June 26, 2019:  CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rally

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Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 

Press     (Parents' Statement)

 6/30/19   Morano in the Morning  Wai Wah Chin on Morano in the Morning, Topic: Carranza! (Audio Only) 


 6/27/19   ​China Press  家长再次要求解雇卡兰纳

 6/27/19   Epoch Times  家长示威 要求白思豪解雇卡兰萨

 6/27/19   World Journal   捍衛SHSAT 200家長市府前示威

 6/27/19   World Journal   資優教育不足 學生跨區上學通勤苦

 6/26/19   China Press  同源会会长:卡兰纳点燃种族偏见的火焰

 6/26/19   Epoch Times  陈慧华投书呼吁市长撤换卡兰萨

 6/26/19   New York Post  Asian parents call for Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s firing

 6/26/19   Sing Tao   300家長學童齊集市府公園 高聲叫喊「解僱學監卡蘭扎」

 6/24/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza’s racial arson


A Record of Racism, Racial Cronyism & Corruption, Education Fraud & Ineptitude

11/ 17/19  New York Daily News  Social justice warriors’ silence on schools

11/ 16/19  World Journal  歧視亞裔言論 康德全籲教育局採取行動

11/ 15/19  Epoch Times  布碌崙第15學區推多元化 部分學生轉去私立學校
11/ 15/19  Epoch Times  亞裔教育聯盟及紐約同源會 賀華州公投反種族配額獲勝
11/ 15/19  World Journal  多元化招生亮點學區 孩子難進優質高中 舉家逃離
11/ 15/19  World Journal  市議長批教理會成員 指「黃種人」稱呼語帶歧視 不可接受
11/ 14/19  CBS New York  De Blasio Sounds Off On School Board Member’s Use Of Racial Slur
11/ 14/19  Chalkbeat  Amid infighting, Carranza has stopped attending his own parent advisory group

11/ 14/19  New York Daily News  Brooklyn lawmaker condemns parent leader for anti-Asian slur

11/ 14/19  New York Post  Demographics changing at elite Park Slope schools amid city’s diversity push

11/ 13/19  CBS New York  School Board Member Uses Racial Slur Against Asians

11/ 13/19  China Press  侮辱亚裔 华裔示威罢免非裔学委
11/ 13/19  LICPost  Carranza Holding Town Hall Meeting in Maspeth, Follows Allegations of Grade Fixing

11/ 13/19  New York Post  Protesters demand resignation of school board member who called Asians ‘yellow folks’

11/ 13/19  World Journal  「黃種人」言論惹火華人 非裔學區理事道歉
11/ 12/19  Sing Tao  用「黃種兒童」形容亞裔 非裔教育委員科迪道歉

11/ 11/19  Epoch Times  纽约市议员要求联邦调查纽约公校作弊问题

11/ 11/19  New York Post  A conspiracy for fraud at the city Department of Education

11/  9/19  New York Post  Queens lawmaker calls for federal probe of grade fraud in NYC schools

11/  3/19  New York Post  Carranza’s school misrule has city principals furious

11/  2/19  New York Post  NYC pays ‘rubber room’ teacher $1.7M over 20 years after sex abuse claims
11/  2/19  New York Post  Mayor de Blasio is firing fewer teachers accused of misconduct
11/  2/19  Sing Tao  涉不當行為老師 被解僱率僅得6%

10/23/19 PLF  NYC Education Chancellor Carranza’s policies of racial discrimination are causing growing concern

10/19/19 New York Post  NYC students can graduate without attending school

10/19/19 New York Post  DOE spends $100M per year keeping excess teachers on the payroll
10/19/19 Sing Tao  教育制度嚴重漏洞 長期缺課仍可畢業
10/19/19 Sing Tao  930名超額教師 教育局年耗1億

10/14/19 Epoch Times  第28學區選出白人家長 入「多元化小組」立場不左傾 華人家長對結果滿意

10/ 8/19 New York Post  Charter CEO: Have schools refocus on achievement
10/ 8/19 New York Post  Charter-school CEO takes on Carranza, panel at ‘Sesame Street’ forum

10/ 2/19 Sing Tao  稱亞裔「黃種人」 非裔教育理事會成員被砲轟

10/ 1/19  New York Post  Fourth white DOE executive sues over racial discrimination

 9/30/19 New York Post  Carranza accused of ‘pitting parents against each other’ along racial lines

 9/30/19 Sing Tao  稱亞裔為黃種人朋友 華裔社區教委不滿

 9/28/19 New York Post  I quit Maspeth HS because I didn’t want to be complicit in corruption: Teacher

 9/28/19 New York Post  Reaction to Post’s Maspeth HS exposé
 9/23/19 National Review  Leave Every Child Behind
 9/23/19 New York Post  DOE’s curricular diversity overhaul slated to begin this year

 9/21/19 New York Post  I was always stoned, drunk and skipping class — so they let me graduate early: Maspeth

 9/21/19 New York Post  Maspeth cheating expose opens floodgates for other examples of academic fraud

 9/19/19 Queens Chronicle  Cheating improved HS stats: report; DA looking into it

 9/18/19 Epoch Times  麦斯佩斯高中被指学术造假 皇后区地检调查

 9/18/19 The 74 Million  NYC Wants to "Integrate" Its Schools. Great. Now, Let's Talk About Why Kids Aren’t Learning?

 9/17/19  Epoch Times  四教师指控麦斯佩斯高中学术不当
 9/17/19  New York Post  Get on board or be called a ‘bigot’: Dilemma facing parents against Carranza’s ‘Diversity’

 9/16/19 Chaz's School Daze  Maspeth High School Cheats For The Illusion Of Success

 9/16/19 China Press  教师揭露皇后区高中高毕业率窍门

 9/16/19 New York Post  DA reviewing grade-fix allegations at Maspeth High School

 9/16/19 New York School Talk  What’s “Enrichment,” Anyway? Can It Really Replace G&T Programs?

 9/16/19 Russ Salzberg  Cheating the Elite
 9/14/19 New York Post  Maspeth High School’s secret to high pass rates is cheating

 9/14/19 New York Post  New York City public schools ‘toothless’ on vaping despite national health crisis

 9/ 9/19  New York Post  Another top DOE official is leaving Richard Carranza’s team

 9/ 9/19  New York School Talk  “Black and Hispanic Kids Only Do Better In Schools With White Kids" Is Racist

 8/31/19  China Press  公校近千教室爆铅漆超标

 8/31/19  New York Post  City probing DOE pension fund exec’s ‘crazy’ pay rise

 8/31/19  New York Post  Lead paint found in dozens of classrooms at Queens special-needs school

 8/31/19  Sing Tao  皇后區特殊學校 32間教室有鉛漆

 8/31/19  World Journal  近千公校教室鉛超標 議員促開學前解決

 8/30/19  Epoch Times  市教育局承诺 开学前修复所有铅教室

 8/30/19  New York Daily News  Brooklyn teacher racks up $78,000 in overtime and back pay

 8/30/19  New York Post  City DOE warns that 900 more classrooms need lead treatment

 8/30/19  Sing Tao  公校900課室鉛漆超標 灣脊2議員抨擊教育局

 8/30/19  WABC  Russ Salzberg interviews Wai Wah Chin

 8/24/19  New York Post  The kids keep failing — but Dept. of Ed honchos do pretty well
 8/24/19  New York Post  Public schools are 'ripping parents off' with classroom supplies scheme

 8/22/19  New York Post  NY schools bomb out again — even if officials pretend otherwise
 8/22/19  New York Post  Over half of NYC kids can’t handle basic English, math on state tests
 8/22/19  New York Post  Left-wing activists trying to hijack kids’ minds with ‘ethnic studies’

 8/21/19  China Press  纽约市校园性犯罪案连涨三年

 8/20/19  China Press  市议长要求教育局全面检测校园铅害

 8/20/19  New York Post  Number of NYC students busted for sex crimes increases for third year

 8/20/19  Sing Tao  公立學校性犯罪案令人擔憂 被捕學生人數連續3年攀升

 8/ 17/19  New York Post  Salaries ‘gone wild’: Carranza cronies pocket pay hikes as high as 35%

 8/ 16/19  New York Post  State to probe DOE special-education schools after Post exposé

 8/ 15/19  China Press  陈慧华谈反对卡兰纳政策重要性

 8/ 15/19  World Journal  特殊高中「太多亞裔」? 陳慧華籲駁歧視性說法

 8/ 14/19  Epoch Times  专家担心纽约教室防铅措施不足

 8/ 14/19  Town Hall  Fire Carranza!

 8/ 14/19  World Journal  特殊高中「太多亞裔」? 歧視性說法應回擊

 8/ 13/19  Epoch Times  皇后特殊儿童学校环境差 议员批评教育局

 8/ 13/19  New York Post NYC schools: reading, writing ... knives   Most ‘violent and disruptive’ in state last year   

 8/ 11/19  New York Daily News  The Daily News went easy on Carranza

 8/ 10/19  New York Post  Principal ousted from out-of-control high school where kids threatened staff

 8/ 10/19  New York Post  Mom blasts Carranza over refusal to meet parents at decaying PS 9: ‘He’s a chicken’

 8/   9/19  China Press  受害家长举行新闻发布会 痛批卡兰纳坐车鲁莽行驶
 8/   9/19  Epoch Times  指卡兰萨座驾撞人 抗议者报警
 8/   9/19  New York Post   Carranza uses his power to ignore prove the protests of the powerless

 8/   9/19  New York Post  DOE pours $16M into rotting school for special needs students after Post exclusive

 8/   9/19  NTD TV   紐約市教育局長撞人不停車? 華裔家長報案

 8/   9/19  Queens Chronicle  Protester claims hit by Carranza's DOE car, pressing charges

 8/   8/19  Chalkbeat  Many NYC teachers undecided about chancellor’s leadership  (Chaz's School Daze Comments)
 8/   8/19  Chalkbeat  ‘The sky isn’t falling’:  Carranza on peeling lead paint in nearly 1,000 classrooms
 8/   8/19  China Press   教长座车撞翻示威者 华女伤

 8/   8/19  Epoch Times   卡兰萨车辆撞倒示威者 扬长而去

 8/   8/19  Patch  DOE: Carranza popular - but survey conducted largely under predecessor  (see note at end of article)

 8/   8/19  Queens Eagle  Queens parents say they were abruptly cut out of meeting with Carranza

 8/   8/19  SI Live  35 Staten Island schools had high lead levels in water, data shows

 8/   8/19  World Journal  卡蘭扎座車被指撞倒示威者 駁「自導自演」

 8/   7/19  China Press  教长社区畅谈搞暗箱 引爆抗议
 8/   7/19  Epoch Times  学监开“黑箱”会议 华人炮轰
 8/   7/19  World Journal  教局閉門會 華裔場外喊「卡蘭扎下台」 教育總監一度躲車內
 8/   6/19  Epoch Times  学监推种族主义教学 专家分析后果
 8/   6/19  Manhattan Institute  Report Proves Trump Was Right to Rescind Obama School Discipline Policies

 8/   6/19  New York Post  Angry Asian-American protesters swarm Richard Carranza’s car
 8/   6/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎布碌崙閉門會未邀華人 遭華人家長抗議學監種族歧視
 8/   6/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎開閉門會議 華人委員吃「閉門羹」

 8/   5/19  Breitbart  More Than 900 NYC Classrooms Contaminated with Lead

 8/   3/19  Epoch Times  中华总商会第二次致函市长:开除教育局总监
 8/   3/19  New York Post  Carranza refuses to meet councilman at decaying special-needs school

 8/   2/19  AsAm News  NYC Scrambled for Chinese Translators at Meeting on Culturally Responsive Curriculum

 8/   2/19  China Press  文化响应持续教育项目通过 华裔家长抗议未征询其意见
 8/   2/19  Fox News  D'Souza: 'Culturally responsive' education limits job choices to Antifa, Black Lives Matter

 8/   2/19  New York Post  DOE panel approves diversity policy at raucous Chinatown meeting

 8/   2/19  Sunnyside Post  Nearly 50 Queens Public Schools Tested Positive for Lead: DOE

 8/   2/19  Wall Street Journal  The Downside of Diversity
 8/   2/19  Welcome to the Bronx  90 Bronx School Buildings Test Positive for Lead Paint

 8/   1/19  China Press  百名家长要求解雇卡兰纳
 8/   1/19  Epoch Times  华人集会 质疑卡兰萨以种族为中心推公校多元文化教学
 8/   1/19  Epoch Times   “文化响应持续教育”项目11:2通过
 8/   1/19  New York Daily News  NYC education panel agrees to "diversify" curriculum after contentious meeting

 8/   1/19  NY1  Schools Chancellor Criticized at Curriculum Meeting in Chinatown

 8/   1/19  Patch  These Brooklyn Schools Have Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint

 8/   1/19  Patch  These Manhattan Schools Have Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint

 8/   1/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎近距離領教華人家長火力

 8/   1/19  Sinovision  纽约教育局长推多元化教学获通过 华裔民众:又是针对我们
 8/   1/19  Wall Street Journal  938 New York City Classrooms Tested Positive For Lead

 8/   1/19  Wall Street Journal   New York City Adopts ‘Culturally Responsive’ Education in Schools 

 8/   1/19  World Journal 卡蘭扎華埠會議 西語發言引激烈抗議 等中文翻譯到場再繼續  (video)

 7/ 31/19  Sing Tao  卡蘭扎力推「文化響應持續教育」 數十華人家長怒吼抗議

 7/ 30/19  New York Post  Fudging the facts on school discipline

 7/ 29/19  China Press  公校多元文化教學明投票 華裔擬孫逸仙中學門前示威

 7/ 29/19  New York Post  Richard Carranza is bungling the ABCs of his job
 7/ 29/19  New York School Talk  Should the NYC Department of Education Be In Charge of Private Schools Too?

 7/ 26/19  New York Post  Carranza’s ugly new ‘R’ for city schools

 7/ 25/19  Epoch Times  “不管阅读数学只搞种族主义”卡兰萨又挨轰
 7/ 23/19  Chaz's School Daze  Will The Chancellor's Desegregation Plan Cause "White Flight?"

 7/ 23/19  New York Post  Forget reading and math — Carranza wants focus on racial privilege, activism
 7/ 22/19  City Journal  Classrooms of the Absurd

 7/ 21/19  Chaz's School Daze  Chinese-American Community Rise Up Due To The SHSAT Debate

 7/ 20/19  New York Post  City probe targets ‘discriminatory’ DOE emails and tweets

 7/ 19/19  New York Post  City deserves answers on the scandalous hiring of Abram Jimenez

 7/ 19/19  World Journal  揭教育總監黑歷史 近百家長喊下台 
 7/ 18/19  Sing Tao  華人市府門前集會 要求解僱教育總監

 7/ 13/19  New York Post  Carranza crony hired despite stake in company that’s made millions in business with DOE

 7/ 12/19  Lohud  New Rochelle: Community activists want new schools superintendent replaced

 7/ 12/19 World Journal  28學區委員改選 華裔家長:要真正的多元化
 7/ 11/19  Chaz's School Daze  Schools Still Practicing Academic Fraud

 7/ 11/19  Chalkbeat  NYC parent leaders seek — and receive — new assurance about Carranza’s future
 7/ 11/19  Wave  Carranza Blitz Rolls On: Pol rep, RRC demand Chancellor’s ouster

 7/  9/19  Ridgewood Post  DOE Responds to Holden’s Concerns Over Grade Inflation

 7/  7/19  Chaz's School Daze  The Carranza Hypocrites

 7/  6/19  New York Post  Top Carranza executives ditched their residential zones for ‘whiter’ schools
 7/  4/19  World Journal  卡蘭扎引進 教局「黑官」年薪逾20萬 紀錄差將離職

 7/  3/19  Epoch Times  于金山喊话崔马克:别支持卡兰萨

 7/  3/19  New York Post   Carranza protégé is leaving DOE after checkered past exposed

 7/  2/19  Epoch Times  纽约学校虚夸成绩?!学生难过州级考试
 7/  2/19  New York Post  Proof charters deliver opportunity and regular public schools fake it

 7/  2/19  New York Post  Half of public school kids in Bronx District 9 fail state math test

 7/  1/19   New York Post  Entire Bronx Success Academy class aces statewide math exam
 7/  1/19   New York Post  The grand swindle of ‘progress’ in the city’s public schools

 7/  1/19   Sing Tao  家長狠批市府處理不力 校園欺凌問題嚴重失控

 7/  1/19   Wall Street Journal  New York City Struggles to End Bullying in Schools

 6/29/19   New York Post  Critics cry ‘grade inflation’ at NYC schools as students pass without meeting standards

 6/28/19   Gotham Gazette  'We're Moving Now': City Pursues School Desegregation Measures

 6/27/19   Hopclear  Asian parents want Richard Carranza fired for ant-Asian racism

 6/26/19  Joe Borelli  Students from Carranza's "excellent schools" fail State Tests, take remedial courses in college

 6/24/19   Chief  'Blunt Talk' by Carranza Distraction Over Action

 6/24/19   New York Daily News  What the school discipline fix gets right, and what it gets wrong

 6/24/19   WNYC  WNYC Finds High Levels Of Lead-Paint Contamination In Four NYC Schools

 6/23/19   New York Post  ‘White privilege’ survey posted in mostly minority school in Manhattan

 6/22/19   Epoch Times  于金山致信白思豪 要求其放弃废SHSAT 

 6/22/19   New York Post  Mom accuses DOE of ‘disrespecting’ Asian-American community

 6/22/19   World Journal  剛愎決策等同歧視 亞裔籲市長道歉 卡蘭扎下台

 6/20/19   Chalkbeat  Carranza — and his critics — dig in as controversy over racism and integration roils NYC’s schools

 6/20/19   Chief  Carranza: Critics Attack Based on My Skin Color

 6/20/19   China Press  亚裔律师协会联合谴责 白思豪

 6/20/19   NTD TV  要紐約教育總監下台 亞裔家長雨中抗議

 6/20/19   Queens Chronicle  Council members call out Carranza

 6/20/19   New York Post  De Blasio says DOE official wrong for promoting pro-Carranza rally

 6/19/19   China Press  民众示威罢免卡兰纳 22市议员现身挺卡

 6/19/19   Epoch Times  家长市议会前雨中示威 吁教育总监下台

 6/19/19   Kings County Politics  Lawmakers Increasingly Split On Carranza Initiative To Diversify Schools

 6/19/19   New York Post  Lawmaker calls for ethics probe of aide to Richard Carranza

 6/19/19   World Journal  亞裔家長示威 要卡蘭扎下台

 6/18/19   Chaz's School Daze  Should Richard Carranza Resign As Chancellor?

 6/18/19   China Press  21名市议员支持卡兰纳 市议会分成两大阵营

 6/18/19   New York Post  School chancellor Richard Carranza brings racial divide to City Hall

 6/18/19   New York Post  Carranza protégé takes ‘personal time’ after prior scandals exposed

 6/18/19   New York Post  De Blasio seeks City Council support for Carranza amid racial divide

 6/18/19   Sing Tao  華人家長高聲抗議 要求教育總監下台

 6/18/19   Sinovision   罢不罢免卡兰萨? 支持与反对阵营隔空喊话

 6/17/19   CBS New York  NYC Council Members Call For Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza To Be Fired

 6/17/19   Epoch Times  议员联署致函市长 解雇卡兰萨

 6/17/19   MSN  Council Members Call For Carranza To Be Fired

 6/17/19   New York Post  Carranza’s ideology insults the people he claims to help

 6/17/19   New York Post  De Blasio defends Richard Carranza’s race agenda

 6/16/19   1010 WINS  Lawmakers slam ‘divisive’ DOE chancellor in letter to de Blasio

 6/16/19   New York Post  Council members turn on ‘divisive’ Carranza in searing letter to de Blasio

 6/16/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza’s race-baiting politics are wearing thin

 6/16/19   NY1   City Council Members Pen Letter Calling for Firing of Schools Chancellor

 6/16/19   Shorefront News  Colton Calling to Remove Carranza For “implementing a divisive social policy”

 6/16/19   World Journal  「不斷挑起族裔爭端」…紐約議員聯名致函市長 要教育總監下課

 6/15/19   New York Post  Council members turn on ‘divisive’ Carranza in searing letter to de Blasio

 6/15/19   New York Post  Carranza protégé once quit job in ‘mismanaged’ funds scandal

 6/15/19   New York Post  DOE’s Carranza hires Disney exec as ‘chief experience officer’

 6/15/19   Sing Tao  兩黨政客聯署 促卡蘭薩下台

 6/14/19   New York Post  Carranza’s friends keep cashing in

 6/13/19   Queens Chronicle  Carranza’s racial approach is wrong for schools

 6/12/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza lobbies Albany to scrap entrance exam for top high schools

 6/11/19   China Press  教育局长卡兰纳被控任人唯亲

 6/10/19   CBS New York  Carranza On Race-Based Agenda Criticism: ‘I Will Not Be Silenced, I Will Not Be Quiet’

 6/10/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza slams allegations of cronyism as racist

 6/10/19   New York School Talk  Algebra in 8th Grade Is Good! Algebra in 8th Grade is Bad! Pick One, Mr. Chancellor.

 6/10/19   Sing Tao  卡蘭薩猛烈反駁 反白人種族指控

 6/  8/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza accused of waiving rules to give pals high-paying jobs

 6/  8/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza scrambling to thwart The Post’s coverage of the DOE

 6/  7/19   Sing Tao  灣脊特殊高中改革論壇 華裔發言怒嗆市長教局

 6/  6/19   World Journal  亞裔生受益白人特權? 華人團體公開信駁教育總監

 6/  4/19   China Press  教育局发广告专招有色人种教师引争议

 6/  4/19   New York Post  Racial division is Richard Carranza’s only agenda

 6/  4/19   New York Post  The tone for this illegal ad came from the top of DOE

 6/  3/19   Chief  White Female Execs Sue Carranza, DOE On 'Racist' Demotions

 6/  3/19   City Journal  New York’s Toxic Schools Chancellor

 6/  3/19   ICE-UFT  "We have students graduating high school unable to formulate a sentence"

 6/  3/19   New York Post  DOE job ad sought ‘teachers of color’ for NYC schools

 6/  3/19   Sing Tao  教育局招聘廣告 列明請有色人種

 6/  1/19   New York Post  School superintendent celebrated promotion with ‘extravagant’ gala

 6/  1/19   New ork Post  Carranza should be fixing special education instead of playing race games

 5/31/19   AM New York  City in a muddle over 'anti-racist' thinking

 5/31/19   China Press  教育局长遭起诉索赔9000万美元 白思豪出面力挺斥

 5/31/19   Epoch Times  政论家:纽约市极端“平等”政策就是“种族主义”

 5/30/19   ABC News  Senior New York City education executives file discrimination lawsuit against DOE

 5/30/19   CBS New York  Lawyer For Women Suing Dept. Of Education Speaks Out

 5/30/19   Federalist  NYC’s Racist Dept. Of Ed. Shows The Perils Of Privilege Theory

 5/30/19   New York Post  $90M lawsuit aims to nail Carranza for false denials of anti-white bias

 5/30/19   New York Post  Flame-throwing is no way to lead the schools

 5/30/19   World Journal  張晟挺亞裔學生:未受益白人特權

 5/29/19   Blaze  $90 million lawsuit: 'Toxic' whiteness purge at NYC education department / 'Get on board ... or leave'

 5/29/19   CBS New York  Carranza Denies Claims Of Toxic Work Environment For Whites Made In $90 Million Lawsuit

 5/29/19   China Press  市教育局3白人女高管被降职 卡兰纳遭起诉索赔9000万

 5/29/19   Fox News  Deroy Murdock: New York City's radical push for 'equity' in schools is the very definition of racism

 5/29/19   Newsday  Diversity training goes overboard

 5/28/19   Epoch Times  市教育局反种族主义培训 称亚裔受惠于白人特权

 5/28/19   New York Post  Bombshell suit claims Carranza’s ‘toxic’ whiteness purge cost DOE execs their jobs

 5/28/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza’s prejudicial race politics have gone too far

 5/28/19   World Journal  稱亞裔生從白人至上獲益 受教局贊助機構挨轟

 5/28/19   Sing Tao  卡蘭薩「白人有毒」文化 3女高層提9000萬訴訟

 5/27/19    Sing Tao  「亞裔生受益白人優勢」 反歧視組織說法惹不滿

 5/26/19   New York Post  DOE-sponsored group said Asians benefit from white privilege: parent

 5/26/19   Sing Tao  市教育局反歧視培訓 偏重非裔似矯枉過正

 5/25/19   China Press  纽约中华总商会致信白思豪 要求解雇市教育局长卡兰纳

 5/25/19   Epoch Times  中华总商会致函市长:辞退市教育总监卡兰萨

 5/25/19   New York Post  Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training

 5/25/19   New York Post  Staffers at ‘out of control’ Flatbush school threatened, injured by students

 5/25/19   World Journal  紐約中華總商會等聯合去函市長 要求辭退卡蘭扎

 5/22/19   Breitbart  NYC Department of Education: ‘Individualism’ Is ‘White Supremacy Culture’

 5/21/19   China Press  卡兰纳重组教育局被指种族歧视

 5/21/19   New York Post  This ‘white-supremacy culture’ training is far worse than nonsense

 5/21/19   New York Post  NYC spends double the national average on education, has little to show for it

 5/21/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza is stomping on Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

 5/20/19   CBS New York  NYC May Face Lawsuit Over Carranza’s Reorganization Of Department Of Education

 5/20/19   Epoch Times  卡兰萨被指歧视白人 教育局四高层拟诉市府

 5/20/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza held ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school admins

 5/20/19   New York School Talk  It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid: NYC School Choice For… Some

 5/19/19   New York Post  Carranza’s lunatic war on ‘toxic whiteness’

 5/18/19   New York Post  Richard Carranza accused of demoting admins because they were white

 5/18/19   Sing Tao  卡蘭薩被指歧視白人 4名高層擬興訟市府

 5/15/19    New York Post  City middle schools radically reshaped admissions offers after diversity push

 5/ 11/19   New York Post  New York City schools chief’s top deputy got her children into selective middle schools

 5/ 11/19   New York Post  Staffers at violent Williamsburg HS fear retaliation from Carranza connected principal

 5/  1/19    American Spectator  Mathgate: Mayor Bill de Blasio Caught in Massive Grade Fraud Scandal

 4/ 13/19   New York Post  Parents say Richard Carranza calls them racist for opposing diversity program

​​ 2/ 10/19   Quillette  Public Education’s Dirty Secret: It's not Poor Teaching or Lack of Money

12/13/18    CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to stop Discrimination against Asian Americans in Education

11/  6/18    New York Post  Parents rip short notice for Park Slope middle school diversity forum

10/29/18   WPIX  NYC Schools Chancellor holds town hall meeting in Harlem

10/18/18   Wall Street Journal  Elite Public High Schools Could Admit Hundreds Who Didn’t Pass State Tests

  9/20/18   New York Post  De Blasio kills admissions standards in bid to diversify Brooklyn school district

  9/  3/18   New York Post  Carranza: Parents worried about desegregation should watch their language

  8/19/18   New York Post  Park Slope is now ground zero in de Blasio’s drive to impose quotas on city schools

  6/27/18   New York Post  Principal: I’m only passing students because summer school too expensive

  6/  5/18   New York Daily News  Chancellor Carranza to desegregation plan foes: You don't own these classrooms

  6/  5/18   New York Post  Park Slope being shamed into radical school diversity plan

  5/  1/18    New York Daily News  Carranza apologizes for retweeting ‘Wealthy white Manhattan parents’

  4/30/18   1010 WINS  Carranza Apologies Over 'Wealthy White Manhattan Parents' Tweet

  4/30/18   CBS New York  New City Schools Boss Backtracks On ‘Wealthy White Manhattan Parents’ Tweet

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  4/28/18   American Thinker  Rich New York City liberals don't want their kids to integrate
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  4/27/18   Chalkbeat  Carranza stands by his tweet in Upper West Side integration fight  (Read comments!)

  4/27/18   Chalkbeat  With tweet, Carranza steps into divisive Upper West Side fight  (Read comments!)

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  4/26/18  Carranza Twitter