​​June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

for Scapegoating Asian Kids over his Educational Failures

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CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Education


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CACAGNY Events Photos & Videos   (Updated to 12/14/18)

​​CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 



12/14   Sing Tao  劉醇逸任州參院紐約市 教育小組委員會主席   (John Liu)

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12/13   CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asian Americans in Education 


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11/15    Chronicle of Higher Education Who Else Will Get Sued Over Their Admissions Policies?

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11/15    Epoch Times  亚美联盟(CACF)支持废除SHSAT  (***亚美联盟(CACF)获得市议会拨款***)

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11/15    World Journal  CACF支持廢SHSAT 被批「有損亞裔利益」 (***CACF获得市议会拨款***)

11/15    World Journal  華裔質廢SHSAT涉歧視 卡蘭札:提供更多考取高中機會

11/14    China Press 布碌仑187初中家长会将提告市府

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11/14    NTD TV  亚美儿童家庭联盟支持废除SHSAT  (***亚美儿童家庭联盟获得市议会拨款***)

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11/12    Wall Street Journal  Parents Mull Suit Over City Plan to Boost Diversity at Elite Schools

11/12    World Journal  劉醇逸華埠謝票:承諾代表華人發聲 反廢SHSAT (John Liu)

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11/11     New York Daily News  Amazon, Google: New York City's schools aren't preparing kids for future

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11/  9    Sinovision  亚裔社区发展论坛纽约曼哈顿举办 聚焦贫困问题和特殊高中改革争议

11/  9    World Journal  若廢SHSAT 曼哈頓2學區500學生恐錯失特殊高中

11/  9    Sing Tao  寇頓: 要對郭納德進行監督, 確保他言行一致  (Bill Colton, Andrew Gounardes)

11/  8    Epoch Times  中华总商会: “亚美儿童家庭联盟”(CACF) 对整个亚裔社区的出卖

11/  8    Epoch Times  中华总商会: 市长白思豪要废除特殊高中入学测试 其实就是搞社会主义

11/  7    Epoch Times  SHSAT保卫战 推动华人投票

11/  7    Epoch Times  艾维乐在捍卫特殊高中入学考试 表示感谢华裔、韩裔社区的支持

11/  6    Epoch Times  选民:艾维乐胜选对保SHSAT至关重要  (Tony Avella)

11/  6    Epoch Times  纽约市府多元化法案:家长会需捐出部分给贫困学校

11/  6    New York Post  Parents rip Carranza for short notice on specialized school "forum"

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11/  6    Sing Tao  艾維拉華裔支持者 願意與劉醇逸合作

11/  6    World Journal  反移民、取消SHSAT 他們喚華裔選民普選日參與

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11/  5    Daily Signal  How Affirmative Action Backfires on Minority Students, and Why Colleges Do It Anyway

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11/  5    Epoch Times  共和党联邦参议员候选人萧珐莉特殊高中考试: “要看成绩而不是肤色” (Chele Farley)

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11/  4    NTD TV   民主党搞多元化的幌子来进行打压华裔孩子  (Dan Donovan)

11/  4    World Journal  蕭法莉訪布碌崙華社 堅決反對市長白思豪的SHSAT改革政策  (Chele Farley)

11/  3    Epoch Times  刘醇逸 (John Liu) 对SHSAT表示“应当考虑其他族裔社区的意见”

11./ 3    Epoch Times  华人家长成立基金会 募款雇说客保SHSAT

11/  3    Epoch Times  教育专家11/8召开SHSAT讨论会

11/  3    Sing Tao  抨擊白思豪系列政策 高頓:州議會將力阻  (Martin Golden)

11/  2    Epoch Times  共和党州长候选人支持保留 SHSAT  (Marc Molinaro)

11/  2    National Interest  Stop Using Diversity to Justify Racism at Harvard

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11/  1    Wall Street Journal  Stuyvesant’s Admissions-Test Backers Hire Lobbyist

11/  1    Wall Street Journal  Republicans Court Asian Voters With a New Message: End Affirmative Action

11/  1    World Journal  華裔醫師組同盟 全力支持SHSAT 艾維樂也到場支持  (Tony Avella)

11/  1    World Journal  樂文進軍國會 訪中華總商會拜票 決捍衛SHSAT  (Naomi Levin)


10/31    ITV Gold   Vickie Paladino Supports the SHSAT  (Vickie Paladino)

10/31    Sing Tao  擬選市長 訪福建僑聯總會 斯靜格支持保留SHSAT  (Scott Stringer)

10/30   Epoch Times  参议员高顿(Golden)再申保留SHSAT、郭纳德 (Gounardes認為學校需更多元化

10/30   Epoch Times  法拉盛高中毕业率继续下降到55.73% 史塔文斯基关注

10/30   Queens Ledger   Parents boo DOE officials during SHSAT presentation

10/29   Epoch Times  艾维乐反对SHSAT改革  华人支持者庆生及筹款 (Tony Avella)

10/28   China Press  艾维乐庆生并为11月普选筹款 关心SHSAT (Tony Avella)

10/28   New York Post   Now they are going after LaGuardia High School

10/27   Epoch Times  市府官员令停止SHSAT讨论 第24学区教委主席投诉

10/27   World Journal  家長護SHSAT 官員阻發聲 教育總監道歉

10/26   Kings County Politics  Repubican Saperstein supports SHSAT, Democrat Frontus says change it

10/26   New York Daily News  Carranza says 'sorry' after city official is accused of intimidation at CEC meeting

10/26   New York Post  De Blasio is repeat offender of educational malpractice

10/26   New York Times  Another De Blasio education experiment goes down in flames 

10/26   QNS  Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

10/26   Ridgewood Post  City Official Accused of Silencing Critics of School Desegregation Plan

10/26   Sing Tao  「更新學校計劃」 白思豪又失敗收場

10/26   Times Ledger  Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

10/25   Epoch Times  艾维乐 访中华公所 捍卫SHSAT、反建监狱、反对游民庇护所  (Tony Avella)

10/25   Epoch Times  李罗莎、史塔文斯基提出立法 给所有学生考天才班机会

10/25   New York Daily News  De Blasio: help the 575,000 kids in overcrowded public schools!

10/25   New York Post  De Blasio can't save his failing schools by spreading Whites, Asians around

10/25   NTD TV  艾维乐竞选连任 拜访中华公所 关注华人议题 保持SHSAT考试  (Tony Avella)

10/25   World Journal  艾維樂訪中華公所 與華人同戰 反廢除SHSAT 反華埠建監獄   (Tony Avella)

10/24   World Journal  24學區會議 華裔家長、民代反廢SHSAT

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10/22   World Journal  SHSAT登場 華生處變不驚應試

10/21   Harvard Crimson  Asian-Americans Earned Highest SATs at Harvard From 1995 to 2013

10/21   New York Daily News  A simple step for Carranza if he cares about equity

10/21   New York Post  De Blasio’s war on excellent schools (with mention of a "Plan B")

10/20  Epoch Times  古玉文:哈佛歧视案 平权法案的寒冬

10/20  World Journal  1995-2013年 哈佛亞裔錄取率最低

10/19   Bklyner  Department of Education: We just don't LIKE test [that produced 14 Nobel Prize winners]

10/19   China Press  美国高中毕业生数学能力降至14年来最低点

10/19   China Press  哈佛对亚裔的个人评分存在明显的刻板印象因素

10/19   Epoch Times  招生改革后 恐有上千出色学生无缘特殊高中
10/19   Epoch Times  招生案庭审 哈佛承认亚裔SAT分数要更高

10/19   Epoch Times  哈佛招生办主任证实 不同族裔SAT要求不同

10/19   Harvard Crimson  Asian-Americans: Lowest Admit Rate at Harvard of Any Racial Group 

10/19   New York Post  Harvard study reveals how race affected ‘personal rating’ scores

10/19   New York Times  The Curse of Affirmative Action

10/19   World Journal  SHSAT若廢 318州考未達標生仍可讀特殊高中

10/19   World Journal  只看成績 哈佛亞裔新生可升高至43%

10/18   China Press  捍卫SHSAT 布碌仑官民再抗议  (Martin Golden)

10/18   Epoch Times  布碌崙20学区家长激烈反对废SHSAT

10/18   Epoch Times  華社籌款晚宴 挺共和黨州長候選人 支持保留SHSAT   (Marc Molinaro)

10/18   IS 187 PTA  CEC 20's Adele Boyle grills DoE    Bill Colton supports SHSAT    Parents Angry at De Blasio

10/18   ==> Harvard Asian Discrimination – Molinaro: Review NY Schools  (Marc Molinaro)
10/18   New York Post  DOE staffers jeered at specialized high school diversity presentation

10/18   NTD TV  Marc Molinaro ​反对取消特殊高中考试制度   (Marc Molinaro)

10/18   Queens Chronicle  Drop the anti-SHSAT crusade!

10/18   SIng Tao  特殊高中招生改革 將強塞300不合格生

10/18   Sing Tao  若僅憑學術成績錄取 哈佛新生43%應為亞裔

10/18   Sing Tao  ACT成績整體滑坡 亞裔考生一枝獨秀

10/18   Wall Street Journal  De Blasio would admit hundreds of non-proficient students to Stuyvesant, etc

10/18   World Journal  布碌崙20學區會議 華裔居民反對廢SHSAT  (Martin Golden)

10/17   China Press  哈佛坦承亚裔生有更高录取门槛

10/17   Epoch Times  哈佛招生歧视案开庭 旧金山湾区华人也去声援

10/17   New York Daily News  Schools chancellor fails big test

10/17   New York Post  Harvard’s gatekeeper reveals SAT cutoff scores based on race

10/17   Sing Tao  哈佛不知道亞裔申請人的推薦信是否比非裔或西語裔申請人的弱

10/17   Sing Tao  若僅憑學術成績錄取 哈佛新生43%應為亞裔

10/17   Sing Tao  SFFA哈佛大學訴訟案開庭審理 全美華人關注

10/17   Wall Street Journal  Harvard Ignored Own Study on Discrimination against Asian-Americans

10/17   Wall Street Journal  Asian students show better ACT scores; other groups all see drops

10/17   World Journal  亞裔控哈佛招生歧視案 灣區華人赴波士頓聲援

10/16   China Press   哈佛招生涉嫌歧视案开审

10/16   Epoch Times  除了看传单 还看价值理念 分辨候选人对SHSAT考试的确定态度

10/16   Epoch Times  共和党州长候选人支持特殊教育 (Marc Molinaro, Martin Golden)

10/16   Epoch Times  哈佛招生歧视案开庭 将审查是否歧视亚裔

10/16   Federalist  Liberal Asian Elites to Less-Advantaged Asians: Accept College Discrimination

10/16   Harvard Magazine  Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions Make Opening Arguments

10/16   Sing Tao  26選區州參議員共和黨參選人 艾瑞斯訪  (Anthony Arias)

10/16   Sing Tao  哈佛歧視亞裔案開審 控辯雙方均據理力爭

10/16   Sing Tao  招生應否考量族裔因素 高校爭議數十年仍無解

10/16   Sing Tao  否認反對平權法案 原告單為亞裔發聲 

10/16   World Journal  哈佛案華人分歧…學生:憑本事甭照顧 華團:哈佛答辯荒謬

10/16   World Journal  「個人評分」總給亞裔低分… 哈佛存偏見?庭審焦點

10/16   World Journal  華策會39周年慶 10/18表彰4傑

10/16   World Journal  哈佛案4大爭議 原、被告這樣說…

10/15   Epoch Times  哈佛歧视亚裔案将开庭 多组织波士顿集会

10/15   Harvard Crimson  Here's What Happened in the Harvard Admissions Trial Today

10/15   New York Daily News  De Blasio & Carranza vs. public school parents

10/15   Sinovision  州长候选人莫利那罗(Marc Molinaro),参议院候选人高顿(Marty Golden) 讨论保护特殊高中

10/15   Sinovision  “哈佛招生歧视案”开审 美国亚裔维权迎来重要一役

10/15   World Journal  高頓華社拉票 打經驗、貢獻牌  (Martin Golden, Marc Molinaro)

10/15   World Journal  哈佛歧視亞裔案首日庭審

10/15   World Journal  控哈佛招生歧視今開審 兩代亞裔立場迥異

10/15   World Journal  哈佛面試官:歧視亞裔問題的確存在

10/15   World Journal  哈佛歧視亞裔案首日庭審 哈佛代表:招生程序合法

10/15   World Journal  亞裔聚波城轟哈佛招生歧視 高喊「我們都是美國人」

10/14   Wall Street Journal  An Asian-American Dissident at Harvard

10/14   Wall Street Journal  Brooklyn New York State Test Scores Jump Suspiciously

10/14   Washington Post  ‘We’re here to say no’: Asian American rally against Harvard

10/14   World Journal  反平權措施 亞裔被當槍使?

10/14   World Journal  「我們都是美國人」 亞裔聚波城爭平權

10/13   China Press  第15学区多元化计划引争议

10/13   China Press  哈佛涉招生歧视亚裔 15日开庭

10/13   New York Post  De Blasio and Carranza’s plan to ‘save’ top schools will destroy them

10/13   Queens Civic Congress  QCC passes resolution to support Hecht-Calandra (pg 4 of 8)

10/12   China Press  州参议员艾维乐中华总商会拜票Tony Avella)

10/12   Epoch Times   艾维乐访中华总商会 吁选民11月6日投票给他 (Tony Avella)

10/12   Fox News  Democrats object to Trump Asian American judge nominee over Affirmative Action

10/12   Sinovision  《一刻》高校招生能否结束“看脸时代”? 哈佛诉讼案或改变历史

10/12   World Journal  艾維樂訪中華總商會:給選民第3選擇 (Tony Avella)

10/11    Epoch Times  布碌崙第20学区 10/17讨论特殊高中改革

10/11    Epoch Times  卡兰萨:可先废5特殊高中SHSAT 校长们:共进退

10/11    New York Post   Teachers to get bonuses at 180 mostly Bronx ‘hard-to-staff’ schools

10/11    NTD TV   再战普选 参议员艾维乐拜访中华总商会 (Tony Avella)

10/11    Sing Tao  艾維拉訪中華總商會 11/6再次挑戰劉醇逸 (Tony Avella)

10/11    Sinovision   如何准备特殊高中考试? 听听专家怎么说

10/11    Wall Street Journal  Trial Monday will examine how Harvard uses race to shape student body

10/10   China Press   布碌崙第20学区 10/17讨论特殊高中改革

10/10   China Press  哈佛期刊招学生编辑惹争议

10/10   Sinovision  反大麻、招生歧视 加州州长候选人考克斯华社争取支持

10/10   World Journal  華裔教育人士:教育總監只注重表面「平等」

10/10   World Journal  卡蘭扎:5特殊高中可先廢SHSAT

10/ 9    Chalkbeat  Carranza: City could get rid of SHSAT at 5 specialized schools on its own

10/ 9    Epoch Times   州英文会考 纽约市近3成学生3题以上零分

10/ 9    Epoch Times   应社区呼声 艾维乐决定再战普选 (Tony Avella)

10/ 9    Harvard Crimson  Harvard Law Review Sued for Using ‘Race and Sex’ to Select Members

10/ 9    Sinovision   “川粉”帕拉迪诺:反大麻保SHSAT 无证移民犯罪必须遣返 (Vickie Paladino)

10/ 6    New York Post   Many NYC students are bombing the writing portion of state exam

10/ 6    Sing Tao   近三成紐約市學生 州考英文3試題捧蛋

10/ 5    Harvard Crimson   Harvard, Yale Probes Signal Future Federal Attacks On Affirmative Action

10/ 5    PRNewsWire  Asian Americans to Rally in Boston to Protest Harvard's Discrimination

10/ 4    China Press  25学区月会 民众抗议取消SHSAT

10/ 4    Epoch Times  市教育局:特殊高中改革后 亚裔生降至三成

10/ 4    Heritage Foundation   Are Asian Americans the New Jews?  (@20:53 Why are Asians so stupid?)

10/ 4    Sing Tao  25學區社區教委公聽會 近百家長擔牌反對SHSAT

10/ 4    Sing Tao  教育正義聯盟集會 推公校多元文化課程

10/ 4    World Journal  25學區會議 華裔家長反對廢SHSAT

10/ 3    New York Post   De Blasio, Carranza are leading NYC schools to a dead end

10/ 2    Atlantic  The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action

10/ 2    NTD TV  纽约11区选民集会造势 挺艾维乐再选一次 (Tony Avella)

10/ 1     Epoch Times  选人不选党 各族裔集会挺艾维乐再战 (Tony Avella)

10/ 1     New York Daily News   De Blasio, Carranza hate schools where Black kids do well

10/ 1     New York Post  De Blasio’s failed to cut education gap’ and hates the only proven solution

 9/30    China Press   高顿布碌仑宾臣墟华社举行圆桌会议 (Martin Golden)

 9/30    China Press  艾维乐支持者北法拉盛集会鼓励其再披战袍 (Tony Avella)

 9/30    World Journal  支持者不甘 推艾維樂再戰  (Tony Avella)

 9/29    China Press 获联成公所背书 高顿述政见 (Martin Golden)

 9/29    China Press  州参议员共和党候选人帕拉迪诺 州众议员共和党候选 (Vickie Paladino)

 9/29    Epoch Times  高顿获美东联成公所背书 (Martin Golden)

 9/29    New York Post  NYC’s school diversity plan could lead to another ‘white flight’

 9/29    Sing Tao  近百人法拉盛集會造勢 支持艾維拉再戰劉醇逸 (Tony Avella)

 9/29    Sing Tao  各族裔會考成績差距擴大 學者批評教育局空談口號

 9/28    New York Post   DOE’s fight against racial proficiency gap stagnates

 9/28    Sing Tao  州參議員高頓訪聯成獲背書 反對取消特殊高中考試 (Martin Golden)

 9/27    China Press  亚裔学生州考成绩表现优异

 9/27    China Press  耶鲁也涉歧视亚裔?联邦介入调查

 9/27    Crain's New York   Schoolyard bullies Billy (De Blasio) and Richie (Carranza)

 9/27    Epoch Times  共和党州长候选人访华埠 获掌声 (Marc Molinaro)

 9/27    Epoch Times  纽约市州考成绩发榜 亚裔稳居首位

 9/27    Harvard Crimson  Yale Joins Harvard as Target of Probe Into Discrimination Against Asian-Americans

 9/27    NTD TV  英文数学不及格人数过半 纽约市公校教育遭质疑

 9/27    Sinovision  耶鲁录取学生歧视亚裔被调查 亚裔组织:这是一个警告

 9/27    World Journal   共和黨州長候選人訪華社 挺SHSAT (Marc Molinaro)

 9/27    World Journal   亞裔學生州會考亮眼 但遭州教育廳忽視

​​ 9/26    Candidate for governor Marc Molinaro tours Chinatown, supports SHSAT, opposes jail

 9/26    New York Daily News  Why are de Blasio and Carranza leaving an integrated school hanging?

 9/26    New York Post  Startling number of city public school students don’t understand basic math, English

 9/26    New York Post  State scores again show charter schools doing exactly what New York needs

 9/26    Politico  Trump administration probes complaint that Yale discriminates against Asian-Americans

 9/26    Sing Tao  反對取消特殊高中入學考試 州長候選人馬利納羅訪華埠 (Marc Molinaro)

 9/26    Sing Tao  紐約市會考成績提高 亞裔學生表現最好

​ 9/26    Sinovision   纽约州长共和党候选人拜访华埠 回应华裔民众关注议题 (Marc Molinaro)

 9/26    Sinovision   耶鲁大学歧视亚裔? 联邦机构介入调查

 9/26    Washington Post  Trump administration opens probe of Yale University

 9/26    World Journal  州會考成績公布 紐約市亞裔學生亮眼

 9/25    Epoch Times  第25学区10/3办社区教育会议 讨论特殊高中招生改革

 9/24    Epoch Times  纽约州长共和党候选人 26日将访中华公所 (Marc Molinaro)

 9/24    New Republic  Whose Side Are Asian-Americans On?

 9/24    New York Daily News  School boards wants limits on de Blasio's control

 9/24    New York Post  Democrats see chance to knock out Marty Golden

 9/22    New York Post  The city could pay billions for a test that didn’t really discriminate

 9/21     China Press  布碌仑第15学区将抽签招生

 9/21     Epoch Times  廢初中篩選錄取 布碌崙第15學區推多元化

 9/21     Sing Tao   布碌崙第15學區 率先推多元化收生

 9/21     World Journal  布碌崙第15學區初中 廢學術入學標準

 9/21     World Journal  華裔民眾看「校園多元化計畫」改革 弊大於利

 9/20     New York Post  De Blasio kills admissions standards to diversify Brooklyn school district

 9/20     New York Post  De Blasio’s Brooklyn schools plan is all about ideology

 9/20     Sinovision  《一刻》哈佛诉讼开庭在即 什么让亚裔“鸡蛋碰石头”?

 9/20     Wall Street Journal   New York City Makes Big Diversity Push in Brooklyn School District

 9/18     Daily Californian  UC Berkeley diversity plan sparks criticism from Asian American advocacy group

 9/18     Epoch Times  “非改善而是改变” 卡兰萨重申废SHSAT

 9/16     World Journal  「不可靠也不有效」卡蘭扎誓廢SHSAT

 9/15     China Press  布碌仑南区优质教育联盟成立 力保SHSAT

 9/15     Epoch Times  初选落幕 布碌崙家长组团保SHSAT

 9/15     New York Daily News  Carranza wants more blacks, Latinos in specialized high schools

 9/15     New York Post  Carranza says schools aren’t serving black and Latino students

 9/15     World Journal  劉醇逸:特殊高中錄取改革 聽各族裔民意

 9/15     World Journal  寇頓成立新聯盟 誓言保衛SHSAT

 9/12     China Press   纽约同源会力挺艾维乐连任

 9/12     Epoch Times   纽约同源会:看清谁真正捍卫SHSAT

 9/12     Epoch Times   艾维乐质疑刘醇逸 对SHSAT的立场模糊

​ 9/12     Fordham Institute   Stuyvesant High School et. al: The inevitability of selectivity

 9/12     Sinovision  纽约同源会 联同教育联盟讨论如何保护特殊高中现有录取标准

 9/12     World Journal   紐約同源會、教育聯盟 挺艾維樂連任

 9/11     NTD TV  纽约SHSAT去留 刘醇逸立场反覆 被评不可信任

 9/10    China Press  华人冒雨抗议取消SHSAT

 9/10    Epoch Times  数百华人冒雨集会 再吁保留SHSAT 艾维乐顾雅明等与数百华人无惧风雨集会  

 9/10    Sing Tao  百餘人冒雨聚市府 反特殊高中錄取改革

 9/10    Sinovision  艾维拉:考试应为特殊高中唯一录取标准

 9/10    World Journal  反廢SHSAT 亞裔群體再示威

 9/  9    Daily Pennsylvanian  Response to 'I don't support the Harvard affirmative action lawsuit'

 9/  9    New York Post   De Blasio attacks Jesse Hamilton 

 9/  9    New York Post  De Blasio’s school-desegregation push won’t remotely solve the real problem

 9/  9    New York Post  De Blasio isn’t even trying to deliver good schools for black kids

 9/  9    Sinovision   纽约亚裔再度集会 抗议特殊高中改革

 9/  8    China Press  保留SHSAT考试大示威明日曼哈顿富利广场举行

 9/  8    China Press  州参议员韩文顿访问侨报

 9/  8    Epoch Times  非裔家长不赞成废SHSAT 批市长挑起种族间矛盾

 9/  8    Epoch Times  白思豪:筛选入学的做法要改变

 9/  8    Sinivision   纽约州长共和党候选人拜访华社 坚决反对废除SHSAT

 9/  8    World Journal  紐約華社周日再上街頭 反對取消SHSAT

 9/  7    American Renaissance  Black Parents Come Out Against De Blasio’s Desegregation Plan

 9/  7    Epoch Times  莫里纳罗法拉盛拉票 反对废特殊高中考试

 9/  7    Epoch Times  尼克森支持华埠建监狱 反对SHSAT

 9/  7    New York Daily News  Black parents against de Blasio's SHSAT plan ( Letter to De Blasio )

 9/  6    China Press  马利纳罗首访法拉盛亚裔社区

 9/  6    NTD TV  尼克森选州长 华社忧纽约走向极左 支持库默连任

 9/  6    World Journal  共和黨州長候選人 莫利那羅訪法拉盛 反對廢除SHSAT

 9/  5    China Press  竞选连任 艾维乐访侨报说政见

 9/  5    China Press  角逐州长 莫利纳罗今晚会亚裔社区

 9/  5    Epoch Times   艾维乐访大纪元媒体集团 强调SHSAT对亚裔很重要

 9/  5    Wall Street Journal  Chancellor, Mayor Emphasize School Equity ( See reader comments! )

 9/  4    China Press  入学人数下滑 教育局员工经费上涨

 9/  4    Epoch Times  州长共和党候选人5日法拉盛亚裔见面会

 9/  4    Epoch Times  史岱文森高中每学生一年花财政1.7万

 9/  3    Epoch Times   加强多元化 今年更多学校优先招非裔西裔

 9/  3    New York Post   Carranza: Parents who disagree with me are racists

 9/  3    New York Post   NYC’s schools bureaucracy creates horror for parents and kids

 9/  3    Wall Street Journal  NYC Education Department Raises Staff Funding as Enrollment Slips

 9/  3    World Journal   公校族裔多元化 華人家長斥摧毀好學區

 9/  3    World Journal   抗議華埠建監獄 紐約亞裔維權組織12日示威

 9/  2    New York Post  NYC schools to give priority to black and Hispanic kids

 9/  2    World Journal   鼓勵華裔參政 商家辦「你投票我買單」活動

 8/ 31   Epoch Times  哈佛录取歧视案 美司法部长支持亚裔学生

 8/ 31   Sinovision  亚裔学生控哈佛获司法支持 十月开庭或“打”到最高法院

 8/ 31   World Journal  告哈佛案針對所有名校 反對「招生考量種族」

 8/ 31   World Journal   非裔生捍衛哈佛:沒平權的哈佛 整間教室恐都是亞裔

 8/ 31   World Journal   代表亞裔生告哈佛 布朗姆:基於種族的政策 違反平等基礎

 8/ 30  China Press  美国司法部点名批哈佛:招生政策歧视亚裔申请人

 8/ 30  Fox News   DOJ sides with Asian-American students 

 8/ 30  Sinovision   司法部公开表态:哈佛大学招生政策歧视亚裔申请人

 8/ 30  Sinovision   司法部支持就能赢?这场攸关华裔利益的案件被政治化后 将何去何从...

 8/ 30  Wall Street Journal  Justice Department Says Harvard Hurts Asian Americans

 8/ 29  China Press  布碌仑为寇顿竞选连任筹款   布碌仑为寇顿竞选连任筹款

 8/ 29  New York Post  Success Academy touts its ‘voluntary diversity’

 8/ 29  Qgazette  Avella: Include Additional SHSAT Funding In State Budget!

 8/ 28  China Press  捍卫SHSAT 逾百社团9月9日再示威

 8/ 28  CIty Journal  Richard Carranza is fixated on race

 8/ 28  World Journal   艾維樂訪世界日報 反廢SHSAT 為華裔發聲

 8/ 28  World Journal   反對取消SHSAT 紐約亞裔團體9/9再示威

 8/ 27  China Press  州长葛谟竞选团队访大鹏同乡会

 8/ 27  NTD TV  哈佛招生歧视亚裔案将开庭 专访发起人

 8/ 27  Pocono Record  Race-based school criteria roils Asian-Americans - again

 8/ 27  QNS  Bayside lawmaker pushes for better test prep over elimination of of high school exam

 8/ 26  Sinovision  哈佛招生歧视诉讼发起人访加州 湾区600华人家长望为子女谋公平

 8/ 26  Western Journal  Parents Joining Forces To Fight Against Affirmative Action Nonsense

 8/ 26  World Journal   紐約公校教師工會主席:廢SHSAT難過關

 8/ 25  Epoch Times  教师联合工会主席:废除SHSAT计划难在州议会通过

 8/ 24  China Press  华裔家长集会 吁拨款DREAM计划

 8/ 24  China Press  纽约州副州长霍楚拜访侨报

 8/ 24  Epoch Times  艾维乐吁州府拨1千万给“梦想计划” 让更多学生获补习考SHSAT

 8/ 24  Epoch Times  州参议会第11选区辩论会 华人挺艾维乐

 8/ 24  World Journal  艾維樂籲州府撥款 助SHSAT免費輔導

 8/ 23  China Press  极左州长女参选人尼克松八大道畅谈政纲

 8/ 23  Epoch Times  库默缺席州长辩论 尼克森支持改革特殊高中

 8/ 23  New York Post  There’s nothing democratic about Brooklyn’s ‘desegregation’ plan

 8/ 23  NTD TV  艾维乐吁州长 拨款千万帮助特殊高中考试生

 8/ 23  Sinovision  保留特殊高中考试 艾维拉吁州府拨款1000万

 8/ 23  World Journal   寄百封信反對廢除SHSAT 華生現身說法

 8/ 23  World Journal   民主黨州長參選人 尼克森反對SHSAT

 8/ 22  China Press   国会第14选区民主党新秀柯提兹首访华埠吁取消ICE, SHSAT

 8/ 22  Sing Tao  25名華裔高中生暑期策劃 反取消特殊高中考試運動

 8/ 22  NTD TV   库默缺席州长辩论 尼克森支持改革特殊高中

 8/ 22  Sinovision  SHSAT和多元化不冲突 纽约高中生呼吁保留SHSAT

 8/ 22  Sinovision  纽约州长参选人布鲁克林华社开讲 尼克松:支持废除SHSAT

 8/ 20  Bklyner  Carranza takes issue with admissions to New York City’s gifted programs

 8/ 20  China Press   纽约州副州长霍楚拜访孔子大厦和纽约中华总商会 (Kathy Hochul)

 8/ 20  Epoch Times  副州长胡楚访中华总商会 侨社:望保SHSAT、阻华埠建监狱 (Kathy Hochul)

 8/ 20  Fox News  Yes, it's time for affirmative action to end -- finally

 8/ 20  New York Post  Even when Carranza has a point, he misses the real issue

 8/ 20  World Journal  紐約市教育總監卡蘭扎 批資優班錄取方式不公

 8/ 20  World Journal  副州長霍楚 訪中華總商會 籲華人投票  (Kathy Hochul)

 8/ 19  China Press   亚裔民选官员背书刘醇逸 造势活动遇艾维乐支持者

 8/ 19  New York Post  Park Slope now ground zero in de Blasio’s drive to impose quotas on schools

 8/ 18  Epoch Times  取消单一考试 教育总监要向天才班开刀?

 8/ 18  Epoch Times  今夏“探索项目” 亚裔生比例超六成

 8/ 18  Epoch Times  艾维乐获警察工会背书 并获华裔冲刺选民登记力挺

 8/ 18  Sing Tao  天才班考試招生 卡蘭扎稱「也非好主意」

 8/ 18  Wall Street Journal  Carranza unwittingly unmasks his plan for Stuyvesant: Crown Jewel No More

 8/ 17  China Press  “发掘计划”64%为亚裔 明夏起仅招贫困生

 8/ 17  China Press  居民联盟贝赛火车站作选民登记冲刺

 8/ 17  China Press  森林小丘居民拜访民选官员讨论特殊高中入学考试

 8/ 17  China Press  纪思庭会晤华文媒体谈就任以来工作成绩

 8/ 17  World Journal  艾維樂偕華人支持者 動員選民登記

 8/ 16  Epoch Times  捍卫SHSAT 第26学区华人居民今在贝赛协助选民登记

 8/ 16  Queens Chronicle  Guv hopeful Molinaro campaigns in Maspeth

 8/ 16  World Journal  華裔孩子看在美華人處境 — 從「醜陋的中國人」投書說起

 8/ 15  China Press  争夺州参议员艾维乐位置 共和党参选人获华裔支持

 8/ 15  China Press  26学区居民联盟帮助符合资格者进行选民登记服务

 8/ 15  Epoch Times  教育局扩探索项目 增特殊高中多元化

 8/ 15  Qgazette  Rally To Save Specialized High School Exam

 8/ 15  World Journal  華裔家長:探索生進特殊高中 小心跟不上

 8/ 15  World Journal  進特殊高中捷徑 探索生將增至20%

 8/ 14  Sing Tao  特殊高中多元招生計劃 首年實施被批成效不彰

 8/ 13  China Press  高顿举办亚太裔传统节

 8/ 12  China Press  州参议员韩文顿八大道华社拜票

 8/ 12  World Journal  韓文頓訪華社盟友 盼支持連任

 8/ 11   Sing Tao  支持特殊高中考試 議員韓文頓競選連任獲華裔支持

 8/ 10  Daily Signal  Asian-American Parents Join Forces to Fight for ‘Education Fairness’

 8/ 10  New York Times  They Left China for the American Dream. Now They’re Fighting Affirmative Action

 8/ 10  New York Times  他们离开中国追逐美国梦,如今为何反对教育平权

 8/ 10  SI Live  Malliotakis:  De Blasio, Carrranza turn blind eye to violence and drugs in high schools

 8/ 10  Wall Street Journal  ‘Diversity’ Looks a Lot Like Old-Fashioned Discrimination

 8/  9   CGTN America  CACAGNY: DeBlasio's SHSAT proposal is like putting on band-aid for cancer
 8/  9   CGTN America  Yukong Zhao talks about discrimination against Asian-Americans

 8/  9   China Press  公益机构在109分局办数学英文补习班 顾雅明 局长夏恩

 8/  9   Epoch Times  州议员参选人坚持废SHSAT 获白思豪支持  ( 请支持 Jessie Hamilton! )

 8/  9   Queens Chronicle   Keep the SHSAT and build more elite high schools

 8/  9   Times Ledger  Avella ready for primary challenge from Liu

 8/  8   Kings County Politics  Marty Golden Gives Mayor’s Plan For Specialized High Schools An “F” (scroll down)

 8/  7   Epoch Times  纽约5年前调查曝光 通过SHSAT的学生成绩更优

 8/  7   New York Daily News  Winging the test: De Blasio's SHSAT reform ignored key evidence

 8/  7   Voices of NY  Tony Avella and John Liu Fight Over Chinese Voters

 8/  6   China Press   支持SHSAT 佩拉尔塔免费发书包(图)

 8/  6   Epoch Times   纽约5年前调查曝光 通过SHSAT的学生成绩更优

 8/  6   Epoch Times   華裔民眾造勢捐款 力挺艾維樂競選連任

 8/  6   New York Daily News  Critics blast de Blasio for hiding study that debunks his plan on SHSAT

​ 8/  6   New York Daily News  Carranza hires "deputy chancellor for empowerment" for $220,000/year

 8/  6   New York Post  What de Blasio didn’t want you to know: high school admissions tests work

 8/  6   Sing Tao  白思豪亮環保政績 華人批不務正業

​ 8/  6   World Journal   紐約市16高中 明年優先錄取移民、貧困生

 8/  6   World Journal  (影音)「一直為民服務」 華裔挺艾維樂連任

 8/  5   China Press  通过SHSAT考试的学生学业表现更好 市教育局首次

 8/  5   Riverdale Press  Best schools should keep SHSAT

 8/  5   Sing Tao  為艾維拉籌款 華人熱情高

 8/  5   Sing Tao  稱SHSAT可有效預測學生成績 華人團體批市長故意隱瞞報告

 8/  5   World Journal  隱瞞SHSAT報告 市教育局挨轟

​ 8/  5   World Journal  華裔教育人士批理虧 取消考試不合理

 8/  4   Epoch Times  纽约“招生多元化”扩大 70多所中小学实施

 8/  4   Epoch Times   忧“招生多元化”损纽约公校质量 华人集结要选代表华人利益的议员

 8/  4   Epoch Times  美纽约参议员褒奖华文媒体 盛赞大纪元新唐人

 8/  4   Wall Street Journal   Study Shows Scores on Elite High School Test Predict Success

 8/  3   DeBlasio releases long-suppressed study proving SHSAT works  (CACAGNY Statement)

 8/  3   China Press   纪思庭拜访美国亚总会 并拨款一万元

 8/  3   Gotham Gazette  More Feeder Schools Will Improve Diversity at the Specialized High Schools

 8/  3   New York Times  SHSAT Predicts Whether Students Will Succeed in School

 8/  3   World Journal  紀思庭撥款萬元 助亞總會服務社區

 8/  3   SIng Tao  史塔文斯基撰文力挺 保留特殊高中入學考試

 8/  3   Sing Tao  拒絕再當「啞裔」 挺身捍衛權益

 8/  3   Sinovision  《一刻》增“天才班”保“入学考” 特殊高中改革现转机

 8/  3   Sinovision  从力挺SHSAT到选择参议员 纽约华人:手握2000票就有话语权

 8/  3   Times Ledger  Avella, Holden stand against mayor’s plan to abolish SHSAT

 8/  2   China Press  州参议员高顿访问侨报 畅谈连任竞选主张及社区发展

 8/  2   China Press   州长参选人尼克松支持废除特殊高中考试 被称是亚裔的敌人

 8/  2   China Press  反对取消SHSAT

 8/  2   China Press  一起努力,保卫特殊高中!

 8/  2   China Press  亚裔的声音
​ 8/  2   CNW   

 8/  2   Epoch Times  艾维乐竞选发言人:刘醇逸长期反对SHSAT   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 8/  2   Epoch Times  高顿褒奖《大纪元》 诺立法护SHSAT

 8/  2   Epoch Times   尼克森支持巴伦提案废SHSAT

 8/  2   Forest Hills Post  Avella, Holden Introduce Legislation to Expand G&T Program, Advocate for SHSAT

 8/  2   NTD TV  纽约州参议员艾维乐竞选连任 获党部背书

 8/  2   NTD TV  独立真实 纽约州参议员高顿褒奖新唐人 大纪元

 8/  2   Sing Tao  「廢除種族隔離計劃」 卡蘭薩︰明年78校參與

 8/  2   Sinovision  本期看点:增设纽约天才班促特殊高中族裔多元?

 8/  2   Sinovision  亚裔社区分裂?有学生及组织告哈佛招生歧视 也有人称自己受益

 8/  2   Voice of America  纽约市长废除特殊高中考试遭遇新挑战

 8/  1    AM New York  Specialized High School Admissions Test would be preserved in new bill

 8/  1    China Press  州议会新案 各校须设天才班

 8/  1    China Press  官民齐呼 扩建天才班才能提高教育质量

 8/  1    Epoch Times  扩大天才班 保护SHSAT 艾维乐提新法案

 8/  1    Epoch Times  哈佛招生潜规则? 亚裔录取似当年犹太人

 8/  1    Kings County Politics  Colton Introduces Legislation to Save Specialized High Schools Exam

 8/  1    Ming Pao  白思豪特殊高中改革再遭集中反對

 8/  1    QNS  Lawmakers rally at City Hall for more Gifted and Talented programs to save the SHSAT

 8/  1    Sing Tao  指劉醇逸支持取消SHSAT 劉指責對手歪曲其觀點   (John Liu on SHSAT)

​ 8/  1    Sinovision  纽约州议会提出双法案 增设纽约天才班 保留特殊高中考试

 8/  1    Sinovision  联邦起诉哈佛“招生歧视” 156个亚裔组织力挺

 8/  1    World Journal  州、市議會提案 每個學區都設資優班 助特殊高中多元化

 8/  1    World Journal  加州高中畢業報告:亞裔畢業率最高 輟學率最低

 7/ 31   Chalkbeat  Can a proposal to expand gifted classes help integrate specialized high schools?

 7/ 31   China Press  35个亚太裔团体发表声明 呼吁教育局与其进行对话

 7/ 31   NTD TV  市长欲废纽约特殊高中考试 艾维乐推新提案反对

 7/ 31   NY1  State senator pushes to preserve SHSAT, require schools to expand gifted programs

 7/ 31   New York Daily News  Pols, activists rally against de Blasio's plan for elite public schools

 7/ 31   Sing Tao  艾維拉寇頓分提法案 要求擴展天才班項目

 7/ 31   Sinovision  美多所名校力挺哈佛:招生不考虑种族因素是“侵犯学术自由”


 7/ 31   World Journal   廢除SHSAT 35亞裔社團籲對話

 7/ 31   World Journal  州會考成績延後公布 影響申請初高中

 7/ 31   WPIX  Lawmaker works to bring more gifted programs to NYC schools

 7/ 31   > > > > > > > >  CACAGNY Supports Bills that Improve Education for ALL < < < < < < < <

 7/ 30   Forbes  Race and College Admissions: Harvard and Chicago

 7/ 30   New York Daily News  Lawmakers stage push against de Blasio's school desegregation plan

 7/ 30   Sing Tao  亞裔團體發SHSAT聲明 獨漏亞平會簽名惹猜疑

 7/ 30   Wall Street Journal  Lawmaker Seeks to Expand Gifted Programs in New York City

 7/ 30   WNYC   Who Goes to Summer Test Prep Can Depend on Race

 7/ 26   China Press  选区家长:刘醇逸关于特高考试立场模棱两可不清晰   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 26   China Press   高顿拜访美东联成公所

 7/ 26   New York Daily News  How about building more great high schools?

 7/ 25   Epoch Times  艾維樂:將立法捍衛SHSAT

 7/ 25   Epoch Times  高頓:家後院不該是監獄

 7/ 25   Epoch Times  華裔朱寶玲獲「自由勳章」紐約議員艾維樂頒獎

 7/ 25   NTD TV  丑闻缠身 刘醇逸再参选 连署被质疑造假  (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 25   Sinovision  第22选区州参议员高顿联成拉票 反对特殊高中改革及取消小费抵薪

 7/ 25   World Journal  州參議員高頓訪世報 反對取消SHSAT

 7/ 24   China Press   华人家长会前会长朱宝玲获参议员艾维乐颁发自由奖

 7/ 24   Sing Tao  華人家長會董事長朱寶玲 獲州參議會頒發「自由獎章」

 7/ 23   China Press  教育局长:高中选拔导致种族隔离

 7/ 23   China Press  教育局新增岗位年预算高达250万

 7/ 23   Epoch Times  卡兰萨批“择优录取”歧视 遭纽约市数据驳斥

 7/ 23   Epoch Times  艾维乐与华人对话 强调维护华人利益

 7/ 23   Epoch Times  华人选民:刘醇逸不代表华人   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 23   New York Post  Carranza just proved he doesn’t understand NYC’s schools

 7/ 23   Sing Tao  印小冊子拍攝宣傳 卡蘭薩被批亂花錢

 7/ 23   World Journal  艾維樂力保SHSAT 轟紐約市長瘋狂  (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 22   New York Post  Schools Chancellor: Schools that screen for best students are racially biased

​​ 7/ 22   Sing Tao  支持起訴哈佛大學徵連署 五天六十多組織簽名

 7/ 22   World Journal  艾維樂:力保SHSAT 爭取州經費提高基礎教育 (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 22   World Journal  艾維樂:與亞裔站一起 9月初選見真章  (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 21   Chalkbeat  New York State’s low test standards misled thousands of students

 7/ 21    Epoch Times  四十年前 史岱文森高中白人学生占八成

 7/ 20   Epoch Times  教育局网站主图缺亚裔白人 惹争议

​ 7/ 20   Epoch Times  艾维乐竞选发言人质疑刘醇逸有竞选违规

 7/ 20   NTD TV   反对纽约成庇护州 共和党人竞选26选区州众议员

 7/ 20   World Journal  教育局網站主圖惹議 急撤換

 7/ 19   Epoch Times  前史岱文森校长质疑纽约特殊高中招生改革

 7/ 19   New York Post  Don’t let lowered math standards become a trend (CUNY)

 7/ 19   Queens Chronicle  CEC 26 votes against city’s anti-SHSAT plan

 7/ 19   Sinovision  抗议哈佛招生歧视 多地华人酝酿千人大游行

​ 7/ 19   Washington Examiner  Time to junk racial quotas in higher education

 7/ 18   China Press  史岱文森高中前校长质疑招生改革


 7/ 18   World Journal  史岱文森校友會理事廖蘊韶:若廢SHSAT 恐衍生新問題

 7/ 18   World Journal  張潔:勉強進入特殊高中 強烈競爭可引發精神問題

​ 7/ 17   Harvard Crimson  Harvard hiding more stuff

 7/ 17   Sing Tao  市府改革特殊高中招生 史蒂文生前校長表擔憂

 7/ 17   Sing Tao  白思豪工作小組建議 性教育課擴至幼兒園

 7/ 17   Wall Street Journal Former Stuyvesant Principal Questions Changes to School Admissions

 7/ 16   China Press  暑期实习生拜访中华公所与纽约李氏总分所

 7/ 16   New York Post City dumbs down education while making numbers look good (CUNY)

 7/ 14   China Press  刘醇逸正式参选州参议员   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 14   Epoch Times  进步主义者选日落公园参议员 支持废除SHSAT

 7/ 14   Epoch Times  艾维乐回应竞选挑战:专注做好该做的

 7/ 14   Epoch Times  刘醇逸欲挑战艾维乐 纽约华社掀抵制声浪   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 14   Epoch Times  布碌崙15学区初中或废入学筛选 专家忧质量下滑

​ 7/ 14   Harvard Crimson  Kavanaugh could stop affirmative action at high schools and colleges

 7/ 14   New York Post  DeBlasio hired 12,322 at Department of Education while enrolment fell 11,000

 7/ 14   World Journal  市議會促增資優班 同源會:多元化正確途徑

 7/ 14   World Journal  公立精英學校再成箭靶!亨特錄取也遭質疑不多元

 7/ 14   World Journal  劉醇逸再戰艾維樂  (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 13   Epoch Times  刘醇逸欲挑战艾维乐 华社掀抵制声浪   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 13   Harvard Crimson  It’s Not Asians Who ‘Game the System’

 7/ 13   Sing Tao  出席劉醇逸宣布參選現場,華人及韓裔人數極少    (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 13   Sing Tao  劉曾支持特殊高中多元化 部分華人力挺艾維拉連任  (John Liu on SHSAT)

​ 7/ 13   Times Ledger  Queens Assembly candidate David Bressler strongly supports SHSAT

 7/ 13   World Journal   劉醇逸出馬再戰艾維樂 改稱反對取消SHSAT   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 12   China Press  亚裔顾问委员会为韩文頓竞选连任筹款

 7/ 12   Queens Chronicle  Cuomo directs colleges to continue diversity in admissions

 7/ 12   Sing Tao  市議會提決議案擴展天才班 同源會稱有利特殊高中多元化

 7/ 12   Sinovision 刘醇逸再战艾维拉 特殊高中议题或定成败   (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/ 12   World Journal  [優投房UTOFUN專欄] 3分鐘瞭解紐約市學區

 7/ 12   World Journal  Politico網站批市長廢SHSAT 只為多元化

 7/ 11   Epoch Times  高顿访中华公所:支持SHSAT、小费抵薪

 7/ 11   Minding the Campus  Harvard, Not Trump, Could Kill Affirmative Action

 7/ 11   World Journal  高頓:捍衛SHSAT 紐約州參議會將封堵

 7/ 11   World Journal  州參議員韓文頓挺SHSAT 華社籌款支持連任

 7/ 10   Kings County Politics  Hamilton, Myrie Weigh In on SHSAT Changes

 7/ 10   Sing Tao  高頓向《星島》頒發嘉獎狀

​​ 7/  9   AP  DeBlasio on holistic admissions: "What's good enough for Harvard is good enough for Stuyvesant"

 7/  9   Boston Herald  Affirmative action can still discriminate

​ 7/  9   China Press  第26学区委吁葛谟反对废除特高考试

 7/  9   Epoch Times  “周一热点互动直播预告”川普取消大学平权政策 对亚裔有何影响?

 7/  9   Fox News  Harvard, Yale defy Trump guidelines, continue to use race in admissions

 7/  9   KanNewYork(看紐約)  纽约市特殊高中向何方去

 7/  9   Kings County Politics  Golden, Gounardes, Barkan On SHS Changes (watch for "sincer1ty gap")

 7/  9   New York Post  Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza can’t stop playing the race card

 7/  9   Politico   What are DeBlasio's true motives?

 7/  8   New York Post  How serious is DeBlasio about actually educating students? 

 7/  8   NY1  Inside City Hall with Errol Lewis

 7/  7   China Press  第26学区委吁葛谟反对废除特高考试

 7/  7   New York Daily News  School boards to Mayor de Blasio: abandon desegregation tactics

​ 7/  7   New York Post  Trump has made colleges truly color-blind at last

 7/  7   Riverdale Press  Expand specialized school options

 7/  7   Sinovision  纽约26学区委员会高票通过反对废SHSAT 学区家长踊跃登记选民

 7/  7   Voice of America  纽约华人集会抗议市长废除特殊高中考试

​ 7/  7   World Journal   特殊高中議題是關鍵 劉醇逸「應多聽同胞意見」 (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/  6   China Press  震撼!特朗普撤平权法案指导方针

 7/  6   Epoch Times  第26学区通过维持SHSAT决议

 7/  6   New York Post  John Liu is planning a political comeback  (John Liu on SHSAT)

 7/  6   New York Post  Harvard’s ‘secret sauce’ is a secret shame

 7/  6   New York Times  Carranza rises to protect school where no student passed math in 3 years

 7/  6   Queens Chronicle  CEC 26 votes against mayor's plan to kill the SHSAT

 7/  6   World Journal  紐約26學區會議 高票通過反對廢SHSAT

 7/  6   World Journal  紐時頭版關注特殊高中風波 亞裔不斷被忽視

 7/  5   Albuquerque Journal  It’s better to be judged on merit than privileged, old-boy networks

 7/  5   China Press  大学招生 种族因素靠边站

 7/  5   Federalist  Asian Americans Are The Tipping Point For Rejecting Affirmative Action

 7/  5   Queens Chronicle  Crowd: The elite HS exam must stay

 7/  5   WQXR News  Asian-Americans Rally in Opposition to Reform Specialized High Schools

 7/  5   Sing Tao  反對取消特殊高中考試制度 26學區會議7比1票決通過

 7/  5   Sing Tao  備戰特殊高中考試 補習學校人頭攢動

 7/  5   Wall Street Journal  Students Head to Test-Taking Camp with Eyes on Coveted City Schools

 7/  5   Yale Daily News  Yale to continue using race in admissions, defying Trump administration

 7/  4   CBS  Trump administration urges schools to ignore race in admissions

 7/  4   CNW  紐約華人社區決以選票捍衞入學權

 7/  4   Epoch Times  华人家长:废SHSAT 会重蹈卡多索高中教训

​ 7/  4   Epoch Times  奥巴马鼓励大学招生考虑种族 川普推翻

 7/  4   New York Times   ‘A Huge Blind Spot’: Why New York Asians Feel Overlooked

 7/  4   Sing Tao  挺大學種族中性原則 美廢除平權招生指引

 7/  4   World Journal  平權措施 反成優秀亞裔生入學障礙

 7/  4   Wold Journal  亞裔遭逆向歧視?大學招生考慮種族…廢除!

 7/  3   AACE  AACE Hails the Policy Reform Announced by the Trump Administration

​ 7/  3   Chalkbeat  Borough President Adams says SHSAT legislation should not move forward

 7/  3   China Press  艾维乐明确表示支持保留SHSAT

 7/  3   China Press   布碌仑社区服务中心举办移民问题座谈

 7/  3   China Press   特朗普政府拟撤销高校招生“平权政策”

 7/  3   Epoch Times  华人家长:废SHSAT 会重蹈卡多索高中教训

 7/  3   Fox News  Trump administration is breaking from Obama-era affirmative action policies

 7/  3   Los Angeles Times  Trump administration backs race-neutral school admissions

​ 7/  3   New York Post  De Blasio has lost the city’s faith – now it’s up to us

 7/  3   NTDTV  哈佛招生遭控歧视 川普撤销奥巴马平权指南

 7/  3   NTDTV  川普政府摒平权法案 白人和亚裔上大学机会更多

 7/  3   Politico  Affirmative action guidelines dropped by Trump administration

 7/  3   Sinovision  重磅!川普政府拟撤销高校招生“平权法案”指导方针

 7/  3   Sinovision  亚裔迎重大利好?川普政府废高校平权录取指导意见

 7/  3   Wall Street Journal   Trump to Rescind Obama Guidelines on Race in College Admissions

 7/  3   World Journal  州參議員艾維樂:會盡全力保留SHSAT

 7/  3   World Journal  美司法部宣布 廢除大學種族平權入學指導方針

 7/  3   World Journal  美大學招生考慮種族政策 傳川普擬廢除

 7/  2   Amsterdam News  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams states his SHSAT position

 7/  2   China Press  特殊高中校友 SHSAT遭「妖魔化」

 7/  2   Sing Tao  第26學區家長面見艾維拉 力爭保住SHSAT

 7/  2   Sinovision  一周集结四百人 反特殊高中改革 纽约26学区家长获州参议员支持

 7/  2   Wall Street Journal  Will New York’s Mayor Erase Real Diversity?

 7/  2   World Journal   州參議員艾維樂:會盡全力保留SHSAT

 7/  1   New York Post  Chancellor’s doomed plan for bureaucrats to save NYC’s sinking schools

 7/  1   Sing Tao  同源會播放影片「Tested」 討論關於特殊高中話題

 6/30  China Press  郭登祺接受本报记者专访 强调不支持取消特高考试

 6/30  Times Ledger  VOTE THEM OUT: Alicia Hyndman (Assembly), Donovan Richards (City Council)

 6/30  Times Ledger  Bayside rallies in support of specialized exam
 6/30  World Journal  特殊高中改變無證男孩一生 民選官員力挺

 6/29  China Press  第26学区家长前往市议员办公室表达心声 促郭登祺不支持取消特高考试

 6/29  UFT (Reader Comment)  Keep the admissions tests

 6/29  World Journal  訪郭登祺辦公室 26學區家長抗議特殊高中改革

 6/28  China Press  公校问题多 议员吁政府确保教学质量

 6/28  China Press  支持白彼得连任 义工上街募签名

 6/28  China Press  “我与华裔并肩作战”纽约布鲁克林区长亚当斯分享执政理念

 6/28  Epoch Times  特殊高中改革? 不如打造优良学风

 6/28  New York Post  De Blasio to look at how ‘screened’ high schools admit students

​ 6/28  Queens Chronicle  Crowd: The elite HS exam must stay

 6/28  Star Tribune  Zakaria: An assault on meritocracy

​ 6/28  Washington Post  Meritocracy is under attack  (video)

 6/28  World Journal  廢除SHSAT 陳倩雯:應傾聽社區真實聲音

 6/28  World Journal  廢除SAT呼聲高 亞裔生恐失優勢

​​ 6/27  Chicago Tribune  Betrayed Asian-Americans should turn their backs on Democrats

 6/27  China Press  不懂规则 八大道投票站零投票

 6/27  Crain's  Specialized high schools' admissions policy requires a nuanced approach

 6/27  Daily Beast ​ Standardized Tests Aren’t Racist: How Brown Kids Can Ace the Test


 6/27  New York Post  Principal: I'm passing students because summer school is too expensive

 6/27  New York Post  A Brooklyn principal shares a depressing truth

 6/27  New York Post  Make way for another layer of bureaucracy at the Department of Education

 6/27  New Yorker  ​Why Asian-Americans Feel Powerless in the Battle over New York’s High Schools

​ 6/27  Quillette  Bill de Blasio’s Plan to Displace Asians In New York’s Top Schools

 6/27  World Journal  大學藉口多元化 變相限制亞裔入學

 6/26  Commentary  The Ugly Condescension of the Enlightened


 6/26  Epoch Times  反对废除SHSAT 印度裔社团也发声

 6/26  The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC): more specialized high school seats

 6/26  New York Daily News  The SHSAT is fair — so keep it, argues a student at a specialized high school

 6/26  New York Times  Letters from three people who actually want to solve the problem

 6/26  SI Live  Let's not forget the gifted students (letter to the editor)

 6/26  Sing Tao 特殊高中考試 一場理念之爭

 6/26  World Journal  取消SHSAT 華人區學生難進特殊高中

 6/25  China  News  美纽约华裔家长涌学区会议 力保特殊高中入学考试

 6/25  China Press  各族裔人士集会 吁保留特高考试

 6/25  Daily Caller  Democrats face their own Proposition 187 by discriminating against Asian Americans

 6/25  Epoch Times  废SHSAT皇后区受影响最大 居民吁增优质高中

 6/25  Epoch Times  紐約廢考爭議:機會公平或結果公平?

 6/25  National Review  Harvard’s Admissions Bigotry — A Partial Theory

 6/25  New York Daily News  Think the SHSAT is not your issue? Can you spell  B A C K F L O W?

 6/25  New York Daily News  Bass-ackward Bill: de Blasio's school priorities are out of order

 6/25  New York Times  Harvard Is Wrong That Asians Have Terrible Personalities

​ 6/25  Wall Street Journal  The Democrats’ Racial Fault Line

 6/25  World Journal(影音)華裔家長轟 廢SHSAT才是歧視

 6/24  China Press  26学区委员会讨论反对取消特高考试决议

 6/24  Crain's  Don't mess with specialized high schools


 6/24  Los Angeles Times  Asian Americans need to end blind loyalty to the Democratic Party

 6/24  World Journal  同源會談特殊高中:非種族之爭

 6/24  World Journal  3大特殊高中校友會 聯手抵抗廢除SHSAT

 6/23  China Press  24学区委员会通过决议 呼吁市府投票反对取消特殊高中考

 6/23  Eastern News  罗维宗:用选票表明立场争取权益

 6/23  National Review  Max Boot’s Weak Defense of Harvard’s Affirmative Action

 6/23  New York Post  The right way to get minorities into NYC’s top high schools

 6/23  Sing Tao  為保住高中畢業率 州會考再降合格線

 6/23  Sinovision  纽约同源会高中生作文大赛今颁奖 学生探讨华埠未来及特殊高中改革

 6/23  Spectator  The diversity trap

 6/23  Times Ledger  Specialized test prep program a real success

 6/23  World Journal  廢SHSAT引不滿 華人掀選民登記熱

 6/22  China Press  曼哈顿顶级学区 1/4座位给低收入差生, 布碌崙15学区入学也将生变

 6/22  Epoch Times  公校治学品质成忧 特许学校申请创新高

 6/22  New York Post  Scoring 30% on a test is enough to graduate high school in New York City

 6/22  New York Post  Inside the state’s system for inflating Regents scores

 6/22  QNS  Queens education council takes a stand against removing the SHSAT exams

 6/22  Riverdale Press   Dinowitz disses mayor’s plan for specialized high schools

 6/22  Sinovision  紐約市第26學區家長抗議 反對特殊高中改革

 6/22  Sun-Gazette  NYC’s war on academic excellence

 6/22  Wall Street Journal  Truly Elite Schools Are Best Opportunity for the Poor

 6/22  World Journal  華裔家長湧26學區會議 力保特殊高中入學考試  (Video)  (Video)

 6/22  World Journal  廢SHSAT 教育團體籲白思豪對話

 6/21   Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Coalition forms to fight de Blasio plan to overhaul elite schools

 6/21   China Press   市长办公室与亚裔组织会面 要求支持取消特殊高中考试计划

 6/21   Commentary  Social Justice vs. Human Nature: Downward Leveling

 6/21   Crimson  SFFA: 'Holistic' Admissions Rooted In Tactics Once Used to Limit Jews

 6/21   New York Post  De Blasio only cares about the headlines — not your needs

 6/21   Sing Tao  就特殊高中改革 亞裔代表盼與市府對話

 6/21   Sing Tao  教育總監討論學校多元性 將改革與政治議題「掛鉤」

 6/21   Sing Tao  非議市長特殊高中改革 郭納德絕不同意取消SHSAT

 6/21   World Journal  廢SHSAT 教育團體憂不公

 6/21   World Journal  公校族裔多元化 第三學區先行

 6/21   World Journal  名校入學潛規則 華人社區熱議

 6/20  Epoch Times  五所特殊高中系纽约市自定 白思豪:最好通过立法修改

 6/20  Epoch Times  日裔教育专家致信白思豪谈SHSAT:勿分隔亚裔

 6/20  New York Post  Families continue to flee DeBlasio's schools for charter schools

​ 6/20  New York Post  DeBlasio wants to "desegregate" high performing schools with low performing students

 6/20  NY1  DeBlasio starts to wreck good middle schools

 6/20  People's Daily   美华裔反对特殊高中多元化改革

 6/20  Wall Street Journal  Alumni From New York City High Schools Unite to Fight Admissions Changes

 6/20  Wall Street Journal  City to Diversify Upper West Side Middle Schools with Low Performing Students

 6/19  Brooklyn Reporter  Coalition forms to fight de Blasio plan to overhaul elite schools

 6/19  Center for Equal Opportunity  “Too Many Asian Americans”? (at Harvard and Stuyvesant)

 6/19  Chalkbeat  I’m also Asian-American. Mayor de Blasio, let’s talk.

 6/19  Crimson  Harvard would be 51% Asian based on academics, AND Asians are better at extra-curriculars!

​ 6/19  Federalist  Asian Americans are Finally Cluing Into the Racism Underlying Identity Politics

 6/19  New York Post  DeBlasio: "If multiple criteria is good enough for Harvard, it's good enough for Stuyvesant"

​ 6/19  News Sentinel  The far left and NYC’s war on academic excellence

 6/19  World Journal  白思豪:避免「一試定生死」 消除特殊高中排他性

​​ 6/18  Crain's  Mayor aims to avoid specialized high schools lawsuit

 6/18  Epoch Times  SHSAT辩论升温 社区批市长:玩政治

​ 6/18  Huaren Forums  白丝毫太恶心了, 居然用funding 来要挟华人组织出去给他站台。

 6/18  Hill  Time for racism at Harvard and our American education system to end

 6/18  New York Post  (Now in English PressBrooklyn president reverses himself on SHSAT after donor backlash

 6/18  New York School Talk  Who Will Win & Who Will Lose When It Passes?

 6/18  News Sentinel  The far left and NYC’s war on academic excellence

 6/18  SI Live  At Staten Island Tech, using SHSAT increased, not decreased, diversity

 6/18  USA Today  'Diversity' is no excuse for racial bias

 6/18  Yahoo News  Racial imbalance? Admissions policies at Harvard and Stuyvesant HS under scrutiny

 6/18  Wall Street Journal  Harvard Is Too Discriminating

 6/17  GJCZZ  白丝毫太恶心了, 居然用funding 来要挟华人组织出去给他站太

 6/17  New York Post  Engaging in blatant, egregious racism in the name of "diversity": Harvard

 6/17  Sing Tao  市長特殊高中改革引恐慌 家長擔心下一步要動天才班

 6/17  Sing Tao  市長鼓動華人反SHSAT? 亞平會拒絕 華策會未表態

 6/17  Wall Street Journal  Asian-Americans Suffer Under School Quotas

 6/17  World Journal  反廢SHSAT 民代社區籲組「南布碌崙學校質量聯盟」抗爭

 6/16  China Pres  社区会议炮轰纽约市长特高废考误人子弟

 6/16  China Press  抗议废考提案 华裔带头示威

 6/16  Daily Journal  NYC's war on academic excellence

 6/16  Epoch Times  三百学生和家长参加 吁保留公平竞争机会

 6/16  Times Ledger  Electeds rally against mayor’s plan to change admissions for elite high schools

​ 6/16  Sing Tao  賓臣墟特殊高中社區會議 議員怒責市長 號召持續抗爭

 6/16  WABC  Officials hold emergency meeting over specialized admissions test debate

​ 6/16  World Journal  搶救SHSAT 學生大軍上街頭

​​ 6/15  Bloomberg  Harvard Study Found Asian-American Admissions Bias, Suit Claims

 6/15  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Malliotakis: The test is not the problem with specialized high schools

 6/15  China Press  20学区委吁否决废特高考议案

 6/15  China Press  布碌仑区长亚当斯谈特殊高中

 6/15  China Press  百余华人抗议取消特高考试

​​ 6/15  Epoch Times  非裔学生家长反对废SHSAT:即使我孩子受益也要讲公平

 6/15  Federalist  Kick Asian Americans Out of Selective Schools to Give Preferences to Blacks, Hispanics

 6/15  New York Post  Protesters rip de Blasio’s proposed admissions overhaul

 6/15  NTD TV  抗议废除特殊高中考试 布鲁克林大桥游行

​ 6/15  NY1  Republican Running for Governor Calls for City to Keep SHSAT

 6/15  Patch Hundreds Protest Elite School Diversity Plan On Brooklyn Bridge

 6/15  Sing Tao  從布碌崙遊行至曼哈頓 數百亞裔再抗議廢除SHSAT

 6/15  Sinovision《一刻》對話普林斯頓教授: 從特殊高中改革看美國教育新趨勢

​​​ 6/15  Sinovision  取消SHSAT是掩蓋教育缺陷 特殊高中學生加入抗議隊伍

 6/15  WABC  Parents, students protest plan to eliminate specialized high school admissions test 

 6/15  WABC  Local leaders hold emergency meeting over specialized admissions test debate

​​​ 6/14  Atlantic  What’s Going On With New York’s Elite Public High Schools?

 6/14  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  The test is not the problem with specialized high schools

 6/14  Brooklyn Reporter  Tensions rise during town hall in Sunset over controversial SHSAT plan

 6/14  Business Insider  Bill de Blasio has a plan that would destroy New York City's elite high schools

 6/14  China Press  卡兰纳里民会接受废考质询

​ 6/14  China Press  韩裔加入反对取消特殊高中考试示威行列

​ 6/14  China Press  百余华人抗议取消特高考试

​ 6/14  Epoch Times  法拉盛韩裔抗议市长拟废SHSAT

​ 6/14  Epoch Times  取消特殊高中考试 犹如“饥饿游戏”

 6/14  Kings County Politics  De Blasio Obstructs Expansion of Successful, Diverse Charter School
 6/14  Lowell Sun  NYC's war on academic excellence in public schools

 6/14  New York Daily News  Keep the specialized high school test; fix K-8 education throughout the city

​ 6/14  New York Post  Corey Johnson wants city to expand specialized schools for minorities

 6/14  Queens Chronicle  Parents rally in Flushing against move to eliminate the specialized high school test

​ 6/14  Queens Chronicle  Pols blast Blaz’s plan to toss the SHSAT

 6/14  SF Shibao  律师解读纽约特殊高中改革:涉种族配额 可诉诸法律维权

 6/14  Sing Tao  白思豪特殊高中改革 激起華人反民主黨情緒

 6/14  Sing Tao《一刻》本期看點:普林斯頓教授質疑特殊高中改革數據

 6/14  Sinovision  紐約市教育局長堅決否定SHSAT 日落公園逾百民衆抗議

​ 6/14  Sinovision  律师解读纽约特殊高中改革:涉种族配额 可诉诸法律维权

​ 6/14  West Indian  Khan’s Tutorial Rallies with Asian American Community Organizations to Keep SHSAT

 6/14  World Journal  場外兩派人馬對峙 火藥味十足

 6/14  World Journal  卡蘭扎現身學區會議 抗議人潮擠爆

 6/14  World Journal  SHSAT擬廢除 華韓裔聯手抗議

 6/14  World Journal  史岱文森校友:紐約市長將毀滅最好高中

 6/14  Xinhua News  Proposal to reform New York high schools sparks uproar in Asian American Community

​ 6/13  China Press  孟昭文会晤卡兰纳 反对取消SHSAT  (Statement)

​ 6/13  China Press  卡兰納今天与第15学区委员会举行市政会议

​ 6/13  China Press  布碌仑区长亚当斯出席侨报访谈 分享执政理念 强调耐   > > >他直到6月18日才對英語媒體承認< < <

 6/13  Conservative Review  NYC’s war on academic excellence

 6/13  Jewish World Review  Discrimination against the high-achieving in name of 'diversity'

​​ 6/13  Manhattan Institute  The Attack on Educational Excellence

​ 6/13  Mother Jones  New York City’s Elite High School Problem Isn’t a High School Problem

​ 6/13  New York Post  De Blasio’s ‘desegregation’ plan is an insult to Asian-Americans

 6/13  New York Post  Think public school grades should be used for high school admissions?

 6/13  New York Times  Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan would destroy the best high schools in New York City

 6/13  Newsmax  Lower Standards Endanger Nation's Safety, Security

 6/13  NY Radio Korea  한인 사회, 뉴욕시 특목고 입학 시험 폐지 반대

 6/13  NY1  Sunset Park protesters slam schools chancellor's support for plan to eliminate SHSAT

 6/13  Queens Gazette  Senator Stavisky and Community Leaders Rally to Save the SHSAT

 6/13  SIng Tao  紐約市教育總監 明年到奧本尼遊說特殊高中改革

 6/13  Sing Tao  教育總監開里民會 數百華裔門外示威

 6/13  Sing Tao  眾家長梅利山集會抗議取消特殊高中試

​ 6/13  Sinovision  特殊高中改革反對陣營再添新磚 韓裔社區紐約法拉盛集會抗議

​ 6/13  Times Ledger  De Blasio proposal to phase out SHSAT fails to resonate with Queens lawmakers

 6/13  Washington Post  New York’s mayor wants to demolish a school system that lifts kids out of poverty

​ 6/13  World Journal  廢SHSAT 面對亞裔反彈 教育總監堅持立場
​ 6/13  World Journal  20學區投票 反對取消特殊高中入學考試
​ 6/13  World Journal  孟昭文會紐約市教育總監 聚焦SHSAT  (Statement)
​ 6/13  World Journal <特殊高中改革案>華爾街日報:亞裔正在覺醒

 6/12  AM New York  Mayor’s elite-school plan doesn’t make the grade
​​ 6/12  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Asians call Chancellor’s Specialized High School remarks divisive, disrespectful

 6/12  Epoch Times  紐約市精英學校--特殊高中的歷史沿革

​ 6/12  New York Daily News  NYC's own 'Hunger Games'

 6/12  Our Town  Asian-Americans assail schools plan

 6/12  QNS  Parents rally in Flushing against city’s move to eliminate the specialized high school test

 6/12  Wall Street Journal  The Attack on Educational Excellence

​ 6/12  Wall Street Journal  Dumbing Down New York’s Public Schools

 6/12  West Side Spirit  Asian-Americans assail schools plan

​ 6/12  World Journal  華社施壓初見效 廢SHSAT共同提案人退縮

 6/11  Broadsheet  Assemblywoman Niou, City Councilwoman Chin Criticize DeBlasion on SHSAT

​ 6/11  China Press  抗议废考现场 逾百人登记选民

​ 6/11  China Press  抗议废SHSAT 华裔大示威

​ 6/11  China Press  冒雨抗议 群情激奋

 6/11  CNW  紐約五千人示威抗議特殊高中改革法

 6/11  Community Digital News NY specialized high schools are under attack by Identity Politics

 6/11  Eastern News  纽约民众聚集市府广场 抗议市长白思豪取消SHSAT

​ 6/11  Epoch Times  紐約2千人市府集會 反對廢特殊高中入學考試

 6/11  Lo-Down  Council Member Chin Asks Mayor For Meeting on Specialized High School Plan

 6/11  National Review  De Blasio’s Plan to Destroy New York’s Best Schools

​ 6/11  New China TV  Parents, students protest against canceling admission test for Specialized High Schools

​ 6/11  New York Daily News  Without the test, Stuyvesant won't work

 6/11  New York School Talk  The Mayor’s Hidden Agenda

 6/11  Our Town  Asian-Americans assail schools plan

 6/11  Politico  De Blasio’s quixotic specialized school journey

​ 6/11  Wall Street Journal  An Asian-American Awakening

 6/11  World Journal  用選票發聲 亞裔不做啞裔 快去登記選民

 6/11  World Journal 《新聞眼》廢SHSAT危機未除 下一步該如何走?

 6/11  World Journal  保SHSAT 5000家長、學生示威

 6/11  China Press:  抗议废SHSAT 华裔大示威

 6/10  City & State  The way to diversify specialized high schools is to open more of them

​ 6/10  New York Post  Protesters gather at City Hall to oppose de Blasio’s no-test plan

 6/10  New York Post  When grades and scores come from the school themselves ...

​ 6/10  NTD TV  反對廢除特殊高中考試 紐約學生家長抗議

 6/10  NY1  Specialized High School Admission Changes Effect All High Schools  (Recorded by onlooker)

 6/10   SF Gate  Plan to diversify elite NYC schools draws fire from Asians

​ 6/10  Sing Tao 「沒有人能隨隨便便成功」 亞裔家長談為教育做犧牲

​ 6/10  Sing Tao  數千人冒雨聚市府 反特殊高中錄取改革

 6/10  Sinovision  逾五千民衆紐約市府前抗議 反對取消特殊高中入學考試

 6/10  Sinovision  抗議市長廢除特殊高中入學考試計劃 逾千家長紐約市府門前集結抗議

 6/10  Villager  ‘Keep the test!’ Asian-Americans slam mayor’s plan on elite schools

 6/10  WPIX  What do you think of de Blasio's plan to diversity the city's eight specialized high schools?

 6/10  World Journal  紐約市擬廢特殊高中入學測驗 各族裔家長千人聚市府前抗議

 6/ 9   China Press  寇顿 唐凤巧要求教育局长为无礼言论道歉

​ 6/ 9   China Press  民代亚裔民众法拉盛示威

 6/ 9   China Press  亚当斯新建议:8所特高保留SHSAT录取方式不变

 6/ 9   Epoch Times  華人法拉盛抗議 強烈反對廢SHSAT

 6/ 9   Epoch Times  拯救特殊高中 寇頓下週六召開緊急會議

 6/ 9   Journal Times  Plan to diversify elite NYC schools draws fire from Asians

 6/ 9   New York Post  27% of Blacks, Latinos accepted into Specialized High Schools don't want to go there

 6/ 9   New York Post  De Blasio’s school admissions plan would slash enrollment of white kids

 6/ 9   Newsmax  Plan to Diversify Elite NYC Schools Draws Fire From Asians

​ 6/ 9   NTD TV  紐約市長改革特殊高中 家長民代齊抗議

 6/ 9   NY1  Queens residents and lawmakers protest proposed changes to SHSAT

 6/ 9   World Journal  AngelList創始人:考試入學最公平

 6/ 9   World Journal  布碌崙區長改口保留SHSAT 稱與華人取消籌款無關

 6/ 9   World Journal  廢特殊高中考試 亞裔集會法拉盛抗議

 6/ 9   World Journal  非裔校友:SHSAT沒錯 是市長改革有誤

 6/ 9   World Journal《新聞眼》改革之路 應展誠意

 6/ 8   American Conservative   Is Mayor De Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

 6/ 8   Bklyner  Why Southern Brooklyn parents worry about Mayor’s plan on Specialized High Schools

 6/ 8   Brooklyn Daily Eagle  City’s plan to change specialized high school admissions exposes DOE failings

 6/ 8   Brooklyn Reporter  GOP pushes back on de Blasio elite schools plan

 6/ 8   China Daily   NYC school-diversity plan challenged

 6/ 8   China Press  因对特殊高中改革态度模棱两可 亚当斯竞选市长筹款活动

​ 6/ 8   China Press  特殊高中改革议案被叫停

 6/ 8   China Press  布碌仑第20学委全票反对白思豪取消SHSAT考试

​ 6/ 8   China Press  陈倩雯吁白思豪与亚裔对话 修改特殊高中入学程序问题

 6/ 8   Epoch Times  漠视选民嘘声四起 亚当斯支持废SHSAT

 6/ 8   New American  Mayor de Blasio: Diversity Over Merit at NYC’s Best Schools

 6/ 8   Newsmax  Is NYC Mayor de Blasio Anti-Asian?

 6/ 8   SF Shibao  纽约市布鲁克林区长亚当斯突改口 反对取消特殊高中入学考试

 6/ 8   SF Shibao  纽约法拉盛逾百民众集会 反对取消特殊高中考试

 6/ 8   Sing Tao  建議5區各建一所新特殊高中 亞當斯重申支持保留SHSAT  > > >他直到6月18日才對英語媒體承認< < <

 6/ 8   Sing Tao  史塔文斯基指責 白思豪一意孤行

​ 6/ 8   Sing Tao  近300民眾法拉盛集會 反對取消特殊高中考試

 6/ 8   Sinovision《一刻》紐約亞裔的特殊高中保衛戰

 6/ 8   Standard Examiner  Is Mayor de Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

 6/ 8   World Journal  布碌崙20學區決議 反對廢除SHSAT

 6/ 8   World Journal  廢SHSAT 中華公所批「本末倒置」盼聽民意

 6/ 8   World Journal  廢除特殊高中考試 亞裔法拉盛抗議

 6/ 8   World Journal《新聞眼》有理更要聲高 亞裔不再啞裔

 6/ 7   Amsterdam News  Fix the pipeline for specialized high schools
 6/ 7   Amsterdam News  Specialized Prejudice: Protest as Mayor calls to end specialized high school test

 6/ 7   Chalkbeat  Cynthia Nixon on specialized schools: ‘We need them to be more racially diverse’

 6/ 7   China Press  亚当斯对话华社 听取废考争议

 6/ 7   China Press  施压州参议员 封杀A10427A案关键

 6/ 7   China Press  取消入学考 州议会过首关

 6/ 7   China Press  华人学生告危!是谁总把华裔放在“公正”的对立面?

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  反對廢SHSAT 史塔文斯基組織抗議

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  市長強推特殊高中入學改革 州議員批「政治秀」

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  廢除SHSAT提案 州眾議院教委會通過

​ 6/ 7   Epoch Times  中華主席:政客不正釀矛盾 兩頭不是人

​ 6/ 7   Forest Hills Post  Meng Pans De Blasio’s Plan to Scrap High School Admissions Test  (Statement)

 6/ 7   Kings County Politics  City Can Learn From Asian Education Process

 6/ 7   Michelle Malkin  Dullard de Blasio's Dumbass Plan to Throw Smart Asian-Americans Under the Bus

 6/ 7   National Review  ‘Too Many Asian Americans’: Bill de Blasio Edition

 6/ 7   New York Daily News  Chinese-American group demands apology from Carranza after comment

 6/ 7   New York Daily News  State Assembly puts off action on de Blasio's desegregation plan

 6/ 7   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to ban high school admissions tests put on hold

 6/ 7   NTD TV  多方反改革特殊高中 紐約州議會本立法季不予討論

 6/ 7   Queens Chronicle  Defeat de Blasio’s plot against the ‘elite eight’

 6/ 7   Queens Chronicle  City Hall wants to ax elite eight’s SHSAT

 6/ 7   SF Shibao  纽约州众议长希斯提搁置特殊高中改革 卡兰萨回应称不会放弃
6/ 7   Sing Tao  聲稱亞裔掌控特殊高中取錄 指引述錯誤教育總監拒道歉

 6/ 7   Sinovision  紐約州衆議長希斯提擱置特殊高中改革 卡蘭薩稱不會放棄

 6/ 7   Sinovision  取消特殊高中入學考試提案擱置到明年 紐約亞裔社區将辦兩場示威

 6/ 7   USA Today  Lowering school standards for diversity's sake hurts all students

 6/ 7   Voices of NY  Opinion: Elite High School Test ‘Not a Problem Then’ or Now

 6/ 7   World Journal  布碌崙區長支持廢SHSAT 華社砲轟

 6/ 7   World Journal  特殊高中改革效應 學區房市恐洗牌

 6/ 7   World Journal  白思豪特殊高中改革案過首關 州眾議會教委會通過廢SHSAT

 6/ 7   World Journal  投票中/紐約州眾議會亞裔議員出手 攔下特殊高中改革提案

​ 6/ 6   AACE  AACE Condemns Proposed Changes on Specialized High School Admissions

 6/ 6   Breitbart  Asian-Americans: Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘Pitting Minority Against Minority’

 6/ 6   Chalkbeat  The scene at Stuyvesant

 6/ 6   China Press  家长示威 抗议取消入学考

 6/ 6   China Press  取消特殊高中入学考 华人家长怒火烧

 6/ 6   China Press  支持取消入学考 亚当斯引争议

 6/ 6   Epoch Times  華人家長市府抗議 反對廢除入學考

​ 6/ 6   Hot Air  In New York, Even Cuomo Can’t Stomach NYC Plan For School Admissions

 6/ 6   New York Post  NYC’s top schools wouldn’t survive de Blasio’s testing plan

 6/ 6   New York Post  Grace Meng slams de Blasio’s plan to scrap admissions testing  (Statement)

 6/ 6   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to ditch admission test for top high schools wins approval

​ 6/ 6   NTD TV  白思豪要廢紐約特殊高中考試 華人家長市政廳遊行抗議

 6/ 6   NTD TV  一票之差 紐約州教育委員會通過改革特殊高中

 6/ 6   One News Now  De Blasio ripped for plan to diversify elite NYC high schools

 6/ 6   Qgazette  Stavisky: Keep SHSAT, And Help More Students Pass It

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  紐約同源會陳慧華建議 關注97%非裔不及格問題

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  是時候,亞裔共同站起來 向議員 Barron及市長白思豪 齊聲怒吼

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  特殊高中改革法案引發華人怒潮 華人網上集結 周五周日2場示威

 6/ 6   Voices of NY  Specialized High School Reform Proposal Triggers Outcry

 6/ 6   Wall Street Journal  Progressive Education: How to ruin New York’s best high schools in the name of equality

 6/ 6   Wall Street Journal  Parents at Sunset Park Meeting Call for Keeping High School Admission Test

 6/ 6   World Journal  市府擬廢SHSAT 華人家長怒吼

 6/ 6   World Journal  市教育總監:學生不應補習

 6/ 6   World Journal  家長:學生成績好壞都受罪

 6/ 5   Amsterdam News  De Blasio’s plan to make elite high schools more diverse meets opposition, criticism

​ 6/ 5   Blaze  De Blasio's plan to diversify elite high schools draws sharp criticism from NYC families

 6/ 5   China Press  抗议取消特殊高中入学考 亚裔大示威

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  多名紐約州議員反對廢SHSAT

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  紐約市改革特殊高中錄取 華社強烈反對

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  紐約要改革SHSAT 華裔家長緊急聯署要求保留

 6/ 5   Fox News  New York mayor unveils plan to scrap admissions testing

 6/ 5   Gothamist  Asian-American Groups Protest Plan To Diversify Specialized High Schools

 6/ 5   Kings County Politics  Asian Community Pushes Back Against Elite Schools Plan

 6/ 5   New York Daily News Bill games the elite high school admissions test

 6/ 5   New York Daily News  More diverse specialized schools, without scrapping the admissions test

 6/ 5   New York Post  De Blasio’s latest bad idea will hurt city’s elite schools

 6/ 5   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to get rid of admissions tests faces strong opposition
 6/ 5   New York Post  Cuomo has little faith in de Blasio’s elite-HS admission plan

 6/ 5   New York Times  Asian Groups See Bias in Plan to Diversify New York’s Elite Schools

 6/ 5   NY1  SHSAT overhaul plan: Hearing from the alumni of specialized high schools

 6/ 5   SI Live  Tech grads, parents, students slam mayor's plan to scrap elite school's exam

 6/ 5   SI Live  De Blasio turning specialized high schools into nothing special

 6/ 5   Sing Tao  市長公布特殊高中改革方案 華人暴怒數百人市府前抗議

 6/ 5   QNS  Queens residents, lawmakers unhappy with city’s plan to eliminate specialized schools tests

 6/ 5   Sing Tao  布碌崙華社議員群起怒責 區長︰華裔非裔不應對立

 6/ 5   Sinovision  反對取消特殊高中入學考試 逾百民衆紐約市府抗議

 6/ 5   WABC  Protest over plan to revamp admissions testing for elite high schools in New York City

 6/ 5   Wall Street Journal  Cuomo Wants Mayor’s Elite High-School Plan to Be Part of Larger Policy Talks

 6/ 5   World Journal  市教育總監談SHSAT:學生不應補習

 6/ 5   World Journal  廢除特殊高中入學測驗 葛謨:今年難

 6/ 4   China Press  华社及大批民代痛批废SHSAT考试计划

 6/ 4   City Journal  Diversity, Not Merit

 6/ 4   Inside Higher Ed  Who Should Get In?
 6/ 4   New York Daily News  Critics blast Mayor de Blasio’s school desegregation plan

 6/ 4   New York Post  Bill de Blasio’s schools plan is brutally unjust

 6/ 4   New York Post  Activists slam de Blasio plan to end school admissions tests

 6/ 4   NTD TV  白思豪廢除紐約特殊高中考試 反對聲音四起

 6/ 4   NY1  Parents, alumni slam proposal to change admissions for NYC specialized high schools

 6/ 4   Patch  Elite High School Alumni To Fight Mayor's Diversity Bill

 6/ 4   Sing Tao  抗議市長取消特殊高中入學試 亞裔維權大聯盟今辦示威遊行

 6/ 4   Sinovision  特殊高中學生反對改革: 降低标準錄取了也跟不上

 6/ 4   Sinovision  白思豪特殊高中改革惹衆怒 紐約華社6/5市政廳前抗議

 6/ 4   WABC  Protest over plan to revamp admissions testing for elite high schools in New York City

​ 6/ 4   WCBS  Criticism Mounts Over Mayor De Blasio's Plan For Elite New York City High Schools

 6/ 4   WNYC  Outrage, Applause Greets de Blasio's Bid to Reform Elite High Schools

 6/ 4   WPIX  De Blasio’s plan to make city’s elite high schools more diverse meets opposition, criticism

 6/ 4   World Journal  不滿市府廢SHSAT 未徵詢華社 亞裔維權聯盟上街頭

 6/ 4   World Journal  白思豪動刀特殊高中 家長學生齊轟

 6/ 4   World Journal  張潔:特殊高中錄取標準需公平 莫打「族裔」牌

 6/ 3   China Press  市长将废除特殊高中入学考试

 6/ 3   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to destroy New York’s top high schools

 6/ 3   Wall Street Journal  New York City Mayor Alters Exam-School Admissions

 6/ 3   World Journal  取消考試「拉低特殊高中水準 」 亞裔認遭歧視

 6/ 2   New York Post  De Blasio wants to scrap admissions testing for elite high schools