( June 6 2018 )  Eric Adams can't answer how getting rid of the SHSAT helps Blacks educationally

   China Press  支持取消入学考 亚当斯引争议

​   kknews  美國僑領關注紐約教育水平 建議特殊高中應保持原狀
   Sing Tao  同源會陳慧華建議 關注97%非裔不及格問題

​   Wall Street Journal  Parents at Sunset Park Meeting Call for Keeping High School Admission Test


Questions to Eric Adams for why he wants to get rid of SHSAT:

     Video of Question 1

     Video of Quesiton 2

Video of Eric Adams in Chines press reversing himself to keep the SHSAT (same video in youtube)

Eric Adams' reversal coverd in the English press 5 days later (NY Post)  (Wall Street Journal)

June 4, 2018:  CACAGNY Calls out De Blasio

for Scapegoating Asian Kids over his Educational Failures

Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York