5/11  China Press 州众议会公听特高入学考试

                           (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Ron Kim, Jumaane Williams, Ben Kallos, Peter Koo)
5/11  Epoch Times 州众议会讨论SHSAT 各执一词   (Jumaane Wiliiams) 
5/11  Epoch Times 顾雅明反对废SHSAT 金兑锡批市长未征求亚裔意见  (Ron Kim, Peter Koo)
5/11  Epoch Times 反对废SHSAT 各族裔家长州议会公听会场外发声

                           (William Colton, Ben Kallos, Jumaane Willams)
5/11  NTD TV  紐約特殊高中考試聽證 教育委員會聽各方聲音
5/11  World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革 家長嗆:SHSAT不是問題   (William Colton, Peter Abbate, John Liu)
5/11  World Journal  州議會公聽 卡蘭扎批SHSAT應試教育民選官員  (Petr Koo, Grace Meng)
5/10 Chalkbeat  Carranza in the hot seat during Assembly’s specialized high school hearing
                           (Ron Kim, Rebecca Seawright, William Colton, Jumaane Williams, Latrice Walker, 
                                        Jo Anne Simon, Rodneyse Bichotte, Charles Barron)
5/10  Flushing Post  U.S. Rep. Meng Calls on State Assembly to Protect Specialized High School Exam
5/10  Sing Tao  州參眾院公聽 近百家長示威 稱特殊高中改革是種族歧視

                           (Ron Kim, William Colton, Andrew Gounardes) 
5/10  NBC  Public Advocate Surprisingly Supports Standardized Test  (Jumaane Williams)
5/10  New York Daily News  NY politicians spar over elite high school admission testing

                           (Jumaane Williams)
5/10  New York Post  Admissions test change sends message ‘your kids are too dumb to pass’

                           (Jumaane Williams)
5/10  New York Post  Jumaane Williams stands tall for real justice in education  (Jumaane Williams)
5/10  NY1  Politicians Point Fingers at Hearing on Specialized High School Admissions

                           (Jumaane Williams)

Official Witness List

Video Transcripts:  Complete Video


    Ron Kim:  Carranza lied to him

    William Colton:  Bring back G&T programs -- they worked for Blacks

    Richard Carranza:  Test prep is not what gets kids into Specialized High Schools (contradicting Barrons)

    Josh Wallach: the SHSAT does measure advanced scholastic aptitude
    Latrice Walker: the SHSAT does identify above-grade abilities, while multiple criteria may discriminate

    Jumaane Williams: keep the SHSAT for kids who test well, and be wary of using multiple criteria for other "entry points"
    Charles Barron: if you are Black, you have to support my bill



May 10, 2019:  CACAGNY Holds Rally & Testifies in NY Assembly Hearing

                          (with ***surprise*** drop-in visitor!)

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