 17  1010 WINS  Angry parents jeer NYC schools chancellor off stage at Queens schools safety meeting

  1/ 17  AM New York  Queens parents blast Carranza over school sex assault and other woes

  1/ 17  BaysideLiveTV  Community Education Council District 26 Town Hall Shut Down

  1/ 17  CBS New York  Queens School Parents Demand Answers About Reports Of Violent Brawl, Sexual Harassment

  1/ 17  CBS New York  Parents Outraged After NYC Schools Chancellor Walks Away From Public Meeting  (Grace Meng)

  1/ 17  China Press  26学区里民会 家长要卡兰纳下台

  1/ 17  China Press  女儿遭骚扰校方无视 议员吁彻查

  1/ 17  MSN  Parents Outraged After NYC Schools Chancellor Walks Away From Public Meeting

  1/ 17  New York Post  Richard Carranza needs to listen to parents and restore order in NYC schools

  1/ 17  New York Post  Queens mom slams DOE head Richard Carranza for bolting out of town hall

  1/ 17  New York Post  New video shows extent of Queens middle school beatdown

  1/ 17  New York Post  Outraged parents jeer Richard Carranza off the stage at Queens town hall meeting

  1/ 17  NY1  Angry Parents Blast Chancellor Over Alleged Assaults at Bayside Middle School

  1/ 17  Patch  Schools Chancellor Heckled Off The Stage At NE Queens Town Hall

  1/ 17  QNS  Bayside parents blast Carranza over school sex assault and other woes

  1/ 17  World Journal  26學區里民會火藥味濃 教育總監遭家長狂噓

  1/ 16  Epoch times  纽约市十佳高中榜单公布 史岱文森第一

  1/ 16  Fox News 5  Protesters call for NYC Schools Chancellor to be fired

  1/ 16  New York Daily News  School town hall ended when sex assault victim’s father clashes with chancellor
  1/ 16  QNS  Queens officials demand answers about sexual harassment and assault at M.S. 158 in Bayside

  1/ 16  Rampa News  De Blasio shows off high graduation rates. But is it really?  (Biaggi, Sepulveda, DenDekker, Taylor, Holden)

  1/ 16  Seattle Times  Bill in state Legislature would intervene in Seattle’s plan to change gifted education

  1/ 16  Sing Tao  26學區舉行教育里民會 華人家長痛斥教育總監

  1/ 16  Sinovision  “休想掩盖失败的公立教育系统” 纽约家长集会抗议

  1/ 16  Wall Street Journal  New York City High-School Graduation Rates "Improve" Slightly

  1/ 15  China Press  斩获雷杰纳荣奖 华裔约占三成

  1/ 15  New York Post  Officials at troubled Queens school didn’t punish student for sex assault

  1/ 15  Sing Tao  公益維護官撰文 籲天才班教育普及化 應該降低門檻 (Jumaane Williams)

  1/ 15  World Journal  主計長斯靜格訪世報 擬競選市長 打造多元化、公平的教育環境  (Scott Stringer)

  1/ 14  Epoch Times  贝赛158初中女生打架 老师不敢管

  1/ 14  Epoch Times  少年抢劫嫌疑犯导致中央公园犯罪率上升1/3


  1/ 14  New York Post  New York spends twice as much as Florida - particularly on education

  1/ 14  QNS  NYC schools chancellor holds first education town hall meeting in Far Rockaway
  1/ 14  Sing Tao  中央公園罪案增 搶劫創近年新高

  1/ 14  World Journal  布碌崙第9小學取消資優班 今秋起步

  1/ 14  World Journal  州教育理事會深入社區 討論高中會考存廢

  1/ 13  AM New York  Williams demand NYC reform high school screenings (Jumaane Williams, Brad Lander)

  1/ 13  Chalkbeat  A push to integrate Queens schools has ripped open a fight

  1/ 13  Chief  CSA Tells Carranza Of Members' Fears On School Discipline

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  1/ 13  New York Post  Suspected teen robbers contribute to 33% rise in Central Park crime

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  1/ 13  World Journal  挑戰李羅莎 趙靖桉參選紐約州眾議員  (Kenneth Chiu, Nily Rozic)

  1/ 13  World Journal  抗議反猶仇恨犯罪 紐約皇后區華人力挺

  1/ 12  New York School Talk  NYC School Application Law: Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

  1/ 11  Epoch Times  纽约校长工会:市教育局政策捆住了校长手脚

  1/ 11  Epoch Times  2200名學子考亨特高中 亞裔約半

  1/ 11  New York Post  Critics skeptical de Blasio and Carranza can tackle anti-Semitic education in school

  1/ 11  New York Post  Ex-rubber room teacher wins fight against ‘rampant’ DOE retaliation

  1/ 11  World Journal  常春藤大學搖籃 亨特高中入學考試 2500人搶175名額

  1/ 10 China Press  布碌仑科技高中楼梯间惊现仇恨犹太涂鸦

  1/ 10 New York Post  DOE officials sided with victims in less than 3% of harassment complaints

  1/ 10 New York Post  Anti-Semitic, racist graffiti found on walls of Brooklyn Tech High School

  1/ 10 Sing Tao  教局減少停課處分 校長不滿權力被削

  1/  9  Chalkbeat  After boycotting his own advisory group, Carranza returns, slamming Cuomo

  1/  9  China Press  校长工会主席指责卡兰纳学校安全政策不当

  1/  9  Epoch Times  黄友兴当选第24学区教育委员会主席

  1/  9  Epoch Times  雷杰纳隆科学奖2020准决赛 纽约州92人入围

  1/  9  New York Post  City principals union slams school safety in letter to Richard Carranza

  1/  9  Queens Chronicle  Outraged parents at diversity forum

  1/  9  Sing Tao  當選皇后區24學區學委主席 黃友興誓言守護亞裔生權益

  1/  9  Wall Street Journal  New York City’s School Disciplinary Approach Ties Principals’ Hands, Union Says

  1/  9  World Journal  黃友興當選24學區委員會主席 捍衛SHSAT、資優班

  1/  9  World Journal  雷傑納隆科學獎半決賽 紐約州27華生入圍

  1/  8  CBS New York   School Board Member To Be Suspended For Racial Slurs About Asians

  1/  8  Chalkbeat  Cuomo doubles down on shifting money to needy schools

  1/  8  China Press  歧视亚裔 科迪被禁出席学委会

  1/  8  China Press  纽约州27华裔学生获科学人才探索奖

  1/  8  Daily Signal  This Legendary Civil Rights Advocate Is Taking on School Diversity Quotas

  1/  8  Sinovision  蔑称亚裔“黄种人”非裔教委处理结果出来了

  1/  8  World Journal  針對科迪不當言論 第22學區教育理事會禁止她兩次參會

  1/  8  World Journal   雷傑納隆科學獎半決賽 紐約州92人入圍 近1/3為華生

  1/  7  China Press  纽约市教育局同意布碌仑小学关闭天才班
  1/  7  New York Daily News  NYC DOE OKs Brooklyn chool’s plan to scrap separate ‘Gifted’ courses

  1/  7  Patch   Gifted And Talented To Be Phased Out At Prospect Heights School

  1/  7  Sing Tao  22學區社區教育委員會投票 處罰科迪涉對亞裔歧視言論

  1/  6  New York Schooltalk  Top 20 NYC Education Stories To Follow In 2020

  1/  5  Le Figaro  Les jeunes filles d’origine asiatique têtes de classe en France, loin devant tout le monde

  1/  3  China Press  28学区家长抗议多元化计划

  1/  3  Epoch Times  28学区家长抗议“校园多元化计划”黑箱作业

  1 / 3  Epoch Times  第26学区1/16日举办里民会

  1/  3  Gothamist  Angry Queens Parents Wage Campaign Against City's Plan To Desegregate School District

​​  1/  3  NTD  US Test Scores Show No Improvement, Despite More Funding

  1/  3  Sinovision  “别想暗箱操纵!” 纽约家长要求“多元化”计划全公开

  1/  3  World Journal  批多元化計畫暗箱操作 28學區家長示威請願

  1/  2  CBS New York  Queens Parents Demand A Say In City’s Plan To Diversify School District

  1/  2  NY1  Tensions High at Meeting in Queens About Increasing Classroom Diversity

  1/  1  World Journal  28學區家長2日集會 籲校園改革作業透明化

News -- 2019

​News -- 2018

CACAGNY Activities   (Updated 3/2/20)

​​​CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York