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It's back -- and more devious this time!

12/ 9/20  Wall Street Journal  Misleading Washington’s Voters on Race

11/16/20 WA Asians for Equality  I-1000 opponents file lawsuit challenging misleading I-1300 ballot title

11/13/20  KIRO 7  New initiative goes beyond banning chokeholds


8/ 14/20  City Journal  Merit, Contested
11/25/19  KVI  "And Another Thing..." podcast Nov25, 2019

11/14/19  KUOW  With R-88 defeated, what's next for affirmative action in WA?

11/13/19  Wall Street Journal  Washington’s Affirmative Repudiation

11/12/19  My Northwest  Referendum 88 supporters admit defeat

11/  6/19  Seattle Post-Intelligencer  Affirmative action referendum losing in Washington state

11/  4/19  The Hill/Independent Women's Forum  Washington State voters reconsider affirmative action

11/  3/19   Fox News  Yang and Qiu: Discrimination is wrong

10/27/19  Minding the Campus  A Duplicitous Attempt to Rescue Affirmative Action

10/25/19  Wall Street Journal  Tech Workers and Asians Against Racial Preferences

10/24/19  KIRO  Sen. Ann Rivers: I-1000 will start a ‘race war’ in Washington

10/23/19  Epoch Times  华盛顿州公投拟推翻“种族优先”立法 意义重大

10/23/19  National Association of Scholars  Washington Voters: Vote NO on Referendum 88

10/23/19  Washington Examiner  Washington state banned racial discrimination 20 years ago; now it's back on the ballot

10/22/19  National Review  A License to Discriminate

10/20/19  Wall Street Journal  Legalizing Discrimination


October 19, 2019:  CACAGNY urges rejection of Referendum 88 and racial quotas

                                 in Washington State

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CACAGNY Statements

11/ 18/19  Wall Street Journal   The Attack on Asian-Americans

11/ 15/19  Epoch Times  亞裔教育聯盟及紐約同源會 賀華州公投反種族配額獲勝

10/19/19  Epoch Times  纽约同源会呼吁支持华盛顿州反抗种族配额