October 30, 2022:  CACAGNY Co-Sponsors Rally at Supreme Court on Harvard/UNC Lawsuits

Rally Flyer

​False Representation:

   Why it's important for Students for Fair Admissions to win its discrimination case against Harvard

Rally Video Recordings  (List of Speakers)

Rally Organizer Asian American Coalition for Education

October 31 Oral Arguments Audio Recordings and Transcripts

    Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina

    Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College

​    Post-Argument Analysis Of SFFA V. Harvard/UNC (A Manhattan Institute Eventcast)


    11/10 Yuan Media 全美亚裔齐聚最高法,声援起诉哈佛、北卡大学法庭辩论,抗议平权“招生”歧视亚裔学生!

​   11/  3 Fox News  Supreme Court could finally fire racialist university bureaucrats

   11/  2 Fox News  Asian Americans optimistic Supreme Court will end race-based college admissions

   11/  1 Epoch Times  美國最高法院就哈佛及北卡招生案辯論5小時

   10/31 Epoch Times  哈佛案今聽審 反AA團體高院前集會撐亞裔

   10/31 Epoch Times  紐約華人家長組團赴DC 聲援吿哈佛招生歧視

   10/31 Fox News Rallygoers plead with Supreme Court to end race-based admissions: 'Do not scapegoat Asians'

   10/31 Fox News Justices hear arguments over affirmative action in Harvard, UNC Supreme Court cases

   10/31 Harvard Crimson  Hundreds Rally in D.C. as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Affirmative Action Cases
   10/31 Queens Chronicle  Anti-affirmative action rally held in Bayside
   10/31 Sing Tao  高院今開始聆訊哈佛大學收生政策訴訟 300多人華盛頓集會呼籲教育平等權利

   10/30 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視案將開庭 皇后區華裔家長集會聲援

   10/30 Yahoo News Asian American groups rally before the Supreme Court to protest affirmative action

   10/29 World Journal 最高院10月31日審哈佛招生歧視案 學生社團聲援

   10/28 Epoch Times  哈佛案下週一聽審 AA平權學生受資助到DC集會

   10/25 PRNewswire AACE, Partners to hold Rally to support SFFA's lawsuit against Harvard, UNC
   10/20 Epoch Times  哈佛校報揭新生左傾多 打臉多元化招生成效

CACAGNY's Suport of SFFA

   5/  5/2022  Amicus Brief at the Supreme Court in support of SFFA v. Harvard and SFFA v. UNC

    4/21/2022   Litigating Affirmative Action: The Road To SCOTUS (A Manhattan Institute Forum)

    4/ 6/2022  Press Conference to Urge Students to join SFFA (Epoch TimesSing TaoWorld Journal)  (Statement)

   12/14/2021  Amicus Brief at the Supreme Court in support of petition to hear SFFA v. UNC  (Amicus)

   3/30/2021  Amicus Brief at the Supreme Court in support of petition to hear SFFA v. Harvard (Amicus)

    2/25/2020  Amicus Brief in District Court in support of SFFA vs. Harvard


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