June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

for Scapegoating Asian Kids over his Educational Failures

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   De Blasio's Education Chancellor Carranza Insults Asian Americans  . . . CACAGNY Demands Apology

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   27% of Blacks and Latinos accepted into the Specialized High Schools don't want to go there!!!

CACAGNY Statement

CACAGNY strongly objects to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposals on Sunday June 3 to change the admissions policy to the NYC Specialized High Schools.

His proposal to expand vastly the Discovery Program and set aside 20% of the seats for selected students who fail to meet the admission scores is unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who score higher than these favored students and would have otherwise been admitted.

His further proposal to undo the fair and objective Hecht-Calandra Act with secretive, inconsistent admission criteria reverse-engineered to achieve racial targets masks his devastating failure to provide even basic K-8 education to vast numbers of communities in NYC, let alone the highly competitive academics needed for the Specialized High Schools. In one of his middle schools, only two 8th graders demonstrated math proficiency in five years.

More than half the students in the Specialized High Schools qualify as poor. Many are immigrants who rely on the objectivity guaranteed by Hecht-Calandra to compete on a level playing field for educational opportunities. Despite his denials, Bill de Blasio's proposals target Asian American kids and callously toss out their hard-won achievements.

We call on Bill de Blasio to respect students who achieve, no matter their ethnicity, to stop pitting one disadvantaged minority against another, and to do something constructive instead: improve education for all communities, starting from the lowest grades!

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 

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 6/24  China Press  26学区委员会讨论反对取消特高考试决议

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 6/21   Sing Tao  非議市長特殊高中改革 郭納德絕不同意取消SHSAT

 6/21   World Journal  廢SHSAT 教育團體憂不公

 6/21   World Journal  公校族裔多元化 第三學區先行

 6/20  Epoch Times  五所特殊高中系纽约市自定 白思豪:最好通过立法修改

 6/20  Epoch Times  日裔教育专家致信白思豪谈SHSAT:勿分隔亚裔

 6/20  New York Post  Families continue to flee DeBlasio's schools for charter schools

​ 6/20  New York Post  DeBlasio continues campaign to "desegregate" high performing schools with low performing students

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 6/20  Wall Street Journal  City Plan Aims to Diversify Upper West Side Middle Schools with Low Performing Students

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 6/18  Epoch Times  SHSAT辩论升温 社区批市长:玩政治

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 6/17  Sing Tao  市長特殊高中改革引恐慌 家長擔心下一步要動天才班

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 6/16  China Pres  社区会议炮轰纽约市长特高废考误人子弟

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 6/16  Epoch Times  三百学生和家长参加 吁保留公平竞争机会

​ 6/16  Sing Tao  賓臣墟特殊高中社區會議 議員怒責市長 號召持續抗爭

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​ 6/16  World Journal  搶救SHSAT 學生大軍上街頭

​​ 6/15  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Malliotakis: The test is not the problem with specialized high schools

 6/15  China Press  20学区委吁否决废特高考议案

 6/15  China Press  布碌仑区长亚当斯谈特殊高中

 6/15  China Press  百余华人抗议取消特高考试

​​ 6/15  Epoch Times  非裔学生家长反对废SHSAT:即使我孩子受益也要讲公平

 6/15  Federalist  Kick Asian Americans Out of Selective Schools to Give Unearned Preferences to Blacks, Hispanics

 6/15  New York Post  Protesters rip de Blasio’s proposed admissions overhaul

 6/15  NTD TV  抗议废除特殊高中考试 布鲁克林大桥游行

​ 6/15  NY1  Republican Running for Governor Calls for City to Keep SHSAT

 6/15  Patch Hundreds Protest Elite School Diversity Plan On Brooklyn Bridge

 6/15  Sing Tao  從布碌崙遊行至曼哈頓 數百亞裔再抗議廢除SHSAT

 6/15  Sinovision《一刻》對話普林斯頓教授: 從特殊高中改革看美國教育新趨勢

​​​ 6/15  Sinovision  取消SHSAT是掩蓋教育缺陷 特殊高中學生加入抗議隊伍

 6/15  WABC  Parents, students protest plan to eliminate specialized high school admissions test 

 6/15  WABC  Local leaders hold emergency meeting over specialized admissions test debate

​​​ 6/14  Atlantic  What’s Going On With New York’s Elite Public High Schools?

 6/14  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  The test is not the problem with specialized high schools

 6/14  Business Insider  Bill de Blasio has a plan that would destroy New York City's elite high schools

 6/14  China Press  卡兰纳里民会接受废考质询

​ 6/14  China Press  韩裔加入反对取消特殊高中考试示威行列

​ 6/14  China Press  百余华人抗议取消特高考试

​ 6/14  Epoch Times  法拉盛韩裔抗议市长拟废SHSAT

​ 6/14  Epoch Times  取消特殊高中考试 犹如“饥饿游戏”

 6/14  New York Daily News  Keep the specialized high school admissions test; fix K-8 education throughout the city

​ 6/14  New York Post  Corey Johnson wants city to expand specialized schools for minorities

 6/14  Queens Chronicle  Parents rally in Flushing against city’s move to eliminate the specialized high school test

​ 6/14  Queens Chronicle  Pols blast Blaz’s plan to toss the SHSAT

 6/14  SF Shibao  律师解读纽约特殊高中改革:涉种族配额 可诉诸法律维权

 6/14  Sing Tao  白思豪特殊高中改革 激起華人反民主黨情緒

 6/14  Sing Tao《一刻》本期看點:普林斯頓教授質疑特殊高中改革數據

 6/14  Sinovision  紐約市教育局長堅決否定SHSAT 日落公園逾百民衆抗議

 6/14  World Journal  場外兩派人馬對峙 火藥味十足

 6/14  World Journal  卡蘭扎現身學區會議 抗議人潮擠爆

 6/14  World Journal  SHSAT擬廢除 華韓裔聯手抗議

 6/14  World Journal  史岱文森校友:紐約市長將毀滅最好高中

 6/14  Xinhua News  Proposal to reform New York high schools sparks uproar in Asian American Community

​ 6/13  China Press  孟昭文会晤卡兰纳 反对取消SHSAT  (Statement)

​ 6/13  China Press  卡兰納今天与第15学区委员会举行市政会议

​ 6/13  China Press  布碌仑区长亚当斯出席侨报访谈 分享执政理念 强调耐   > > >他直到6月18日才對英語媒體承認< < <

 6/13  Conservative Review  NYC’s war on academic excellence

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​ 6/13  Mother Jones  New York City’s Elite High School Problem Isn’t a High School Problem

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 6/13  New York Times  Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan would destroy the best high schools in New York City

 6/13  Newsmax  Lower Standards Endanger Nation's Safety, Security

 6/13  NY1  Sunset Park protesters slam schools chancellor's support for plan to eliminate SHSAT

 6/13  SIng Tao  紐約市教育總監 明年到奧本尼遊說特殊高中改革

 6/13  Sing Tao  教育總監開里民會 數百華裔門外示威

 6/13  Sing Tao  眾家長梅利山集會抗議取消特殊高中試

​ 6/13  Sinovision  特殊高中改革反對陣營再添新磚 韓裔社區紐約法拉盛集會抗議

​ 6/13  Times Ledger  De Blasio proposal to phase out SHSAT fails to resonate with Queens lawmakers

 6/13  Washington Post  New York’s mayor wants to demolish a school system that lifts kids out of poverty

​ 6/13  World Journal  廢SHSAT 面對亞裔反彈 教育總監堅持立場
​ 6/13  World Journal  20學區投票 反對取消特殊高中入學考試
​ 6/13  World Journal  孟昭文會紐約市教育總監 聚焦SHSAT  (Statement)
​ 6/13  World Journal <特殊高中改革案>華爾街日報:亞裔正在覺醒

 6/12  AM New York  Mayor’s elite-school plan doesn’t make the grade
​​ 6/12  Brooklyn Eagle  SHSAT hits the fan: Asians call NYC Chancellor’s Specialized High School remarks divisive, disrespectful

 6/12  Epoch Times  紐約市精英學校--特殊高中的歷史沿革

​ 6/12  New York Daily News  NYC's own 'Hunger Games': Accelerated schooling too scarce for all students who merit it

 6/12  QNS  Parents rally in Flushing against city’s move to eliminate the specialized high school test

 6/12  Wall Street Journal  The Attack on Educational Excellence

​ 6/12  Wall Street Journal  Dumbing Down New York’s Public Schools

​ 6/12  World Journal  華社施壓初見效 廢SHSAT共同提案人退縮

 6/11  Broadsheet  Assemblywoman Yuh Line Niou, City Councilwoman Margaret Chin Criticize DeBlasion on SHSAT

​ 6/11  China Press  抗议废考现场 逾百人登记选民

​ 6/11  China Press  抗议废SHSAT 华裔大示威

​ 6/11  China Press  冒雨抗议 群情激奋

​ 6/11  Epoch Times  紐約2千人市府集會 反對廢特殊高中入學考試

 6/11  Lo-Down  Council Member Chin Asks Mayor For Meeting on Specialized High School Plan

 6/11  National Review  De Blasio’s Plan to Destroy New York’s Best Schools

​ 6/11  New China TV  Parents, students protest against canceling admission test for Specialized High Schools in NYC

​ 6/11  New York Daily News  Without the test, Stuyvesant won't work

 6/11  New York School Talk  The Mayor’s Hidden Agenda

 6/11  Our Town  Asian-Americans assail schools plan

 6/11  Politico  De Blasio’s quixotic specialized school journey

​ 6/11  Wall Street Journal  An Asian-American Awakening

 6/11  Wall Street Journal  用選票發聲 亞裔不做啞裔 快去登記選民

 6/11  World Journal 《新聞眼》廢SHSAT危機未除 下一步該如何走?

 6/11  World Journal  保SHSAT 5000家長、學生示威

 6/11  China Press:  抗议废SHSAT 华裔大示威

 6/10  City & State  The way to diversify specialized high schools is to open more of them

​ 6/10  New York Post  Protesters gather at City Hall to oppose de Blasio’s no-test plan

​ 6/10  NTD TV  反對廢除特殊高中考試 紐約學生家長抗議

 6/10  NY1  Specialized High School Admission Changes Effect All High Schools  (Recorded by onlooker)

 6/10   SF Gate  Plan to diversify elite NYC schools draws fire from Asians

​ 6/10  Sing Tao 「沒有人能隨隨便便成功」 亞裔家長談為教育做犧牲

​ 6/10  Sing Tao  數千人冒雨聚市府 反特殊高中錄取改革

 6/10  Sinovision  逾五千民衆紐約市府前抗議 反對取消特殊高中入學考試

 6/10  Sinovision  抗議市長廢除特殊高中入學考試計劃 逾千家長紐約市府門前集結抗議

 6/10  Villager  ‘Keep the test!’ Asian-Americans slam mayor’s plan on elite schools

 6/10  WPIX  What do you think of Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to diversity the city's eight specialized high schools?

 6/10  World Journal  紐約市擬廢特殊高中入學測驗 各族裔家長千人聚市府前抗議

 6/ 9   China Press  寇顿 唐凤巧要求教育局长为无礼言论道歉

​ 6/ 9   China Press  民代亚裔民众法拉盛示威

 6/ 9   China Press  亚当斯新建议:8所特高保留SHSAT录取方式不变

 6/ 9   Epoch Times  華人法拉盛抗議 強烈反對廢SHSAT

 6/ 9   Journal Times  Plan to diversify elite NYC schools draws fire from Asians

 6/ 9   New York Post  27% of Blacks and Latinos accepted into the Specialized High Schools don't want to go there

 6/ 9   New York Post  De Blasio’s school admissions plan would slash enrollment of white kids

 6/ 9   Newsmax  Plan to Diversify Elite NYC Schools Draws Fire From Asians

​ 6/ 9   NTD TV  紐約市長改革特殊高中 家長民代齊抗議

 6/ 9   World Journal  AngelList創始人:考試入學最公平

 6/ 9   World Journal  布碌崙區長改口保留SHSAT 稱與華人取消籌款無關

 6/ 9   World Journal  廢特殊高中考試 亞裔集會法拉盛抗議

 6/ 9   World Journal  非裔校友:SHSAT沒錯 是市長改革有誤

 6/ 9   World Journal《新聞眼》改革之路 應展誠意

 6/ 8   Bklyner  Why so many Southern Brooklyn parents worry about Mayor’s plan to reform Specialized High School admissions

 6/ 8   Brooklyn Daily Eagle  City’s plan to change specialized high school admission standards exposes DOE failings

 6/ 8   Brooklyn Reporter  GOP pushes back on de Blasio elite schools plan

 6/ 8   China Daily   NYC school-diversity plan challenged

 6/ 8   China Press  因对特殊高中改革态度模棱两可 亚当斯竞选市长筹款活动

​ 6/ 8   China Press  特殊高中改革议案被叫停

 6/ 8   China Press  布碌仑第20学委全票反对白思豪取消SHSAT考试

​ 6/ 8   China Press  陈倩雯吁白思豪与亚裔对话 修改特殊高中入学程序问题

 6/ 8   New American  Mayor de Blasio: Diversity Over Merit at NYC’s Best Schools

 6/ 8   Newsmax  Is NYC Mayor de Blasio Anti-Asian?

 6/ 8   SF Shibao  纽约市布鲁克林区长亚当斯突改口 反对取消特殊高中入学考试

 6/ 8   SF Shibao  纽约法拉盛逾百民众集会 反对取消特殊高中考试

 6/ 8   Sing Tao  建議5區各建一所新特殊高中 亞當斯重申支持保留SHSAT  > > >他直到6月18日才對英語媒體承認< < <

 6/ 8   Sing Tao  史塔文斯基指責 白思豪一意孤行

​ 6/ 8   Sing Tao  近300民眾法拉盛集會 反對取消特殊高中考試

 6/ 8   Sinovision《一刻》紐約亞裔的特殊高中保衛戰

 6/ 8   World Journal  布碌崙20學區決議 反對廢除SHSAT

 6/ 8   World Journal  廢SHSAT 中華公所批「本末倒置」盼聽民意

 6/ 8   World Journal  廢除特殊高中考試 亞裔法拉盛抗議

 6/ 8   World Journal《新聞眼》有理更要聲高 亞裔不再啞裔

 6/ 7   Amsterdam News  Fix the pipeline for specialized high schools
 6/ 7   Amsterdam News  Specialized Prejudice: Protest as Mayor calls to end specialized high school test

 6/ 7   China Press  亚当斯对话华社 听取废考争议

 6/ 7   China Press  施压州参议员 封杀A10427A案关键

 6/ 7   China Press  取消入学考 州议会过首关

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  反對廢SHSAT 史塔文斯基組織抗議

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  市長強推特殊高中入學改革 州議員批「政治秀」

 6/ 7   Epoch Times  廢除SHSAT提案 州眾議院教委會通過

 6/ 7   Kings County Politics  City Can Learn From Asian Education Process

 6/ 7   Michelle Malkin  Dullard de Blasio's Dumbass Plan to Throw Smart Asian-Americans Under the Bus

 6/ 7   New York Daily News  Chinese-American group demands apology from Carranza after comment

 6/ 7   New York Daily News  State Assembly puts off action on de Blasio's desegregation plan

 6/ 7   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to ban high school admissions tests put on hold

 6/ 7   NTD TV  多方反改革特殊高中 紐約州議會本立法季不予討論

 6/ 7   Queens Chronicle  Defeat de Blasio’s plot against the ‘elite eight’

 6/ 7   Queens Chronicle  City Hall wants to ax elite eight’s SHSAT

 6/ 7   SF Shibao  纽约州众议长希斯提搁置特殊高中改革 卡兰萨回应称不会放弃
6/ 7   Sing Tao  聲稱亞裔掌控特殊高中取錄 指引述錯誤教育總監拒道歉

 6/ 7   Sinovision  紐約州衆議長希斯提擱置特殊高中改革 卡蘭薩稱不會放棄

 6/ 7   Sinovision  取消特殊高中入學考試提案擱置到明年 紐約亞裔社區将辦兩場示威

 6/ 7   World Journal  布碌崙區長支持廢SHSAT 華社砲轟

 6/ 7   World Journal  特殊高中改革效應 學區房市恐洗牌

 6/ 7   World Journal  白思豪特殊高中改革案過首關 州眾議會教委會通過廢SHSAT

 6/ 7   World Journal  投票中/紐約州眾議會亞裔議員出手 攔下特殊高中改革提案

 6/ 6   Breitbart  Asian-Americans: Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘Pitting Minority Against Minority’

 6/ 6   China Press  家长示威 抗议取消入学考

 6/ 6   China Press  取消特殊高中入学考 华人家长怒火烧

 6/ 6   China Press  支持取消入学考 亚当斯引争议

 6/ 6   Epoch Times  華人家長市府抗議 反對廢除入學考

​ 6/ 6   Hot Air  In New York, Even Cuomo Can’t Stomach NYC Plan For School Admissions

 6/ 6   New York Post  NYC’s top schools wouldn’t survive de Blasio’s testing plan

 6/ 6   New York Post  Grace Meng slams de Blasio’s plan to scrap admissions testing  (Statement)

 6/ 6   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to ditch admission test for top high schools wins approval

​ 6/ 6   NTD TV  白思豪要廢紐約特殊高中考試 華人家長市政廳遊行抗議

 6/ 6   NTD TV  一票之差 紐約州教育委員會通過改革特殊高中

 6/ 6   Qgazetta  Stavisky: Keep SHSAT, And Help More Students Pass It

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  紐約同源會陳慧華建議 關注97%非裔不及格問題

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  是時候,亞裔共同站起來 向議員 Barron及市長白思豪 齊聲怒吼

 6/ 6   Sing Tao  特殊高中改革法案引發華人怒潮 華人網上集結 周五周日2場示威

 6/ 6   Voices of New York  Specialized High School Reform Proposal Triggers Outcry

 6/ 6   Wall Street Journal  Progressive Education Today: How to ruin New York’s best high schools in the name of equality

 6/ 6   Wall Street Journal  Parents at Sunset Park Meeting Call for Keeping High School Admission Test

 6/ 6   World Journal  市府擬廢SHSAT 華人家長怒吼

 6/ 6   World Journal  市教育總監:學生不應補習

 6/ 6   World Journal  家長:學生成績好壞都受罪

 6/ 5   Amsterdam News  De Blasio’s plan to make city’s elite high schools more diverse meets opposition, criticism

​ 6/ 5   China Press  抗议取消特殊高中入学考 亚裔大示威

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  多名紐約州議員反對廢SHSAT

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  紐約市改革特殊高中錄取 華社強烈反對

 6/ 5   Epoch Times  紐約要改革SHSAT 華裔家長緊急聯署要求保留

 6/ 5   Fox News  New York mayor unveils plan to scrap admissions testing

 6/ 5   Gothamist  Asian-American Groups Protest Plan To Diversify Specialized High Schools

 6/ 5   New York Daily News Bill games the elite high school admissions test

 6/ 5   New York Daily News  More diverse specialized schools, without scrapping the admissions test

 6/ 5   New York Post  De Blasio’s latest bad idea will hurt city’s elite schools

 6/ 5   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to get rid of admissions tests faces strong opposition
 6/ 5   New York Post  Cuomo has little faith in de Blasio’s elite-HS admission plan

 6/ 5   New York Times  Asian Groups See Bias in Plan to Diversify New York’s Elite Schools

 6/ 5   NY1  SHSAT overhaul plan: Hearing from the alumni of specialized high schools

 6/ 5   Sing Tao  市長公布特殊高中改革方案 華人暴怒數百人市府前抗議

 6/ 5   Sing Tao  布碌崙華社議員群起怒責 區長︰華裔非裔不應對立

 6/ 5   Sinovision  反對取消特殊高中入學考試 逾百民衆紐約市府抗議

 6/ 5   WABC  Protest over plan to revamp admissions testing for elite high schools in New York City

 6/ 5   Wall Street Journal  Cuomo Wants Mayor’s Elite High-School Plan to Be Part of Larger Policy Talks

 6/ 5   World Journal  市教育總監談SHSAT:學生不應補習

 6/ 5   World Journal  廢除特殊高中入學測驗 葛謨:今年難

 6/ 4   China Press  华社及大批民代痛批废SHSAT考试计划

 6/ 4   City Journal  Diversity, Not Merit

 6/ 4   Inside Higher Ed  Who Should Get In?
 6/ 4   New York Daily News  Critics blast Mayor de Blasio’s school desegregation plan

 6/ 4   New York Post  Bill de Blasio’s schools plan is brutally unjust

 6/ 4   New York Post  Activists slam de Blasio plan to end school admissions tests

 6/ 4   NTD TV  白思豪廢除紐約特殊高中考試 反對聲音四起

 6/ 4   NY1  Parents, alumni slam proposal to change admissions for NYC specialized high schools

 6/ 4   Patch  Elite High School Alumni To Fight Mayor's Diversity Bill

 6/ 4   Sing Tao  抗議市長取消特殊高中入學試 亞裔維權大聯盟今辦示威遊行

 6/ 4   Sinovision  特殊高中學生反對改革: 降低标準錄取了也跟不上

 6/ 4   Sinovision  白思豪特殊高中改革惹衆怒 紐約華社6/5市政廳前抗議

 6/ 4   WABC  Protest over plan to revamp admissions testing for elite high schools in New York City

​ 6/ 4   WCBS  Criticism Mounts Over Mayor De Blasio's Plan For Elite New York City High Schools

 6/ 4   WNYC  Outrage, Applause Greets de Blasio's Bid to Reform Elite High Schools

 6/ 4   WPIX  De Blasio’s plan to make city’s elite high schools more diverse meets opposition, criticism

 6/ 4   World Journal  不滿市府廢SHSAT 未徵詢華社 亞裔維權聯盟上街頭

 6/ 4   World Journal  白思豪動刀特殊高中 家長學生齊轟

 6/ 4   World Journal  張潔:特殊高中錄取標準需公平 莫打「族裔」牌

 6/ 3   China Press  市长将废除特殊高中入学考试

 6/ 3   New York Post  De Blasio’s plan to destroy New York’s top high schools

 6/ 3   Wall Street Journal  New York City Mayor Alters Exam-School Admissions

 6/ 3   World Journal  取消考試「拉低特殊高中水準 」 亞裔認遭歧視

 6/ 2   New York Post  De Blasio wants to scrap admissions testing for elite high schools