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   11/24 Wall Street Journal Law Schools Without LSATs

   11/22 New York Post Your kids know they ARE being taught critical race theory despite the denials

   11/21 China Press 莊文怡宣布競選第43選區市議員  (Susan Zhuang)

   11/21 Epoch Times  寇頓助手莊文怡宣布競選第43選區紐約市議員 (Susan Zhuang)

   11/21 Wall Street Journal A Diverse Thanksgiving Without Affirmative Action

   11/20 Daily Caller Here’s Why Top US Universities May Be Pulling Out Of High-Profile Ranking System

   11/20 New York Post  Parent group derides school district leader’s lottery admission plan as ‘DOE Powerball’

   11/20 New York Post  NY Regents are looking to snap education standards out of existence

   11/20 Sing Tao  莊文怡宣布參選第43選區市議員 分享增加警方與教育經費等政綱  (Susan Zhuang)

   11/ 18 China Press 社區人士籲保衛教育資源 請願阻止削減特殊高中補助

   11/ 17 Queens Chronicle Asian students under attack, again, by DOE

   11/ 15 UnHerd Anti-racism attacks my American Dream

   11/ 11 Fox News Biden Education official claims 'school discipline' is 'racist,' blames 'whiteness'

   11/ 10 China Press 華裔鄭永佳領先668票 白彼得翻盤渺茫 (Lester Chang)

   11/ 10 Deseret News  It’s time for the sun to set on racial preferences in college admissions

   11/ 10 Fordham Institute New York City shortchanges its advanced students

   11/ 10 Yuan Media 全美亚裔齐聚最高法,声援起诉哈佛、北卡大学法庭辩论,抗议平权“招生”歧视亚裔学生!

   11/   7 Andrew Gutmann The case against affirmative action

   11/   7 Common Sense  An Existential Threat to Doing Good Science

   11/   5 Epoch Times 最後衝刺 數百華人法拉盛為李修頓造勢 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   5 Village Sun  Merit matters, especially during an education crisis  (Maria Danzilo)

   11/   5 World Journal 李修頓法拉盛造勢 誓言整頓治安 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   4 City Journal The Case for Optimism on Affirmative Action

   11/   4 City Journal Grutter on the Chopping Block

   11/   4 Sing Tao 李修頓首度法拉盛造勢 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   3 City Journal Justice Thomas’ Question Exposes Affirmative Action

   11/   3 Epoch Times 美國最高法院兩極化聽審 紐約華人熱議

   11/   3 Fox News Supreme Court could finally fire racialist university bureaucrats

   11/   2 China Press 班克斯将中學錄取方式權交給各學區

   11/   2 Fox News  Asian Americans optimistic Supreme Court will end race-based college admissions
   11/   2 Manhattan Contrarian Some Thoughts On Affirmative Action

   11/   1 City Journal After Affirmative Action

   11/   1 Epoch Times 美國最高法院就哈佛及北卡招生案辯論5小時

   11/   1 Epoch Times 最高法院開審哈佛招生案 亞裔校外集會反歧視

   11/   1 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court Appears Ready to Ban Affirmative Action Following Oral Arguments

   11/   1 New York Post Supreme Court cases expose ugly truth of elite colleges’ inhumane racial admissions

   11/   1 Sing Tao 亞裔白人學生普遍關注案件 大學平權招生爭議擴至高中

   10/31 City Journal Preening Over Preferences

   10/31 CNN Supreme Court considers Harvard and University of North Carolina’s use of affirmative action

   10/31 Daily Caller Justice Roberts Presses Harvard On Use Of Race-Based Admissions

   10/31 Daily Caller Fix K-12 Education And Stop Scapegoating Asian Americans!

   10/31 Daily Signal The Real Dispute at Heart of Affirmative Action Cases Now Before High Court

   10/31 Daily Tar Heel Supreme Court hears oral arguments in UNC affirmative action case

   10/31 Epoch Times 哈佛案今聽審 反AA團體高院前集會撐亞裔

   10/31 Epoch Times 紐約華人家長組團赴DC 聲援吿哈佛招生歧視

   10/31 Fox News Rallygoers plead with Supreme Court to end race-based admissions: 'Do not scapegoat Asians'

   10/31 Fox News Justices hear arguments over affirmative action in Harvard, UNC Supreme Court cases

   10/31 Fox News Supreme Court to hear cases that could end affirmative action in university admissions

   10/31 Fox News Harvard affirmative action case: Supreme Court must defend color-blind Constitution

   10/31 Fox News Affirmative action policies are 'un-American' and 'racist,' Nikki Haley says

   10/31 Harvard Crimson Hundreds Rally in D.C. as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Harvard Affirmative Action Case

   10/31 NTD Racially Discriminatory College Admission Policies Receive Rough Ride at Supreme Court  (NTD TV)

   10/31 Queens Chronicle  Anti-affirmative action rally held in Bayside

   10/31 Reuters U.S. Supreme Court conservatives lean against race-conscious student admissions

   10/31 Sing Tao 高院今開始聆訊哈佛大學收生政策訴訟 300多人華盛頓集會呼籲教育平等權利

   10/31 Wall Street Journal Affirmative Action Exposes the Secret Meaning of Equity

   10/31 Wall Street Journal Can Harvard Discriminate by Race Forever?

   10/31 Washington Examiner Racial discrimination has no place in higher education

   10/31 World Journal 拉貝拉華社造勢 強調治安教育理念 (Vito LaBella)

   10/31 World Journal 哈佛招生歧視案 最高法院今開庭 亞裔聲援:勿用新錯掩舊錯

   10/30 Wall Street Journal Race Has No Place in College Admissions

   10/30 World Journal 哈佛招生歧視案將開庭 皇后區華裔家長集會聲援

   10/30 Yahoo News  Asian American groups rally before the Supreme Court to protest affirmative action
   10/29 Fox News Supreme Court advancing ‘White supremacy’ if it rules against Harvard: MSNBC guest

   10/29 World Journal 最高院10月31日審哈佛招生歧視案 學生社團聲援

   10/28 City Journal Where the Boys Aren’t

   10/28 Epoch Times 哈佛案下週一聽審 AA平權學生受資助到DC集會

   10/28 Epoch Times 不滿治安惡化 紐約亞裔集會力挺選李修頓當州長  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/28 Reason Miserable Math and Reading Scores Will Fuel School Choice Movement

   10/28 Sing Tao 挑戰民主黨曲怡文 共和黨維樂培8大道籌款 (Vito LaBella)

   10/28 Sing Tao 抗衡亞裔教育聯盟周日最高法院前大集會 哈佛大學撥款$2700給90名學生去反示威

   10/27 China Press 競選州參議員 維樂培八大道華社籌款造勢 (Vito LaBella)

   10/27 City Journal Concern Trolling (Still the Ones to Beat: Teachers’ Unions and School Board Elections)

   10/27 Epoch Times 紐約市初中入學申請開始 篩選錄取學校遠少於疫情前

   10/27 Fox News 'American dream' at stake in Harvard race-based admissions, say Asian American lawmakers

   10/27 Fox News Affirmative action and the Supreme Court -- discrimination of any kind is morally wrong

   10/27 New York Post  Banks’ middle-school bungle denies crucial opportunities for excellence

   10/27 New York Sun New York Governor Candidates Agree: Lift the Cap on Charter Schools

   10/27 Wall Street Journal Amid the Pandemic, Progress in Catholic Schools

   10/26 Epoch TImes 最高院即將審哈佛招生案 亞裔團體30日集會

   10/26 National Review Voters Should Demand Accountability for School Closures

   10/26 New York Post Campus ‘diversity’ is a scam used to promote reverse racism

   10/26 Sing Tao 紐市近90%公立中學 續採用抽籤隨機招生

   10/26 Sing Tao 控告哈佛和北卡大學案件律師 投書「新聞周刊」批招生種族歧視

   10/26 Sing Tao 最高法院31日展開聆訊多個民權組織30日集會

   10/25 Collegfe Fix  Harvard students get $2,700 for pro-affirmative action rally at SCOTUS
   10/25 Epoch Times 美亞裔教育聯盟主席新書警告:美式文革的危險

   10/25 New York Daily News Restore admissions screens for preteens

   10/25 PRNewswire AACE, Partner Organizations to hold Rally to support SFFA's lawsuit against Harvard, UNC

   10/25 Wall Street Journal  Falling ACT Scores and the Dumbing Down of America

   10/24 Chalkbeat NAEP scores show record drop in math for NYC’s 4th graders, but not in reading

   10/24 City Journal The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

   10/24 Education Week National Math, Reading Scores Hit Historic Lows

   10/24 Education Week Explaining That Steep Drop in Math Scores on NAEP: 5 Takeaways

   10/24 Epoch Times 選人不選黨 紐約居民聯盟宣布2022普選背書名單 (Zeldin, Henry, LaBella, Stavisky, Addabbo, Conigliaro, Liao, Colton, Chang)

   10/24 Epoch Times 《種族鬥爭理論及覺醒文化:美國文革危險的重演》新書發表

   10/24 Minding the Campus Race Consciousness Hangs by a Thread

   10/24 New York Post NY parents rip schools after test scores show historic COVID setbacks

   10/24 New York Post Fresh evidence that school closures led to dramatic setbacks in learning

   10/24 Newsweek Affirmative Action Is Racist—Against Asians. It's Time for SCOTUS to Overturn It

   10/24 The 74 Million Nation’s Report Card Shows Largest Drops Ever in 4th and 8th Grade Math

   10/24 Wall Street Journal The School Lockdown Catastrophe

   10/24 World Journal 選人不選黨 居民聯盟背書9候選人 反對4公投 (Zeldin, Esposito, Henry, Stavisky, Addabbo, LaBella, Liao, Chang, Colton)

   10/23 China Press 居民聯盟背書名單出爐 (Zeldin, Esposito, Henry, Stavisky, Addabbo, LaBella, Coniglario, Chang, Liao, Colton)

   10/23 Sing Tao 居民聯盟公布背書名單 維護教育安全及平等 (Henry, LaBella, Liao, Chang, Stavisky, Addabbo, Colton, Zeldin, Conigliaro)

   10/23 World Journal 砍特殊高中預算 500華裔家長抵制

   10/22 Epoch Times 反對削減特殊高中經費 紐約家長紛致信教育局

   10/22 Epoch Times 被開除紐約大學知名教授:近年來學生成績普遍下降

   10/22 New York Post Elite NYC prep schools aim woke indoctrination at parents too

   10/21 China Press  教育局經費工作組提議取消代表性高中組合撥款 華裔家長籲發聲反對取消特殊高中補助

   10/21 City Journal False Representation

   10/21 Epoch Times  皇后區共和黨眾議員候選人造勢 華人支持者眾多  (Michael Conigliaro)

   10/20 Boston Globe I was fired from NYU after students complained that the class was too hard. Who’s next?

   10/20 City Journal Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Schools

   10/20 Epoch Times 哈佛招生多元化遭質疑 華社:校報數據打臉

   10/20 New York Post  As simple as ABC, Chancellor David Banks is right on the point

   10/20 Washington Examiner College enrollment declines by 1.1% as colleges struggle to make up COVID losses
   10/19 CDN  Colleges Chose Diversity Over Merit. Now, They’re Getting Neither

   10/19 The Federalist  Texas A&M Faculty Senate Votes To Exclude Asian Job Applicants

   10/18 City Journal Empty Platitude, or Litmus Test?

   10/17 Chalkbeat 24 principals in Manhattan sign petition against middle school admissions screens

   10/17 Hechinger Report Colleges that ditched test scores for admissions find it’s harder to be fair

   10/17 San Francisco Examiner Ideology or education? That is the choice for the S.F. Board of Education election

   10/16 The 74 Million Poll Finds Parents Are Frustrated — & Ready to Change K-12 Education in America

   10/16 World Journal 紐約市擬大減特殊高中經費 公校預算將偏重遊民家庭學生

   10/15 Epoch Times 自豪還是不快?紐約華人談「亞裔模範」

   10/14 Epoch Times 高院將審哈佛招生歧視案 亞裔組織30日DC集會

   10/14 RealClear Education Why Are Student Test Scores Plunging? Look at Politicized Education

   10/14 Wall Street Journal A More Diverse America Turns Against Racial Preferences

   10/13 Chalkbeat NYC schools chief criticized for saying some kids deserve top schools more than others

   10/13 China Press 亞潮聯盟背書寇頓連任州衆議員 (William Colton)

   10/13 Epoch Times 州長候選人李修頓與家長組織座談 闡述熱門話題政見  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/13 Epoch Times 圍繞保釋法 鄭永佳和白彼得「打嘴仗」 (Lester Chang, Peter Abbate)

   10/13 Paul Mirengoff The real reckoning in higher education: The U.S. is slipping

   10/13 Sing Tao 三共和黨候選人訪星島 籲聯邦負責解決移民問題  (Lester Chang, Vito LaBella, Stefano Forte)

   10/13 Wall Street Journal Stanford Apologizes to Jews; Will Harvard apologize to Asian-Americans in 70 years?

   10/12 Chalkbeat Cuts to specialized high schools, money for homeless students: task force weighs budget changes

   10/12 City Journal Without a “Diversity” Leg to Stand On

   10/12 Sing Tao 鄭永佳籲廢除保釋法並派軍隊維安 白彼得批其非選區居民不瞭解情況  (Peter Abbate, Lester Chang)

   10/12 The 74 Million ACT Scores Fall to Lowest Level In 30 Years

   10/12 Wall Street Journal China’s Universities Rise in World Rankings as American Schools Continue to Falter

   10/11 Education Next What Next for New York Charter Schools?

   10/11 Real Clear Politics Race-baiting, CRT Still High on Teachers Unions' To-do List

   10/10 Wall Street Journal  The Real Asian-American Race Issue

   10/10 World Journal 寇頓拚連任 華社熱情相挺 (William Colton)

   10/ 9 China Press 教育倡导组织PLACE NYC公布普选背书名单 

   10/ 9 China Press 多侨团联办筹款会支持寇顿竞选连任 (William Colton)

   10/ 9 New York Post Give your customers what they want, NYC schools — or see more of us parents flee

   10/ 9 Sing Tao 華社支持寇頓競選連任 (William Colton)

   10/ 8 Epoch Times PLACE NYC邀李修頓下週二舉辦線上會議 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 8 World Journal 教育政策鮮明 李修頓選戰利器 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 8 World Journal 「霍楚屢拒會面」 紐約華裔教育人士挺李修頓  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 7 Epoch Times 民意進不了州府 紐約家長:改投共和黨 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 7 Sing Tao 李修頓里民大會公校前舉行 呼籲父母參與子女教育 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 6 China Press 亞潮聯盟背書共和黨州長候選人李修頓 (Lee Zeldin, others)

   10/ 6 Epoch Times 「真相工程」揭露的極左老師 換學校繼續教課

   10/ 5 Epoch Times  州主計長:教育局助學生接受高等教育準備工作不足

   10/ 5 Epoch Times 「亞潮萌」背書共和黨紐約州長候選人李修頓  (Lee Zeldin, others)

   10/ 5 New York Post NYU’s firing of Professor Maitland Jones Jr. should frighten every American

   10/ 4 Chalkbeat Where do Hochul and Zeldin stand on education?

   10/ 4 New York Post Insane school spending and meager student results reveal educrats’ real priorities

   10/ 4 New York Post Many NYC public school grads aren’t ready for college, state audit finds
   10/ 4 New York Post NYU professor says he was fired after students complained class was too hard
   10/ 4 Sing Tao 紐約大學教授遭解僱 82學生投訴課程太難

   10/ 4 Sing Tao 亞潮萌背書州長候選人李修頓 認同其社區安全和經濟政策

   10/ 4 The 74 Million Screening Is Back in at NYC Middle & High Schools — But Will It Help or Hurt?

   10/ 4 Wall Street Journal Racial Preferences Harm Their Beneficiaries, Too

   10/ 4 Wall Street Journal Illinois’s Shocking Report Card

   10/ 3 China Press 州眾議員候選人鄭永佳 籌款造勢 (Lester Chang, Vito LaBella)

   10/ 3 New York School Talk  Is the ‘Fame’ School Gonna Live Forever? Not Under This Principal!

   10/ 3 World Journal  州眾議員候選人鄭永佳 籌款造勢 (Lester Chang, Vito Labella)

    9/30 China Press 寇頓發起 社區集會促徹底取消抽簽入學  (William Colton)

    9/30 China Press 面對争議 教育局改革高中抽簽錄取

    9/30 Epoch Times 紐約市教育局未取消抽籤入學 布碌崙家長不滿 (William Colton, Ari Kagan, Nicole Malliotakis, Inna Vernikov, Lester Chang)

    9/30 James Martin The ACT is Still Useful -- Don't Drop It

    9/30 World Journal  紐約公校錄取新政策 對華生影響好壞參半

    9/29 Epoch Times 紐約市公校入學指南出爐 家長組織欲恢復入學考

    9/29 New York Post NYC changes controversial high school admissions process

    9/29 New York Post UPenn doctor: ‘Anti-racist’ policies are wrecking American medicine

    9/29 Reason Public Schools Experiencing 'White Flight'

    9/29 Sing Tao 寇頓等組織集會 籲恢復中學公平錄取  (William Colton, Ari Kagan, Peter Abbate, Inna Vernikov, Nicole Malliotakis)

    9/28 New York Post State data offer further proof that school lockdowns were a disaster

    9/28 Sing Tao 州會考成績公布 亞裔生及格率第一

    9/27 China Press 劉醇逸緻函市教育局要求摒棄高中抽簽錄取制 (John Liu)

    9/26 AMNY Senator Liu tells Chancellor Banks to fix high school admissions process

    9/26 World Journal 寇頓連任籌款會 華社齊聚造勢 (William Colton)

    9/25 China Press 衆議員寇頓競選連任籌款會舉行 華社踴躍到場支持  (William Colton)

    9/25 New York Post New Yorkers, facing poorly performing schools, need more choice (Lee Zeldin)

    9/24 China Press 副州長參選人艾麗生訪南布碌侖華社 分享政見  (Alison Esposito)

    9/24 China Press 寇頓籲繼續抗議抽簽入學及遊民收容所計劃  (William Colton)

    9/24 Epoch Times 共和黨候選人華社拜票 華人讚「說出心聲」  (Alison Esposito)

    9/24 World Journal 反對紐約抽籤錄取 寇頓號召29日示威  (William Colton)

    9/23 New York Times Stop Making Asian Americans Pay the Price for Campus Diversity

    9/21 CACAGNY Repeats Warning on Social Emotional School Surveys

    9/19 CACAGNY Provides Update on Discovery Expansion Lawsuit

    9/16 Epoch TImes 「真相工程」曝光學校如何灌輸學生社會主義

    9/16 Epoch Times 恢復篩選錄取?紐約市教育局預計下週公布標準

    9/16 Epoch Times 2700名家長連署 反對高中繼續抽籤錄取

    9/16 Epoch Times 逾兩百無證移民學生開學初湧入24學區 全紐約市恐破千

    9/15 Wall Street Journal A Racial Bias Lawsuit Hits Pfizer

    9/15 World Journal  紐約教育總監鬆口 家長連署反高中抽籤

    9/14 New York Post  NY Board of Regents attack educational standards again

    9/14 New York Post  NY students continue to be allowed to graduate with lower test scores

    9/13 Epoch Times  紐約治安走樣 民主黨議員與選民改挺李修頓選州長  (Lee Zeldin)

    9/13 Washington Free Beacon Public University Hit With Class Action Suit Over Race-Based Hiring Practices

    9/12 Minding the Campus Lowery v. Texas A&M: The Beginning of the End of DEI Discrimination?

    9/11 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Harvard Affirmative Action Case on Oct. 31

    9/10 New York Post  Affirmative action hurts Asian-Americans—but the left just shrugs

    9/  9 Epoch Times 民主黨議員跨黨背書 共和黨新星富特:推翻保釋法  (Stefano Forte)

    9/  8 Daily Caller California School Hosts LGBTQ Club For 4-Year-Olds

    9/  8 Global News Wire Lawsuit Filed Against CT Schools by Parents Opposing Critical Race Theory

    9/  8 Washington Examiner Teacher defines 'fascist' to class as 'whites,' 'heterosexuals,' and 'Christians'

    9/  6 New York Post Why schools won’t tell parents what their kids are being taught

    9/  6 University of Rochester  What is the best way to group students?

    9/  5 Daily Caller How US Universities Are Watering Down Standards In The Name Of ‘Diversity’

    9/  5 Epoch Times 共和黨人富特參選新11選區州參議員 (Stefano Forte)

    9/  2 Wall Street Journal How Teachers Are Secretly Taught Critical Race Theory

    9/  1 City Journal Harvard’s Affirmative Action Rationale Is Bogus

    9/  1 Commentary Schoolchildren Are Not ‘Mere Creatures of the State’

    9/  1 New York Post  Teachers unions own the tragedy of massive learning loss during school closures

    9/  1 New York Post  Two decades for $200 billion: How teachers unions sold out our kids in the pandemic

    9/  1 New York Post  Parents fume about drop in national test scores over COVID pandemic
    9/  1 New York Times  WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR?

    8/31 Epoch Times 最後一刻 紐約家長籲州長否決「小班制」法案

    8/31 World Journal  上千名家長連署 籲霍楚否決縮班案

    8/29 NJ Education Report  Fewer Than Half of Parents Trust Teachers on Gender and Sexuality

    8/29 Parents Defending Education Principal: teachers are “addressing the unwritten history and systemic racism”

    8/29 Sing Tao 籲州長否決小班制 華人家長發起連署

    8/28 Parents Defending Education Teacher makes video about how she keeps secrets from parents

    8/27 New York Post Controversial NYC principal Namita Dwarka, accused of grade-fraud, gets promoted

    8/27 New York Post Bias hotlines at US colleges have led to a witch hunt culture on campus

    8/26 New York Post How to make sure schools don’t brainwash our kids with ideology of the right OR left

    8/26 New York Post Colorado students told in video to ‘avoid police’ if they see a racist attack

    8/26 Teacher Misery  Violent and Destructive Student Behavior Getting Worse

    8/25 Alpha News  Licensure changes ask teachers to make students ‘agents of social change’

    8/25 New York Post Bias hotlines popping up at schools across US may foster culture of fear

    8/24 Minding the Campus Free to Divide and Indoctrinate

    8/24 Virginia Pilot Virginia Beach School Board meeting gets heated over ‘porn peddling’ accusation

    8/23 Epoch Times 紐約市議會聽證要恢復教育預算 專家質疑資金使用效率

    8/23 Fox News Radical gender theory has now made its way into more than 4,000 US schools

    8/23 New York Post NYC private school parents livid over ‘woke’ librarian on Twitter

    8/22 Wall Street Journal  Racial Discrimination and Harvard’s Invidious Boxes

    8/21 New York Post Parents and the left are in an all-out war, and the kids are collateral damage

    8/21 New York Post New York teacher exposes state school-system sham — where guessing gets you a pass

    8/21 The 74 Million Parents Tell What It Would Take to Get Their Kids Back into NYC Public Schools

    8/20 Epoch Times 華人五大顧慮 紐約第十國會參選人向選民表立場  (Maud Maron, Brian Robinson)

    8/20 World Journal  紐約知行教育中心 提供一站式教育  (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 China Press 紐約知行教育中心開張剪彩 華商會總幹事王能任校長 (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 Epoch Times 紐約市有近半亞裔 英語能力有限

    8/19 Epoch Times 紐約首家一站式教育平台 「知行教育中心」法拉盛隆重揭幕 (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 Wall Street Journal Education Schools Have Long Been Mediocre. Now They’re Woke Too

    8/18 China Press 劉醇逸舉辦社區裏民會探讨教育改革

    8/18 Epoch Times 紐約華生高中志願無一抽中「用脚投票」離開公校

    8/18 Epoch Times 州參議員辦教育里民會 聚焦公校小班制

    8/18 Epoch Times 阻特許學校請第三方辦高中 紐約教師工會遭法庭駁回

    8/18 World Journal 反高中入學抽籤 第26學委會開跑

    8/18 World Journal 志願全落空 華生分到治安最差區高中

    8/17 Chalkbeat Philadelphia reintroduces test score requirement for magnet admissions

    8/17 City Journal How Gender Radicalism Conquered Sacramento Schools

    8/17 Daily Caller Teachers Union Runs Ad Calling Conservative Parents ‘Extremists’

    8/17 Fox News Lawyers react to 'illegal' agreement in Minneapolis to lay off White teachers first

    8/17 New York Post Minneapolis school district defends plan to lay off white teachers first

    8/17 Sing Tao 劉醇逸舉辦「教育社民會議」 焦點集中在應否推行小班制

    8/17 Sing Tao 阻建新特許高中 法官判工會敗訴

    8/17 Wall Street Journal Minneapolis Schools Discriminate by Race

    8/17 WHYY Philly public schools drop writing sample, add standardized tests back to admissions process

    8/16 City Journal  Putting Parents Back in Charge

    8/16 National Association of Scholars Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Take Over the University of Tennessee

    8/16 New York Post Teachers union places wokeness above seniority — at the expense of whites and kids

    8/16 New York Post California school district curriculum includes ‘Genderbread Identity’ man

    8/16 New York Teacher Guessing C For Every Answer Is Now Enough To Pass The New York State Algebra Exam

    8/16 World News Judge dismisses lawsuit by New York City Teachers Union seeking to block charter high school

    8/15 China Press  參選17選區州參議員維樂培訪華社  (Vito LaBella)

    8/15 Epoch Times  紐約市教育總監驚詫五千學生沒能抽中任何志願高中

    8/15 New York School Talk Parents Reveal What It Would Take To Get Them Back Into NYC Public Schools

    8/15 World Journal  紐約市高中抽籤入學5千人落榜 教育總監裝傻?

    8/14 Daily Caller Michigan Trains Teachers to Hide Students’ Names, Pronouns From Parents

    8/14 New York Daily News NYC parents are heading to the exits. Open more school doors to keep them

    8/13 Alpha News Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first

    8/13 College Fix  Professor blocked for tweeting ‘all men are created equal’ files First Amendment lawsuit
    8/13 New York Post  Parent leaders ‘school’ Banks on ramifications of new HS admission rules

    8/13 New York Post Why all kids should take the SAT: Student’s defense of standardized testing

    8/11 Fox News  Supreme Court to hear case that could end 40 years of race-based admissions

    8/10 City Journal Soldiers for the Gender Revolution

    8/10 Legal Insurrection Pro-Antifa High School Teacher in California Gets Paid to Resign

    8/10 New York Post New York hands out worthless diplomas to high school ‘grads’

    8/ 9 Daily Caller  ‘Sneak Attack’: Charter Schools Sue Biden Administration Over New Rules

    8/ 9 Fox News Charter schools sue the Biden administration's Dept. of Education over new regulations

    8/ 9 Legal Insurrection  School District Encourages Entire Town to Report Violations of ‘Anti-Racist’ Policy

    8/ 9 Washington Examiner Charter schools sue Biden education secretary over new funding rules

    8/ 9 Washington Free Beacon Princeton Introduces ‘Diversity’ Search Filter for University Vendors

    8/ 8 Campus Reform UCSD to become a "Hispanic-Serving Institution" (25% Latinx undergrads minimum)

    8/ 8 Fox News Mom rips pronoun guidance, urges school choice: 'The money needs to follow students

    8/ 8 New York Post It’s back to school soon — but not to failing, woke public schools for many families

    8/ 8 New York Post NY high school graduation rates may have been ‘inflated’ during COVID pandemic

    8/ 8 Epoch Times  批評者:「高分通脹」將讓紐約文憑一文不值

    8/ 7 Epoch Times Parents Suing School Board for Asking Students Their Gender Pronouns, Sex Lives

    8/ 7 World Journal 「暑期學習夏令營」結業 盼培養華裔領導者

    8/ 6 Epoch Times 保守派立場堅定 廖安怡籲亞裔選民投票創新氣象

             (Sharon Liao, Stefano Forte, Tom Zmich, Joe Pinion, Robert Speranza, Ruben Cruz, Vickie Paladino)

    8/ 6 New York Post A NYC school diploma isn’t worth the paper it’s written on  (Manhattan Institute)

    8/ 6 New York Post New York’s slimy educrats strike again with Regents question that cannot be named

    8/ 5 Epoch Times 美最高院10月聽審哈佛招生歧視案 各方造勢

    8/ 5 Go2Tutors San Diego Schools Say Giving Tests Is Racist

    8/ 4 Campus Reform Professor renounces tenure due to ‘woke takeover of higher education’

    8/ 4 China Press 紐約州長參選人李修頓訪八大道華社 闡述政綱  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 4 Epoch Times 李修頓8大道拜票 與華裔選民互動引共鳴  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 4 Fox News Universities embrace academia's woke insanity to crush free speech

    8/ 4 New York Post The teachers union’s cynical bid to steal NYC school control from Mayor Adams

    8/ 4 Washington Free Beacon Harvard Students, Professors Demand Cancellation of Exonerated Professor

    8/ 4 World Journal 州長候選人李修頓 布碌崙華社辦政見會  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 3 City Journal  A Tale of Two High Schools

    8/ 3 City Journal  The Dismantlers

    8/ 3 Fox News Parents' rights group sues Iowa school district over gender transition policies

    8/ 3 Minding the Campus Pride and Prejudice: Don’t You Dare Upend the “Race-Conscious” Status Quo

    8/ 3 New York Post Higher ed unites against Asian students in Supreme Court’s Harvard discrimination case

    8/ 3 New York Post Let’s stop loud radicals from drowning out the pro-American majority

    8/ 3 RealClear Education Break the K-12 Monopoly

    8/  1 China Press 州參議會17選區共和黨參選人維培嘉訪僑報暢談政見 (Vito LaBella)

    8/  1 Sapir The Merit of Meritocracy

    8/  1 Washington Examiner  ‘Wokeness,’ diversity, overtakes 3Rs in college teacher training

    8/  1 World Journal  紐約在家自學 疫期至今倍增

    7/31 Wall Street Journal  Stop Classroom Learning, Lose Students

    7/31 World Journal  紐約市高中抽籤報告 亞裔成最大輸家

    7/30 New York Post  Asian students are biggest losers in new NYC school admission system

    7/30 Washington Free Beacon One Medical Board Is Injecting DEI Into All Aspects of Medical Education

    7/29 Daily Signal Portland Schools Teaching Young Children About ‘Infinite Gender Spectrum’

    7/29 Daily Signal Conservative College Student: Here’s How Universities Fail to Prepare Future Leaders

    7/29 New York Post Fleeing families will leave New York without a future

    7/28 New York Post We must fight back against health care’s terrifying conquest by the radically woke

    7/27 Fox News  Parents push back on American colleges promoting DEI initiatives: 'DEI is dangerous'

    7/27 New York Post  COVID taught 1M parents there are alternatives to failing public schools

    7/27 NJ Education Report NJEA Is Teaching First Grade Teachers How to Perform ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

    7/26 Wall Street Journal Medical Education Goes Woke

    7/25 Washington Examiner  Maryland school district bars staff from telling parents about gender transitions

    7/24 China Press 競選國會衆議員 莫美倫冒暑八大道談政綱争取華裔選票 (Maud Maron)

    7/24 Legal Insurrection Teacher Blew Whistle On CRT In Schools, Suffered Retaliation, But Prevailed

    7/24 New York Post Fake outrage over City Council’s ‘tiny’ school budget cut may spark bad precedents

    7/24 Sing Tao 聯邦眾議員參選人訪8大道 莫美倫批牛毓琳極端激進派 (Maud Maron)

    7/24 Wall Street Journal The LSAT and Other Standardized Tests Are Good for Diversity

    7/23 Epoch Times  州議員強推小班制法案 紐約市公校家長商議無果

    7/23 NTD TV 劉醇逸推小班制 紐約家長聯合抗議

    7/23 Sing Tao 劉醇逸與家長溝通 舌劍唇槍沒有共識

    7/23 Sing Tao 30多位中外家長貝賽示威 抗議劉醇逸小班制教育法案

    7/23 World Journal 劉醇逸會抗議家長 重申提案未要求學子遷學區

    7/23 World Journal 反對公校小班制提案 華裔家長頂烈日抗議

    7/23 World Journal 參選州參議員 曲怡文訪法拉盛華商會 籲更多華人投票  (Iwen Chu)

    7/22 China Press 皇後區家長集會抗議公校小班化法案 籲州長否決

    7/22 Epoch Times 紐約州眾議員候選人廖安怡 拜訪中華公所  (Sharon Liao)

    7/22 New York Post How colleges use SAT-optional applications to covertly impose affirmative action

    7/22 QNS Queens parents protest legislation mandating decreased public school class sizes

    7/22 Sinovision  紐約兩學區5千學生或將面臨入學難? 家長要求州長否決小班化法案

    7/21 Daily Caller 50 School Districts Granted $10,000 By ‘It Gets Better Project’ To Promote Gender Ideology

    7/21 Epoch Times 紐約第十選區國會議員論壇 議題聚焦教育與經濟

    7/21 New York Post  Take on the teachers union and veto the class-size bill, Gov. Hochul

    7/21 The 74 Million  When Grades and Test Scores Don’t Add Up, Who Can Parents Trust?

    7/20 Catholic Current Grade Inflation: The Great Destroyer (Wai Wah Chin)

    7/20 China Press  首次參政競選州第40選區衆議員 廖安怡訪僑報暢談政見  (Sharon Liao)

    7/20 New York Post Enrollment down in traditional NYC public schools, as charters grow

    7/20 World Journal 特許高中頂峰學院招生 升學就業雙選擇

    7/19 Fox News Oregon DOE anti-bias training accuses White people of having a 'thorough racist conditioning'

    7/18 China Press 反對小班制法案 抗議團體發起請願簽名活動

    7/18 National Review Bureaucrats Sue Moms Fighting for Transparency in School-Reopening Fight

    7/18 New York Post Success Academy shows again that public schools can excel

    7/18 New York Post Eighth-graders at Success Academy pass majority of Regents

    7/18 Wesley Yang Substack Yes, Things Are Really As Bad As You've Heard

    7/17 New York Post Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives

    7/17 Wall Street Journal Co-Opting the Parents Revolt

    7/16 Epoch Times  小班制削減好學校學額 家長籲州長否決

    7/16 MSN  Teachers Unions Are Why More Parents Want School Choice

    7/15 New York Post NYC projects enrollment losses of another 30,000 students this fall

    7/15 Sing Tao 教育局悲觀預測 明年入學再減3萬

    7/15 Washington Free Beacon Parent Who Exposed Pornographic Library Books Sues After School Bans Him

    7/14 Fox News  Parents, educators, politicians react to Newsom education award: 'Slap in the face'

    7/14 Fox News  Education Dept. to investigate racial affinity groups at New York City middle school

    7/14 Gallup  Confidence in Public Schools Turns More Partisan

    7/14 New York Daily News  NYC  projects student enrollment will fall by another 30,000, to 760,000

    7/14 New York Post Don’t believe the UFT’s fake school funding cut hype

    7/14 Wall Street Journal Black, Latino Teachers Collecting $835 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit

    7/14 Wall Street Journal How a Public School in Florida Built America’s Greatest Math Team

    7/14 World Journal 劉醇逸:州長年底或准縮小班級

    7/13 Breitbart Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Grifters Rake in $1B in California

    7/13 City Journal The DEI Regime: Every Fortune 100 company has now adopted DEI programming

    7/13 Wall Street Journal University of Washington Professor Sues School Over Free-Speech

    7/12 Fox News  California spent $500M on DEI initiatives, including $50K on 'racial equity' fish dept trainings

    7/12 Fox10 News Relaxing standards to ease teacher shortage in Alabama

    7/11 Breitbart ‘Dead Honky’ – College of Education Department Chair Commits to ‘Death of Whiteness’

    7/11 Fox News Weingarten schooled for tweet about classrooms ‘too politicized:’ ‘Look in the mirror’

    7/11 Washington Examiner Emory hit with civil rights complaint for race-based scholarship

    7/10 Sing Tao 高中招生流程繼續混亂 教育局被批再次改規則

    7/10 World Journal 高中補錄換號碼抽籤 紐約市教局變卦

    7/  9 New York Post  NYC parents frustrated by DOE’s waiting lists lottery rule change

    7/  9 World Journal 對手再因連署問題出局 曲怡文劍指普選  (Vito LaBella, Iwen Chu)

    7/  8 Higher Ed College Board no longer disclosing AP test results by ethnicity, state

    7/  8 Wall Street Journal Build a Charter School, Get Sued by the Teachers Union

    7/  8 Washington Free Beacon Blue State Cites George Floyd’s Death To Justify Trans Lesson for Kindergartners

    7/  7 MI  Manhattan Institute files amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth District

    7/  7 Ringside at the Reckoning Harvard gussies up its Asian admissions numbers

    7/  7  Sing Tao  新特許學校頂峰學院開放申請 提供國際文憑及職業培訓項目
    7/  6 Epoch Times  又見優質特許高中 紐約同源會線上講解

    7/  6 CACAGNY Introduces Vertex Charter High School to Chinese Families

    7/  5 China Press  紐約居民聯盟召開夏令營線上開幕式

    7/  5 City Journal  Biden’s Asian Blind Spot

    7/  4 Sing Tao  高院多單判決保守派獲勝 華人對哈佛案更添信心

    7/  4 Wall Street Journal Virginia Breaks the School-Choice Barrier

    7/  3 New York Post  NYC teachers booted amid budget cuts scramble for vacant positions

    7/  2 Epoch Times New York Moves to Bolster Abortion Access, Strengthen ‘Affirmative Action’

    7/  2 New York Post Principal accused of wanting to oust white teachers created school of ‘insanity’

    7/  1  Epoch Times 布朗士新特許高中「頂峰學院」 供華裔學生報名
    6/30 City Journal  Learning From Asian-American Success

    6/28 Epoch Times 紐約市公校45名新學監名單出爐 家長有喜有憂 (Robert Holden)

    6/27 Journal of Free Black Thought  In Search of Systemic Racism

    6/27 Sing Tao 華人家長哭訴孩子沒學上 團體籲教育局重做高中錄取

    6/27 World Journal 高中抽籤錄取 紐約華人要求按成績重分配

    6/26 China Press  抗議高中錄取抽簽政策 百餘名家長學生集會

    6/26 Sinovision 紐約家長學生教育局前抗議高中抽籤錄取:努力學習是為了什麼?

    6/24 CNS News  The Other Inflation

    6/24 Epoch Times 紐約教育局高中錄取變抽籤 寇頓號召家長抗議 (William Colton)

    6/24 World Journal 高中抽籤錄取 馬克吐溫初中生陷困境

    6/23 Epoch Times 反對搞種族平衡 紐約同源會支持TJ家長
    6/23 National Review San Francisco to Return Elite High School to Merit-Based Admissions

    6/23 Real Clear Politics  Inflated Grades, Lowered Standards and Educational Decline

    6/23 Sing Tao 教委4:3否決抽籤收生 洛威爾明秋恢復擇優制

    6/22 CBS News Merit-based admissions return to San Francisco's Lowell High after school board vote

    6/22 Epoch Times Liberated Ethnic Studies Comes Down the Pike to K-5 Classrooms

    6/22 KTUV  San Francisco's Lowell High School to return to merit-based admissions

    6/22 NBC Bay Area SF Board of Education Votes to Return Merit-Based Admissions to Lowell High

    6/22 Washington Examiner On education, the tide is turning in favor of parents

    6/21 CACAGNY Supports TJ Parents with Amicus Brief  (Brief)
    6/21 Asra Investigates  Chinese, Hindu, Jewish groups file brief supporting TJ families

    6/21 City Journal Truth Is What Our Schools Need

    6/21 Daily Caller Arizona Sues School Board for Dossier That Tracked Info On Outspoken Parents

    6/21 Epoch Times  多州議員拒絕兒童變裝表演 紐約反應激烈  (Vickie Paladino)

    6/21 The 74 Million Harris Poll: Education Political Driver for Parents Ahead of Midterm Elections

    6/21 World Journal 角逐49選區州眾議員 鄭永佳談政見  (Lester Chang)

    6/20 City Journal  The Assault on Children’s Psyches

    6/20 College Fix  University STEM program excludes white and Asian males, complaint alleges
    6/20 Fox News The definitive proof critical race theory is being taught in our schools

    6/20 National Review Bogus ‘Civics’ Bill Will Push CRT on States

    6/19 World Journal 趙靖桉挑戰金兌錫 百餘華裔支持 (Kenneth Chiu)

    6/18 Epoch Times 五百家長學生怒轟市教育局抽籤入學制  (Maud Maron, Vito LaBella)

    6/18 New York Post Councilwoman Vickie Paladino doubles down criticism of drag storytelling in schools

    6/18 New York Post Teachers say they’re pushed to pass students who skipped class all year

    6/18 Sing Tao 300餘家長學生教局集會 抗議高中抽籤收生政策

    6/18 World Journal 逾百家長紐約市教育局示威 抗議高中抽籤錄取:史上最大災難

    6/17 Breitbart Eric Adams Slammed for Promoting ‘Drag Storytellers’ in Schools (Maud Maron)

    6/17 Brooklyn News 12 Parents, students protest school lottery system outside Department of Education

    6/17 China Press 數百家長學生集會 抗議高中錄取抽簽政策

    6/17 China Press 紐約市公校入學率急劇下降 面臨2.15億預算削減

    6/17 Epoch Times 家長組織呼籲紐約市 建設更多特殊高中 (Vito LaBella)

    6/17 Manhattan Institute New York’s Curriculum Is Critical Race Theory by Another Name

    6/17 New York Post Parents, students rally against new NYC high school admission policies

    6/17 New York Post Mayor Adams slams councilwoman who said drag queens are ‘grooming’ kids

    6/17 World Journal SHSAT準備課程 市議員提案:應為全市學生提供

    6/16 Epoch Times 紐約市公校入學人數 兩年大減8萬

    6/16 New York Post Elite NYC private schools teach kids that American society must be destroyed

    6/16 Queens Chronicle Opposition to HS admissions persists  (Robert Holden)

    6/16 World Journal 特殊高中 非裔、西語裔錄取率仍低

    6/16 World Journal 中華公所辦辯論會 州議員參選人激烈交鋒 (Danyela Egorov)

    6/15 Chalkbeat NYC’s specialized high schools continue to admit few Black, Latino students

    6/15 City Journal Avenging Lewis Powell

    6/15 Epoch Times 市議員霍頓致信教育總監 要求扭轉不重成績的招生程序  (Robert Holden)

    6/15 Epoch Times School Board Group Cuts Ties With NSBA Over Letter Comparing Parents to Terrorists

    6/15 Fox News  North Korean defector terrified of 'massive indoctrination coming from the left' in schools

    6/15 New York Post Enrollment at NYC public schools continues startling plummet

    6/15 New York Post New NYC Council bills intend to widen access to elite public high schools

    6/15 New York Post Rep. Elise Stefanik in feud with NY education boss over critical race theory

    6/14 Legal Insurrection  UCLA Law School Launches Project To Track Anti-Critical Race Theory Efforts

    6/14 New York Post Queens councilman rips NYC high school admissions process in memo to DOE (Robert Holden)

    6/14 NJ.com  Parent sues school district leaders for discriminating against white students

    6/13 New York Post Class size matters only as a UFT dodge to gain control of schools

    6/12 Epoch Times Oregonians Say Education on Wrong Track, Overwhelmingly Support School Choice

    6/12 Fox News The left wants to use education to 'disrupt' and 'dismantle' American institutions

    6/12 Fox News Eli Steele: Jodi Shaw and the Racial Mask of Whiteness

    6/12 Sing Tao  市府花逾20萬元公帑 聘變裝皇后到學校表演

    6/11 Asra Investigates #1 HS math teachers note 'lowering of standards'

    6/11 Epoch Times 家長對紐約教育失望:如果明年不改就離開

    6/11 Epoch Times 紐約家長要求州長否決 公校控制權和小班制法案

    6/11 New York Post Horace Mann student denounces progressive faculty, says students self-censor

    6/11 New York Post Frustrated dad sues swanky LA school over ‘racially divisive, anti-Semitic’ curriculum

    6/11 New York Post NYC teacher describes school violence amid push for ‘restorative justice’

    6/11 New York Post Over $200K being spent on drag queen shows at NYC schools, records show

    6/11 Sing Tao 反對市長公校控制權及小班化法案 多組織州長辦公室門前集會籲否決

    6/11 World Journal 好成績難進好學校…紐約市高中錄取放榜 華生多失望

    6/11 World Journal 延長市長控制權 縮小班級規模…華人集會促州長否決

    6/10 Epoch Times 紐約市高中錄取放榜 「篩選錄取」變抽籤 家長抱怨

    6/10 Epoch Times Missouri Attorney General Subpoenas School Districts Over Invasive Student Surveying

    6/10 New York Post Parents call on Gov. Kathy Hochul to veto bills on mayoral control, class sizes

    6/10 New York Post Charters fight back against another federal assault

    6/10 Sing Tao 入學不再強調成績 家長不滿收生改革

    6/  9 Fox News Mom blasts teachers' association for claiming standardized tests are 'dangerous' and 'white-centered'

    6/  9 New York Post  De Blasio’s HS-admission stinkbomb could destroy NYC’s public-school system

    6/  9 New York Post  Parents fuming over HS placements under revamped admission system

    6/  8 Epoch Times  不願激進派綁架民主黨 紐約溫和與保守派草根挺身參選 (Brian Robinson)

    6/  7 Pennsylvania Record Parents suing Phila. Schools over racist admissions policies, seek injunction

    6/  6 New York Post We cannot let the shameful failures of the public-school system continue

    6/  5 World Journal 州級選舉共和黨有信心 籲選民著重政綱 (Lee Zeldin, Vito LaBella)

    6/  4 China Press 選區重劃影響兩黨政局 逐鹿州長共和黨有信心 (Vito LaBella)

    6/  4 New York Post Here’s why all students need agency rather than ‘equity’

    6/  3 China Press 訪華康會強調安全 拉貝拉參選第17選區州參議員  (Vito LaBella)

    6/  3 World Journal 撤銷資優班已駁回 同源會慶抗議成功

    6/  3 World Journal 州參議員參選人拉貝拉訪布碌崙華社  (Vito LaBella)

    6/  2 Fox News  Physician accuses medical schools of discrimination based on Kendi's tenets, files complaints

    6/  2 Wall Street Journal  My Cancel-Culture Nightmare Is Over

    6/  1 Commentary Equality ≠ Equity

    6/  1 Fox News NYC DOE employee shuts down 'racially-charged' question on controversial book

    6/  1 Tablet  Let Everyone Freely Choose Their Gender and Race

    6/  1 Wall Street Journal  Harvard Needs Merit-Based Admissions

    6/  1 Washington Examiner  Biden administration implements a racial spoils system

    5/30 West Cook News  OPRF to implement race-based grading system in 2022-23 school year

    5/29 Legal Insurrection  Failing Grades Soar At Top SF High School After Dropping Merit-Based Admissions

    5/28 New York Post  LaGuardia High School in NYC in uproar over ‘equitable’ academics

    5/28 New York Post  NYC DOE official ‘censors’ mom asking about race book during public forum

    5/28 New York Post  Democrats are gaslighting American parents about school vouchers

    5/27 Epoch Times  紐約市治安與教育失格 草根家長投身選戰  (Vito LaBella, Maud Maron)

    5/27 Epoch Times  紐約市幼稚園天才班 提名人數無上限

    5/27 Wall Street Journal  Education Embarrassment in Virginia

    5/26 CNBC How Asian Americans became the center of the affirmative action debate

    5/26 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲州議會增加特許學校
    5/26 Epoch Times  曼哈頓高院法官 駁回尋求取消天才班的訴訟
    5/26 Harvard Crimson  A Harvard Without Affirmative Action?

    5/26 New York Post  NYC kids need real books, not woke BS

    5/26 SIng Tao 取消天才班訴訟 遭州高院法官駁回

    5/25 CACAGNY congratulates Parents Defending Education

    5/25 Daily Caller Dem-Appointed Judge Unravels Liberal Plot To Racialize Schools With Four Sentences

    5/25 Epoch Times  質疑官方推薦種族話題童書 紐約學區委員被噤言  (Danyela Egorov, Vito LaBella)

    5/25 New York Post  Judge dismisses suit seeking to end NYC’s Gifted & Talented programs

    5/25 Sing Tao  選區重畫改變選情 拉貝拉挑戰曲怡文 (Vito LaBella, Iwen Chu)

    5/24 CACAGNY Invites Members and Friends to Support Campaign to Lift Charter Cap 

    5/24 Boston Globe  As affirmative action decision looms, colleges look for alternative ways to achieve diversity

    5/24 CNY Central  New York U.S. History Regents canceled because of trauma potential after Buffalo shooting

    5/24 New York Post Yet more proof NY’s education leaders hate excellence

    5/24 New York Post NY cancels History regents exam after Buffalo shooting massacre

    5/24 New York Post Princeton joins the woke rush to purge dissent and debate from US academia

    5/24 New York Post Before they can learn ‘antiracism,’ kids need to be literate — & too many aren’t

    5/22 City Journal  How Really to Be an Antiracist

    5/22 New York Post  Adults don’t have the right to impose their sexuality on children

    5/21 New York Post This book for NYC school kids has AOC instead of ABCs

    5/20 Legal Insurrection University of Tennessee System Reinstates Standardized Testing Requirement

    5/19 CIty Journal Smuggling in Radical Instruction

    5/19 Daily Caller Virginia’s Finds Public Schools Failed Minority Students Amid Equity Emphasis

    5/19 National Review Virginia Education Secretary Blames Equity Push for Lowering Expectations in Schools

    5/19 RealClear Investigations NYC's Black Mayor Bucks Progressives on the Racial Chessboard of 'Gifted' Education

    5/19 Wall Street Journal Princeton Asks Board to Fire Tenured Professor, Citing Sexual-Misconduct

    5/18 Legal Insurrection UCF Prof. Fired After Tweeting “Black Privilege is Real,” Ordered Reinstated

    5/17 City Journal  “Banging Beyond Binaries”

    5/17 Fox News Teacher laments lowering of academic standards: 'This has become accepted practice'

    5/16 City Journal  An Overt Political Litmus Test

    5/16 Daily Wire Santa Barbara School Officials Resign Following CRT, ‘Grooming’ Scandal

    5/16 Fox News Fairfax Public Schools consider suspending students for 'malicious misgendering'

    5/16 Fox News CRT-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 39 of top 50 US medical schools

    5/16 New York Post  With politics in classrooms, Tuesday’s school-board elections are high stakes

    5/16 Sing Tao 亞潮萌15日辦 布碌崙候選人政論會

    5/16 The 74 Million Grade Inflation ‘Persistent, Systemic’ Even Prior to Pandemic, ACT Study Finds

    5/16 World Journal 布碌崙參選人 政論會各抒己見

    5/15  China Press 亞潮聯盟八大道舉行“布碌侖參選人論壇”

    5/15 Wall Street Journal  A School Choice in Michigan

    5/14 Epoch Times  曼哈頓選情激烈 民主黨參選人政見仍勝出 (Maria Danzilo, Maud Maron, Brian Robinson, Denny Salas)

    5/14 Fox News  MSNBC column claims homeschooling is racist

    5/13 City Journal  Big Data Can Save Kids -- but draws allegations of racism

    5/13 New York Post  NYC parents furious over ousting of popular superintendents without input

    5/13 Sing Tao  波士頓考試學校入學新政策 讓更多低收入學生錄取進入

    5/12 Epoch Times School Board Cuts Off Mom for Reading Sex Scene From Book Available to Students

    5/12 Sing Tao 亞潮萌主辦政論會 8參選人各抒己見 (Maria Danzilo, Maud Maron, Brian Robinson, Denny Salas)

    5/12 Wall Street Journal  California Parents Say No to Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies

    5/11 Fox News School to probe how often students hang out with people of ‘different gender identities’

    5/11 Sing Tao 李修頓公布教育方案 保特殊高中考試列其中  (Lee Zeldin)

    5/10 Epoch Times 美國會議員憂教育廳挪錢推CRT 華裔家長同感

    5/10 Sing Tao  82名國會議員支持哈佛訴訟案原告 力促高院結束大學基於族裔招生

    5/10 World Journal  審理哈佛、北卡大招生歧視 共和黨參眾議員聲援亞裔學生

    5/  9 Epoch Times 紐約同源會加入哈佛與UNC訴訟案「法庭之友」

    5/  9 Fox News RI Parents enraged at school board for removing honors classes in 'equity obsession'

    5/  9 New York School Talk Which NYC Schools Will Open Gifted & Talented Programs in 2022?

    5/  9 Sing Tao 哈佛案華人遞法庭意見書 籲關注族裔因素深遠影響

    5/  9 World Journal  哈佛、北卡大招生歧視亞裔 82名共和黨參眾議員聲援

    5/  8 Epoch Times  Biden’s Disinformation Chief: Parents Concerned About CRT Are ‘Disinformers’

    5/  8 Fox News  Pennsylvania school slammed for hiding kids' gender transitions from parents

    5/  8 Fox News  US Navy chief quietly takes woke books off the reading list

    5/  8 New York Post  Asian Americans are an ‘inconvenient minority’ for social-justice ideologues

    5/  8 New York Post  Rep. Elise Stefanik accuses NY officials of spending COVID funds on CRT

    5/  7 Fox News  Missouri parents outraged over how class assignment portrays Republicans

    5/  7 New York Post  Kids’ book ‘Our Skin’ in NYC schools blames racism on white people

    5/  6 Breitbart New York Teachers Receive Eligibility Credits for Learning How to Indoctrinate Students

    5/  5 California Globe Education Lawmaking in California is Overshadowed by Teachers Unions

    5/  5 Fox News  I was a teacher and I know firsthand progressive policies in the classroom have failed

    5/  5 New York Post Disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz: Parents’ anger at CRT ‘weaponized’ for profit

    5/  5 Washington Examiner Senators from both parties warn Cardona on proposed charter school rule

    5/  5 USA Today  College grads expect $103,880 in first job, real salary is almost half

    5/  4 James Martin Center Rescuing “Virtue and Talents” Amidst the War on Tests

    5/  4 National Review You Mean There’s More to College Than ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’?

    5/  4 New York Post  ‘Anti-racism’ for 4-year-olds shows how destructive the ideology is

    5/  3 Epoch Times  紐約同源會為天才班提建言 修正制度兩缺陷

    5/  3 New York Post  Teachers unions are indoctrinating kids — with Biden’s support

    5/  3 Wall Street Journal  Stanford Prof Debunks Research Behind New California K-12 Math Standards

    5/  2 Fox News DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ to identify racist family members

    5/  2 New York Post DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family

    5/  1 CACAGNY:  The New G&T and Mayoral Control

    5/  1 New York Post  Why was COVID relief cash spent on promoting CRT in schools?

    5/  1 New York Post  Yes, Randi Weingarten, this is war — we parents are fighting for our kids

    4/29 New York Post  Thank Mayor Adams for expanding G&T — but, alas, the plan has some big flaws

    4/28 Chalkbeat Philly parents take new selective admissions policy to court

    4/28 Manhattan Institute Litigating Affirmative Action: The Road to SCOTUS (video)

    4/28 Manhattan Institute Racial Preferences on Campus: Trends in Asian Enrollment at U.S. Colleges

    4/28 New York Post  NYC schools spend ‘too much time’ on state tests, chancellor says

    4/28 New York Post  NY among states accused of eyeing COVID relief funds for CRT in schools

    4/28 Newsweek  Asian Students Excel Because Of Hard Work, Not Rich Parents

    4/28 Wall Street Journal  Americans for Merit-Based Admissions

    4/27 Fox News  Why I'm suing my kids' school district

    4/27 New York Post  The White House must end the shameful federal attack on charter schools

    4/26 Epoch Times 推動特許學校發展 彭博向兩校捐2億元

    4/26 Fox News  California parents, students protest high school's plans to cut honors classes for equity

    4/25 Campus Reform  Whiteboards are racist because 'they collaborate with white organizational culture'

    4/25 City Journal  Time for Receivership in Boston

    4/25 New York Post  Bloomberg invests $200M in NYC’s high-profile charter school networks

    4/25 Pennsylvania Record Parent says School violated First Amendment rights during public records inspection

    4/25 Washington Examiner Parents are sounding the alarm on woke education for good reason

    4/25 World Journal 前紐約市長彭博熱心慈善 迄今捐款127億

    4/23 Epoch Times 從哈佛排亞訴訟案 一窺美國高等教育平權政策疏漏

    4/22 College Fix University of Illinois requires all faculty to engage in DEI activism, or else

    4/22 Daily Caller ‘The Way In Which Wars Start’: Weingarten Freaks Out Over GOP Parental Rights Bills

    4/22 Epoch Times 全國家長黨力挺五位紐約民主黨參選人 (Quattlebaum, Egorov, Lozada, Robinson, Danzilo)

    4/22 New York Post  New Florida law bans critical race theory in schools, work-place training

    4/22 New York Post  Banned, ‘problematic’ Florida math textbooks include racial-bias graph

    4/22 Sing Tao 哈佛大學歧視華人學生訴訟案 成敗深遠影響亞裔在美地位

    4/22 Washington Examiner Leaked emails show a California school district is using critical race theory

    4/22 World Journal  曼哈頓研究所探討哈佛大學招生歧視案

    4/21 Daily Caller Elite Loudoun School Lowered Admissions Standards To Appease NAACP Activists

    4/20 New York Post Critical-race-theory advocates are gaslighting Americans for power and profit

    4/20 New York Post Science shows transgender education doesn’t belong in schools

    4/19 New York Post Ex-school official sues Virginia board over anti-racism training

    4/19 Wall Street Journal Backlash Against Biden’s Limits on Charter Schools

    4/18 Komo News Math education is 'unjust', plagued by 'privilege' and 'oppression', leadership org says

    4/18 New York Post DeSantis wants to keep ‘feelings’ out of math instruction in Florida schools

    4/18 Roanoke Star VA Assistant Principal Forced Out of Job After Questioning Race-based Teacher Training

    4/18 Sing Tao  哈佛招生涉歧視亞裔案或10月終審 布魯姆:需華裔支持

    4/17 Epoch Times Florida School Chief Rejects Math Textbooks Over ‘Attempts to Indoctrinate Students’

    4/16 Epoch Times Luke Rosiak: Schools Use Woke Ideology to Hide Dismal Teacher Performance

    4/16 New York Post Queens principal booted for fraud will get nice paycheck for 7 years

    4/15 Epoch Times  華裔家長:擴大天才班是「正確方向」

    4/15 New York Post ‘Community circle’ classroom fad is likely to do far more harm than good

    4/15 Sing Tao 市府擴展天才班家長民代叫好 錄取細節尚未明了喜中有憂  (John Liu, Donghui Zang)

    4/14 Chalkbeat  NYC schools to add “gifted and talented” seats for third grade, kindergarten

    4/14 China Press  皇後區民代和華人家長贊揚市長恢複并擴大資優班   (John Liu, Donghui Zang)

    4/14 National Review Department of Education to Judge for ‘Equity’ in Awarding Project Grants

    4/14 New York Post  Public-school parents are thrilled Adams is expanding Gifted and Talented
    4/14 New York Post  City to expand Gifted and Talented program to more students, districts

    4/14 World Journal 參選州參議員…曲怡文訪世報 將為亞裔爭取資源  (Iwen Chu)

    4/13 Washington Examiner Virginia AG makes national debut in Thomas Jefferson admissions case

    4/13 WTOP Miyares files Supreme Court brief against Thomas Jefferson High’s admissions policy

    4/12 China Press 薩赉思訪問紐約中華總商會  (Denny Salas)

    4/12 Newsweek States Ask High Court to Halt 'Race-Based Admissions Policy' at Thomas Jefferson

    4/12 Roanoke Star Attorney General Fights Discriminatory Admission at Thomas Jefferson   (Brief)

    4/11 China Press 州參議員候選人伊秀丹拜訪中華總商會  (Danyela Egorov)

    4/11 Epoch Times  紐約市長透露將增建特殊高中 籲延長公校控制權
    4/11 New York Post Albany hates our kids but loves casinos

    4/11 SI Live NYC Mayor Eric Adams suggests creating new specialized high schools in each borough

    4/11 World Journal 亞當斯擬每區建1所特殊高中 呼籲保留市長公校控制權

    4/10 Fox News Virginia parent fighting race-based admissions wins legal battle, case heads to Supreme Court

    4/ 9 New York Post Eric Adams floats building a new specialized school in each NYC borough

    4/ 9 NTD Group Fighting ‘Discriminatory’ Virginia School Admissions Policy Heads to Supreme Court

    4/ 9 Sing Tao 特許學校未受惠 教育倡導者不滿

    4/ 8 Epoch Times 紐約華埠州參議員競選論壇 選民偏好溫和派  (Danyela Egorov)

    4/ 7 CACAGNY Hosts SFFA for Lawsuit Updates, Urging Students to join SFFA  (SFFA Website)

    4/ 7 City Journal  California, There We Went

    4/ 7 Epoch Times  哈佛大學招生案 原告籲更多亞裔生說經歷

    4/ 7 Sing Tao  高院將審哈佛招生歧視案 原告代表籲亞裔學生家長加盟

    4/ 7 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視亞裔案 估10月辯論明春宣判

    4/ 6 China Press  競選州衆議員 趙靖桉拜訪龍崗公所  (Kenneth Chiu)

    4/ 6 Epoch Times  紐約州參議員候選人伊秀丹拜訪中華總商會 (Danyela Egorov)

    4/ 5 Center Square Watchdog urges parents to reject plan to de-mathematize math for 'equity'

    4/ 5 Ed Source Student math scores touch off ‘five-alarm fire’ in California

    4/ 5 Wall Street Journal  MIT Leads the Way in Reinstating the SAT

    4/ 5 World Journal  州參議員參選人伊秀丹:促進紐約安全  (Danyela Egorov)
    4/ 5 World Journal  州眾議員參選人薩賚思:杜絕種族歧視  (Denny Salas)

    4/ 2 Atlantic The SAT Isn’t What’s Unfair

    4/ 2 Epoch Times  在基層與官員間架起橋樑 臧東慧競選民主黨黨代表  (Donghui Zang)
    4/ 1 City Journal Restoring Sanity—and Fairness

    4/ 1 Epoch Times  Washington State School District Adopts ‘Culturally Responsive’ Student Discipline

    3/30 Wall Street Journal Test Scores Count Again at MIT

    3/29 Wall Street Journal Go Tech!  MIT brings back standardized testing for admissions

    3/29 World Journal 與領先大學背道而馳?麻省理工恢復要求SAT或ACT成績

    3/28 Chalkbeat NYC Chancellor David Banks: Schools have become like ‘testing mills’

    3/28 China Press 亞潮聯盟邀議員參選人闡述政見  (Kennthe Chiu)

    3/28 China Press 美東華人辦造勢大會支持趙靖桉競選州衆議員  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/28 Epoch Times 公立特許學校「成功學院」小學報名本週五到期
    3/28 Epoch Times 亞潮萌紐約民選官競選論壇 聚焦教育治安

    3/28 Epoch Times 紐約居民聯盟年會 聚焦提升青少年領導力

    3/28 Fox News  This school district might be the worst violator of parental rights

    3/28 MIT Admissions We are reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles

    3/28 Tablet  Studies Fail to Support Claims of New California Ethnic Studies Requirement

    3/28 The Hill MIT reinstating standardized testing requirements

    3/28 National Review The Biden Administration Declares War on Charter Schools

    3/28 World Journal 紐約華人挺趙靖桉 布碌崙盛大造勢  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/27 China Press 共和黨拉貝拉挑戰郭納德競選22區州參議員 (Vito LaBella)

    3/27 Wall Street Journal  A Case of Charter School Sabotage

    3/26 Epoch Times 公立資金 私人經營 特許學校堪比天才班和特殊高中
    3/26 Sing Tao 和索齊搭檔挑戰胡楚 副州長參選人蕾娜訪8大道 (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/26 World Journal  共和黨退休警探選州參議員 挑戰郭納德  (Vito LaBella)

    3/26 World Journal 紐約副州長參選人雷娜訪布碌崙 矢志修改保釋法  (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/25 China Press 蕾娜競選紐約副州長 訪八大道華社談政見  (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/25 Minding the Campus Regulatory Capture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

    3/25 Sing Tao  對公校系統失望 華人關注特許學校

    3/25 Sing Tao  馬麗奧同華社舉行公共安全圓桌會議 籲修正保釋法並設更多便衣反罪小組  (Nicole Malliotakis)

    3/25 Sing Tao 灣脊區郭納德競選連任 面對共和黨退休警探挑戰  (Vito LaBella)

    3/24 Epoch Times  特許學校論壇今晚在線舉辦
    3/24 Epoch Times  教育政策組新成員 含華人資深教育工作者

    3/24 Epoch Times  家長組織籲市長履行競選諾言 恢復天才班
    3/24 New York Post  Resistance is rising to woke colleges’ race and sex discrimination

    3/24 Queens Chronicle  Adams appoints 9 members to PEP (Eric Adams)

    3/24 Washington Examiner College newspaper yanks article for having too many quotes from white students

    3/24 World Journal 鄧炳強獲任命加入市教育政策小組

    3/23 AMNY  New York City parents advocate for reinstatement of gifted and talented program

    3/23 China Press  紐市教育組織促市府恢複擴大資優班

    3/23 World Journal  公校教學質量下滑 陳慧華籲增特許學校
    3/23 World Journal  選法拉盛州眾議員 趙靖桉訪世報  (Kenneth Chiu)
    3/21 770 KTTH WA schools adopt race-based discipline, white students to get harsher punishment

    3/21 China Press  特許學校論壇将于24日舉行

    3/21 City Journal Diversity Smokescreen

    3/21 NY Mag Democrats Must Defeat the Left's War on Educational Achievement

    3/19 New York Post Asian parents—fed up with public education—want more charter schools  (Manhattan Institute)

    3/18 China Press 寇頓舉行連任籌款活動 華人到場支持  (William Colton)

    3/18 Sing Tao 臧東慧出選黨代表 從基層角度替選民發聲  (Donghui Zang)

    3/17 Washington Examiner Michigan mother sues school district for denying request to view CRT materials

    3/16 China Press 三華裔學生包攬雷傑納榮科學獎前三名

    3/15 New York Times Making the SAT and ACT Optional Is the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

    3/14 New York Post As China’s military tech dominates, Congress demands science bow to racial ‘justice’

    3/14 New Yorker What Happens When an Élite Public School Becomes Open to All?

    3/13 China Press 百名支持者聚集法拉盛爲趙靖桉競選造勢  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/13 City Journal The Identity Cult

    3/13 Tom Loveless San Francisco’s Detracking Experiment

    3/12 Washington Free Beacon Read the Classroom ‘Antiracism’ Survey That Has Maryland Parents ‘Livid’

    3/11 College Fix SDSU professor who teaches about racism punished for teaching about racism

    3/11 FIRE Despair over disparities: systemic racism or systemic dysfunction?
    3/11 New York Post Don’t nix merit-based HS admissions, Chancellor Banks

    3/11 WTOP Judge won’t delay ruling on admissions discrimination in Va.

    3/10 China Press 班克斯宣布高中招生抽簽錄取政策不變  (John Liu, Sanda Ung)

    3/10 China Press 華人社團呼籲華人簽名支持寇頓  (William Colton)

    3/10 Epoch Times  今年紐約市高中招生「篩選錄取」 會使用抽籤  (Sandra Ung)

    3/10 New York Post Racial-equity warriors are hurting the disadvantaged by dumbing down schools

    3/10 New York Post America tried exporting woke education — the UK fought back

    3/10 Queens Chronicle Asian Parents Defend Merit and Challenge Discrimination Across the Country

    3/10 Queens Chronicle Push for charters continues in Queens

    3/10 Queens Post DOE Moves Foward With New High School Admissions, Angering Queens Pols (John Liu, Sandra Ung)

    3/10 Sing Tao  高中「篩選校」保留抽籤錄取 華人家長稱「憤怒」「失望」  (John Liu)

    3/10 World Journal 華人家長批教育局畫餅 應屆生成犧牲品
    3/10 World Journal 紐約市高中錄取抽籤不變 11日截止…劉醇逸、黃敏儀震驚失望  (John Liu, Sandra Ung)

    3/10 World Journal 寇頓競選連任 華社發動連署  (William Colton)

    3/  9 Breitbart Private School Teachers Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther

    3/  9 College Fix Wisconsin professor suspended after criticizing ‘woke dysphoria’

    3/  9 New York Post Improve education for Black students, don’t undermine high-end schools

    3/  9 New York Post Parents set to flee NYC high schools as chief Banks leaves entry to ‘lottery’

    3/  8 National Review Bill to Federalize CRT Must Be Stopped

    3/  7 Minding the Campus  “Test-Blind” Is Another Tool for Discrimination

    3/  7 Mission Local  The five stages of Lowell admissions grief

    3/  6 China Press 趙靖桉八大道華社拜票獲背書支持  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  6 Sing Tao 任命反白人左翼分子 州教育董事會惹爭議  (Robert Holden)

    3/  6 Sing Tao 競選法拉盛州眾議員 趙靖桉獲廣東僑胞會背書  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  6 World Journal 教育理念背道而馳 紐約州教育廳任命日裔新校董 華人抗議

    3/  6 World Journal 趙靖桉挑戰金兌錫 獲廣東僑胞聯合總會背書  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  5 Epoch Times  州議會討論市長公校控制權 「家長參與決策」呼聲最高  (John Liu)

    3/  5 New York Post Newest NY Board of Regents member is leftist who gripes about ‘toxic whiteness’

    3/  4 College Fix Calif. public university guarantees admissions to black education coalition members

    3/  4 New York Post Academic sabotage at NYC’s famed arts high school

    3/  4 New York Post States sue Biden admin over FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

    3/  3 Breitbart Whitmer’s Critical Race Theory Crusade: ‘Education Is the Key to Promoting Social Justice’

    3/  3 Campus Reform Professor calls parents ‘ignorant racist[s]’ for opposing Critical Race Theory

    3/  3 College Fix Feds spend $2.1M in taxpayer dollars to ‘root’ out oppression in plant sciences

    3/  3 City Journal Keep Your Discrimination Quiet

    3/  3 New York Post Parents furious over AP math course bungle at top NYC high school

    3/  3 World Journal PlaceNYC 辦州長參選人論壇  (Lee Zeldin, Rob Astorino, Tom Suozzi)

    3/  2 PM NY Education Department promotes pornographic book to children

    3/  2 World Journal 市教育總監:擬擴大資優班項目 重建家庭對公校信任

    3/  2 World Journal 吸引亞裔支持 紐約州共和黨將在各級成立亞裔黨團

    3/  1 Epoch Times 紐約州共和黨亞裔決策委員會成立
    3/  1 Federalist  New Report Shatters Media Lie That CRT Isn’t Taught In Virginia Schools

    3/  1 New York Post NY GOP forming Asian American Caucus to fill void left by Democrats

    2/27 World Journal  法官判定歧視亞裔 TJ高中須終止招生新制

    2/27 World Journal  保證高質量教學 陳慧華推薦選讀特許學校

    2/26 Epoch Times  聯邦法官裁定維州精英高中招生改革 構成歧視亞裔

    2/25 CACAGNY Congratulates Coalition for TJ, PLF for Victory in Discrimination Lawsuit

    2/25 Daily Caller Top High School In US Discriminated Against Asian-American Students In Admissions

    2/25 Daily Caller Here Are The Critical Race Theory Programs Gov. Glenn Youngkin Has Rescinded

    2/25 Daily Caller County Restores ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’; Canceled Previous Contract Due to Backlash

    2/25 Epoch Times Florida House Passes ‘Parental Rights in Education’ Bill

    2/25 National Review Parent Coalition Wins Asian-Discrimination Lawsuit against Fairfax Public Schools

    2/25 South China Morning Post Admissions rules at US high school discriminate against Asian-Americans

    2/25 Washington Post Judge calls Thomas Jefferson High admissions changes illegal

    2/25 WTOP Judge: New admissions policies at elite school discriminate

    2/25 Unherd Anti-racism betrays Asian students

    2/24 College Fix Yale moves forward with implementing DEI in all 25 departments on campus

    2/23 Campus Reform Bill Gates funnels $1 MILLION to push 'math is racist' narrative

    2/23 City Journal The Fight for Curriculum Transparency

    2/23 National Review Teachers’ Union Mocks Calls for Transparency, Demands Report on What Kids Learn at Home
    2/23 Shelby News  Taxpayer-funded federal program trains teachers in critical race theory

    2/23 West Virginia News West Virginia wants to end the use of harmful stereotypes in public education

    2/22 Asra Investigates Maya Angelou math worksheet asked who 'sexually abused' the poet

    2/22 Chalkbeat Parents find NYC’s high school application process as confusing as ever

    2/22 China Press  共和黨州長候選人李修頓支持亞裔社區批紐約治安  (Lee Zeldin)

    2/22 INtellectual Takeout New Study Suggests High School Curriculum is Dumbed Down

    2/22 Wall Street Journal  A Ruse to Block New York’s New Charter Schools

    2/22 World Journal  共和黨州長參選人訪法拉盛 李修頓反對遊民所  (Lee Zeldin)

    2/21 American Conservative TJ High School’s Race Problem

    2/21 Fox News Critical race theory-related ideas in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 US medical schools

    2/21 China Press 女教授要求白人男學生讓其他人先發言 紐約州立大學對其譴責

    2/21 Fox News Critical race theory-related ideas in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 US medical schools
    2/21 Fox News Binghamton University slaps down professor's syllabus for 'non-white folks'

    2/21 New York Post NYC schools need more opportunity — not race-based ‘redistribution’

    2/21 New York Post Progressive SUNY Binghamton professor rebuked for race, gender policy

    2/21 The 74 Million  When Gifted-&-Talented Started to Disappear, So Did Black Kids from Top High Schools

    2/19 Epoch Times 紐約市頂尖學區 公校學生流失嚴重

    2/19 Paradise Attorney Discusses Lawsuits Against New K-12 School Admissions Processes

    2/19 World Journal 9成家長質疑高中入學新規 逾半數考慮搬離紐約

    2/18 City Journal Charters for All

    2/18 Epoch Times 亞裔組「亞潮萌」專注治安教育等社區議題

    2/18 National Review Organizers of San Francisco Recall Hit Back at Critics: ‘Competence Matters’

    2/18 New York Post Biracial NC dad slams critical race theory as a ‘discrimination revolution’ in viral video

    2/18 New York Post Ousted San Francisco school board president blames white supremacists for recall

    2/18 New York Post Judges question elite Manhattan private school’s handling of race controversy

    2/18 World Journal  讓政見被聽到 華人成立「亞潮萌」政治俱樂部

    2/17 China Press 紐約市高中招生變化使非裔、西裔在頂尖學校入學率提高13%

    2/17 China Press 加州議員揚•金:哈佛對亞裔招生政策不公 需相互尊重  (Young Kim)

​    2/17 Daily Caller Brian Echevarria Eviscerates CRT, Transgender Athletes Directly To School Board’s Face

    2/17 Fox News CNN op-ed blames decades of racism for San Francisco school board recall

    2/17 National Review  Recalled School-Board President Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Are to Blame

    2/17 New York Post  The left is losing its war on parents
    2/17 New York Post  Woke-up call: Parents put virtue-signaling school board members on notice

    2/17 New York Post  NYC families leaving some of city’s top school districts at alarming rate

    2/17 New York Post  NY’s ‘leaders’ are destroying public education by lowering standards

    2/17 New York Times  How Asian Americans Fueled the San Francisco Recall

    2/17 OCR Voters send clear message to the San Francisco school board

    2/17 Queens Chronicle High school admissions and other issues top concerns across boro

    2/17 Wall Street Journal  San Francisco Schools the Left

    2/17 World Journal 紐時稱「花滑隊亞裔比率過高」 亞裔批煽動仇恨 嗆道歉

    2/17 World Journal 克勞莉再戰州參議員  (Elizabeth Crowley)

    2/16 China Press 公校入學人數下降 紐約市教育局市增投3.23億美元

    2/16 Epoch Times 公校學生減少 教育局撥款逾3億彌補赤字

    2/16 Fox News  Young Kim on fighting Harvard's admission policies, crime targeting Asian Americans

    2/16 Fox News  San Francisco recalls 3 school board members: 'a clear message'

    2/16 Fox News  Pennsylvania school removes CNN from classrooms, can choose patriotic videos instead

    2/16 New York Post  NYC admissions changes will boost black, Hispanic enrollment at top schools by 13%

    2/16 New York Post  Why Asian Americans like me are the rising new parental power

    2/16 New York Post  San Francisco recalls 3 members of city’s school board

    2/16 New York Times  The Conservative Group Challenging Admissions at Elite High Schools

    2/16 Sing Tao  紐約州參議會通過立法 增不同族裔教師代表性

    2/16 Wall Street Journal San Francisco’s Political Foreshock

    2/16 World Journal  捲土重來 前市議員克勞莉參選州參議員  (Elizabeth Crowley)

    2/15 Center Square  Parents push back against California middle school using 'Wheel of Power'

    2/15 Daily Caller  Texas School District ‘Equity Specialist’ Admits CRT ‘Lens’ Is Used

    2/15 Fox News  Indiana teachers predict mass exodus over CRT-inspired bill granting parental oversight

    2/15 Fox News  Oregon Department of Education links standardized testing to White supremacy

    2/15 Spectrum News 1  NY Senate Democrats back teacher diversity measures

    2/15 Sing Tao  議員勿再空談 修正保釋法漏洞  (John Liu)

    2/15 Unherd  What Biden gets wrong about race

    2/15 Washington Free Beacon How the American Bar Association Just Radicalized Law School

    2/14 College Fix  My parents fled communism. But at my elite university, the ideology is alive and well

    2/14 Epoch Times  新澤西推出高中畢業考新標準 爭議長達半世紀

    2/13 China Press  曲怡文競選八大道州參議員 獲衆民主黨民代背書  (Iwen Irene Chu)

    2/13 China Press  民主黨州委員會候選人李壽敏訪中華公所   (李壽敏)

    2/13 New York Daily News  Elementary school merger stirs debate over race, education in East Village

    2/13 Sing Tao  共和黨人力倡教材透明度 家長可查看子女所學內容

    2/13 World Journal   台灣移民曲怡文參選州參議員 民主黨官員力挺  (Iwen Irene Chu)

    2/13 World Journal  多個學委會 反高中抽籤入學新規  

    2/12 UnHerd Why anti-racism should be resisted

    2/12 Washington Times NY Times faces pushback for calling Asian-Americans ‘overrepresented’ in figure skating

    2/11 Fairfax Times FCPS spends tax dollars on PR firm, proposes social media surveillance

    2/11 New York Post  Audition-based admissions at NYC arts school sets stage for fight

    2/11 Wall Street Journal  Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine

    2/11 Washington Examiner  Another Democrat says the quiet part out loud regarding parental rights

    2/10 New York Post  San Diego County School Retracts ‘Wheel of Privilege’ Teaching Tool

    2/10 World Journal  紐約市公校申請人數下降 特許學校入學率上升

    2/ 9 Education Next Exam-School Admissions Come Under Pressure amid Pandemic

    2/ 9 New York Post Critics argue new NYC high school admissions policies will harm Asian applicants

    2/ 9 New York Post Mayor Eric Adams must crack down on DOE that’s still lowering school standards

    2/ 8 Daily Caller Georgia Proposes Anti-Critical Race Theory Bill. Here Are Some Blatant Examples

    2/ 8 Fox News VA school district seeks 'social media listening' to deter 'negative actions' towards staff

    2/ 8 New York  The Left is Gaslighting Asian-Americans About College Admissions

    2/ 7 Chalkbeat  How a Harlem school uses The 1619 Project in teaching history

    2/ 7 Epoch Times Supreme Court May End Affirmative Action in College Admissions, Experts Say

    2/ 7 New American VICTORY: New Conservative School Board Fires CRT-defending, Kid-masking Superintendent

    2/ 7 New York School Talk Even the NYT Admits What’s Really Needed To Diversify Specialized High Schools!

    2/ 7 Wall Street Journal Parents Prevail Over K-12 ‘Bias Incidents’

    2/ 5 New York Post  Good grades barely matter in NYC’s new high school application process

    2/ 4 College Fix  Minnesota college drops segregated antiracism training after federal complaint
    2/ 4 Fox News  Democrats, teachers unions fight to keep parents from learning what their kids are taught

    2/ 4 NAS  Oklahoma State School Boards Association Scrambles to Take Down Radical Resource Guides

    2/ 4 New York Post  Critical race theory is about to segregate America like an open-air prison yard

    2/ 3 Epoch Times 共和黨州長參選人李修頓 主張增加特許學校 (Lee Zeldin)

    2/ 3 Fox News  Georgia school district hosts BLM event featuring speaker charged with 'family violence'

    2/ 3 Queens Chronicle  End middle-school policies that harm Asian families
    2/ 3 Queens Chronicle  Parents call new policy ‘anti-Asian’

    2/ 2 Federalist   California School District Tells Kids: ‘Attacking Whiteness Is Not Enough’

    2/ 2 New York Post  To fix schools in NYC, return to the strategy of closing bad ones
    2/ 2 New York Post  ‘Undercover Mothers’ reveal how they’re fighting ‘wokeness’ in schools

    2/ 1 National Review  BLM ‘Week of Action’ Teaching Students to Affirm Transgenderism, Disrupt Nuclear Family

    2/ 1 New York Post  Biden’s unpopular SCOTUS nonsense shows it’s time to end racial preferences

    2/ 1 New York Post  Save our schools! The Post’s plea to Hochul, Albany and Adams

    2/ 1 New York Post  Hochul won’t back charter school expansion due to union’s support: critics

    2/ 1 New York Post  Enrollment jumps at NYC charters, public schools lose 62,000 students

    2/ 1 New York Times  The Lessons of Brooklyn Tech

    1/31 Epoch Times  加州CFER籲高院糾正哈佛和UNC招生政策

    1/31 New York Post State leaders seem bent on pushing everyone to leave NYC’s regular public schools

    1/31 New York School Talk  All High Schools Are Equal… Some High Schools Are More Equal Than Others

    1/31 Reason Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It

    1/31 Sing Tao  SUNY特許學校 成績遠勝公立學校

    1/31 Washington Examiner  Indiana House passes bill requiring schools post curriculum online

    1/30 Education First Alliance Charlotte Teachers Institute Pays Teachers $1,500 to Teach CRT

    1/30 New York Post  SUNY-approved charter schools in NYC outperform public schools: study

    1/30 New York Post  New York keeps spending more on schools and getting less results

    1/30 Washington Post  Public education is facing a crisis of epic proportions 

    1/29 Epoch Times  多組織介入 紐約左翼對教育的法律戰仍酣

    1/29 Legal Insurrection John McWhorter: End Race-Based Affirmative Action

    1/28 Epoch Times 「選擇學校」提案徵簽公益會 關注孩子未來

    1/28 Federalist Georgia School District Published Plans To Teach Critical Race Theory, Then Hid Them

    1/28 Federalist Dumbing Down The SAT Perfectly Sums Up The State Of American Education

    1/28 New York Times It’s Time to End Race-Based Affirmative Action

    1/27 Epoch Times  Teachers Union Promotes ‘Anti-Misinformation’ Tool

    1/27 Fordham Institute  Americans have lost trust in public schools

    1/27 Fox News  Education Secretary Cardona calls on US to 'reset' after COVID-19 and 're-imagine education'

    1/27 Washington Free Beacon Mini-Doc on Harvard Case Marks Step Forward for Affirmative-Action Critics

    1/26 Breitbart Larry Tribe Tells Harvard to Evade Supreme Court on Racial Preferences

    1/26 China Press 《新聞周刊》:爲什麽亞裔正遠離民主黨?

    1/26 China Press  精英學校入學考試有利于亞裔?事實并非如此

    1/26 City Journal  An Awakening Community

    1/26 City Journal Progressives Against Transparency

    1/26 Conservative Daily News  Democrats’ China Bill Hands Out Millions For ‘Diversity’ Programs

    1/26 Minding the Campus Harvard, UNC Cases Give SCOTUS Chance to End Racial Preferences for Good

    1/25 City Journal  An Affirmative Action Endgame?

    1/25 Harvard Crimson  ‘Bad News for Harvard’: Affirmative Action in Doubt as Court Takes Up Cases

    1/25 Epoch Times 美最高法院聽審哈佛招生歧視案 亞裔團體歡迎

    1/25 Epoch Times 歧視亞裔?美最高法院將聽取哈佛大學招生案

    1/25 Fox News Youngkin drops Virginia plan to eliminate accelerated math courses before 11th grade

    1/25 National Review Harvard President’s Dodgy Defense of Discrimination Against Asian Americans

    1/25 New York Times How It Feels to Be an Asian Student in an Elite Public School

    1/25 Newsweek Why Asian Americans Are Leaving the Democratic Party

    1/25 Sing Tao  種族應否列錄取考慮因素 高院受理哈佛招生歧視案

    1/25 Wall Street Journal A Chance to Remove Race From College Admissions

    1/25 World Journal  哈佛、北卡大招生歧視亞裔?最高法院受理…名校遇最大挑戰

    1/24 Epoch Times Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenges to Colleges Using Race in Admissions

    1/24 Epoch Times Current Literature Market is ‘Woke’ From Top to Bottom: Heroes of Liberty Editor

    1/24 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court to Take Up Harvard, UNC Affirmative Action Case

    1/24 Fox News  Education Secretary Cardona should resign

    1/24 Minding the Campus Anti-Asian Discrimination at the Heart of the Progressive Education Agenda

    1/24 New York Post Pennsylvania school board member blasted for ‘appalling’ message to concerned parents

    1/24 New York School Talk Who’s Schools Are They Anyway? Should Parents Have Any Say In Education?

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Race, Harvard and the Supreme Court

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Supreme Court to Review Race-Conscious Admissions Policies at Harvard, UNC

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Youngkin Nixes ‘Equity’ for ‘Opportunity’

    1/24 Washington Examiner White House touts 'equity' as Supreme Court takes up race-based admissions


    1/22 Epoch Times   雷傑納隆科學獎決賽 紐約三華生入圍

    1/21 China Press 2022年雷傑納榮科學獎決賽入圍揭曉

    1/21 World Journal  亞裔控TJ高中招生未保持族裔中立案 改由法官直接判決

    1/20 Fox News  Virginia school discriminates against Asians to increase Black, Hispanic enrollment: Lawsuit

    1/19 City Journal The Ghost of Jim Crow

    1/19 Washington Post  Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards

    1/18 Daily Mail Elite school in Virginia is accused of discriminating against Asian American students

    1/18 Epoch Times 共和黨人楊京就任維州州長 禁公校教「CRT」

    1/18 Epoch Times 為了孩子「修復加州教育」 橙縣家長見聞

    1/18 Epoch Times 加州與民和解 教育部刪CRT部分爭議內容

    1/18 MySA  Judge to decide lawsuit alleging admissions discrimination

    1/18 New York School Talk NYC Middle School Admissions 2022: Changes… and Hypocrisy

    1/17 Breitbart Democrats Silent When Virginia Gov. Says Parents Have ‘Fundamental Right’ to Raise Own Children

    1/17 Daily Caller Superintendent Won’t Approve Curriculum That Instructs Preschoolers To ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’

    1/17 Epoch Times Experts Explain How Woke Culture is Also Destroying Academia, Corporations, and the Military

    1/17 Fox News Michigan Democrats criticized after dismissing parents' role in public education

    1/17 The Hill  The parents were right: Documents show discrimination against Asian American students

    1/17 USA Today [Possible Parody] California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity

    1/17 World Journal  紐約治安差、生活品質下降 亞裔社區對民主黨不滿日增

    1/16 World Journal  布碌崙選區重畫整合華社 林煜參選新區州參議員  (Yu Lin)

    1/15 New York Post Five college students speak out: We’re fed up with campus ‘wokeness’
    1/14 Daily Caller School Openly Promotes CRT, Pyramid Of White Supremacy’

    1/14 Epoch Times  亞當斯考慮提供公校網課選擇

    1/14 Wall Street Journal Can Politics Get Better When Higher Education Keeps Getting Worse?

    1/13 OCR Ditching standardized tests spells disaster

    1/13 New York Post How college applicants embellish essays with sob stories, fake patents
    1/12 College Fix  U. Tennessee to launch CRT center, require professors commit to DEI for tenure
​    1/12 Epoch Times 亨利參選州總檢察長:選民向右  (Michael Henry)

    1/12 Federalist California District Pays ~$170k to Teach Children To Become Leftist ‘Co-Conspirators’

    1/12 New York Post  NYC school district braces for another classroom diversity tussle
    1/11 Fox News Education Secretary Cardona facing calls to resign

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    1/  8 Epoch Times 雷傑納隆科學獎準決賽 紐約26華裔學生入圍
    1/  8 New York Post ‘Minority privilege’ now more common amid the growing ‘war on whiteness’
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    1/  5 Federalist  California’s Riverside School District Lies About Teaching Critical Race Theory

    1 / 5 World Journal 李榮恩捲土重來 爭取民主黨提名再戰65選區州眾議員  (Grace Lee)
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    1/  4 Daily Caller New Documentary On Parent-Led Rebellion Against Loudoun County Public Schools

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    1/  2 Sing Tao  華人有期待有擔憂 籲實現競選時承諾


​​​​​​June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

                for Scapegoating Asians in Specialized High Schools


CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asians in Specialized High Schools

Parents Demand Carranza's Resignation​       * * * * * VICTORY! * * * * *


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DeBlasio releases long-suppressed study on SHSAT:  The test is VALID (and he knew all along) !!!

                             NYT :  SHSAT predicts whether students will succeed in school

                             WSJ:  Study Shows Scores on Elite High School Test Predict Success

                             CACAGNY Statement

                                      . . . . . while  Class grades are inflated, especially for the rich

                                              and  Grades are outright fraudulent in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods

De Blasio's Education Chancellor Carranza Insults Asian Americans  . . . CACAGNY Demands Apology

                                     Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

                              Carranza says 'sorry' after city official is accused of intimidation at community meeting

                              De Blasio calls Park Slope White parents racist

                              Carranza calls Upper West Side White parents racist

Blame private schools? 27% of Blacks & Latinos get into the Specialized High Schools but don't go there!

In San Francisco, Carranza banned Algebra to dumb down Middle Schools, despite parent objections

CACAGNY Activities   (Updated 10/30/22)

​​​​​​CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

A Quick Introduction to the SHSAT:   Dream Factories   (Documentary Short)

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York