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   12/31 New York Post In the name of ‘equity,’ companies are now ignoring educational achievement

   12/31 New York Post Scotland police deflect blame after describing pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’

   12/30 Daily Caller California Medical School Under Federal Investigation For Operating Race-Based Clerkship

   12/30 Wall Street Journal The U.S. Government’s Woke Training

   12/28 Bloomberg  US Immigrants Generate 36% of Nation’s Innovation, Study Finds

   12/28 New York Post  New York needs school choice, not more money for ever-worse results

   12/28 Washington Examiner  Facing terrible test scores, states move to nix graduation tests
   12/25 New York Post The woke university implosion

   12/24 Daily Caller Critical Race Theory Is Ideology Masquerading As Science

   12/22 Discourse  Racial Balance Is Not a Worthwhile Goal for Public Schools

   12/21 CIty Journal The War on Merit Takes a Bizarre Turn

   12/21 Epoch Times  莫美倫接共同主席 PLACE NYC新人事名單出爐

   12/21 Minding the Campus  Affirmative Action at Stanford, Then and Now

   12/20 New York Post  Amid enrollment drop, NYC Chancellor David Banks must fight for excellence

   12/20 New York Post  Will Hochul let union pawns keep strangling charter schools?

   12/18 Daily Caller Harvard’s Discrimination Problem Goes Beyond Race-Based Admissions

   12/16 City Journal Affirmative Distraction

   12/16 Wall Street Journal School Boards With New Conservative Majorities Fire Superintendents

   12/13 Wall Street Journal Charter Schools’ Success Makes Them a Political Target

   12/ 9 City Journal  “Equity” and Excellence, Four Years Later

   12/ 8 Reason Make American education rigorous again

   12/ 6 China Press 李凱健將換黨至共和黨參加明年市議員選舉 (Ari Kagan)

   12/ 6 Fordham Institute The case for gifted education

   12/ 2 New York Post  Randi Weingarten’s ‘alternative fact’ defense of her actions during the pandemic 

   12/ 1 Commentary The End of Affirmative Action?

   12/ 1 Minding the Campus The 2022 ACT: It’s Not All Bad News

   11/29 National Association of Scholars Ideological Intensification: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM at Universities

   11/28 Daily Caller Dropping The LSAT For Law School Admission Could Hinder Racial Diversity Efforts

   11/28 Daily Caller Over Half Of America’s Top Medical Schools Now Teach Critical Race Theory

   11/28 Wall Street Journal The School Board Election Revolt Continues

   11/25 Blaze School district "opposes and rejects any legislation' against CRT in classrooms

   11/25 Wall Street Journal Disparity Doesn’t Necessarily Imply Racism

   11/24 Wall Street Journal Law Schools Without LSATs

   11/22 New York Post Your kids know they ARE being taught critical race theory despite the denials

   11/21 China Press 莊文怡宣布競選第43選區市議員  (Susan Zhuang)

   11/21 Epoch Times  寇頓助手莊文怡宣布競選第43選區紐約市議員 (Susan Zhuang)

   11/21 Wall Street Journal A Diverse Thanksgiving Without Affirmative Action

   11/20 Daily Caller Here’s Why Top US Universities May Be Pulling Out Of High-Profile Ranking System

   11/20 New York Post  Parent group derides school district leader’s lottery admission plan as ‘DOE Powerball’

   11/20 New York Post  NY Regents are looking to snap education standards out of existence

   11/20 Sing Tao  莊文怡宣布參選第43選區市議員 分享增加警方與教育經費等政綱  (Susan Zhuang)

   11/ 18 China Press 社區人士籲保衛教育資源 請願阻止削減特殊高中補助

   11/ 18 National Review ‘Diversity’ Is Not a National-Security Imperative

   11/ 17 Queens Chronicle Asian students under attack, again, by DOE

   11/ 15 UnHerd Anti-racism attacks my American Dream

   11/ 11 Fox News Biden Education official claims 'school discipline' is 'racist,' blames 'whiteness'

   11/ 10 China Press 華裔鄭永佳領先668票 白彼得翻盤渺茫 (Lester Chang)

   11/ 10 Deseret News  It’s time for the sun to set on racial preferences in college admissions

   11/ 10 Fordham Institute New York City shortchanges its advanced students

   11/ 10 Yuan Media 全美亚裔齐聚最高法,声援起诉哈佛、北卡大学法庭辩论,抗议平权“招生”歧视亚裔学生!

   11/   7 Andrew Gutmann The case against affirmative action

   11/   7 Common Sense  An Existential Threat to Doing Good Science

   11/   5 Epoch Times 最後衝刺 數百華人法拉盛為李修頓造勢 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   5 Village Sun  Merit matters, especially during an education crisis  (Maria Danzilo)

   11/   5 World Journal 李修頓法拉盛造勢 誓言整頓治安 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   4 City Journal The Case for Optimism on Affirmative Action

   11/   4 City Journal Grutter on the Chopping Block

   11/   4 Sing Tao 李修頓首度法拉盛造勢 (Lee Zeldin)

   11/   3 City Journal Justice Thomas’ Question Exposes Affirmative Action

   11/   3 Epoch Times 美國最高法院兩極化聽審 紐約華人熱議

   11/   3 Fox News Supreme Court could finally fire racialist university bureaucrats

   11/   2 China Press 班克斯将中學錄取方式權交給各學區

   11/   2 Fox News Asian Americans optimistic Supreme Court will end race-based college admissions
   11/   2 Fox News Affirmative Action case: SCOTUS justices were 'on fire' over Harvard's actions

   11/   2 Manhattan Contrarian Some Thoughts On Affirmative Action

   11/   2 RealClear Investigations The Racial-Justice War On Merit-Based Schools

   11/   1 City Journal After Affirmative Action

   11/   1 Epoch Times 美國最高法院就哈佛及北卡招生案辯論5小時

   11/   1 Epoch Times 最高法院開審哈佛招生案 亞裔校外集會反歧視

   11/   1 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court Appears Ready to Ban Affirmative Action Following Oral Arguments

   11/   1 New York Post Supreme Court cases expose ugly truth of elite colleges’ inhumane racial admissions

   11/   1 Sing Tao 亞裔白人學生普遍關注案件 大學平權招生爭議擴至高中

   10/31 City Journal Preening Over Preferences

   10/31 CNN Supreme Court considers Harvard and University of North Carolina’s use of affirmative action

   10/31 Daily Caller Justice Roberts Presses Harvard On Use Of Race-Based Admissions

   10/31 Daily Caller Fix K-12 Education And Stop Scapegoating Asian Americans!

   10/31 Daily Signal The Real Dispute at Heart of Affirmative Action Cases Now Before High Court

   10/31 Daily Tar Heel Supreme Court hears oral arguments in UNC affirmative action case

   10/31 Epoch Times 哈佛案今聽審 反AA團體高院前集會撐亞裔

   10/31 Epoch Times 紐約華人家長組團赴DC 聲援吿哈佛招生歧視

   10/31 Fox News Rallygoers plead with Supreme Court to end race-based admissions: 'Do not scapegoat Asians'

   10/31 Fox News Justices hear arguments over affirmative action in Harvard, UNC Supreme Court cases

   10/31 Fox News Supreme Court to hear cases that could end affirmative action in university admissions

   10/31 Fox News Harvard affirmative action case: Supreme Court must defend color-blind Constitution

   10/31 Fox News Affirmative action policies are 'un-American' and 'racist,' Nikki Haley says

   10/31 Harvard Crimson Hundreds Rally in D.C. as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Harvard Affirmative Action Case

   10/31 NTD Racially Discriminatory College Admission Policies Receive Rough Ride at Supreme Court  (NTD TV)

   10/31 Queens Chronicle  Anti-affirmative action rally held in Bayside

   10/31 Reuters U.S. Supreme Court conservatives lean against race-conscious student admissions

   10/31 Sing Tao 高院今開始聆訊哈佛大學收生政策訴訟 300多人華盛頓集會呼籲教育平等權利

   10/31 Wall Street Journal Affirmative Action Exposes the Secret Meaning of Equity

   10/31 Wall Street Journal Can Harvard Discriminate by Race Forever?

   10/31 Washington Examiner Racial discrimination has no place in higher education

   10/31 World Journal 拉貝拉華社造勢 強調治安教育理念 (Vito LaBella)

   10/31 World Journal 哈佛招生歧視案 最高法院今開庭 亞裔聲援:勿用新錯掩舊錯

   10/30 Wall Street Journal Race Has No Place in College Admissions

   10/30 World Journal 哈佛招生歧視案將開庭 皇后區華裔家長集會聲援

   10/30 Yahoo News  Asian American groups rally before the Supreme Court to protest affirmative action
   10/29 Fox News Supreme Court advancing ‘White supremacy’ if it rules against Harvard: MSNBC guest

   10/29 World Journal 最高院10月31日審哈佛招生歧視案 學生社團聲援

   10/28 City Journal Where the Boys Aren’t

   10/28 Epoch Times 哈佛案下週一聽審 AA平權學生受資助到DC集會

   10/28 Epoch Times 不滿治安惡化 紐約亞裔集會力挺選李修頓當州長  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/28 Reason Miserable Math and Reading Scores Will Fuel School Choice Movement

   10/28 Sing Tao 挑戰民主黨曲怡文 共和黨維樂培8大道籌款 (Vito LaBella)

   10/28 Sing Tao 抗衡亞裔教育聯盟周日最高法院前大集會 哈佛大學撥款$2700給90名學生去反示威

   10/27 China Press 競選州參議員 維樂培八大道華社籌款造勢 (Vito LaBella)

   10/27 City Journal Concern Trolling (Still the Ones to Beat: Teachers’ Unions and School Board Elections)

   10/27 Epoch Times 紐約市初中入學申請開始 篩選錄取學校遠少於疫情前

   10/27 Fox News 'American dream' at stake in Harvard race-based admissions, say Asian American lawmakers

   10/27 Fox News Affirmative action and the Supreme Court -- discrimination of any kind is morally wrong

   10/27 New York Post  Banks’ middle-school bungle denies crucial opportunities for excellence

   10/27 New York Sun New York Governor Candidates Agree: Lift the Cap on Charter Schools

   10/27 Wall Street Journal Amid the Pandemic, Progress in Catholic Schools

   10/26 Epoch TImes 最高院即將審哈佛招生案 亞裔團體30日集會

   10/26 National Review Voters Should Demand Accountability for School Closures

   10/26 New York Post Campus ‘diversity’ is a scam used to promote reverse racism

   10/26 Sing Tao 紐市近90%公立中學 續採用抽籤隨機招生

   10/26 Sing Tao 控告哈佛和北卡大學案件律師 投書「新聞周刊」批招生種族歧視

   10/26 Sing Tao 最高法院31日展開聆訊多個民權組織30日集會

   10/25 Collegfe Fix  Harvard students get $2,700 for pro-affirmative action rally at SCOTUS
   10/25 Epoch Times 美亞裔教育聯盟主席新書警告:美式文革的危險

   10/25 New York Daily News Restore admissions screens for preteens

   10/25 PRNewswire AACE, Partner Organizations to hold Rally to support SFFA's lawsuit against Harvard, UNC

   10/25 Wall Street Journal  Falling ACT Scores and the Dumbing Down of America

   10/24 Chalkbeat NAEP scores show record drop in math for NYC’s 4th graders, but not in reading

   10/24 City Journal The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

   10/24 Education Week National Math, Reading Scores Hit Historic Lows

   10/24 Education Week Explaining That Steep Drop in Math Scores on NAEP: 5 Takeaways

   10/24 Epoch Times 選人不選黨 紐約居民聯盟宣布2022普選背書名單 (Zeldin, Henry, LaBella, Stavisky, Addabbo, Conigliaro, Liao, Colton, Chang)

   10/24 Epoch Times 《種族鬥爭理論及覺醒文化:美國文革危險的重演》新書發表

   10/24 Minding the Campus Race Consciousness Hangs by a Thread

   10/24 New York Post NY parents rip schools after test scores show historic COVID setbacks

   10/24 New York Post Fresh evidence that school closures led to dramatic setbacks in learning

   10/24 Newsweek Affirmative Action Is Racist—Against Asians. It's Time for SCOTUS to Overturn It

   10/24 The 74 Million Nation’s Report Card Shows Largest Drops Ever in 4th and 8th Grade Math

   10/24 Wall Street Journal The School Lockdown Catastrophe

   10/24 World Journal 選人不選黨 居民聯盟背書9候選人 反對4公投 (Zeldin, Esposito, Henry, Stavisky, Addabbo, LaBella, Liao, Chang, Colton)

   10/23 China Press 居民聯盟背書名單出爐 (Zeldin, Esposito, Henry, Stavisky, Addabbo, LaBella, Coniglario, Chang, Liao, Colton)

   10/23 Sing Tao 居民聯盟公布背書名單 維護教育安全及平等 (Henry, LaBella, Liao, Chang, Stavisky, Addabbo, Colton, Zeldin, Conigliaro)

   10/23 World Journal 砍特殊高中預算 500華裔家長抵制

   10/22 Epoch Times 反對削減特殊高中經費 紐約家長紛致信教育局

   10/22 Epoch Times 被開除紐約大學知名教授:近年來學生成績普遍下降

   10/22 New York Post Elite NYC prep schools aim woke indoctrination at parents too

   10/21 China Press  教育局經費工作組提議取消代表性高中組合撥款 華裔家長籲發聲反對取消特殊高中補助

   10/21 City Journal False Representation

   10/21 Epoch Times  皇后區共和黨眾議員候選人造勢 華人支持者眾多  (Michael Conigliaro)

   10/20 Boston Globe I was fired from NYU after students complained that the class was too hard. Who’s next?

   10/20 City Journal Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Schools

   10/20 Epoch Times 哈佛招生多元化遭質疑 華社:校報數據打臉

   10/20 New York Post  As simple as ABC, Chancellor David Banks is right on the point

   10/20 Washington Examiner College enrollment declines by 1.1% as colleges struggle to make up COVID losses
   10/19 CDN  Colleges Chose Diversity Over Merit. Now, They’re Getting Neither

   10/19 The Federalist  Texas A&M Faculty Senate Votes To Exclude Asian Job Applicants

   10/18 City Journal Empty Platitude, or Litmus Test?

   10/18 New Yorker Why Oakland Parents Are Flocking to a Chinese-Immersion School

   10/17 Chalkbeat 24 principals in Manhattan sign petition against middle school admissions screens

   10/17 Hechinger Report Colleges that ditched test scores for admissions find it’s harder to be fair

   10/17 San Francisco Examiner Ideology or education? That is the choice for the S.F. Board of Education election

   10/16 The 74 Million Poll Finds Parents Are Frustrated — & Ready to Change K-12 Education in America

   10/16 World Journal 紐約市擬大減特殊高中經費 公校預算將偏重遊民家庭學生

   10/15 Epoch Times 自豪還是不快?紐約華人談「亞裔模範」

   10/14 Epoch Times 高院將審哈佛招生歧視案 亞裔組織30日DC集會

   10/14 RealClear Education Why Are Student Test Scores Plunging? Look at Politicized Education

   10/14 Wall Street Journal A More Diverse America Turns Against Racial Preferences

   10/13 Chalkbeat NYC schools chief criticized for saying some kids deserve top schools more than others

   10/13 China Press 亞潮聯盟背書寇頓連任州衆議員 (William Colton)

   10/13 Epoch Times 州長候選人李修頓與家長組織座談 闡述熱門話題政見  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/13 Epoch Times 圍繞保釋法 鄭永佳和白彼得「打嘴仗」 (Lester Chang, Peter Abbate)

   10/13 Paul Mirengoff The real reckoning in higher education: The U.S. is slipping

   10/13 Sing Tao 三共和黨候選人訪星島 籲聯邦負責解決移民問題  (Lester Chang, Vito LaBella, Stefano Forte)

   10/13 Wall Street Journal Stanford Apologizes to Jews; Will Harvard apologize to Asian-Americans in 70 years?

   10/12 Chalkbeat Cuts to specialized high schools, money for homeless students: task force weighs budget changes

   10/12 City Journal Without a “Diversity” Leg to Stand On

   10/12 Sing Tao 鄭永佳籲廢除保釋法並派軍隊維安 白彼得批其非選區居民不瞭解情況  (Peter Abbate, Lester Chang)

   10/12 The 74 Million ACT Scores Fall to Lowest Level In 30 Years

   10/12 Wall Street Journal China’s Universities Rise in World Rankings as American Schools Continue to Falter

   10/11 Education Next What Next for New York Charter Schools?

   10/11 Real Clear Politics Race-baiting, CRT Still High on Teachers Unions' To-do List

   10/10 Wall Street Journal  The Real Asian-American Race Issue

   10/10 World Journal 寇頓拚連任 華社熱情相挺 (William Colton)

   10/ 9 China Press 教育倡导组织PLACE NYC公布普选背书名单 

   10/ 9 China Press 多侨团联办筹款会支持寇顿竞选连任 (William Colton)

   10/ 9 New York Post Give your customers what they want, NYC schools — or see more of us parents flee

   10/ 9 Sing Tao 華社支持寇頓競選連任 (William Colton)

   10/ 8 Epoch Times PLACE NYC邀李修頓下週二舉辦線上會議 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 8 World Journal 教育政策鮮明 李修頓選戰利器 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 8 World Journal 「霍楚屢拒會面」 紐約華裔教育人士挺李修頓  (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 7 Epoch Times 民意進不了州府 紐約家長:改投共和黨 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 7 Sing Tao 李修頓里民大會公校前舉行 呼籲父母參與子女教育 (Lee Zeldin)

   10/ 6 China Press 亞潮聯盟背書共和黨州長候選人李修頓 (Lee Zeldin, others)

   10/ 6 Epoch Times 「真相工程」揭露的極左老師 換學校繼續教課

   10/ 5 Epoch Times  州主計長:教育局助學生接受高等教育準備工作不足

   10/ 5 Epoch Times 「亞潮萌」背書共和黨紐約州長候選人李修頓  (Lee Zeldin, others)

   10/ 5 Fox 5 Fairfax Co. parents upset over new grading scale

   10/ 5 New York Post NYU’s firing of Professor Maitland Jones Jr. should frighten every American

   10/ 4 Chalkbeat Where do Hochul and Zeldin stand on education?

   10/ 4 New York Post Insane school spending and meager student results reveal educrats’ real priorities

   10/ 4 New York Post Many NYC public school grads aren’t ready for college, state audit finds
   10/ 4 New York Post NYU professor says he was fired after students complained class was too hard
   10/ 4 Sing Tao 紐約大學教授遭解僱 82學生投訴課程太難

   10/ 4 Sing Tao 亞潮萌背書州長候選人李修頓 認同其社區安全和經濟政策

   10/ 4 The 74 Million Screening Is Back in at NYC Middle & High Schools — But Will It Help or Hurt?

   10/ 4 Wall Street Journal Racial Preferences Harm Their Beneficiaries, Too

   10/ 4 Wall Street Journal Illinois’s Shocking Report Card

   10/ 3 China Press 州眾議員候選人鄭永佳 籌款造勢 (Lester Chang, Vito LaBella)

   10/ 3 New York School Talk  Is the ‘Fame’ School Gonna Live Forever? Not Under This Principal!

   10/ 3 World Journal  州眾議員候選人鄭永佳 籌款造勢 (Lester Chang, Vito Labella)

    9/30 China Press 寇頓發起 社區集會促徹底取消抽簽入學  (William Colton)

    9/30 China Press 面對争議 教育局改革高中抽簽錄取

    9/30 Epoch Times 紐約市教育局未取消抽籤入學 布碌崙家長不滿 (William Colton, Ari Kagan, Nicole Malliotakis, Inna Vernikov, Lester Chang)

    9/30 James Martin The ACT is Still Useful -- Don't Drop It

    9/30 World Journal  紐約公校錄取新政策 對華生影響好壞參半

    9/29 Epoch Times 紐約市公校入學指南出爐 家長組織欲恢復入學考

    9/29 New York Post NYC changes controversial high school admissions process

    9/29 New York Post UPenn doctor: ‘Anti-racist’ policies are wrecking American medicine

    9/29 Reason Public Schools Experiencing 'White Flight'

    9/29 Sing Tao 寇頓等組織集會 籲恢復中學公平錄取  (William Colton, Ari Kagan, Peter Abbate, Inna Vernikov, Nicole Malliotakis)

    9/28 New York Post State data offer further proof that school lockdowns were a disaster

    9/28 Sing Tao 州會考成績公布 亞裔生及格率第一

    9/27 China Press 劉醇逸緻函市教育局要求摒棄高中抽簽錄取制 (John Liu)

    9/26 AMNY Senator Liu tells Chancellor Banks to fix high school admissions process

    9/26 World Journal 寇頓連任籌款會 華社齊聚造勢 (William Colton)

    9/25 China Press 衆議員寇頓競選連任籌款會舉行 華社踴躍到場支持  (William Colton)

    9/25 New York Post New Yorkers, facing poorly performing schools, need more choice (Lee Zeldin)

    9/24 China Press 副州長參選人艾麗生訪南布碌侖華社 分享政見  (Alison Esposito)

    9/24 China Press 寇頓籲繼續抗議抽簽入學及遊民收容所計劃  (William Colton)

    9/24 Epoch Times 共和黨候選人華社拜票 華人讚「說出心聲」  (Alison Esposito)

    9/24 World Journal 反對紐約抽籤錄取 寇頓號召29日示威  (William Colton)

    9/23 New York Times Stop Making Asian Americans Pay the Price for Campus Diversity

    9/21 CACAGNY Repeats Warning on Social Emotional School Surveys

    9/19 CACAGNY Provides Update on Discovery Expansion Lawsuit

    9/16 Epoch TImes 「真相工程」曝光學校如何灌輸學生社會主義

    9/16 Epoch Times 恢復篩選錄取?紐約市教育局預計下週公布標準

    9/16 Epoch Times 2700名家長連署 反對高中繼續抽籤錄取

    9/16 Epoch Times 逾兩百無證移民學生開學初湧入24學區 全紐約市恐破千

    9/15 Wall Street Journal A Racial Bias Lawsuit Hits Pfizer

    9/15 World Journal  紐約教育總監鬆口 家長連署反高中抽籤

    9/14 New York Post  NY Board of Regents attack educational standards again

    9/14 New York Post  NY students continue to be allowed to graduate with lower test scores

    9/13 Epoch Times  紐約治安走樣 民主黨議員與選民改挺李修頓選州長  (Lee Zeldin)

    9/13 Washington Free Beacon Public University Hit With Class Action Suit Over Race-Based Hiring Practices

    9/12 Minding the Campus Lowery v. Texas A&M: The Beginning of the End of DEI Discrimination?

    9/11 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Harvard Affirmative Action Case on Oct. 31

    9/10 New York Post  Affirmative action hurts Asian-Americans—but the left just shrugs

    9/  9 Epoch Times 民主黨議員跨黨背書 共和黨新星富特:推翻保釋法  (Stefano Forte)

    9/  8 Daily Caller California School Hosts LGBTQ Club For 4-Year-Olds

    9/  8 Global News Wire Lawsuit Filed Against CT Schools by Parents Opposing Critical Race Theory

    9/  8 Washington Examiner Teacher defines 'fascist' to class as 'whites,' 'heterosexuals,' and 'Christians'

    9/  6 New York Post Why schools won’t tell parents what their kids are being taught

    9/  6 University of Rochester  What is the best way to group students?

    9/  5 Daily Caller How US Universities Are Watering Down Standards In The Name Of ‘Diversity’

    9/  5 Epoch Times 共和黨人富特參選新11選區州參議員 (Stefano Forte)

    9/  2 Wall Street Journal How Teachers Are Secretly Taught Critical Race Theory

    9/  1 City Journal Harvard’s Affirmative Action Rationale Is Bogus

    9/  1 Commentary Schoolchildren Are Not ‘Mere Creatures of the State’

    9/  1 New York Post  Teachers unions own the tragedy of massive learning loss during school closures

    9/  1 New York Post  Two decades for $200 billion: How teachers unions sold out our kids in the pandemic

    9/  1 New York Post  Parents fume about drop in national test scores over COVID pandemic
    9/  1 New York Times  WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR?

    8/31 Epoch Times 最後一刻 紐約家長籲州長否決「小班制」法案

    8/31 World Journal  上千名家長連署 籲霍楚否決縮班案

    8/29 NJ Education Report  Fewer Than Half of Parents Trust Teachers on Gender and Sexuality

    8/29 Parents Defending Education Principal: teachers are “addressing the unwritten history and systemic racism”

    8/29 Sing Tao 籲州長否決小班制 華人家長發起連署

    8/28 Parents Defending Education Teacher makes video about how she keeps secrets from parents

    8/27 New York Post Controversial NYC principal Namita Dwarka, accused of grade-fraud, gets promoted

    8/27 New York Post Bias hotlines at US colleges have led to a witch hunt culture on campus

    8/26 New York Post How to make sure schools don’t brainwash our kids with ideology of the right OR left

    8/26 New York Post Colorado students told in video to ‘avoid police’ if they see a racist attack

    8/26 Teacher Misery  Violent and Destructive Student Behavior Getting Worse

    8/25 Alpha News  Licensure changes ask teachers to make students ‘agents of social change’

    8/25 New York Post Bias hotlines popping up at schools across US may foster culture of fear

    8/24 Minding the Campus Free to Divide and Indoctrinate

    8/24 Virginia Pilot Virginia Beach School Board meeting gets heated over ‘porn peddling’ accusation

    8/23 Epoch Times 紐約市議會聽證要恢復教育預算 專家質疑資金使用效率

    8/23 Fox News Radical gender theory has now made its way into more than 4,000 US schools

    8/23 New York Post NYC private school parents livid over ‘woke’ librarian on Twitter

    8/22 Wall Street Journal  Racial Discrimination and Harvard’s Invidious Boxes

    8/21 New York Post Parents and the left are in an all-out war, and the kids are collateral damage

    8/21 New York Post New York teacher exposes state school-system sham — where guessing gets you a pass

    8/21 The 74 Million Parents Tell What It Would Take to Get Their Kids Back into NYC Public Schools

    8/20 Epoch Times 華人五大顧慮 紐約第十國會參選人向選民表立場  (Maud Maron, Brian Robinson)

    8/20 World Journal  紐約知行教育中心 提供一站式教育  (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 China Press 紐約知行教育中心開張剪彩 華商會總幹事王能任校長 (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 Epoch Times 紐約市有近半亞裔 英語能力有限

    8/19 Epoch Times 紐約首家一站式教育平台 「知行教育中心」法拉盛隆重揭幕 (Toby Ann Stavisky, Vickie Paladino, Grace Meng)

    8/19 Wall Street Journal Education Schools Have Long Been Mediocre. Now They’re Woke Too

    8/18 China Press 劉醇逸舉辦社區裏民會探讨教育改革

    8/18 Epoch Times 紐約華生高中志願無一抽中「用脚投票」離開公校

    8/18 Epoch Times 州參議員辦教育里民會 聚焦公校小班制

    8/18 Epoch Times 阻特許學校請第三方辦高中 紐約教師工會遭法庭駁回

    8/18 World Journal 反高中入學抽籤 第26學委會開跑

    8/18 World Journal 志願全落空 華生分到治安最差區高中

    8/17 Chalkbeat Philadelphia reintroduces test score requirement for magnet admissions

    8/17 City Journal How Gender Radicalism Conquered Sacramento Schools

    8/17 Daily Caller Teachers Union Runs Ad Calling Conservative Parents ‘Extremists’

    8/17 Fox News Lawyers react to 'illegal' agreement in Minneapolis to lay off White teachers first

    8/17 New York Post Minneapolis school district defends plan to lay off white teachers first

    8/17 Sing Tao 劉醇逸舉辦「教育社民會議」 焦點集中在應否推行小班制

    8/17 Sing Tao 阻建新特許高中 法官判工會敗訴

    8/17 Wall Street Journal Minneapolis Schools Discriminate by Race

    8/17 WHYY Philly public schools drop writing sample, add standardized tests back to admissions process

    8/16 City Journal  Putting Parents Back in Charge

    8/16 National Association of Scholars Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Take Over the University of Tennessee

    8/16 New York Post Teachers union places wokeness above seniority — at the expense of whites and kids

    8/16 New York Post California school district curriculum includes ‘Genderbread Identity’ man

    8/16 New York Teacher Guessing C For Every Answer Is Now Enough To Pass The New York State Algebra Exam

    8/16 World News Judge dismisses lawsuit by New York City Teachers Union seeking to block charter high school

    8/15 China Press  參選17選區州參議員維樂培訪華社  (Vito LaBella)

    8/15 Epoch Times  紐約市教育總監驚詫五千學生沒能抽中任何志願高中

    8/15 New York School Talk Parents Reveal What It Would Take To Get Them Back Into NYC Public Schools

    8/15 World Journal  紐約市高中抽籤入學5千人落榜 教育總監裝傻?

    8/14 Daily Caller Michigan Trains Teachers to Hide Students’ Names, Pronouns From Parents

    8/14 New York Daily News NYC parents are heading to the exits. Open more school doors to keep them

    8/13 Alpha News Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first

    8/13 College Fix  Professor blocked for tweeting ‘all men are created equal’ files First Amendment lawsuit
    8/13 New York Post  Parent leaders ‘school’ Banks on ramifications of new HS admission rules

    8/13 New York Post Why all kids should take the SAT: Student’s defense of standardized testing

    8/11 Fox News  Supreme Court to hear case that could end 40 years of race-based admissions

    8/10 City Journal Soldiers for the Gender Revolution

    8/10 Legal Insurrection Pro-Antifa High School Teacher in California Gets Paid to Resign

    8/10 New York Post New York hands out worthless diplomas to high school ‘grads’

    8/ 9 Daily Caller  ‘Sneak Attack’: Charter Schools Sue Biden Administration Over New Rules

    8/ 9 Fox News Charter schools sue the Biden administration's Dept. of Education over new regulations

    8/ 9 Legal Insurrection  School District Encourages Entire Town to Report Violations of ‘Anti-Racist’ Policy

    8/ 9 Washington Examiner Charter schools sue Biden education secretary over new funding rules

    8/ 9 Washington Free Beacon Princeton Introduces ‘Diversity’ Search Filter for University Vendors

    8/ 8 Campus Reform UCSD to become a "Hispanic-Serving Institution" (25% Latinx undergrads minimum)

    8/ 8 Fox News Mom rips pronoun guidance, urges school choice: 'The money needs to follow students

    8/ 8 New York Post It’s back to school soon — but not to failing, woke public schools for many families

    8/ 8 New York Post NY high school graduation rates may have been ‘inflated’ during COVID pandemic

    8/ 8 Epoch Times  批評者:「高分通脹」將讓紐約文憑一文不值

    8/ 7 Epoch Times Parents Suing School Board for Asking Students Their Gender Pronouns, Sex Lives

    8/ 7 World Journal 「暑期學習夏令營」結業 盼培養華裔領導者

    8/ 6 Epoch Times 保守派立場堅定 廖安怡籲亞裔選民投票創新氣象

             (Sharon Liao, Stefano Forte, Tom Zmich, Joe Pinion, Robert Speranza, Ruben Cruz, Vickie Paladino)

    8/ 6 New York Post A NYC school diploma isn’t worth the paper it’s written on  (Manhattan Institute)

    8/ 6 New York Post New York’s slimy educrats strike again with Regents question that cannot be named

    8/ 5 Epoch Times 美最高院10月聽審哈佛招生歧視案 各方造勢

    8/ 5 Go2Tutors San Diego Schools Say Giving Tests Is Racist

    8/ 4 Campus Reform Professor renounces tenure due to ‘woke takeover of higher education’

    8/ 4 China Press 紐約州長參選人李修頓訪八大道華社 闡述政綱  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 4 Epoch Times 李修頓8大道拜票 與華裔選民互動引共鳴  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 4 Fox News Universities embrace academia's woke insanity to crush free speech

    8/ 4 New York Post The teachers union’s cynical bid to steal NYC school control from Mayor Adams

    8/ 4 Washington Free Beacon Harvard Students, Professors Demand Cancellation of Exonerated Professor

    8/ 4 World Journal 州長候選人李修頓 布碌崙華社辦政見會  (Lee Zeldin)

    8/ 3 City Journal  A Tale of Two High Schools

    8/ 3 City Journal  The Dismantlers

    8/ 3 Fox News Parents' rights group sues Iowa school district over gender transition policies

    8/ 3 Minding the Campus Pride and Prejudice: Don’t You Dare Upend the “Race-Conscious” Status Quo

    8/ 3 New York Post Higher ed unites against Asian students in Supreme Court’s Harvard discrimination case

    8/ 3 New York Post Let’s stop loud radicals from drowning out the pro-American majority

    8/ 3 RealClear Education Break the K-12 Monopoly

    8/  1 China Press 州參議會17選區共和黨參選人維培嘉訪僑報暢談政見 (Vito LaBella)

    8/  1 Sapir The Merit of Meritocracy

    8/  1 Washington Examiner  ‘Wokeness,’ diversity, overtakes 3Rs in college teacher training

    8/  1 World Journal  紐約在家自學 疫期至今倍增

    7/31 Wall Street Journal  Stop Classroom Learning, Lose Students

    7/31 World Journal  紐約市高中抽籤報告 亞裔成最大輸家

    7/30 New York Post  Asian students are biggest losers in new NYC school admission system

    7/30 Washington Free Beacon One Medical Board Is Injecting DEI Into All Aspects of Medical Education

    7/29 Daily Signal Portland Schools Teaching Young Children About ‘Infinite Gender Spectrum’

    7/29 Daily Signal Conservative College Student: Here’s How Universities Fail to Prepare Future Leaders

    7/29 New York Post Fleeing families will leave New York without a future

    7/28 New York Post We must fight back against health care’s terrifying conquest by the radically woke

    7/27 Fox News  Parents push back on American colleges promoting DEI initiatives: 'DEI is dangerous'

    7/27 New York Post  COVID taught 1M parents there are alternatives to failing public schools

    7/27 NJ Education Report NJEA Is Teaching First Grade Teachers How to Perform ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

    7/26 Wall Street Journal Medical Education Goes Woke

    7/25 Washington Examiner  Maryland school district bars staff from telling parents about gender transitions

    7/24 China Press 競選國會衆議員 莫美倫冒暑八大道談政綱争取華裔選票 (Maud Maron)

    7/24 Legal Insurrection Teacher Blew Whistle On CRT In Schools, Suffered Retaliation, But Prevailed

    7/24 New York Post Fake outrage over City Council’s ‘tiny’ school budget cut may spark bad precedents

    7/24 Sing Tao 聯邦眾議員參選人訪8大道 莫美倫批牛毓琳極端激進派 (Maud Maron)

    7/24 Wall Street Journal The LSAT and Other Standardized Tests Are Good for Diversity

    7/23 Epoch Times  州議員強推小班制法案 紐約市公校家長商議無果

    7/23 NTD TV 劉醇逸推小班制 紐約家長聯合抗議

    7/23 Sing Tao 劉醇逸與家長溝通 舌劍唇槍沒有共識

    7/23 Sing Tao 30多位中外家長貝賽示威 抗議劉醇逸小班制教育法案

    7/23 World Journal 劉醇逸會抗議家長 重申提案未要求學子遷學區

    7/23 World Journal 反對公校小班制提案 華裔家長頂烈日抗議

    7/23 World Journal 參選州參議員 曲怡文訪法拉盛華商會 籲更多華人投票  (Iwen Chu)

    7/22 China Press 皇後區家長集會抗議公校小班化法案 籲州長否決

    7/22 Epoch Times 紐約州眾議員候選人廖安怡 拜訪中華公所  (Sharon Liao)

    7/22 New York Post How colleges use SAT-optional applications to covertly impose affirmative action

    7/22 QNS Queens parents protest legislation mandating decreased public school class sizes

    7/22 Sinovision  紐約兩學區5千學生或將面臨入學難? 家長要求州長否決小班化法案

    7/21 Daily Caller 50 School Districts Granted $10,000 By ‘It Gets Better Project’ To Promote Gender Ideology

    7/21 Epoch Times 紐約第十選區國會議員論壇 議題聚焦教育與經濟

    7/21 New York Post  Take on the teachers union and veto the class-size bill, Gov. Hochul

    7/21 The 74 Million  When Grades and Test Scores Don’t Add Up, Who Can Parents Trust?

    7/20 Catholic Current Grade Inflation: The Great Destroyer (Wai Wah Chin)

    7/20 China Press  首次參政競選州第40選區衆議員 廖安怡訪僑報暢談政見  (Sharon Liao)

    7/20 New York Post Enrollment down in traditional NYC public schools, as charters grow

    7/20 World Journal 特許高中頂峰學院招生 升學就業雙選擇

    7/19 Fox News Oregon DOE anti-bias training accuses White people of having a 'thorough racist conditioning'

    7/18 Campus Reform  Anti-plagiarism policies 'harm Black and Latinx students,' professor argues

    7/18 China Press 反對小班制法案 抗議團體發起請願簽名活動

    7/18 National Review Bureaucrats Sue Moms Fighting for Transparency in School-Reopening Fight

    7/18 New York Post Success Academy shows again that public schools can excel

    7/18 New York Post Eighth-graders at Success Academy pass majority of Regents

    7/18 Wesley Yang Substack Yes, Things Are Really As Bad As You've Heard

    7/17 New York Post Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives

    7/17 Wall Street Journal Co-Opting the Parents Revolt

    7/16 Epoch Times  小班制削減好學校學額 家長籲州長否決

    7/16 MSN  Teachers Unions Are Why More Parents Want School Choice

    7/16 Quillette The ACT Discriminates...but not in the way you might expect

    7/15 New York Post NYC projects enrollment losses of another 30,000 students this fall

    7/15 Sing Tao 教育局悲觀預測 明年入學再減3萬

    7/15 Washington Free Beacon Parent Who Exposed Pornographic Library Books Sues After School Bans Him

    7/14 Fox News  Parents, educators, politicians react to Newsom education award: 'Slap in the face'

    7/14 Fox News  Education Dept. to investigate racial affinity groups at New York City middle school

    7/14 Gallup  Confidence in Public Schools Turns More Partisan

    7/14 New York Daily News  NYC  projects student enrollment will fall by another 30,000, to 760,000

    7/14 New York Post Don’t believe the UFT’s fake school funding cut hype

    7/14 Wall Street Journal Black, Latino Teachers Collecting $835 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit

    7/14 Wall Street Journal How a Public School in Florida Built America’s Greatest Math Team

    7/14 World Journal 劉醇逸:州長年底或准縮小班級

    7/13 Breitbart Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Grifters Rake in $1B in California

    7/13 City Journal The DEI Regime: Every Fortune 100 company has now adopted DEI programming

    7/13 Wall Street Journal University of Washington Professor Sues School Over Free-Speech

    7/12 Fox News  California spent $500M on DEI initiatives, including $50K on 'racial equity' fish dept trainings

    7/12 Fox10 News Relaxing standards to ease teacher shortage in Alabama

    7/11 Breitbart ‘Dead Honky’ – College of Education Department Chair Commits to ‘Death of Whiteness’

    7/11 Fox News Weingarten schooled for tweet about classrooms ‘too politicized:’ ‘Look in the mirror’

    7/11 Washington Examiner Emory hit with civil rights complaint for race-based scholarship

    7/10 Sing Tao 高中招生流程繼續混亂 教育局被批再次改規則

    7/10 World Journal 高中補錄換號碼抽籤 紐約市教局變卦

    7/  9 New York Post  NYC parents frustrated by DOE’s waiting lists lottery rule change

    7/  9 World Journal 對手再因連署問題出局 曲怡文劍指普選  (Vito LaBella, Iwen Chu)

    7/  8 Higher Ed College Board no longer disclosing AP test results by ethnicity, state

    7/  8 Wall Street Journal Build a Charter School, Get Sued by the Teachers Union

    7/  8 Washington Free Beacon Blue State Cites George Floyd’s Death To Justify Trans Lesson for Kindergartners

    7/  7 MI  Manhattan Institute files amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth District

    7/  7 Ringside at the Reckoning Harvard gussies up its Asian admissions numbers

    7/  7  Sing Tao  新特許學校頂峰學院開放申請 提供國際文憑及職業培訓項目
    7/  6 Epoch Times  又見優質特許高中 紐約同源會線上講解

    7/  6 CACAGNY Introduces Vertex Charter High School to Chinese Families

    7/  5 China Press  紐約居民聯盟召開夏令營線上開幕式

    7/  5 City Journal  Biden’s Asian Blind Spot

    7/  4 Sing Tao  高院多單判決保守派獲勝 華人對哈佛案更添信心

    7/  4 Wall Street Journal Virginia Breaks the School-Choice Barrier

    7/  3 New York Post  NYC teachers booted amid budget cuts scramble for vacant positions

    7/  2 Epoch Times New York Moves to Bolster Abortion Access, Strengthen ‘Affirmative Action’

    7/  2 New York Post Principal accused of wanting to oust white teachers created school of ‘insanity’

    7/  1  Epoch Times 布朗士新特許高中「頂峰學院」 供華裔學生報名
    6/30 City Journal  Learning From Asian-American Success

    6/29 Inside Higher Ed Let’s Talk About Race and Academic Integrity

    6/28 Epoch Times 紐約市公校45名新學監名單出爐 家長有喜有憂 (Robert Holden)

    6/27 Journal of Free Black Thought  In Search of Systemic Racism

    6/27 Sing Tao 華人家長哭訴孩子沒學上 團體籲教育局重做高中錄取

    6/27 World Journal 高中抽籤錄取 紐約華人要求按成績重分配

    6/26 China Press  抗議高中錄取抽簽政策 百餘名家長學生集會

    6/26 Sinovision 紐約家長學生教育局前抗議高中抽籤錄取:努力學習是為了什麼?

    6/24 CNS News  The Other Inflation

    6/24 Epoch Times 紐約教育局高中錄取變抽籤 寇頓號召家長抗議 (William Colton)

    6/24 World Journal 高中抽籤錄取 馬克吐溫初中生陷困境

    6/23 City Journal  The Other Inflation

    6/23 Epoch Times 反對搞種族平衡 紐約同源會支持TJ家長
    6/23 National Review San Francisco to Return Elite High School to Merit-Based Admissions

    6/23 Real Clear Politics  Inflated Grades, Lowered Standards and Educational Decline

    6/23 Sing Tao 教委4:3否決抽籤收生 洛威爾明秋恢復擇優制

    6/22 CBS News Merit-based admissions return to San Francisco's Lowell High after school board vote

    6/22 Epoch Times Liberated Ethnic Studies Comes Down the Pike to K-5 Classrooms

    6/22 KTUV  San Francisco's Lowell High School to return to merit-based admissions

    6/22 NBC Bay Area SF Board of Education Votes to Return Merit-Based Admissions to Lowell High

    6/22 Washington Examiner On education, the tide is turning in favor of parents

    6/21 CACAGNY Supports TJ Parents with Amicus Brief  (Brief)
    6/21 Asra Investigates  Chinese, Hindu, Jewish groups file brief supporting TJ families

    6/21 City Journal Truth Is What Our Schools Need

    6/21 Daily Caller Arizona Sues School Board for Dossier That Tracked Info On Outspoken Parents

    6/21 Epoch Times  多州議員拒絕兒童變裝表演 紐約反應激烈  (Vickie Paladino)

    6/21 The 74 Million Harris Poll: Education Political Driver for Parents Ahead of Midterm Elections

    6/21 World Journal 角逐49選區州眾議員 鄭永佳談政見  (Lester Chang)

    6/20 City Journal  The Assault on Children’s Psyches

    6/20 College Fix  University STEM program excludes white and Asian males, complaint alleges
    6/20 Fox News The definitive proof critical race theory is being taught in our schools

    6/20 National Review Bogus ‘Civics’ Bill Will Push CRT on States

    6/19 World Journal 趙靖桉挑戰金兌錫 百餘華裔支持 (Kenneth Chiu)

    6/18 Epoch Times 五百家長學生怒轟市教育局抽籤入學制  (Maud Maron, Vito LaBella)

    6/18 New York Post Councilwoman Vickie Paladino doubles down criticism of drag storytelling in schools

    6/18 New York Post Teachers say they’re pushed to pass students who skipped class all year

    6/18 Sing Tao 300餘家長學生教局集會 抗議高中抽籤收生政策

    6/18 World Journal 逾百家長紐約市教育局示威 抗議高中抽籤錄取:史上最大災難

    6/17 Breitbart Eric Adams Slammed for Promoting ‘Drag Storytellers’ in Schools (Maud Maron)

    6/17 Brooklyn News 12 Parents, students protest school lottery system outside Department of Education

    6/17 China Press 數百家長學生集會 抗議高中錄取抽簽政策

    6/17 China Press 紐約市公校入學率急劇下降 面臨2.15億預算削減

    6/17 Epoch Times 家長組織呼籲紐約市 建設更多特殊高中 (Vito LaBella)

    6/17 Manhattan Institute New York’s Curriculum Is Critical Race Theory by Another Name

    6/17 New York Post Parents, students rally against new NYC high school admission policies

    6/17 New York Post Mayor Adams slams councilwoman who said drag queens are ‘grooming’ kids

    6/17 World Journal SHSAT準備課程 市議員提案:應為全市學生提供

    6/16 Epoch Times 紐約市公校入學人數 兩年大減8萬

    6/16 New York Post Elite NYC private schools teach kids that American society must be destroyed

    6/16 Queens Chronicle Opposition to HS admissions persists  (Robert Holden)

    6/16 World Journal 特殊高中 非裔、西語裔錄取率仍低

    6/16 World Journal 中華公所辦辯論會 州議員參選人激烈交鋒 (Danyela Egorov)

    6/15 Chalkbeat NYC’s specialized high schools continue to admit few Black, Latino students

    6/15 City Journal Avenging Lewis Powell

    6/15 Epoch Times 市議員霍頓致信教育總監 要求扭轉不重成績的招生程序  (Robert Holden)

    6/15 Epoch Times School Board Group Cuts Ties With NSBA Over Letter Comparing Parents to Terrorists

    6/15 Fox News  North Korean defector terrified of 'massive indoctrination coming from the left' in schools

    6/15 New York Post Enrollment at NYC public schools continues startling plummet

    6/15 New York Post New NYC Council bills intend to widen access to elite public high schools

    6/15 New York Post Rep. Elise Stefanik in feud with NY education boss over critical race theory

    6/14 Legal Insurrection  UCLA Law School Launches Project To Track Anti-Critical Race Theory Efforts

    6/14 New York Post Queens councilman rips NYC high school admissions process in memo to DOE (Robert Holden)

    6/14  Parent sues school district leaders for discriminating against white students

    6/13 New York Post Class size matters only as a UFT dodge to gain control of schools

    6/12 Epoch Times Oregonians Say Education on Wrong Track, Overwhelmingly Support School Choice

    6/12 Fox News The left wants to use education to 'disrupt' and 'dismantle' American institutions

    6/12 Fox News Eli Steele: Jodi Shaw and the Racial Mask of Whiteness

    6/12 Sing Tao  市府花逾20萬元公帑 聘變裝皇后到學校表演

    6/11 Asra Investigates #1 HS math teachers note 'lowering of standards'

    6/11 Epoch Times 家長對紐約教育失望:如果明年不改就離開

    6/11 Epoch Times 紐約家長要求州長否決 公校控制權和小班制法案

    6/11 New York Post Horace Mann student denounces progressive faculty, says students self-censor

    6/11 New York Post Frustrated dad sues swanky LA school over ‘racially divisive, anti-Semitic’ curriculum

    6/11 New York Post NYC teacher describes school violence amid push for ‘restorative justice’

    6/11 New York Post Over $200K being spent on drag queen shows at NYC schools, records show

    6/11 Sing Tao 反對市長公校控制權及小班化法案 多組織州長辦公室門前集會籲否決

    6/11 World Journal 好成績難進好學校…紐約市高中錄取放榜 華生多失望

    6/11 World Journal 延長市長控制權 縮小班級規模…華人集會促州長否決

    6/10 Epoch Times 紐約市高中錄取放榜 「篩選錄取」變抽籤 家長抱怨

    6/10 Epoch Times Missouri Attorney General Subpoenas School Districts Over Invasive Student Surveying

    6/10 New York Post Parents call on Gov. Kathy Hochul to veto bills on mayoral control, class sizes

    6/10 New York Post Charters fight back against another federal assault

    6/10 Sing Tao 入學不再強調成績 家長不滿收生改革

    6/  9 Fox News Mom blasts teachers' association for claiming standardized tests are 'dangerous' and 'white-centered'

    6/  9 New York Post  De Blasio’s HS-admission stinkbomb could destroy NYC’s public-school system

    6/  9 New York Post  Parents fuming over HS placements under revamped admission system

    6/  8 Epoch Times  不願激進派綁架民主黨 紐約溫和與保守派草根挺身參選 (Brian Robinson)

    6/  7 Pennsylvania Record Parents suing Phila. Schools over racist admissions policies, seek injunction

    6/  6 New York Post We cannot let the shameful failures of the public-school system continue

    6/  5 World Journal 州級選舉共和黨有信心 籲選民著重政綱 (Lee Zeldin, Vito LaBella)

    6/  4 China Press 選區重劃影響兩黨政局 逐鹿州長共和黨有信心 (Vito LaBella)

    6/  4 New York Post Here’s why all students need agency rather than ‘equity’

    6/  3 China Press 訪華康會強調安全 拉貝拉參選第17選區州參議員  (Vito LaBella)

    6/  3 World Journal 撤銷資優班已駁回 同源會慶抗議成功

    6/  3 World Journal 州參議員參選人拉貝拉訪布碌崙華社  (Vito LaBella)

    6/  2 Fox News  Physician accuses medical schools of discrimination based on Kendi's tenets, files complaints

    6/  2 Wall Street Journal  My Cancel-Culture Nightmare Is Over

    6/  1 Commentary Equality ≠ Equity

    6/  1 Fox News NYC DOE employee shuts down 'racially-charged' question on controversial book

    6/  1 Tablet  Let Everyone Freely Choose Their Gender and Race

    6/  1 Wall Street Journal  Harvard Needs Merit-Based Admissions

    6/  1 Washington Examiner  Biden administration implements a racial spoils system

    5/30 West Cook News  OPRF to implement race-based grading system in 2022-23 school year

    5/29 Legal Insurrection  Failing Grades Soar At Top SF High School After Dropping Merit-Based Admissions

    5/28 New York Post  LaGuardia High School in NYC in uproar over ‘equitable’ academics

    5/28 New York Post  NYC DOE official ‘censors’ mom asking about race book during public forum

    5/28 New York Post  Democrats are gaslighting American parents about school vouchers

    5/27 Epoch Times  紐約市治安與教育失格 草根家長投身選戰  (Vito LaBella, Maud Maron)

    5/27 Epoch Times  紐約市幼稚園天才班 提名人數無上限

    5/27 Wall Street Journal  Education Embarrassment in Virginia

    5/26 CNBC How Asian Americans became the center of the affirmative action debate

    5/26 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲州議會增加特許學校
    5/26 Epoch Times  曼哈頓高院法官 駁回尋求取消天才班的訴訟
    5/26 Harvard Crimson  A Harvard Without Affirmative Action?

    5/26 New York Post  NYC kids need real books, not woke BS

    5/26 SIng Tao 取消天才班訴訟 遭州高院法官駁回

    5/25 CACAGNY congratulates Parents Defending Education

    5/25 Daily Caller Dem-Appointed Judge Unravels Liberal Plot To Racialize Schools With Four Sentences

    5/25 Epoch Times  質疑官方推薦種族話題童書 紐約學區委員被噤言  (Danyela Egorov, Vito LaBella)

    5/25 New York Post  Judge dismisses suit seeking to end NYC’s Gifted & Talented programs

    5/25 Sing Tao  選區重畫改變選情 拉貝拉挑戰曲怡文 (Vito LaBella, Iwen Chu)

    5/24 CACAGNY Invites Members and Friends to Support Campaign to Lift Charter Cap 

    5/24 Boston Globe  As affirmative action decision looms, colleges look for alternative ways to achieve diversity

    5/24 CIty Journal A Bachelor’s in Diversity

    5/24 CNY Central  New York U.S. History Regents canceled because of trauma potential after Buffalo shooting

    5/24 New York Post Yet more proof NY’s education leaders hate excellence

    5/24 New York Post NY cancels History regents exam after Buffalo shooting massacre

    5/24 New York Post Princeton joins the woke rush to purge dissent and debate from US academia

    5/24 New York Post Before they can learn ‘antiracism,’ kids need to be literate — & too many aren’t

    5/22 City Journal  How Really to Be an Antiracist

    5/22 New York Post  Adults don’t have the right to impose their sexuality on children

    5/21 New York Post This book for NYC school kids has AOC instead of ABCs

    5/20 Legal Insurrection University of Tennessee System Reinstates Standardized Testing Requirement

    5/19 CIty Journal Smuggling in Radical Instruction

    5/19 Daily Caller Virginia’s Finds Public Schools Failed Minority Students Amid Equity Emphasis

    5/19 National Review Virginia Education Secretary Blames Equity Push for Lowering Expectations in Schools

    5/19 RealClear Investigations NYC's Black Mayor Bucks Progressives on the Racial Chessboard of 'Gifted' Education

    5/19 Wall Street Journal Princeton Asks Board to Fire Tenured Professor, Citing Sexual-Misconduct

    5/18 Legal Insurrection UCF Prof. Fired After Tweeting “Black Privilege is Real,” Ordered Reinstated

    5/17 City Journal  “Banging Beyond Binaries”

    5/17 Fox News Teacher laments lowering of academic standards: 'This has become accepted practice'

    5/16 City Journal  An Overt Political Litmus Test

    5/16 Daily Wire Santa Barbara School Officials Resign Following CRT, ‘Grooming’ Scandal

    5/16 Fox News Fairfax Public Schools consider suspending students for 'malicious misgendering'

    5/16 Fox News CRT-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 39 of top 50 US medical schools

    5/16 New York Post  With politics in classrooms, Tuesday’s school-board elections are high stakes

    5/16 Sing Tao 亞潮萌15日辦 布碌崙候選人政論會

    5/16 The 74 Million Grade Inflation ‘Persistent, Systemic’ Even Prior to Pandemic, ACT Study Finds

    5/16 World Journal 布碌崙參選人 政論會各抒己見

    5/15  China Press 亞潮聯盟八大道舉行“布碌侖參選人論壇”

    5/15 Wall Street Journal  A School Choice in Michigan

    5/14 Epoch Times  曼哈頓選情激烈 民主黨參選人政見仍勝出 (Maria Danzilo, Maud Maron, Brian Robinson, Denny Salas)

    5/14 Fox News  MSNBC column claims homeschooling is racist

    5/13 City Journal  Big Data Can Save Kids -- but draws allegations of racism

    5/13 New York Post  NYC parents furious over ousting of popular superintendents without input

    5/13 Sing Tao  波士頓考試學校入學新政策 讓更多低收入學生錄取進入

    5/12 Epoch Times School Board Cuts Off Mom for Reading Sex Scene From Book Available to Students

    5/12 Sing Tao 亞潮萌主辦政論會 8參選人各抒己見 (Maria Danzilo, Maud Maron, Brian Robinson, Denny Salas)

    5/12 Wall Street Journal  California Parents Say No to Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies

    5/11 Fox News School to probe how often students hang out with people of ‘different gender identities’

    5/11 Sing Tao 李修頓公布教育方案 保特殊高中考試列其中  (Lee Zeldin)

    5/10 Epoch Times 美國會議員憂教育廳挪錢推CRT 華裔家長同感

    5/10 Sing Tao  82名國會議員支持哈佛訴訟案原告 力促高院結束大學基於族裔招生

    5/10 World Journal  審理哈佛、北卡大招生歧視 共和黨參眾議員聲援亞裔學生

    5/  9 Epoch Times 紐約同源會加入哈佛與UNC訴訟案「法庭之友」

    5/  9 Fox News RI Parents enraged at school board for removing honors classes in 'equity obsession'

    5/  9 New York School Talk Which NYC Schools Will Open Gifted & Talented Programs in 2022?

    5/  9 Sing Tao 哈佛案華人遞法庭意見書 籲關注族裔因素深遠影響

    5/  9 World Journal  哈佛、北卡大招生歧視亞裔 82名共和黨參眾議員聲援

    5/  8 Epoch Times  Biden’s Disinformation Chief: Parents Concerned About CRT Are ‘Disinformers’

    5/  8 Fox News  Pennsylvania school slammed for hiding kids' gender transitions from parents

    5/  8 Fox News  US Navy chief quietly takes woke books off the reading list

    5/  8 New York Post  Asian Americans are an ‘inconvenient minority’ for social-justice ideologues

    5/  8 New York Post  Rep. Elise Stefanik accuses NY officials of spending COVID funds on CRT

    5/  7 Fox News  Missouri parents outraged over how class assignment portrays Republicans

    5/  7 New York Post  Kids’ book ‘Our Skin’ in NYC schools blames racism on white people

    5/  6 Breitbart New York Teachers Receive Eligibility Credits for Learning How to Indoctrinate Students

    5/  5 California Globe Education Lawmaking in California is Overshadowed by Teachers Unions

    5/  5 Fox News  I was a teacher and I know firsthand progressive policies in the classroom have failed

    5/  5 New York Post Disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz: Parents’ anger at CRT ‘weaponized’ for profit

    5/  5 Washington Examiner Senators from both parties warn Cardona on proposed charter school rule

    5/  5 USA Today  College grads expect $103,880 in first job, real salary is almost half

    5/  4 James Martin Center Rescuing “Virtue and Talents” Amidst the War on Tests

    5/  4 National Review You Mean There’s More to College Than ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’?

    5/  4 New York Post  ‘Anti-racism’ for 4-year-olds shows how destructive the ideology is

    5/  3 Epoch Times  紐約同源會為天才班提建言 修正制度兩缺陷

    5/  3 New York Post  Teachers unions are indoctrinating kids — with Biden’s support

    5/  3 Wall Street Journal  Stanford Prof Debunks Research Behind New California K-12 Math Standards

    5/  2 Fox News DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ to identify racist family members

    5/  2 New York Post DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family

    5/  1 CACAGNY:  The New G&T and Mayoral Control

    5/  1 New York Post  Why was COVID relief cash spent on promoting CRT in schools?

    5/  1 New York Post  Yes, Randi Weingarten, this is war — we parents are fighting for our kids

    4/29 New York Post  Thank Mayor Adams for expanding G&T — but, alas, the plan has some big flaws

    4/28 Chalkbeat Philly parents take new selective admissions policy to court

    4/28 Manhattan Institute Litigating Affirmative Action: The Road to SCOTUS (video)

    4/28 Manhattan Institute Racial Preferences on Campus: Trends in Asian Enrollment at U.S. Colleges

    4/28 New York Post  NYC schools spend ‘too much time’ on state tests, chancellor says

    4/28 New York Post  NY among states accused of eyeing COVID relief funds for CRT in schools

    4/28 Newsweek  Asian Students Excel Because Of Hard Work, Not Rich Parents

    4/28 Wall Street Journal  Americans for Merit-Based Admissions

    4/27 Fox News  Why I'm suing my kids' school district

    4/27 New York Post  The White House must end the shameful federal attack on charter schools

    4/26 Epoch Times 推動特許學校發展 彭博向兩校捐2億元

    4/26 Fox News  California parents, students protest high school's plans to cut honors classes for equity

    4/25 Campus Reform  Whiteboards are racist because 'they collaborate with white organizational culture'

    4/25 City Journal  Time for Receivership in Boston

    4/25 New York Post  Bloomberg invests $200M in NYC’s high-profile charter school networks

    4/25 Pennsylvania Record Parent says School violated First Amendment rights during public records inspection

    4/25 Washington Examiner Parents are sounding the alarm on woke education for good reason

    4/25 World Journal 前紐約市長彭博熱心慈善 迄今捐款127億

    4/23 Epoch Times 從哈佛排亞訴訟案 一窺美國高等教育平權政策疏漏

    4/22 College Fix University of Illinois requires all faculty to engage in DEI activism, or else

    4/22 Daily Caller ‘The Way In Which Wars Start’: Weingarten Freaks Out Over GOP Parental Rights Bills

    4/22 Epoch Times 全國家長黨力挺五位紐約民主黨參選人 (Quattlebaum, Egorov, Lozada, Robinson, Danzilo)

    4/22 New York Post  New Florida law bans critical race theory in schools, work-place training

    4/22 New York Post  Banned, ‘problematic’ Florida math textbooks include racial-bias graph

    4/22 Sing Tao 哈佛大學歧視華人學生訴訟案 成敗深遠影響亞裔在美地位

    4/22 Washington Examiner Leaked emails show a California school district is using critical race theory

    4/22 World Journal  曼哈頓研究所探討哈佛大學招生歧視案

    4/21 Daily Caller Elite Loudoun School Lowered Admissions Standards To Appease NAACP Activists

    4/20 New York Post Critical-race-theory advocates are gaslighting Americans for power and profit

    4/20 New York Post Science shows transgender education doesn’t belong in schools

    4/19 New York Post Ex-school official sues Virginia board over anti-racism training

    4/19 Wall Street Journal Backlash Against Biden’s Limits on Charter Schools

    4/18 Komo News Math education is 'unjust', plagued by 'privilege' and 'oppression', leadership org says

    4/18 New York Post DeSantis wants to keep ‘feelings’ out of math instruction in Florida schools

    4/18 Roanoke Star VA Assistant Principal Forced Out of Job After Questioning Race-based Teacher Training

    4/18 Sing Tao  哈佛招生涉歧視亞裔案或10月終審 布魯姆:需華裔支持

    4/17 Epoch Times Florida School Chief Rejects Math Textbooks Over ‘Attempts to Indoctrinate Students’

    4/16 Epoch Times Luke Rosiak: Schools Use Woke Ideology to Hide Dismal Teacher Performance

    4/16 New York Post Queens principal booted for fraud will get nice paycheck for 7 years

    4/15 Epoch Times  華裔家長:擴大天才班是「正確方向」

    4/15 New York Post ‘Community circle’ classroom fad is likely to do far more harm than good

    4/15 Sing Tao 市府擴展天才班家長民代叫好 錄取細節尚未明了喜中有憂  (John Liu, Donghui Zang)

    4/14 Chalkbeat  NYC schools to add “gifted and talented” seats for third grade, kindergarten

    4/14 China Press  皇後區民代和華人家長贊揚市長恢複并擴大資優班   (John Liu, Donghui Zang)

    4/14 National Review Department of Education to Judge for ‘Equity’ in Awarding Project Grants

    4/14 New York Post  Public-school parents are thrilled Adams is expanding Gifted and Talented
    4/14 New York Post  City to expand Gifted and Talented program to more students, districts

    4/14 World Journal 參選州參議員…曲怡文訪世報 將為亞裔爭取資源  (Iwen Chu)

    4/13 Washington Examiner Virginia AG makes national debut in Thomas Jefferson admissions case

    4/13 WTOP Miyares files Supreme Court brief against Thomas Jefferson High’s admissions policy

    4/12 China Press 薩赉思訪問紐約中華總商會  (Denny Salas)

    4/12 Newsweek States Ask High Court to Halt 'Race-Based Admissions Policy' at Thomas Jefferson

    4/12 Roanoke Star Attorney General Fights Discriminatory Admission at Thomas Jefferson   (Brief)

    4/11 China Press 州參議員候選人伊秀丹拜訪中華總商會  (Danyela Egorov)

    4/11 Epoch Times  紐約市長透露將增建特殊高中 籲延長公校控制權
    4/11 New York Post Albany hates our kids but loves casinos

    4/11 SI Live NYC Mayor Eric Adams suggests creating new specialized high schools in each borough

    4/11 World Journal 亞當斯擬每區建1所特殊高中 呼籲保留市長公校控制權

    4/10 Fox News Virginia parent fighting race-based admissions wins legal battle, case heads to Supreme Court

    4/ 9 New York Post Eric Adams floats building a new specialized school in each NYC borough

    4/ 9 NTD Group Fighting ‘Discriminatory’ Virginia School Admissions Policy Heads to Supreme Court

    4/ 9 Sing Tao 特許學校未受惠 教育倡導者不滿

    4/ 8 Epoch Times 紐約華埠州參議員競選論壇 選民偏好溫和派  (Danyela Egorov)

    4/ 7 CACAGNY Hosts SFFA for Lawsuit Updates, Urging Students to join SFFA  (SFFA Website)

    4/ 7 City Journal  California, There We Went

    4/ 7 Epoch Times  哈佛大學招生案 原告籲更多亞裔生說經歷

    4/ 7 Sing Tao  高院將審哈佛招生歧視案 原告代表籲亞裔學生家長加盟

    4/ 7 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視亞裔案 估10月辯論明春宣判

    4/ 6 China Press  競選州衆議員 趙靖桉拜訪龍崗公所  (Kenneth Chiu)

    4/ 6 Epoch Times  紐約州參議員候選人伊秀丹拜訪中華總商會 (Danyela Egorov)

    4/ 5 Center Square Watchdog urges parents to reject plan to de-mathematize math for 'equity'

    4/ 5 Ed Source Student math scores touch off ‘five-alarm fire’ in California

    4/ 5 Wall Street Journal  MIT Leads the Way in Reinstating the SAT

    4/ 5 World Journal  州參議員參選人伊秀丹:促進紐約安全  (Danyela Egorov)
    4/ 5 World Journal  州眾議員參選人薩賚思:杜絕種族歧視  (Denny Salas)

    4/ 2 Atlantic The SAT Isn’t What’s Unfair

    4/ 2 Epoch Times  在基層與官員間架起橋樑 臧東慧競選民主黨黨代表  (Donghui Zang)
    4/ 1 City Journal Restoring Sanity—and Fairness

    4/ 1 Epoch Times  Washington State School District Adopts ‘Culturally Responsive’ Student Discipline

    3/30 Wall Street Journal Test Scores Count Again at MIT

    3/29 Wall Street Journal Go Tech!  MIT brings back standardized testing for admissions

    3/29 World Journal 與領先大學背道而馳?麻省理工恢復要求SAT或ACT成績

    3/28 Chalkbeat NYC Chancellor David Banks: Schools have become like ‘testing mills’

    3/28 China Press 亞潮聯盟邀議員參選人闡述政見  (Kennthe Chiu)

    3/28 China Press 美東華人辦造勢大會支持趙靖桉競選州衆議員  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/28 Epoch Times 公立特許學校「成功學院」小學報名本週五到期
    3/28 Epoch Times 亞潮萌紐約民選官競選論壇 聚焦教育治安

    3/28 Epoch Times 紐約居民聯盟年會 聚焦提升青少年領導力

    3/28 Fox News  This school district might be the worst violator of parental rights

    3/28 MIT Admissions We are reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles

    3/28 Tablet  Studies Fail to Support Claims of New California Ethnic Studies Requirement

    3/28 The Hill MIT reinstating standardized testing requirements

    3/28 National Review The Biden Administration Declares War on Charter Schools

    3/28 World Journal 紐約華人挺趙靖桉 布碌崙盛大造勢  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/27 China Press 共和黨拉貝拉挑戰郭納德競選22區州參議員 (Vito LaBella)

    3/27 Wall Street Journal  A Case of Charter School Sabotage

    3/26 Epoch Times 公立資金 私人經營 特許學校堪比天才班和特殊高中
    3/26 Sing Tao 和索齊搭檔挑戰胡楚 副州長參選人蕾娜訪8大道 (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/26 World Journal  共和黨退休警探選州參議員 挑戰郭納德  (Vito LaBella)

    3/26 World Journal 紐約副州長參選人雷娜訪布碌崙 矢志修改保釋法  (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/25 China Press 蕾娜競選紐約副州長 訪八大道華社談政見  (Diana Reyna, Tom Suozzi)

    3/25 Minding the Campus Regulatory Capture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

    3/25 Sing Tao  對公校系統失望 華人關注特許學校

    3/25 Sing Tao  馬麗奧同華社舉行公共安全圓桌會議 籲修正保釋法並設更多便衣反罪小組  (Nicole Malliotakis)

    3/25 Sing Tao 灣脊區郭納德競選連任 面對共和黨退休警探挑戰  (Vito LaBella)

    3/24 Epoch Times  特許學校論壇今晚在線舉辦
    3/24 Epoch Times  教育政策組新成員 含華人資深教育工作者

    3/24 Epoch Times  家長組織籲市長履行競選諾言 恢復天才班
    3/24 New York Post  Resistance is rising to woke colleges’ race and sex discrimination

    3/24 Queens Chronicle  Adams appoints 9 members to PEP (Eric Adams)

    3/24 Washington Examiner College newspaper yanks article for having too many quotes from white students

    3/24 World Journal 鄧炳強獲任命加入市教育政策小組

    3/23 AMNY  New York City parents advocate for reinstatement of gifted and talented program

    3/23 China Press  紐市教育組織促市府恢複擴大資優班

    3/23 World Journal  公校教學質量下滑 陳慧華籲增特許學校
    3/23 World Journal  選法拉盛州眾議員 趙靖桉訪世報  (Kenneth Chiu)
    3/21 770 KTTH WA schools adopt race-based discipline, white students to get harsher punishment

    3/21 China Press  特許學校論壇将于24日舉行

    3/21 City Journal Diversity Smokescreen

    3/21 NY Mag Democrats Must Defeat the Left's War on Educational Achievement

    3/19 New York Post Asian parents—fed up with public education—want more charter schools  (Manhattan Institute)

    3/18 China Press 寇頓舉行連任籌款活動 華人到場支持  (William Colton)

    3/18 Sing Tao 臧東慧出選黨代表 從基層角度替選民發聲  (Donghui Zang)

    3/17 Washington Examiner Michigan mother sues school district for denying request to view CRT materials

    3/16 China Press 三華裔學生包攬雷傑納榮科學獎前三名

    3/15 New York Times Making the SAT and ACT Optional Is the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

    3/14 New York Post As China’s military tech dominates, Congress demands science bow to racial ‘justice’

    3/14 New Yorker What Happens When an Élite Public School Becomes Open to All?

    3/13 China Press 百名支持者聚集法拉盛爲趙靖桉競選造勢  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/13 City Journal The Identity Cult

    3/13 Tom Loveless San Francisco’s Detracking Experiment

    3/12 Washington Free Beacon Read the Classroom ‘Antiracism’ Survey That Has Maryland Parents ‘Livid’

    3/11 College Fix SDSU professor who teaches about racism punished for teaching about racism

    3/11 FIRE Despair over disparities: systemic racism or systemic dysfunction?
    3/11 New York Post Don’t nix merit-based HS admissions, Chancellor Banks

    3/11 WTOP Judge won’t delay ruling on admissions discrimination in Va.

    3/10 China Press 班克斯宣布高中招生抽簽錄取政策不變  (John Liu, Sanda Ung)

    3/10 China Press 華人社團呼籲華人簽名支持寇頓  (William Colton)

    3/10 Epoch Times  今年紐約市高中招生「篩選錄取」 會使用抽籤  (Sandra Ung)

    3/10 New York Post Racial-equity warriors are hurting the disadvantaged by dumbing down schools

    3/10 New York Post America tried exporting woke education — the UK fought back

    3/10 Queens Chronicle Asian Parents Defend Merit and Challenge Discrimination Across the Country

    3/10 Queens Chronicle Push for charters continues in Queens

    3/10 Queens Post DOE Moves Foward With New High School Admissions, Angering Queens Pols (John Liu, Sandra Ung)

    3/10 Sing Tao  高中「篩選校」保留抽籤錄取 華人家長稱「憤怒」「失望」  (John Liu)

    3/10 World Journal 華人家長批教育局畫餅 應屆生成犧牲品
    3/10 World Journal 紐約市高中錄取抽籤不變 11日截止…劉醇逸、黃敏儀震驚失望  (John Liu, Sandra Ung)

    3/10 World Journal 寇頓競選連任 華社發動連署  (William Colton)

    3/  9 Breitbart Private School Teachers Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther

    3/  9 College Fix Wisconsin professor suspended after criticizing ‘woke dysphoria’

    3/  9 New York Post Improve education for Black students, don’t undermine high-end schools

    3/  9 New York Post Parents set to flee NYC high schools as chief Banks leaves entry to ‘lottery’

    3/  8 National Review Bill to Federalize CRT Must Be Stopped

    3/  7 Minding the Campus  “Test-Blind” Is Another Tool for Discrimination

    3/  7 Mission Local  The five stages of Lowell admissions grief

    3/  6 China Press 趙靖桉八大道華社拜票獲背書支持  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  6 Sing Tao 任命反白人左翼分子 州教育董事會惹爭議  (Robert Holden)

    3/  6 Sing Tao 競選法拉盛州眾議員 趙靖桉獲廣東僑胞會背書  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  6 World Journal 教育理念背道而馳 紐約州教育廳任命日裔新校董 華人抗議

    3/  6 World Journal 趙靖桉挑戰金兌錫 獲廣東僑胞聯合總會背書  (Kenneth Chiu)

    3/  5 Epoch Times  州議會討論市長公校控制權 「家長參與決策」呼聲最高  (John Liu)

    3/  5 New York Post Newest NY Board of Regents member is leftist who gripes about ‘toxic whiteness’

    3/  4 College Fix Calif. public university guarantees admissions to black education coalition members

    3/  4 New York Post Academic sabotage at NYC’s famed arts high school

    3/  4 New York Post States sue Biden admin over FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

    3/  3 Breitbart Whitmer’s Critical Race Theory Crusade: ‘Education Is the Key to Promoting Social Justice’

    3/  3 Campus Reform Professor calls parents ‘ignorant racist[s]’ for opposing Critical Race Theory

    3/  3 College Fix Feds spend $2.1M in taxpayer dollars to ‘root’ out oppression in plant sciences

    3/  3 City Journal Keep Your Discrimination Quiet

    3/  3 New York Post Parents furious over AP math course bungle at top NYC high school

    3/  3 World Journal PlaceNYC 辦州長參選人論壇  (Lee Zeldin, Rob Astorino, Tom Suozzi)

    3/  2 PM NY Education Department promotes pornographic book to children

    3/  2 World Journal 市教育總監:擬擴大資優班項目 重建家庭對公校信任

    3/  2 World Journal 吸引亞裔支持 紐約州共和黨將在各級成立亞裔黨團

    3/  1 Epoch Times 紐約州共和黨亞裔決策委員會成立
    3/  1 Federalist  New Report Shatters Media Lie That CRT Isn’t Taught In Virginia Schools

    3/  1 New York Post NY GOP forming Asian American Caucus to fill void left by Democrats

    2/27 World Journal  法官判定歧視亞裔 TJ高中須終止招生新制

    2/27 World Journal  保證高質量教學 陳慧華推薦選讀特許學校

    2/26 Epoch Times  聯邦法官裁定維州精英高中招生改革 構成歧視亞裔

    2/25 CACAGNY Congratulates Coalition for TJ, PLF for Victory in Discrimination Lawsuit

    2/25 Daily Caller Top High School In US Discriminated Against Asian-American Students In Admissions

    2/25 Daily Caller Here Are The Critical Race Theory Programs Gov. Glenn Youngkin Has Rescinded

    2/25 Daily Caller County Restores ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’; Canceled Previous Contract Due to Backlash

    2/25 Epoch Times Florida House Passes ‘Parental Rights in Education’ Bill

    2/25 National Review Parent Coalition Wins Asian-Discrimination Lawsuit against Fairfax Public Schools

    2/25 South China Morning Post Admissions rules at US high school discriminate against Asian-Americans

    2/25 Washington Post Judge calls Thomas Jefferson High admissions changes illegal

    2/25 WTOP Judge: New admissions policies at elite school discriminate

    2/25 Unherd Anti-racism betrays Asian students

    2/24 College Fix Yale moves forward with implementing DEI in all 25 departments on campus

    2/23 Campus Reform Bill Gates funnels $1 MILLION to push 'math is racist' narrative

    2/23 City Journal The Fight for Curriculum Transparency

    2/23 National Review Teachers’ Union Mocks Calls for Transparency, Demands Report on What Kids Learn at Home
    2/23 Shelby News  Taxpayer-funded federal program trains teachers in critical race theory

    2/23 West Virginia News West Virginia wants to end the use of harmful stereotypes in public education

    2/22 Asra Investigates Maya Angelou math worksheet asked who 'sexually abused' the poet

    2/22 Chalkbeat Parents find NYC’s high school application process as confusing as ever

    2/22 China Press  共和黨州長候選人李修頓支持亞裔社區批紐約治安  (Lee Zeldin)

    2/22 INtellectual Takeout New Study Suggests High School Curriculum is Dumbed Down

    2/22 Wall Street Journal  A Ruse to Block New York’s New Charter Schools

    2/22 World Journal  共和黨州長參選人訪法拉盛 李修頓反對遊民所  (Lee Zeldin)

    2/21 American Conservative TJ High School’s Race Problem

    2/21 Fox News Critical race theory-related ideas in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 US medical schools

    2/21 China Press 女教授要求白人男學生讓其他人先發言 紐約州立大學對其譴責

    2/21 Fox News Critical race theory-related ideas in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 US medical schools
    2/21 Fox News Binghamton University slaps down professor's syllabus for 'non-white folks'

    2/21 New York Post NYC schools need more opportunity — not race-based ‘redistribution’

    2/21 New York Post Progressive SUNY Binghamton professor rebuked for race, gender policy

    2/21 The 74 Million  When Gifted-&-Talented Started to Disappear, So Did Black Kids from Top High Schools

    2/19 Epoch Times 紐約市頂尖學區 公校學生流失嚴重

    2/19 Paradise Attorney Discusses Lawsuits Against New K-12 School Admissions Processes

    2/19 World Journal 9成家長質疑高中入學新規 逾半數考慮搬離紐約

    2/18 City Journal Charters for All

    2/18 Epoch Times 亞裔組「亞潮萌」專注治安教育等社區議題

    2/18 National Review Organizers of San Francisco Recall Hit Back at Critics: ‘Competence Matters’

    2/18 New York Post Biracial NC dad slams critical race theory as a ‘discrimination revolution’ in viral video

    2/18 New York Post Ousted San Francisco school board president blames white supremacists for recall

    2/18 New York Post Judges question elite Manhattan private school’s handling of race controversy

    2/18 World Journal  讓政見被聽到 華人成立「亞潮萌」政治俱樂部

    2/17 China Press 紐約市高中招生變化使非裔、西裔在頂尖學校入學率提高13%

    2/17 China Press 加州議員揚•金:哈佛對亞裔招生政策不公 需相互尊重  (Young Kim)

​    2/17 Daily Caller Brian Echevarria Eviscerates CRT, Transgender Athletes Directly To School Board’s Face

    2/17 Fox News CNN op-ed blames decades of racism for San Francisco school board recall

    2/17 National Review  Recalled School-Board President Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Are to Blame

    2/17 New York Post  The left is losing its war on parents
    2/17 New York Post  Woke-up call: Parents put virtue-signaling school board members on notice

    2/17 New York Post  NYC families leaving some of city’s top school districts at alarming rate

    2/17 New York Post  NY’s ‘leaders’ are destroying public education by lowering standards

    2/17 New York Times  How Asian Americans Fueled the San Francisco Recall

    2/17 OCR Voters send clear message to the San Francisco school board

    2/17 Queens Chronicle High school admissions and other issues top concerns across boro

    2/17 Wall Street Journal  San Francisco Schools the Left

    2/17 World Journal 紐時稱「花滑隊亞裔比率過高」 亞裔批煽動仇恨 嗆道歉

    2/17 World Journal 克勞莉再戰州參議員  (Elizabeth Crowley)

    2/16 China Press 公校入學人數下降 紐約市教育局市增投3.23億美元

    2/16 Epoch Times 公校學生減少 教育局撥款逾3億彌補赤字

    2/16 Fox News  Young Kim on fighting Harvard's admission policies, crime targeting Asian Americans

    2/16 Fox News  San Francisco recalls 3 school board members: 'a clear message'

    2/16 Fox News  Pennsylvania school removes CNN from classrooms, can choose patriotic videos instead

    2/16 New York Post  NYC admissions changes will boost black, Hispanic enrollment at top schools by 13%

    2/16 New York Post  Why Asian Americans like me are the rising new parental power

    2/16 New York Post  San Francisco recalls 3 members of city’s school board

    2/16 New York Times  The Conservative Group Challenging Admissions at Elite High Schools

    2/16 Sing Tao  紐約州參議會通過立法 增不同族裔教師代表性

    2/16 Wall Street Journal San Francisco’s Political Foreshock

    2/16 World Journal  捲土重來 前市議員克勞莉參選州參議員  (Elizabeth Crowley)

    2/15 Center Square  Parents push back against California middle school using 'Wheel of Power'

    2/15 Daily Caller  Texas School District ‘Equity Specialist’ Admits CRT ‘Lens’ Is Used

    2/15 Fox News  Indiana teachers predict mass exodus over CRT-inspired bill granting parental oversight

    2/15 Fox News  Oregon Department of Education links standardized testing to White supremacy

    2/15 Spectrum News 1  NY Senate Democrats back teacher diversity measures

    2/15 Sing Tao  議員勿再空談 修正保釋法漏洞  (John Liu)

    2/15 Unherd  What Biden gets wrong about race

    2/15 Washington Free Beacon How the American Bar Association Just Radicalized Law School

    2/14 College Fix  My parents fled communism. But at my elite university, the ideology is alive and well

    2/14 Epoch Times  新澤西推出高中畢業考新標準 爭議長達半世紀

    2/13 China Press  曲怡文競選八大道州參議員 獲衆民主黨民代背書  (Iwen Irene Chu)

    2/13 China Press  民主黨州委員會候選人李壽敏訪中華公所   (李壽敏)

    2/13 New York Daily News  Elementary school merger stirs debate over race, education in East Village

    2/13 Sing Tao  共和黨人力倡教材透明度 家長可查看子女所學內容

    2/13 World Journal   台灣移民曲怡文參選州參議員 民主黨官員力挺  (Iwen Irene Chu)

    2/13 World Journal  多個學委會 反高中抽籤入學新規  

    2/12 UnHerd Why anti-racism should be resisted

    2/12 Washington Times NY Times faces pushback for calling Asian-Americans ‘overrepresented’ in figure skating

    2/11 Fairfax Times FCPS spends tax dollars on PR firm, proposes social media surveillance

    2/11 New York Post  Audition-based admissions at NYC arts school sets stage for fight

    2/11 Wall Street Journal  Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine

    2/11 Washington Examiner  Another Democrat says the quiet part out loud regarding parental rights

    2/10 New York Post  San Diego County School Retracts ‘Wheel of Privilege’ Teaching Tool

    2/10 World Journal  紐約市公校申請人數下降 特許學校入學率上升

    2/ 9 Education Next Exam-School Admissions Come Under Pressure amid Pandemic

    2/ 9 New York Post Critics argue new NYC high school admissions policies will harm Asian applicants

    2/ 9 New York Post Mayor Eric Adams must crack down on DOE that’s still lowering school standards

    2/ 8 Daily Caller Georgia Proposes Anti-Critical Race Theory Bill. Here Are Some Blatant Examples

    2/ 8 Fox News VA school district seeks 'social media listening' to deter 'negative actions' towards staff

    2/ 8 New York  The Left is Gaslighting Asian-Americans About College Admissions

    2/ 7 Chalkbeat  How a Harlem school uses The 1619 Project in teaching history

    2/ 7 Epoch Times Supreme Court May End Affirmative Action in College Admissions, Experts Say

    2/ 7 New American VICTORY: New Conservative School Board Fires CRT-defending, Kid-masking Superintendent

    2/ 7 New York School Talk Even the NYT Admits What’s Really Needed To Diversify Specialized High Schools!

    2/ 7 Wall Street Journal Parents Prevail Over K-12 ‘Bias Incidents’

    2/ 5 New York Post  Good grades barely matter in NYC’s new high school application process

    2/ 4 College Fix  Minnesota college drops segregated antiracism training after federal complaint
    2/ 4 Fox News  Democrats, teachers unions fight to keep parents from learning what their kids are taught

    2/ 4 NAS  Oklahoma State School Boards Association Scrambles to Take Down Radical Resource Guides

    2/ 4 New York Post  Critical race theory is about to segregate America like an open-air prison yard

    2/ 3 Epoch Times 共和黨州長參選人李修頓 主張增加特許學校 (Lee Zeldin)

    2/ 3 Fox News  Georgia school district hosts BLM event featuring speaker charged with 'family violence'

    2/ 3 Queens Chronicle  End middle-school policies that harm Asian families
    2/ 3 Queens Chronicle  Parents call new policy ‘anti-Asian’

    2/ 2 Federalist   California School District Tells Kids: ‘Attacking Whiteness Is Not Enough’

    2/ 2 New York Post  To fix schools in NYC, return to the strategy of closing bad ones
    2/ 2 New York Post  ‘Undercover Mothers’ reveal how they’re fighting ‘wokeness’ in schools

    2/ 1 National Review  BLM ‘Week of Action’ Teaching Students to Affirm Transgenderism, Disrupt Nuclear Family

    2/ 1 New York Post  Biden’s unpopular SCOTUS nonsense shows it’s time to end racial preferences

    2/ 1 New York Post  Save our schools! The Post’s plea to Hochul, Albany and Adams

    2/ 1 New York Post  Hochul won’t back charter school expansion due to union’s support: critics

    2/ 1 New York Post  Enrollment jumps at NYC charters, public schools lose 62,000 students

    2/ 1 New York Times  The Lessons of Brooklyn Tech

    1/31 Epoch Times  加州CFER籲高院糾正哈佛和UNC招生政策

    1/31 New York Post State leaders seem bent on pushing everyone to leave NYC’s regular public schools

    1/31 New York School Talk  All High Schools Are Equal… Some High Schools Are More Equal Than Others

    1/31 Reason Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It

    1/31 Sing Tao  SUNY特許學校 成績遠勝公立學校

    1/31 Washington Examiner  Indiana House passes bill requiring schools post curriculum online

    1/30 Education First Alliance Charlotte Teachers Institute Pays Teachers $1,500 to Teach CRT

    1/30 New York Post  SUNY-approved charter schools in NYC outperform public schools: study

    1/30 New York Post  New York keeps spending more on schools and getting less results

    1/30 Washington Post  Public education is facing a crisis of epic proportions 

    1/29 Epoch Times  多組織介入 紐約左翼對教育的法律戰仍酣

    1/29 Legal Insurrection John McWhorter: End Race-Based Affirmative Action

    1/28 Epoch Times 「選擇學校」提案徵簽公益會 關注孩子未來

    1/28 Federalist Georgia School District Published Plans To Teach Critical Race Theory, Then Hid Them

    1/28 Federalist Dumbing Down The SAT Perfectly Sums Up The State Of American Education

    1/28 New York Times It’s Time to End Race-Based Affirmative Action

    1/27 Epoch Times  Teachers Union Promotes ‘Anti-Misinformation’ Tool

    1/27 Fordham Institute  Americans have lost trust in public schools

    1/27 Fox News  Education Secretary Cardona calls on US to 'reset' after COVID-19 and 're-imagine education'

    1/27 Washington Free Beacon Mini-Doc on Harvard Case Marks Step Forward for Affirmative-Action Critics

    1/26 Breitbart Larry Tribe Tells Harvard to Evade Supreme Court on Racial Preferences

    1/26 China Press 《新聞周刊》:爲什麽亞裔正遠離民主黨?

    1/26 China Press  精英學校入學考試有利于亞裔?事實并非如此

    1/26 City Journal  An Awakening Community

    1/26 City Journal Progressives Against Transparency

    1/26 Conservative Daily News  Democrats’ China Bill Hands Out Millions For ‘Diversity’ Programs

    1/26 Minding the Campus Harvard, UNC Cases Give SCOTUS Chance to End Racial Preferences for Good

    1/25 City Journal  An Affirmative Action Endgame?

    1/25 Harvard Crimson  ‘Bad News for Harvard’: Affirmative Action in Doubt as Court Takes Up Cases

    1/25 Epoch Times 美最高法院聽審哈佛招生歧視案 亞裔團體歡迎

    1/25 Epoch Times 歧視亞裔?美最高法院將聽取哈佛大學招生案

    1/25 Fox News Youngkin drops Virginia plan to eliminate accelerated math courses before 11th grade

    1/25 National Review Harvard President’s Dodgy Defense of Discrimination Against Asian Americans

    1/25 New York Times How It Feels to Be an Asian Student in an Elite Public School

    1/25 Newsweek Why Asian Americans Are Leaving the Democratic Party

    1/25 Sing Tao  種族應否列錄取考慮因素 高院受理哈佛招生歧視案

    1/25 Wall Street Journal A Chance to Remove Race From College Admissions

    1/25 World Journal  哈佛、北卡大招生歧視亞裔?最高法院受理…名校遇最大挑戰

    1/24 Epoch Times Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenges to Colleges Using Race in Admissions

    1/24 Epoch Times Current Literature Market is ‘Woke’ From Top to Bottom: Heroes of Liberty Editor

    1/24 Harvard Crimson  Supreme Court to Take Up Harvard, UNC Affirmative Action Case

    1/24 Fox News  Education Secretary Cardona should resign

    1/24 Minding the Campus Anti-Asian Discrimination at the Heart of the Progressive Education Agenda

    1/24 New York Post Pennsylvania school board member blasted for ‘appalling’ message to concerned parents

    1/24 New York School Talk Who’s Schools Are They Anyway? Should Parents Have Any Say In Education?

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Race, Harvard and the Supreme Court

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Supreme Court to Review Race-Conscious Admissions Policies at Harvard, UNC

    1/24 Wall Street Journal Youngkin Nixes ‘Equity’ for ‘Opportunity’

    1/24 Washington Examiner White House touts 'equity' as Supreme Court takes up race-based admissions


    1/22 Epoch Times   雷傑納隆科學獎決賽 紐約三華生入圍

    1/21 China Press 2022年雷傑納榮科學獎決賽入圍揭曉

    1/21 World Journal  亞裔控TJ高中招生未保持族裔中立案 改由法官直接判決

    1/20 Fox News  Virginia school discriminates against Asians to increase Black, Hispanic enrollment: Lawsuit

    1/19 City Journal The Ghost of Jim Crow

    1/19 Washington Post  Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards

    1/18 Daily Mail Elite school in Virginia is accused of discriminating against Asian American students

    1/18 Epoch Times 共和黨人楊京就任維州州長 禁公校教「CRT」

    1/18 Epoch Times 為了孩子「修復加州教育」 橙縣家長見聞

    1/18 Epoch Times 加州與民和解 教育部刪CRT部分爭議內容

    1/18 MySA  Judge to decide lawsuit alleging admissions discrimination

    1/18 New York School Talk NYC Middle School Admissions 2022: Changes… and Hypocrisy

    1/17 Breitbart Democrats Silent When Virginia Gov. Says Parents Have ‘Fundamental Right’ to Raise Own Children

    1/17 Daily Caller Superintendent Won’t Approve Curriculum That Instructs Preschoolers To ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’

    1/17 Epoch Times Experts Explain How Woke Culture is Also Destroying Academia, Corporations, and the Military

    1/17 Fox News Michigan Democrats criticized after dismissing parents' role in public education

    1/17 The Hill  The parents were right: Documents show discrimination against Asian American students

    1/17 USA Today [Possible Parody] California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity

    1/17 World Journal  紐約治安差、生活品質下降 亞裔社區對民主黨不滿日增

    1/16 World Journal  布碌崙選區重畫整合華社 林煜參選新區州參議員  (Yu Lin)

    1/15 New York Post Five college students speak out: We’re fed up with campus ‘wokeness’
    1/14 Daily Caller School Openly Promotes CRT, Pyramid Of White Supremacy’

    1/14 Epoch Times  亞當斯考慮提供公校網課選擇

    1/14 Wall Street Journal Can Politics Get Better When Higher Education Keeps Getting Worse?

    1/13 OCR Ditching standardized tests spells disaster

    1/13 New York Post How college applicants embellish essays with sob stories, fake patents
    1/12 College Fix  U. Tennessee to launch CRT center, require professors commit to DEI for tenure
​    1/12 Epoch Times 亨利參選州總檢察長:選民向右  (Michael Henry)

    1/12 Federalist California District Pays ~$170k to Teach Children To Become Leftist ‘Co-Conspirators’

    1/12 New York Post  NYC school district braces for another classroom diversity tussle
    1/11 Fox News Education Secretary Cardona facing calls to resign

    1/11 Fox News Education Secretary Cardona solicited letter calling protesting parents domestic terrorists

    1/11 The 74 Million One-Quarter of States Are Leaving Public in the Dark About 2021’s Standardized Tests

    1/10 Asra Investigates BREAKING. New TJ admissions 'anti'

    1/10 China Press 雷傑納隆科學獎前300參賽選手中華裔學生占43%

    1/10 Daily Caller CRT Program Teaches Disabled Preschoolers That ‘Whiteness Affects Everything’

    1/10 Daily Wire Leftist ‘Teen’ Group Says Teachers Union Is Behind Protest Asking Kids To Skip School

    1/10 Federalist 500 School Districts Publicly Declare Only Woke Teachers Need Apply

    1/10 Liberty Nation Leftist Sleight Of Hand On Critical Race Theory; Charles Blow has done it again

    1/10 New York Post  Florida school bans teaching CRT, gender fluidity, mainstream COVID narrative
    1/10 Wall Street Journal  An Ugly Game of Race Preferences

    1/  8 Epoch Times 雷傑納隆科學獎準決賽 紐約26華裔學生入圍
    1/  8 New York Post ‘Minority privilege’ now more common amid the growing ‘war on whiteness’
    1/  7 China Press 競選第65選區州衆議員 韓裔李榮恩再發出挑戰  (Grace Lee)

    1/  7 Sing Tao 再生元科學獎半決賽 華裔學生占三分之一

    1/  7 World Journal 雷傑納隆科學獎準決賽名單公布 華生逾3成入圍
    1/  6 Quillette The Pretext of Diversity in American Universities

    1/  5 Daily Signal Why Eliminating D’s and F’s Does Students No Favors

    1/  5 Epoch Times 李榮恩選紐約州眾議員 再次挑戰牛毓琳席位  (Grace Lee)
    1/  5 Federalist  California’s Riverside School District Lies About Teaching Critical Race Theory

    1 / 5 World Journal 李榮恩捲土重來 爭取民主黨提名再戰65選區州眾議員  (Grace Lee)
    1/  5 Sing Tao 韓裔李榮恩宣布 再次參選州眾議員  (Grace Lee)

    1/  4 Daily Caller New Documentary On Parent-Led Rebellion Against Loudoun County Public Schools

    1/  4 Daily Wire Schools Got $130B To Re-Open. Some Of It Went To CRT. Now Many Are Closed.

    1/  4 Washington Free Beacon  Virginia Teachers Fight Woke Plan To Kill Extra Credit, Homework Grades

    1/  4 World Journal 韓裔李榮恩再戰華埠/下東城州眾議員一職  (Grace Lee)

    1/  2 Epoch Times America’s Education System Is Failing: CRT + Lower Expectation = Fewer Literate Graduates

    1/  2 Sing Tao  華人有期待有擔憂 籲實現競選時承諾


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