​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News   (  Lawsuit Updates  10/8/20  )

   4/18 China Press  布碌仑区长参选人康力基拜访亚总会 重申支持保留SHSAT和资优班,反对消减警费 (Robert Cornegy Jr)
   4/18 Sing Tao  紐約華埠市議員競選激烈 7民主黨候選人6月大決戰

            (Susan Lee, Jenny Low, Gigi Li, Christopher Marte, Maud Maron, Tiffany Winbush, Denny Salas)

   4/18 World Journal  霍頓競選連任 多位華裔站台支持:他不會只說不做  (Robert Holden)

   4/17 Epoch Times  教育局官員籲取消天才班 紐約同源會:後果是優質生源流失

   4/17 USA Today  Hard work should pay off for Asian Americans, not block their education opportunities

   4/ 4  City Journal  Test Anxiety

   4/ 4  Wall Street Journal  Inconvenient Facts for the War on Testing

   3/31  Epoch Times  哈佛歧視亞裔案 紐約多團體籲複審

   3/31  Sing Tao  同源會華裔家長交陳述書 呼籲最高法院重審哈佛案

   3/30 CACAGNY Asks Supreme Court to Stop Racial Discrimination in College Admissions  (The Brief)
   3/30 Washington Times  'It's everywhere': Parents group fights left-wing indoctrination in schools

   3/26 Epoch Times  用「平權行動」來抵消成功的社會 不是亞裔能成功的社會 生存都會成問題

   3/26 USA Today  Asian American students have a target on their backs thanks to critical race theory

   3/26 Wall Street Journal  School Choice Scores for Public Schools

   3/25 Queens Chronicle  Are unequal results racist?
   3/24 China Press  市議員第一選區參選人李翠珊訪問  (Susan Lee)

   3/24 Epoch Times  青少年訴訟促撤擇優錄取制 紐約同源會籲家長制止

   3/24 RealClear Education The War on Merit

   3/23 OANN  Chinese-American Group Condemns Left-Wing Critical Race Theory

   3/23 Orange County Register  Identity politics do more harm than good

   3/23 USA Today  Don't blame the tests: Getting rid of standardized testing punishes poor students

   3/22 CACAGNY Support Parents’ Intervention in IntegrateNYC’s Absurd Lawsuit

   3/20 Epoch Times 臧東慧獲纽约州眾議員寇頓背書  (William Colton, Donghui Zang)

   3/20 Robert Cornegy  布碌崙區長參選人康立基 訪華社宣揚理念  (Robert Cornegy)

   3/20 World Journal  臧東慧支持資優班 獲州眾議員寇頓背書  (William Colton, Donghui Zang

   3/20 World Journal  市議員參選人莫美倫訪中華公所 籲市府投資亞裔仇恨犯罪工作組  (Maud Maron)
   3/19 National Review  SF School Board Member Accused Asians of Using ‘White Supremacy’ to ‘Get Ahead’

   3/18 China Press  州众议员寇顿背书支持臧东慧参选市议员  (William Colton, Donghui Zang)

   3/18 New York Post  DeSantis rips Critical Race Theory, says it won’t be in Florida curriculum

   3/17 City Journal  Subversive Education

   3/17 Epoch Times  種族平衡招生打擊亞裔 全美各地湧現訴訟

   3/17 NBC News  Boston wants to diversify admissions to elite high schools: Why some parents are suing

   3/17 NTD  Coalition Sues Virginia Public School for Admissions Practices

   3/16 Education News  Critical Race Theory in Texas K-12 Bills

   3/16 Town Hall  A Parent Who Criticized Critical Race Theory Has Been Placed on Hit List for Harassment

   3/16 Wall Street Journal  California’s Ethnic Studies Mandate

   3/15 City Journal  The Pollyanna Principals

   3/15 Epoch Times  紐約學校指南 籲學生不叫「爸媽」引質疑

   3/15 Federalist  Leftists Are Pushing Asian Americans Out Of The Democratic Party

   3/15 Wall Street Journal  The ‘Equity’ of Bill de Blasio
   3/13 Atlantic  What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum: BLM, Education, Indoctrination
   3/13 National Review  Critical Race Theory Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Fight It

   3/12 Epoch Times TJ科技高中改革後減招亞裔 家長提告 同源會聲援
   3/12 World Journal  曼哈頓教會學校 鼓勵學生不稱父母為爸媽

   3/11 Sing Tao  傑菲遜高中錄取改革鬧上法庭 紐約同源會發出聲明力挺

   3/11 World Journal  TJ高中新錄取標準涉歧視亞裔 社區團體告上聯邦法院

   3/10 City Journal  Revenge of the Gods

   3/10 Epoch Times  第20選區市議員參選人黃敏儀 獲朱寶玲背書  (Sandra Ung)
   3/10 Real Clear Investigations  California Is Embracing Mandatory Racial-Injustice Study for All High Schoolers

   3/10 Real Clear Investigations  And Now, the School Pep Rally Against Whiteness

   3/10 Washington Post  Thomas Jefferson students and parents are fighting changes to admissions standards

   3/  9 Breitbart  ‘Social Emotional Learning’ Now a Vehicle for Critical Race Theory

   3/  9 City Journal  The Miseducation of America’s Elites

   3/  9 New York Times  California’s Ethnic Studies Follies
   3/  9 Newsweek  Asian Americans Emerging as a Strong Voice Against Critical Race Theory

   3/  9 Washington Examiner  Lawsuit filed in NYC alleges school system of racist admission policies

   3/  8 Buffalo News  BPS’ ‘responsive’ curriculum promotes division

   3/  8 World Journal  楊安澤:讓各族裔公平享用資源 基本收入促進疫後復甦  (Andrew Yang)

   3/  7 Boston Globe  Race-based admissions are wrong, and it’s time the Supreme Court said so

   3/  7 Epoch Times  華裔教授因言獲罪 美國教育界的文革?

   3/  7 Epoch Times  Chinese American Parents View Critical Race Theory as New Version of Chinese Exclusion Act

   3/  7 New York Post  US Dept. of Education curbs decision on race-based ‘affinity groups’
   3/  7 Wall Street Journal  Dividing by Race Comes to Grade School

   3/  6 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲白思豪重啟天才班合同     市議員霍爾頓呼籲恢復天才班入學考試  (Robert Holden)

   3/  6 New York Post  NYC mom enraged by teacher playing rap videos during Zoom economics class
   3/  6 Weekly Dish  Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities

   3/  5 City Journal  Same as the Old Boss
   3/  5 Dorchester Reporter Exam school admissions are delayed by lawsuit

   3/  5 Epoch Times  橙縣家長盼阻加州《民族研究示範課程》
   3/  5 MBNC Chinese American Parents View Critical Race Theory As New Version of Chinese Exclusion Act

   3/  5 National Review  Woke Math Is Coming to a Classroom Near You

   3/  5 Sing Tao  亞美正義聯盟舉辦 3市議員候選人線上論政   (Maud Maron)

   3/  5 Washington Times  Oklahoma state senator wants to ban critical race theory from public schools

   3/  5 World Journal  高中生反SHSAT組織 邀市長參選人表態  (Eric Adams, Andrew Yang)

   3/  5 World Journal 鼓勵華裔參政 市議員顧雅明背書臧東慧  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)


   3/  4 China Press  顾雅明背书支持臧东慧竞选第29选区市议员  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)

   3/  4 Epoch Times 顧雅明背書臧東慧參選第29選區市議員  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)
   3/  4 New York Post  NYC’s new schools chancellor seems stuck on bad old priorities

   3/  4 Wall Street Journal  ‘Equity’ Is a Mandate to Discriminate

   3/  3 Asian Dawn Chinese-American Group Fighting Against Critical Race Theory

   3/  3 China Press  幫助城市恢複 7市議員參選人組共識聯盟  (Maud Maron, Donghui Zang)

   3/  3 Daily Mail  Children told white heads are dangerous places for black people

   3/  3 Federalist  The Left’s Vision Of Equity Will Cripple A Generation Of Minority Students

   3/  3 GBH News  Speedy Trial Set In Challenge To Boston Exam School Admissions

   3/  3 New York Post  Rep. Jamaal Bowman calls standardized testing ‘a pillar of systemic racism’   (Rebuttal)

   3/  3 Pandemic Warroom  Critical Race Theory Uses ‘Same Tactics’ of Chairman Mao

   3/  2 China Press   史塔文斯基背书支持黄敏仪参选市议员  (Toby Stavisky, Sandra Ung)

   3/  2 Epoch Times  黃敏儀獲州參議員史塔文斯基背書  (Toby Stavisky, Sandra Ung)

   3/  2 GraniteGrok  “Critical Race Theory (CRT) Is a Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud”

   3/  2 Hoover Institution The Capitalists Who Sell Ethnic Studies

   3/  2 World Journal 波士頓優學家長聯盟 控公校新規違憲

   3/  1 America's Citizen Press  Chinese American Group Denounces Leftist Critical Race Theory

   3/  1 Bari Weiss  There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math

   3/  1 Daily Friend  Chinese association condemns Critical Race Theory

   3/  1 Free Beacon  Incoming NYC Schools Chancellor Backs Claim That America Was ‘Built On Lies’

   3/  1 New York Post  Half of polled Democrats disapprove of City Hall schools policy

   2/28 NTD TV  美國的「新排華法案」

   2/27 石山角度   美國公立學校推動批判性種族理論教育,被斥為「新排華法案」
   2/27 Boston Globe Civil rights group to challenge lawsuit over admissions policy at Boston exam schools

   2/27 Epoch Times  【有冇搞錯】美國的「新排華法案」

   2/27 Epoch Times  共和黨市長候選人訪華埠宣傳政見   (Sara Tirschwell)

   2/27 MSN News Chinese American group denounces ‘Critical Race Theory’

   2/27 PJ Media Asian American Group Eviscerates Critical Race Theory: 'A Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud'

   2/27 RT Boston halts advanced school program after study finds it has too many ‘white and Asian’ students
   2/27 Sing Tao  市長參選人田詩薇 拜訪中華公所   (Sara Tirschwell)

   2/27 Yahoo News  Chinese American group denounces ‘Critical Race Theory’

   2/26 Asra Investigates  Parents Sue Boston Schools for Racism

   2/26 Boston Herald Parent group suing school committee for new exam school admissions process

   2/26 Epoch Times 「批判種族論」風行 紐約同源會籲家長抵制

   2/26 Epoch Times  紐約市長候選人亞當斯訪紐約中華公所  (Eric Adams)

​   2/26 Fox News  Chinese American Group Denounces Critical Race Theory:   Shannon Bream   /  Ingraham Angle

   2/26 New York Post  Supreme Court now has a chance to end the real ‘systemic racism’

   2/26 Real Time with  Bill Maher Megyn Kelly on Race in Education | Real Time with Bill Maher

   2/26 Washington Times  Loudoun County Schools cancel Dr. Seuss for 'racial undertones'

   2/26 WGBH   Citing Racial Inequities, Boston Public Schools Suspend New Advanced Learning Classes

   2/26 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視亞裔案 原告申請最高院受理

   2/25 China Press 参选市长 布碌仑区长亚当斯拜访中华公所  (Eric Adams)

   2/25 China Press 25學區學區裏民會下月開 CAPA籲華裔參與

   2/25 Daily Wire  Chinese-American Group On Critical Race Theory: ‘Racist, Repressive, Discriminatory’

   2/25 Epoch Times  Chinese American Civil Rights Group Denounces Critical Race Theory: ‘A Hateful Fraud’

   2/25 Fox News  Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 India TImes Post Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 KCUE  Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 News Wars Asian-American Group Blasts Critical Race Theory as ‘Hateful, Divisive Fraud’

   2/25 Newsweek  The Supreme Court Must Now End the 'Systemic Racism' of Affirmative Action

   2/25 PR Newswire  SFFA Files Petition for Certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court to End Race-Based Admissions

   2/25 RT Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’ in fiery letter

   2/25 South Asian Express Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’

   2/25 WCSI   Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory - 1010 WCSI

   2/24 Ara Investiages  Chinese-American Parents Condemn Critical Race Theory

   2/24 ArabNews24  Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’

   2/24 Bacons' Rebellion  Chinese-American Parents Condemn Critical Race Theory

   2/24 ENM News ‘Hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud’: Chinese American organization denounces critical race theory

   2/24 Epoch Times  比爾蓋茨基金會推「反種族主義數學」

   2/24 Epoch Times  91分以上先抽籤 紐約湯森哈里斯高中改招生辦法

   2/24 Investment Watch Oldest Chinese-American association has announced revolt against critical race theory

   2/24 Sing Tao 亨特中學錄取改革升溫 公聽會議員逼問何時實施  (Inez Barron)

   2/24 Twitchy 'Critical Race Theory is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act’: Chinese-American association comes out swinging

   2/24 Washington Examiner Chinese American organization denounces critical race theory

   2/24 World Journal  今年將辦州會考 不列入畢業要求

   2/23 CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud   (For mobile: HTML)

   2/23 Daily Signal Woke Math Spreads to Oregon

   2/23 Epoch Times 曼哈頓區檢察官候選人泰莉拜訪紐約中華公所  (Tali Weinstein)

   2/23 Newsweek Math Suffers From White Supremacy, According to a Bill Gates-Funded Course

   2/23 Thinking Conservative CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud

   2/22 Chalkbeat  Schools must still give standardized tests this year, Biden administration says

   2/22 Wall Street Journal  The Woke ‘Model Minority’ Myth

   2/22 Washington Times Bronx educator's $150M lawsuit: 'Wakanda Forever' salute dispute contributed to firing

   2/21 Town Hall  De Blasio’s Attack on the American Dream

   2/20 China Press  新任州衆議員譚杜喜晤華文媒體 期與華裔選民增進溝通  (Mike Tannousis)

   2/20 Epoch Times  BLM進學校推廣黑命貴課程 推進左翼議程?

   2/20 Epoch Times  皇后區市議員候選人黃啟俊訪紐約中華公所  (Edwin Wong)

   2/20 New York Post Veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired after refusing ‘Black Panther’ salute

   2/20 Sing Tao 稱取消SHSAT無法被接受 譚杜喜批市長教育徹底失敗  (Mike Tannousis)

   2/19 American Thinker Critical Race Theory Is Coming to Your Suburban Community

   2/19 Bacon's Rebellion  Five Dem Senators Defy Party Orthodoxy on Governors Schools

   2/19 Wall Street Journal  Science Needs Criticism, Not Cheerleading

   2/18 KNKX Seattle Public Schools says it will no longer offer separate honors classes in middle school

   2/18 Sing Tao 教育局宣布取消今年天才班考試 華裔家長氣暈罵市府不守信

   2/18 Virginia Mercury  Senators kill legislation to increase diversity in Virginia’s elite public high schools

   2/17 Epoch imes  數學是種族主義?2+2=5?左派手冊引關注

   2/17 New York Post DOE announces new Gifted and Talented admission system for next year

   2/17 Sing Tao 校長要求家長反思 「自己到底有多白」

   2/16 City Journal  What Multiculturalism Has Wrought

   2/16 New York Post NYC public school asks parents to ‘reflect’ on their ‘whiteness’  (Letters to Editor)

   2/16 New York Post William Shakespeare ditched by woke teachers over ‘misogyny, racism’

   2/15 American Conservative Teachers Unions Have Always Been Terrible

   2/15 Federalist  San Francisco High School To ‘Combat Racism’ By Selecting Students Based On Skin Color

   2/13 China Press  市议会参选人臧东慧Maron向华社送上新春祝福  (Donghui Zang, Maud Maron)

   2/12 Fox News  Oregon promotes teacher program that seeks to undo 'racism in mathematics'

   2/12 Sing Tao  2市議員候選人呼籲 春節光顧華人店鋪   (Donghui Zang, Maud Maron)

   2/11 NW Asian Weekly Yale admissions lawsuit dropped

   2/11 Patch I am a Black Student in a Specialized High School

   2/11 World Journal 爭議聲中 洛威爾高中招生改革通過

   2/10 ABC News 7  SF School Board votes to end merit-based admission at Lowell High, move school into lottery

   2/10 City Journal Saving Gotham’s Students

   2/10 Daily Caller San Francisco Board Of Education Votes To End Merit-Based Admissions at Prestigious School

   2/10 Quillette Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America

   2/10 National Review  SF School Board Not Sure Gay Dad Adds Enough Diversity to All-Female Parent Group

   2/10 San Francisco Chronicle S.F. school board strips Lowell High of its merit-based admissions system

   2/10 Spiked  ‘Systemic racism’ is a conspiracy theory

   2/ 9 Glenn Beck Hour  Critical Race Theory in California's ESMC

   2/ 9 New York Times  Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

   2/ 9 Sing Tao  紐約市主計長斯靜格線上舉辦 亞裔媒體農曆新年圓桌會議  (Scott Stringer)

   2/ 8 New York School Talk  Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s Education Legacy

   2/ 7 Wall Street Journal  Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory
   2/ 7 Washington Times  Lawmakers in two states target teaching of critical race theory, 1619 Project
   2/ 6 Epoch Times  耶魯大學歧視亞裔案被撤 專家:影響深遠

   2/ 6 Sing Tao  天才班考試出題公司合同取消 逾千家長聯署要求重新投票

   2/ 5 Bari Weiss  'Spirit Murder,' Neo-Segregation and Science Denial in American Schools

   2/ 5 Epoch Times  要求對天才班考試合同決定重新投票 763名家長連署

   2/ 5 New York Post  New website tracks where critical race theory is taught at US schools

   2/ 5 New York Post  Public school parents are fleeing to charters, too

   2/ 5 Wall Street Journal  San Francisco’s Race Games

   2/ 5 Wall Street Journal  School Choice Momentum in the States

   2/ 4 Epoch Times  黃敏儀競選第20選區市議員 獲紐約市聯合教師工會背書  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 4 Fox News  Asian-American GOP Reps. Steel and Kim reject DOJ decision to drop Yale lawsuit

   2/ 4 Newsweek San Francisco School Board Commissioner Calls Merit-Based Education 'Racist'

   2/ 4 Washington Free Beacon  North Carolina Approves New, Radical History Curriculum for K-12 Students

   2/ 4 World Journal 參選紐約法拉盛市議員 黃敏儀獲聯合教師工會背書  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 3 Bloomberg Yale Admissions Bias Suit by Trump DOJ Dropped Under Biden

   2/ 3 Breitbart  SF to Dump Merit-based Admissions to Majority Asian Magnet School Because ‘Systemic Racism

   2/ 3 China Press  學生以華裔爲主 舊金山知名高中招生或不看成績隻抽簽

   2/ 3 China Press  聯合教師工會背書黃敏儀  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 3 Fox News Biden Justice Department is dropping Yale University admissions practices lawsuit

   2/ 3 New York Post  Biden’s would-be education secretary pioneered classroom race theory

   2/ 3 QNS UFT endorses Robert Holden for City Council re-election  (Robert Holden)

   2/ 3 San Francisco Chronicle S.F. school board leans toward stripping Lowell High of merit-based admissions

   2/ 3 Wall Street Journal  ‘Equity’ for Asian-Americans in Practice

   2/ 3 World Journal  紐約州是否取消州會考 2/5前徵民意

   2/ 2 ABC 7 News SF school board presents resolution to change merit admission at Lowell High

   2/ 2 Asra Investigates  Judge: 'TJ...is...for Gifted Students'

   2/ 2 NBC News Prominent San Francisco high school could drop academic achievement for admission

   2/ 2 Sing Tao  亨特中學成考試改革新目標 民選官員施壓推多元化

   2/ 2 World Journal  紐約客談/楊安澤會助華裔維權?莫一廂情願 (Andrew Yang)

   2/ 2 World Journal 亨特高中入學考因疫延期 學生團體、民選官員籲取消  (Charles Barron, Jumaane Williams)

   2/ 1 ABC 7 News  Are acronyms a symptom of 'white supremacy culture?

   2/ 1 New York Post  San Francisco school official deems acronyms ‘racist’ in axing arts department moniker

   2/ 1 World Journal  7市長參選人表態 要廢單一考試錄取制 (Stringer, Adams, Yang, Donovan, Morales, McGuire, Wiley)

   2/ 1 World Journal  紐約亨特高中遭學生指控歧視 提出4點要求取消入學考試

   1/31 New York Daily News  Inside NYC Education panel’s stunning vote to nix ‘Gifted and Talented’ exam

   1/31 New York Post Will Biden’s team go along with killing another year of standardized testing?

   1/31 San Francisco Chronicle Lowell High School would permanently switch to lottery admission

   1/31 Santa Monica Observer Scholars Challenge Benefits of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Children

   1/30 Epoch Times 紐約市12名民代反對教育局取消中學篩選錄取

            (Colton, Abbate, Cymbrowitz, Dickens, Braunstein, Weprin, Savino, Felder, Louis, Holden, Deutsch, Yeger)
   1/30 New York Post  Dad says NYC DOE public schools are ‘brainwashing’ kids with woke agenda

   1/30 New York Post  Dalton parents fight ‘anti-racism’ agenda in scathing open letter

   1/29 Atlantic  Schools Must Resist Destructive Anti-racist Demands
   1/29 Epoch Times 紐約市長候選人均贊成天才班招生闢新徑 (Andrew Yang, Kathryn Garcia, Eric Adams, Ray McGuire, Loree Sutton)

   1/29 Gothamist  Andrew Yang: Scrapping Gifted Programs Would Cause Some Families To Leave NYC
   1/29 New York Post  Mayoral hopeful Yang slams Gifted and Talented test nix, warns of parent exodus (
Andrew Yang)

   1/29 World Journal  角逐紐約市長立場丕變 斯靜格認應廢SHSAT (Scott Stringer, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Andrew Yang)

   1/28 China Press  杨安泽:增加特殊高中保留特殊考试 (Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Ray McGuire, Loree Sutton)

   1/28 Epoch Times   楊安澤支持疫情受創小商家 獲紐約市議員陳倩雯背書  (Andrew Yang)

   1/28 Epoch Times   終於考了! 新移民學生獲延長一倍時間考SHSAT

   1/28 National Review  The Problem with ‘Systemic Racism’

   1/28 New York Post  Families are fleeing NYC’s public schools — of course

   1/28 New York Post NYC education panel rejects contract for Gifted and Talented exam

   1/28 Politico NYC mayoral candidates divided on politically fractious elite high school test

   1/28 Sing Tao 公校入學率跌4% 學生人數跌穿百萬

   1/28 World Journal  紐約客談/會不會是最後一次考SHSAT?

   1/28 World Journal  終於開考了…進軍特殊高中 華生「忍凍」考SHSAT

   1/27 China Press  紐約市今年第一批SHSAT考試在各中學考點線下舉行

   1/27 Commentary  What They Really Mean by ‘Equity’

   1/27 Loudoun Times  Judge: Lawsuit over Thomas Jefferson school’s admissions can move ahead

   1/27 New York Post  NYC public schools have lost 43,000 kids this year

   1/27 NY1 Middle Schools Around the City Open Briefly for 8th Graders to Take SHSAT

   1/27 Sing Tao 布碌崙區長參選人可內基 稱支持SHSAT及天才班

   1/26 Epoch Times 紐約市長參選人教育論壇 週四晚舉辦

   1/26 Epoch Times  市議員科尼加競選布碌崙區長 支持SHSAT  (Robert Cornegy)

   1/26 National Review  ‘Equity’ and ‘Systemic Racism’

   1/26 World Journal 紐約市長參選人賈西亞接受世報專訪 支持擴大SHSAT和資優班  (Garcia--but she  lied)

   1/25 Epoch Times  紐約市教育局備忘錄流出 天才班入學考或泡湯

   1/25 New York Post  Biden has embraced lunatic ‘critical race theory’ — but you can still fight it

   1/25 SI Live New York seeks to forgo state standardized tests this spring

   1/25 Sing Tao 州教育廳申請 取消春季統考

   1/24 China Press  陈熠参选第25选区市议员  (Chen Yi)

   1/24 WTVR  Judge: lawsuit over elite Virginia school's admissions can move ahead

   1/22 China Press  紐約同源會等28日舉行市長參選人論壇 楊安澤将參與

   1/21 Epoch Times  紐約華埠選民最在意:社區監獄、租金與地稅  (Maud Maron)

   1/21 Epoch Times  前紐約市清潔局長賈西亞參選市長 訪中華公所  (Kathryn Garcia)
   1/21 Fox News  Diversity session tells teachers 'colorblindness,' 'all lives matter' are white supremacy

   1/21 Queens Chronicle  What will become of G&T programs?  (Toby Stavsky, Nily Rozic)
   1/21 World Journal  競選市議員╱ 艾維樂、李真 支持擴大資優班  (Richard Lee, Tony Avella)
   1/20 World Journal  SAT單科、作文取消 華生升學再受影響

   1/ 19 Epoch Times 第19選區市議員論壇 選民重視政見承諾  (Tony Avella, Richard Lee)
   1/ 19 Epoch Times 法拉盛選區市議員參選人 聚焦緬街公車道 (Dao Yin, Sandra Ung)
   1/ 19 Fordham Institute  NYC’s dismantling of gifted education could hurt Black and Hispanic children most

   1/ 19 National Review  Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education
   1/ 19 Sing Tao  第19和20選區市議員參選人論壇 教育治安和住房議題引發熱議 (Richard Lee, Tony Avella)

   1/ 19 The 74 Million Study Opening Up Selective HS Admissions Can Hurt Low-Income Students’ College Chances

   1/ 19 World Journal 市議員競選論壇 森林小丘4參選人反廢SHSAT (Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang, Lynn Schulman, David Aronov)
   2/ 18 China Press  29選區市議員參選人介紹背景競選政見  (Lynn Schulman, Donghui Zang, David Aronov)

   1/ 18 Epoch Times  森林小丘市議員參選人臧東慧 籌款金額位居前五  (Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Epoch Times  紐約市議會皇后區第29選區民主黨初選參選人論壇 (Lynn Schulman, Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Federalist Minority Parents Fight The Educrats Erasing Gifted Education In The Name Of ‘Antiracism’

   1/ 18 Sing Tao  第29選區市議員論壇 4名參選人各抒政見  (Lynn Schulman, Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Sing Tao  正式參選法拉盛市議員 尹導強調綜合治理  (Dao Yin)

   1/ 18 World Journal  反對取消資優班 紐約同源會:應擴大

   1/ 17 China Press 尹导宣布参选第20选区市议员  (Dao Yin)

   1/ 16 CACAGNY urges more electeds and candidates to defend Gifted & Talented Programs

   1/ 16 Epoch Times  反對廢資優班考試 紐約民代發聲  (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Margaret Chin)
   1/ 15 Sing Tao  有意參選紐約市長 卡西亞拜訪星島日報  (Kathryn Garcia)

   1/ 14 Bklyner  Southern Brooklyn Parents React To Ending of Gifted & Talented Screenings
   1/ 14 China Press  资优班被砍寇顿:將联合民代反对中学录取改革 (William Colton)

   1/ 14 NewsWars  Parents ‘Shocked’ After California Elementary School Taught Critical Race Theory

   1/ 14 World Journal  廢資優班考試 華人區民代齊反對:不負責任 (Koo, Malliotakis, Abbate, Colton, Treyger, Holden, Johnson, Liu)
   1/ 14 World Journal 資優班考試取消 華人家長不滿 寄望下屆市長扭轉局面

   1/ 13 Bklyner  No More G&T Screening After This Spring

   1/ 13 China Press  教育局叫停“資優班” 今春最後一次考試 亞裔占比最高 黃敏儀等發聲反對  (Sandra Ung)

   1/ 13 China Press  紐約教育局将叫停“資優班” 今春最後一次考試  (Maya Wiley)
   1/ 13 City Journal  Woke Elementary

   1/ 13 Gothamist  City Will Offer Gifted & Talented Test To Four-Year-Old Students One Last Time

   1/ 13 New York Post  De Blasio is trying to kill gifted-and-talented education
   1/ 13 New York Post  De Blasio hates gifted schooling because it exposes his own failures

   1/ 13 New York Post  NYC to reboot Gifted and Talented program for schools this fall
   1/ 13 Sing Tao  取消天才班各界嗆聲 反對聲高過支持聲 (
John Liu, Andrew Gounardes, Sandra Ung, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 12 Cal Matters  Without statewide testing data California will fall short in supporting student learning

   1/ 12 NY1  DOE Will End Gifted and Talented Test After This Year  (Maya Wiley)

   1/ 11 World Journal  斯靜格:特殊高中錄取應採用州考分數  (Scott Stringer)

   1/ 11 World Journal  1/5公校高中生 未獲應完成學分

   1/ 10 China Press  市长论坛 斯静格表态改革SHSAT考试  (Scott Stringer)

   1/  9 Gotham Gazette  Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Pitch Upper Manhattan Club

                Against SHSAT: Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Shaun Donovan, Kathryn Garcia, Loree Sutton, Carlos Menchaca

                For SHSAT: Eric Adams

                Not Saying: Ray McGuire

   1/  9 World Journal  寇頓號召家長 反對取消初中篩選  (William Colton)

   1/  8 San Diego Union-Tribune  Why did Prop. 16 lose in California? Most people oppose racial preferences

   1/  7 Chalkbeat  1 in 5 NYC high schoolers received incomplete grades last spring

   1/  5 Epoch Times  紐約市1600人簽名 呼籲保持天才班招生

   1/  5 The 74 Million  How to Avoid Integrating Schools While Ending Up With Segregated Classrooms

   1/  4 New York Post  Parent letter rips City Hall silence on Gifted and Talented programs
   1/  4 New York School Talk  Three Potential Silver Linings to Unscreening All NYC Middle Schools

   1/  2 New York Post  Teaching ‘white fragility’ is bad for kids of color


News -- 2020

News -- 2019

​News -- 2018

​​​​​​June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

                for Scapegoating Asians in Specialized High Schools


CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asians in Specialized High Schools

Parents Demand Carranza's Resignation​       * * * * * VICTORY! * * * * *


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DeBlasio releases long-suppressed study on SHSAT:  The test is VALID (and he knew all along) !!!

                                                               NYT :  SHSAT predicts whether students will succeed in school

                                                               WSJ:  Study Shows Scores on Elite High School Test Predict Success

                                                               CACAGNY Statement

                                                                    . . . . . while  Class grades are inflated, especially for the rich

                                                                                               and  Grades are outright fraudulent in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods

De Blasio's Education Chancellor Carranza Insults Asian Americans  . . . CACAGNY Demands Apology

                                     Queens officials blast de Blasio staffer for interrupting meeting on SHSAT

                              Carranza says 'sorry' after city official is accused of intimidation at community meeting

                              De Blasio calls Park Slope White parents racist

                              Carranza calls Upper West Side White parents racist

Blame private schools? 27% of Blacks & Latinos get into the Specialized High Schools but don't go there!

In San Francisco, Carranza banned Algebra to dumb down Middle Schools, despite parent objections

CACAGNY Activities   (Updated 3/30/21)

​​​​CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

A Quick Introduction to the SHSAT:   Dream Factories   (Documentary Short)

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York