Chinese American

    Citizens Alliance

               Greater New York 


Developing Stories:

CACAGNY Calls Out DeBlasio for Scapegoating Asians in Specialized High Schools    (CACAGNY Activities)

CACAGNY Joins Lawsuit to Stop Discrimination Against Asians in Specialized HIgh Schools


CACAGNY Supports Protests; Demands Real Action to End Looting 

             Epoch Times              World Journal                  AppleDaily

CACAGNY Opposes Return to Racial Spoils in California  (Statement)  (Supporters)

CACAGNY Holds Essay Contest

CACAGNY Joins Amicus Brief Against Anti-Asian Discrimination in Harvard Lawsuit

CACAGNY Supports NUBC's Lawsuit Against New Jail  (Updated 5/15/20)

CACAGNY Urges Rejection of Referendum 88 and Racial Quotas in Washington State 

CACAGNY Participates in "Fire Carranza!" Rallies

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