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January 2, 2020:  CACAGNY Joins Protest Against Secretive Planning

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10/ 9/20 Queens Chronicle  DOE commits to pursuing SE Queens diversity plan after pandemic
 2/23/20 New York Post  Still-rising public fury will cripple de Blasio unless he changes course 

 2/22/20 China Press  森林小丘开里民会 民众炮轰多项议题

 2/20/20 Epoch Times  第28学区“多元化计划”方案 再推迟到12月出炉
 2/20/20 NY1  Queens Residents Press Mayor Hard on Homelessness, Schools

 2/19/20 China Press  父母择校看重教学质量 而非学校种族结构
 2/19/20 Sing Tao  皇后區學校多元化計劃 教局推遲半年化解爭議

 2/13/20 Queens Chronicle  Parents’ protest gets city to budge
 2/12/20 The 74 Million  Diversity Plans: NYC Admits There’s Not Enough ‘Good’ Education to Go Around
 2/ 8/20  Epoch Times  反对声下 第28学区“多元化计划”推进延缓
 2/ 8/20 World Journal  28學區多元化計畫延後 家長:獲階段性勝利
 2/ 7/20  Chalkbeat  After parent opposition, Queens integration plans are delayed
 2/ 7/20  Wall Street Journal  Backlash From Parents Delays Effort to Integrate Queens Schools


 2/  2/20  New York Post  Queens is seeing through Richard Carranza’s bull
 1/  9/20  Queens Chronicle  Outraged parents at diversity forum

 1/  3/20  China Press  28学区家长抗议多元化计划
 1/  3/20  Epoch Times  28学区家长抗议“校园多元化计划”黑箱作业
 1/  3/20  Gothamist  Angry Queens Parents Wage Campaign Against City's Plan To Desegregate School District
 1/  3/20  Sinovision  “别想暗箱操纵!” 纽约家长要求“多元化”计划全公开
 1/  3/20  World Journal  批多元化計畫暗箱操作 28學區家長示威請願
 1/  2/20  CBS New York  Queens Parents Demand A Say In City’s Plan To Diversify School District
 1/  2/20  NY1  Tensions High at Meeting in Queens About Increasing Classroom Diversity
 1/  1/20  World Journal  28學區家長2日集會 籲校園改革作業透明化​


12/12/19  Patch  Queens Pols Rip City's Handling Of School Integration Process

12/12/19  Queens Chronicle  Chaos at school diversity meeting
12/ 6/19  New York Post  Queens parents rage after being barred from school diversity meeting

12/ 6/19  Patch  Queens Middle School Integration Effort Sparked Heated Opposition


12/ 4/19  Wall Street Journal  NYC Parents Wrestle With Diversity Push in Queens Middle Schools

 9/24/19  Cato Institute  The Problems with Economic Integration and Controlled Choice

 8/28/19  City Journal  How to Destroy a School System

 8/24/19  New York Post  Another oddity of that Brooklyn desegregation plan: funky funding

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