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  12/28 American Military News NY school bans ‘Jingle Bells’ song

  12/28 Epoch Times  1619作者「不明白」為何家長想管孩子教育

  12/28 New York Post Eric Adams launches new City Hall office to crack down on waste, fraud

  12/27 Epoch Times 共和黨州長參選人李修頓拜訪中華公所  (Lee Zeldin)

  12/27 New York Post Hannah-Jones: Parents DO deserve a say in what their kids are taught

  12/27 New York Post Eric Adams must unequivocally reverse de Blasio’s G&T education ban

  12/25 New York Post Harvard nixing standardized tests reinforce privilege and harm minorities

  12/23 Conservative Daily News Parents Sue Virginia School District Over CRT Curriculum

  12/23 Daily Caller Union President Weingarten Says Anti-CRT Efforts Spell ‘Demise Of Public Schools’

  12/23 Times of San Diego  Controversy Over SDSU Dean’s Political Tweets Shows Not All Speech Is Free

  12/22 Breitbart  Minnesota chool Board to Allow Extra Pay for Non-White Teachers, Racial Segregation of Staff

  12/22 Epoch Times  Florida School Board to Censor Speakers and Prohibit Broadcast of Public Comments

  12/22 Epoch Times  Indiana Educator Who Blew Whistle on CRT Says He Has Been Fired

  12/22 New York Post Canceling Regents exams again is an outrageous gift to New York’s teachers unions

  12/22 New York Post How public schools brainwash young kids with harmful transgender ideology

  12/22 Penn Live Gov. Wolf vetoes curriculum transparency bill, calling it a ‘dangerous and harmful imposition’

  12/22 Real Clear Politics No Critical Race Theory in Schools? Here's the Abundant Evidence Saying Otherwise

  12/22 Wall Street Journal  The Discrimination That Must Not Be Named

  12/22 Washington Free Beacon Dem Calls Opposition to Critical Race Theory a ‘Racist Dog Whistle’

  12/21 College Fix  SDSU dean publicly criticizes ‘stench’ of conservative agenda

  12/21 Fox News School suggests joining BLM protests, warns 'US is land of opportunity' is 'microaggression'

  12/21 New York Post RIP Larry Cary, a stalwart defender of standards for NYC’s top high schools

  12/21 Wall Street Journal  By Ditching the SAT, Harvard Hurts Minority Students

  12/20 Bretbart Gov. Ricketts: CRT Is About ‘Resegregation’; ‘A Betrayal of the Civil Rights Movement’

  12/20 Daily Caller Indianapolis Administrator Fired After Leaking School District’s Social Justice Initiatives

  12/20 Minding the Campus At Foothill College, Equity Collides with Education

  12/20 OCR  Democrats dissenting on California’s woke math proposal

  12/19 Fox News  Oxford University blasted for considering hiring based on ‘woke score’

  12/18 Freddie deBoer  Why the Fuck Do You Trust Harvard?

  12/18 New York Post Chancellor-to-be Banks continues to offer good sense on what NYC schools need

  12/18 New York Post New schools chief blasts DOE as ‘fundamentally wrong’ for kids

  12/18 New York Post This activist wants all parents to have educational freedom for their kids

  12/17 Daily Princetonian Harvard goes test-optional, Princeton is only Ivy requiring SAT, ACT

  12/17 Epoch Times Parents Erupt at School Board Meeting Over ‘Coaching’ of Students Into LGBTQ Club

  12/17 Fox News Denver school hit with civil rights complaint after 'families of color playground night' surfaces

  12/17 National Review Civil Rights Complaints Filed against Colorado, Illinois School Districts

  12/16 Epoch Times 哈佛和北卡大學招生歧視案 紐約多團體籲複審​ 紐約同源向美最高院提交法庭之友摘要

  12/16 Epoch Times 美國兒童面臨的洗腦教育

  12/16 Harvard Crimson Harvard College Suspends Standardized Testing Requirement for Next Four Years

  12/15 Breitbart Districts Have ‘Unprecedented’ Funds to Teach CRT Via ‘Social and Emotional Learning’

  12/15 CFER, ACR Project Urge Supreme Court to Consider the University of North Carolina Case

  12/15 Education Next California Moves to Replace Math With “Data Science,” in the name of Equity,  Inclusion

  12/15 Florida Politics Gov. DeSantis rolls out ‘Stop Woke Act’ targeting critical race theory

  12/15 Sing Tao  同源會等機構提交法庭意見書 挺北卡大學招生歧視亞裔案原告

  12/15 Sing Tao  高中就近入學保留 初中停止考慮成績

  12/15 World Journal 紐約市新學年政策 高中就近入學 初中錄取仍不看成績
  12/14 Breitbart UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Justice’ Earns $325K

  12/14 CACAGNY Asks Supreme Court to Fix Past Errors, Restore Equal RIghts in Admissions  (Amicus Brief)

  12/14 Epoch Times  新學監:擴大特殊高中和天才班 改革SHSAT
  12/14 Epoch Times Parent Says Daughter Was ‘Coached’ on LGBTQ Identity at California School

  12/14 Fox News  New Hampshire teachers' union suing over state's anti-critical race theory bill

  12/14 Fox News  CA School Districts Eliminate "D" and "F" Grades

  21/14 National Review Colorado Elementary School Promotes ‘Families of Color Playground Night’

  12/14 New York Post  New proposal would allow DOE to boot parents from education panels

  12/14 New York Post New NYC schools boss doesn’t plan to ‘beat everyone over the head with race’

  12/14 NY1  City won't use grades in middle school admissions this year

  12/14 Washington Examiner St. Louis University student faces discipline for advertising Matt Walsh lecture

  12/13 Blavity Is Math Curriculum Being Ruined By 'Woke Left'? This Black College Professor Thinks So

  12/13 Daily Caler Loudoun County Student To Opt-Out Of Critical Race Theory-Inspired Lessons

  12/13 Fair for All  Cultural literacy or cultural destruction?

  12/13 Liberty Bunker Critical Race Theory and Skinner’s Scientific View of Behavior

  12/13 New York Post New city education chief floats more elite schools with different admissions criteria

  12/13 New York School Talk NYC, Meet the New School Chancellor: What This Means For Your Child

  12/12  Daily Caller BLM Tells Students Misogyny, White Supremacy, Capitalism To Blame For Their Problems

  12/12 Sing Tao  亞裔女性成功逆襲 收入超越白人男性

  12/11 Breitbart Bill de Blasio Proposes Rule to ‘Silence’ Parents Critical of NYC Education Policies

  12/11 Breitbart New York Used Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to Advance CRT Indoctrination

  12/11 Epoch Times  新任紐約市教育總監:保留及擴展天才班

  12/11 Epoch Times 當選市議員黃敏儀:2022年將力爭實現擴展天才班  (Sandra Ung)

  12/11 New York Post Asian women’s success disproves claims of ‘white male supremacy’

  12/11 New York Post Eric Adams’ DOE pick David Banks is a change of course from de Blasio: Goodwin

  12/10 Epoch Times  出任市教育總監 班克斯支持激進派觀點

  12/10 Federalist Bipartisan Campaign Launches To Pass California School Choice Initiative

  12/10 Washington Examiner Math isn't racist. Our garbage public school system is
  12/10 World Journal 紐約市新教育總監班克斯 支持保留SHSAT、擴大資優班

  12/10 World Journal 紐約市舊教育系統官僚 班克斯:需全面改革
  12/  9 CBS News Biden administration urges Supreme Court to reject Harvard affirmative action case

  12/  9 Epoch Times CRT Brought Up as Supreme Court Justices Weigh Religious School Aid Case

  12/  9 Epoch Times 爆冷勝選新議員 力爭恢復紐約常態  (Vickie Paladino)

  12/  9 Hold my Drink  Don't Apologize for Studying  (Video)

  12/  9 New York Post  High School Guide: What happens now with admissions?

  12/  9 New York Post  High School Guide: The specialized Elite 8

  12/  8 Daily Mail Hundreds of college professors sign open letter blasting 'woke' math movement

  12/  8 Epoch Times 數百名教授連署 反對取消公校高級數學課程

  12/  8 Harvard Crimson Biden Administration Backs Harvard in Admissions Lawsuit

  12/  8 New York Post Don’t let Bill de Blasio silence parents critical of city education

  12/  7 New York Post Hundreds of college professors blast ‘woke’ math movement

  12/  6 Epoch Times 600 Top Scientists Oppose California’s New K–12 Math Framework

  12/  6 Forbes  Gifted Education Is Under Attack

  12/  6 Minding the Campus When Diversity Invades Precision Agriculture

  12/  6 New York School Talk Department of Ed Hard Sells BrilliantNYC: Are Parents Buying?

  12/  6 QNS Liu, Braunstein urge DOE to suspend removal of geographic priorities for high school admissions

  12/  6 Wall Street Journal Systemic Bias Against Asians

  12/  5 Big Think China’s schoolkids beat American students in all academic categories

  12/  5 China Press  第28學區通過高中就近入學優先決議

  12/  5 Tennessee Star Moms for Liberty ‘Emboldened’ by Weaponized DOJ, Slams Leftist Critics

  12/  5 Wall Street Journal Squaring Up to Defend Mathematics

  12/  4 Epoch Times 28學區通過決議 反對取消就近入學優先權

  12/  4 Epoch Times 皇后區民代呼籲 應維持高中招生「地理優先」

  12/  2 Breitbart University of Nebraska Denies CRT Use; Consultant Behind Efforts Is Critical Race Theorist

  12/  2 Epoch Times  替代天才班 教育局專家組講解「智慧紐約」/  黃友興:人人加速就是沒有加速
  12/  2 Epoch Times Tackling Critical Race Theory: What It Is and Where It Is Being Banned

  12/  2 National Review Group Files Complaint against NYC Schools over Segregated’ Social Justice Exercise

  12/  2 Parents Defending Education OCR Complaint: New York City Public Schools

  12/  2 Quillette Standards-Based Grading Will Ruin Education

  12/  2 Queens Chronicle We need a new direction for schools

  12/  1 City Journal Next Step for the Parents’ Movement: Curriculum Transparency

  12/  1 Epoch TImes Detroit Superintendent Opposes Anti-CRT Bill: ‘Our Curriculum Is Deeply Using CRT’

  12/  1 Federalist After Claiming CRT Is Not Taught, L.A. Schools Invite Theorist to Help Craft Curriculum

  12/  1 New York Post  How Eric Adams can undo de Blasio’s damage to gifted and talented programs

  12/  1 New York Post  Loudoun County school board faces parents again after sexual assault controversy
  12/  1 Ohio Star  Federally funded critical race theory program removes 'critical race theory' from description

  12/  1 Wall Street Journal Michael Bloomberg: Why I’m Backing Charter Schools

  12/  1 Washington Examiner Minnesota district wants nearly a million dollars to tell parents if they’re teaching CRT
  11/30 Epoch Times PLACE NYC籲增天才班 停「智慧紐約」項目

  11/30 Epoch Times 你想要什麼樣的教育總監?寇頓籲家長發表意見  (William Colton)

  11/30 Epoch Times Loudoun County Moms Set Out to Protect Their Children, Now They’re Trying to Save America

  11/30 Epoch Times 登上美國電視的西姐

  11/30 Federalist Los Angeles Public Schools Host CRT Theorist While Saying They Aren't Teaching CRT

  11/30 Fox News Superintendent says Detroit schools 'deeply using critical race theory'

  11/30 Washington Examiner  Doctors say medical school ‘equity’ guidelines will lead to bad physicians 

  11/29 China Press 寇頓籲家長對下任教育局局長人選發表意見  (William Colton)

  11/29 Epoch Times 對加速學習存憂 第二學區籲留天才班

  11/29 Fox News  Senate Republicans request AG Garland testify again, say 'statements deeply misleading'

  11/29 Slate Is the SAT the Wrong Villain in College Admissions?

  11/29 Spectator World The GOP must remain the party of parents

  11/29 Topeka Capital Journal Kansas Republicans upset as KU cuts ACT from admissions requirements

  11/28 Wall Street Journal A California Attempt to Repair the Crumbling Pillar of U.S. Education

  11/27 Asra Investigates  'Bead Color Breakdown'

  11/27 New York Post Progressives forget that parents are in charge of kids’ education

  11/26 City Journal  New York’s Parent Revolt

  11/26 Epoch TImes  Indiana Educator Who Blows Whistle on CRT Teaching Now Banned From School

  11/26 New York Daily News De Blasio vs. excellence: NYC schools moving to lowest common denominator

  11/26 Newsweek  Stop Dividing Children By Race. It's Harmful and Divisive

  11/26 PM California's new educational guidelines say math is racist

  11/25 Epoch Times  美議員:家長有權了解學校教學內容

  11/25 New York Daily News Time to truly empower N.Y.’s parents (Rob Astorino)

  11/25 New York Post  If critical race theory can creep into the classrooms of Missouri, it’s likely in yours

  11/25 New York Post  Indiana admin who says critical race theory is taught in schools put on leave

  11/25 Real Clear Politics  Teacher Unions, Parents Gird for 2022 Battles

  11/25 Town Hall Georgia School System Paid Nearly $100K for Panorama Education’s 'Social Emotional Learning' Surveys

  11/24 AEI  Yes, American education has a transparency problem

  11/24 City Journal Units of Indoctrination

  11/24 Epoch Times  Social and Emotional Indoctrination in Schools

  11/24 Fox News Indiana teacher who exposed CRT put on leave, has email locked, banned from school

  11/24 Fox News Fort Worth School District offers teachers a course on 'critical race theory'

  11/24 KOGO News Radio Poway Unified School District Caught Teaching CRT – After Denials

  11/24 National Post Minority professor denied grants because he hires on merit

  11/24 Queens Chronicle AAPI voters lean to GOP candidates; Multiple Dem policies make Asians feel forgotten

  11/23 Daily Wire Two Moms Who Oppose CRT, Mask Mandates Arrested At Georgia School Board Meeting

  11/23 New York Post ‘Social and emotional learning’ is often just cover for progressive indoctrination of kids

  11/23 Wall Street Journal College Testing Bait-and-Switch: After dropping SAT for new test, UC kills plans for it

  11/23 Western Journal Leftists Say CRT Isn't Taught in Schools, But in Seattle, They Aren't Even Hiding It

  11/22 Epoch Times Virginia School Boards Association Quits National Association

  11/22 San Francisco Standard Controversy as California Follows SF With New "Equity" Approach to Teaching Math

  11/22 Washington Examiner Liberals' toxic racialism won't even let them celebrate (liberal) Michelle Wu

  11/22 WND  So it begins: FBI raids home of mom who protested school board

  11/21 Fox News  Nebraska governor blasts state university for 'anti-racism' plan

  11/21 Fox News Winsome Sears, CNN spar over whether critical race theory is taught in Virginia schools

  11/21 Wall Street Journal The Coddling of American Children Is a Boon to Beijing

  11/20 China Press 學生按種族分組讨論種族話題 曼哈頓下城社區中學活動引争議

  11/20 Daily Caller It’s Not Hard To Find CRT Influencing School Curriculum, So Why Do They Keep Lying?

  11/20 Epoch Times  曼哈頓中學為消除種族主義 按種族將學生分類

​  11/20 Epoch Times Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs

  11/20 Fox News ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN skip DOJ whistleblower revealing 'threat tag' targeting parents

  11/20 Newsweek  White Elites are Using Black Trauma to Abandon Black America

  11/20 World Journal 談社會正義將學童種族分類 曼哈頓初中惹議

  11/19 Abigail Shrier UPDATE from the School District re: Yesterday's Bombshell About Activist Teachers

  11/19 Daily Caller REP. MCCARTHY: It’s Time For A Parents’ Bill Of Rights To Push Back Against CRT Madness

  11/19 Gothamist  City Faces Largest-Ever Lawsuit Payout To Teachers Over "Discriminatory" Certification Tests

  11/19 Reason  New York Creating Race-Based School 'Affinity Groups' To Combat Racism

  11/18 Abigail Shrier Leaked Documents: How Teachers Recruit Kids on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

  11/18 College Fix  UT Austin research program teaches white 4-year-olds about ‘anti-Black racism’
  11/18 Epoch Times  教師狀告校長清洗白人員工並報復吹哨人

  11/18 New York Post Manhattan school to sort kids by race during social justice discussions

  11/18 New York Post Students suing Yale Law show America’s elites have a low opinion of minorities

  11/18 Queens Chronicle Listening sessions for Brilliant NYC: D26 parents not impressed; questions remain

  11/17 Dallas Morning News  Feds open civil rights investigations into Southlake Carroll schools

  11/17 Fox News Loudoun school parents 'livid and sickened' after being kept in dark about sex life survey

  11/17 Fox News Grandmother reports 'locked and loaded' school board comment to FBI as domestic terror threat

  11/17 KRCG  Administrators sue Springfield Public Schools over anti-racist training

  11/17 New York Post GOP rep accuses Garland of perjury over FBI memo on school threats

  11/17 New York Post Proof that AG Garland misled Congress about silencing parents who dissent

  11/17 New York Post Twisted measure to silence voices of dissent at school board meetings — arrest them

  11/17 The 74 Million Proposed California Ballot Measure Gives Parents ‘Legal Standing’ to Sue for Better Schools

  11/16 Epoch Times  New Jersey Introduces Law to Ban Teaching Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

  11/16 Epoch Times  FBI Whistleblower Claims DOJ Used Counterterrorism Tools Against Parents: Republicans

  11/16 Epoch Times  Parent Complains of Anti-American, Anti-Christian Themes in Ethnic Studies Program

  11/16 FAIR for All  Affirmative Action Privilege, and Other Reasons Human Life Is Complicated

  11/16 Fox News Kamala Harris' niece pens WaPo article on how parents can teach 'anti-racism' at home

  11/16 New York Post Suit: NYC principal purged white staffers, retaliated against Hispanic whistleblower

  11/16 New York Post FBI created ‘threat tag’ to track alleged harassment of educators: whistleblower

  11/16 Next Shark  Asian Americans moved toward GOP candidates in NYC — a warning sign for Democrats

  11/16 Town Hall  NY High School Teacher's Presentation Says America Is More Racist Now Than 200 Years Ago

  11/16 Wall Street Journal FBI Tracks Threats Against Teachers, School-Board Members

  11/15 Chalkbeat Detroit school district pushes back against anti-CRT legislation

  11/15 Ed First NC  Panorama Education and North Carolina State Governement are Data Mining Families

  11/15 National Review Kindergarten Students Learn about Being Transgender under ‘Social Justice Standards’

  11/15 New York Post  Texas CRT supporter warns parents he’ll bring 1,000 ‘soldiers’ who are ‘locked and loaded’

  11/15 Nextshark Asian Americans moved toward GOP candidates in NYC — a warning sign for Democrats

  11/14 World Journal  被指是亞裔轉投共和黨罪魁禍首 白思豪承認溝通不足

  11/13 Epoch Times  灣脊區市議員競爭激烈 幽靈選票加劇懸念  (Brian Fox)

  11/13 Epoch Times  華人改投共和黨 白思豪承認疏於和亞裔溝通
  11/13 Fox News  Arizona parents rip spying school administrator: 'We the parents are the people'

  11/13 MSN   Union asks education chief to resign over complaint form

  11/13 New York Post  Ronald Lauder plans to save city’s gifted and talented program

  11/13 World Journal  共和黨候選人為中期選舉 訪亞裔社區爭取選票   (Lee Zeldin)
  11/12 Daily Caller  Maryland Public School Forces 14-Year-Olds To Take ‘White Privilege Test’

  11/12 Fox News  White House tries to distance itself from DOJ, NSBA memos

  11/12 Fox News Arizona school board president kept sensitive personal information on protesting parents

  11/12 Fox News The next battle in the war for parents' rights in education is a line politicians dare not cross

  11/12 NBC News  Chinese Voters Came Out in Force for the GOP in NYC, Shaking Up Politics

  11/12 NTD TV 拜訪紐約法拉盛 共和黨州長候選人:藍州翻紅勝券在握   (Lee Zeldin)

  11/11 Chalkbeat  NYC teachers to screen students’ social-emotional health. Many feel ill-equipped

  11/11 City Chinese Voters Came Out in Force for the GOP in NYC, Shaking Up Politics

  11/11 Epoch Times  文革倖存者:警防美國紅衛兵

  11/11 Fox News  NSBA coordinated White House, DOJ before sending notorious 'domestic terrorists' letter

  11/11 Fox News  Maryland university admissions graphic separates 'Asian' students from 'Students of Color'

  11/11 National Review The Race-Marxists Finally Went Too Far
  11/11 New York Post   WH ‘actively engaged’ with NSBA before ‘domestic terror’ letter: memo

  11/11 Northern Virginia The Legal Battle Over The Nation’s Top High School

  11/11 Queens Chronicle  Parents continue bashing new school assessment tool

  11/11 Sing Tao  選舉投票見成效 華人保守派備戰2022

  11/10 Epoch Times  李・澤爾丁:我若獲紐約市35%選票 州長選舉勝券在握  (Lee Zeldin)

  11/10 Epoch Times  紐約市將8千萬救濟金用於「社會情感」學習

  11/10 New York Post   His team’s trying to hide it, but de Blasio’s bungling has parents fleeing NYC schools

  11/10 World Journal  共和黨州長參選人李修頓訪法拉盛 盼再獲高支持率  (Lee Zeldin)

  11/ 9 Daily Wire  Virginia Mother Who Exposed Pornographic Material In Curriculum Barred From School Library

  11/ 9 Epoch Times  四家長組織籲停「社會情感」測評

  11/ 9 Federalist Montana, South Carolina Latest States To Cut Ties With National School Boards Association

  11/ 9 Fox News  Virginia middle schoolers asked about specific sex acts and sexual orientation

  11/ 9 Fox News  School Board meeting erupts into shouting as parent group files petition to oust board chair

  11/ 9 National Review  The Left Doubles Down on ‘CRT Isn’t Taught in Schools’

  11/ 9 National Review  Virginia Showed That Parents Won’t Put Up with Being Ignored by School Boards
  11/ 9 Townhall  CRT Isn't in the Curriculum, It's the Language of the Curriculum

  11/ 8  Atlanta Journal Constitution  Gwinnett mom: Call our demands domestic terrorism, but we won’t go away​

  11/ 8 City Journal  Unscientific Method

  11/ 8 Epoch Times  紐約華社兩團體激烈反對「亞裔細分」中華公所和同源會質疑:疑為取消SHSAT鋪路

  11/ 8 Fox News  Minnesota Dem claims CRT not taught in schools, despite teachers’ pledge to keep teaching it

  11/ 8 National Review Consultant Hired by Loudoun County Says Public Education Should Not Focus on ‘Learning’

  11/ 8 National Review White Students Not Allowed at Pennsylvania School District’s Drone Camp

  11/ 8 New York Post Parents’ fight against teachers unions over school-board control is just getting started

  11/ 8 Newsweek  No, It's Not 'Racist' to Oppose Critical Race Theory
  11/ 7 New York Post  MIT alums: We can’t support a school that caved to woke mentality

  11/ 7 Sing Tao 家長組織再籲停止「社會情緒篩查」 憂隱私安全及透明度問題

  11/ 7 World Journal 紐約市教育局社會情感測評 挨批侵犯隱私 家長抵制

  11/ 6 National Review We’re Educators. Critical Race Theory Is, in Fact, in the Schools

  11/ 6 Sing Tao 共和黨總結維州勝選經驗 學生家長為中選爭取目標

  11/ 6 World Journal 不滿紐約市府取消資優班 亞裔轉投共和黨候選人

  11/ 5 City Journal Goodbye, MIT: two alumni explain why they are withdrawing their financial support

  11/ 5 Institute for Free Speech  Ban on “Personally Directed” Criticism of School Board Members Unconstituional

  11/ 5 New York Post Asians in NYC turn on Dems at polls over Gifted & Talented, bias crimes

  11/ 5 Sing Tao 共和黨總結維州勝選經驗 學生家長為中選爭取目標

  11/ 5 Wall Street Journal The School Board Revolt

  11/ 5 Washington Examiner White House says GOP is lying about CRT in schools, evidence shows otherwise

  11/ 4 Epoch Times Candidates Opposing CRT COVID-19 Mandates Win Minnesota School Board Races

  11/ 4 Epoch Times 共和黨2021選舉取得驚人勝利 民主黨陷困境   維州選舉翻紅 政治素人撼動美國

  11/ 4 Sing Tao  天才班會議家長滅聲 劉醇逸批如政治宣傳  (John Liu)

  11/ 4 Fox News Rufo calls media CRT denial in schools a 'deliberate strategy': 'They have no choice' but to lie

  11/ 4 Fox News Indiana school admin explains how schools teach CRT without using that term: 'We're lying'

  11/ 4 Fox News Maryland county told students there is a 'double pandemic' of COVID and racism

  11/ 4 New York Post ‘Republicans are lying’: WH doubles down on critical race theory after Va. Dem loss

  11/ 4 New York Post Bill de Blasio’s parting Orwellian insult to NYC parents  (John Liu, Eric Adams)

  11/ 4 Newsweek The Political Problem on Campus

  11/ 4 Palo Alto Online Lawsuit: Palo Alto denies students opportunities to advance in math

  11/ 4 Washingtom Examiner America's story is at stake in the fight over critical

  11/ 3 Fox News CNN repeats questionable claim that CRT is not taught in Virginia schools

  11/ 3 Epoch Times  NYC pol John Liu calls Gifted and Talented parent forums ‘Orwellian’ theater

  11/ 3 New York Times  Republicans Schooled the Left in Virginia

  11/ 3 Sing Tao 維州失利新州慘勝 民主黨中選亮紅燈

  11/ 2 CFER  Share Your Stories and Thoughts About the 1.0 GPA Graduation Requirement in Los Angeles

  11/ 2 Fox News DOJ misses deadline to provide Senate info on basis for school board memo

  11/ 2 Just the News Election Day: Eight episodes that awakened parents to liberal indoctrination in schools

  11/ 1 Epoch Times 亞裔家長秋園舉辦「拯救天才班」集會

  11/ 1 Epoch Times 強調常識 皇后區市議員候選人爭取華人認同  (Fatima Baryab)

  11/ 1 Fox News Civil rights leader condemns McAuliffe's race-based teacher plan as 'racist' and 'insulting'

  11/ 1 Fox News McAuliffe calls for Virginia to 'diversify' teacher base, citing percentage of White teachers

  11/ 1 National Review Virginia Parents Have Had Enough of ‘Woke’ Lies at Their Schools

  11/ 1 New York Post Critical race theory resegregation is undoing all of MLK’s gains

  11/ 1 New York Post All the power to the parents vs. Critical Race Theory

  11/ 1 New York Post City Department of Education is trying to hide the true drop in public-school enrollment

  10/31 Daily Signal Taxpayers Take School Board to Court for Trying to Silence Parents’ Criticism

  10/31 Fox News Loudoun County mom says 6-year-old asked her if she was 'born evil' because she's White

  10/31 New York Post There’s nothing fake about parents’ outrage in America’s culture war

  10/31 NTD TV  紐約團體皇后區公所集會 要求保留天才班

  10/31 World Journal  不滿紐約市取消資優班 多團體發動抗議

  10/30 Epoch Times  美國家長團體:販賣「覺醒」是一門大生意

  10/30 Epoch Times  紐約市公校人數逐年降 特許學校學生逐年增

  10/30 Fox News Virginia Dept. of Education website promotes CRT despite McAuliffe claims it's 'never been taught'

  10/30 National Review ‘Social-Emotional Learning’: The Next Fight in Education

  10/30 Wall Street Journal   Mask Mandates, Critical Race Theory Heat Up School-Board Elections

  10/29 China Press  市議員候選人李凱健獲亞裔民主黨俱樂部背書支持  (Ari Kagan)

  10/29 China Press  紀思庭競選連任獲亞裔民主黨俱樂部背書  (Justin Brannan)

  10/29 Fox News AT&T critical race theory training says white employees ‘the problem’

  10/29 New York Post  ‘We got to take these motherf–kers out’: Rutgers professor calls white people ‘villains’

  10/29 Reason Journalist Butchery of School Board Protests Upending Politics in Virginia and Elsewhere

  10/29 Wall Street Journal  The Views That Made Me Persona Non Grata at MIT

  10/28 AP  Schools debate: Gifted and talented, or racist and elitist?

  10/28 Epoch Times  德州議員調查公校用書是否涉種族等問題

  10/28 Federalist  Sheriff Rejected School Superintendent’s Insane Plan To Weaponize Police Against Parents

  10/28 Fox News  Virginia promotes book telling teachers to embrace CRT, which McAuliffe says isn't being taught

  10/28 Hot Air  Five state school boards have withdrawn from the NSBA over letter comparing parents to terrorists

  10/28 New York Post  Teachers, Dems fight against parental rights

  10/28 New York Post  California school board member caught on hot mic saying ‘f–k you’ at parent

  10/28 New York Post  Merrick Garland has proved himself unfit for Supreme Court — but he shouldn’t be AG either

  10/28 New York Post  Residents now required to state home address if they want to speak at school board meetings

  10/28 Washington Examiner Newspaper allegedly censors ad criticizing critical race theory

  10/28 World Journal  市議員獨立黨候選人莫美倫 拜訪世界日報  (Maud Maron)

  10/27 College Fix   Harvard newspaper editor drops out of pre-med because of ‘white supremacy’

  10/27 Epoch Times  紐約市長選舉最後一場辯論會 亞當斯再提支持無證移民投票  (Curtis Sliwa, Eric Adams)

  10/27 Epoch Times  紐約市第25選區市議員候選人訪中華公所  (Suraj Jaswal)

  10/27 Fox News  Karol Markowicz: The war on parents is real

  10/27 Fox News  Garland refuses to back away from DOJ memo after school board apology

  10/27 Fox News  Loudoun County school board member calls for superintendent to resign for pushing trans policy

  10/27 Fox News  Loudoun County parent on explosive school board meeting: 'This is an ideology war'

  10/27 World Journal  市議員候選人Jaswal訪中華公所  (Suraj Jaswal)

  10/26 College Fix  Children ‘abused into becoming white humans’: CRT expert explains whiteness theory

  10/26 New York Post Woke claim that ‘rational thinking’ is a white male thing is both insulting and absurd

  10/26 Sing Tao 兒童讀物碰觸敏感題材 社會價值觀恐長遠改變

  10/26 Wall Street Journal   About Those Domestic-Terrorist Parents - Garland should rescind

  10/25 Daily Caller School Board President To Join Biden Admin After Comparing Parent Protest To ‘Domestic Terrorism’

  10/25 Daily Caller Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum

  10/25 Epoch Times  Pushing Parents Out, Biden Administration Further Weaponizes ‘Education’

  10/25 Epoch Times  將家長比為「恐怖分子」 美國學校董事會道歉

  10/25 Epoch Times  紐約居民聯盟呼籲 對普選五項公投選NO (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/25 Fox News  AG Garland targeted by parent groups who see victory in NSBA letter reversal

  10/25 Fox News  Obama: parent outrage over sexual assault cover-up in Virginia school is 'fake,' 'trumped-up'


  10/25 Sing Tao  居民聯盟宣布背書名單 建議選民反對5項公投

​                (Curtis Sliwa, Robert Holden, Tony Avella, Maud Maron, Michael Conigliaro, Justin Brannon, Joann Ariola, Tom Kenniff, Tony Herbert)

  10/25 Washington Free Beacon Biden Admin Taps School Board Association Honcho In Wake Of Infamous Letter

  10/25 World Journal  紐約市居民聯盟籲支持共和黨市長候選人史里華

            (Curtis Sliwa, Thomas Kenniff, Tony Herbert, Maud Maron, Tony Avella, Mike Conigliaro, Robert Holden, Joann Ariola, Justin Brannon)
  10/24 China Press  紐約市居民聯盟宣布普選背書名單 籲選民踴躍參與投票 在五項公投中投反對票

​             (Curtis Sliwa, Tony Avella, Robert Holden, Maud Maron, Michael Conigliaro, Justin Brannon, Joann Ariola)

  10/24 Legal Insurrection  Chinese American Group Calls On Parents To Opt Out Of Social Emotional Surveys
  10/24 New York Post Attorney General Merrick Garland must call off war on parents: Devine

  10/23 Epoch Times  Parents Warn of Their Children Being Subjected to Transgender Indoctrination

  10/23 Epoch Times  School Boards Association Apologizes Over Comparing Parents to Domestic Terrorists

  10/23 Fox News Letter calling parents domestic terrorists has 'thrown gasoline' on the fire, parent activist says

  10/23 Fox News School Boards Association sorry for 'language' in letter that likened parents to domestic terrorists

  10/23 Town Hall  Sen. Hawley Calls on AG Garland to Resign Over Memo Targeting Parents

  10/23 World Journal 馬泰訪世報 承諾為民發聲  (Chris Marte)
  10/22 Daily Caller District Denies Teaching CRT, Then Hosts CRT Advocate Gloria Ladson-Billings

  10/22 New York Post  It’s the White House siccing the FBI on parents who question CRT nonsense

  10/22 World Journal 李琳達催票:我還沒贏  (Linda Lee)
  10/21 Bari Weiss  The Reality of 'Anti-Racism' Across America

  10/21 China Press  市議會第一選區候選人莫美倫訪問  (Maud Maron)

  10/21 Epoch Times  華埠市議員選舉論壇 馬泰缺席成箭靶  (Maud Maron, Jacqueline Toboroff, Christopher Marte)
  10/21 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲家長抵制教育局「社會情感」測評

  10/21 Epoch Times  紐約市長候選人首場辯論會 亞當斯對斯利瓦不屑一顧  (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/21 Erika Sanzi  NSBA sent letter to Biden without approval (or knowledge) of their board

  10/21 Fox News White House in contact with school board group for 'weeks' before controversial 'Patriot Act' letter

  10/21 Fox News Parents' group launches database for tracking equity consultants, 'woke-industrial complex'

  10/21 Freedom Times  Rep. Johnson Asks Garland If He Sought Ethics Counsel Before Issuing Conflicted Letter

  10/21 New York Post  Rep. Jordan rips into Merrick Garland for feds’ ‘snitch line’ on parents

  10/21 New York Post  WH aided school board group’s ‘domestic terrorism’ letter before Garland sicced FBI on parents

  10/21 Sing Tao  民主黨候選人馬泰拒絕出席 成莫美倫杜波魯夫攻擊目標 (Maud Maron, Jacqueline Toboroff, Christopher Marte)
  10/21 Sing Tao  紐約同源會籲家長抵制 德弗羅學生實力評估篩查

  10/21 Village Sun Don’t scrap Gifted & Talented education — expand it for those who need it  (Allie Ryan)

  10/21 Wall Street Journal  Merrick Garland Gets Schooled

  10/21 World Journal  市議會第1選區候選人論壇 馬泰缺  (Maud Maron, Jacqueline Toboroff, Christopher Marte)

  10/20 Federalist  The Next Place Woke Bureaucrats Want To Indoctrinate Kids Is In "Media Literacy"

  10/20 Fox News Garland to face intense questioning on controversial school board memo, etc

  10/20 National Review Thomas Sowell vs. Critical Race Theory

  10/20 World Journal  保衛資優班 莫美倫訪中華總商會  (Maud Maron)

  10/19 CACAGNY EMERGENCY ALERT to Parents: Opt Out of Social Emotional Surveys in Schools!

  10/19 Epoch Times  市議會第一選區候選人論壇 紐約同源會20日舉辦   (Christopher Marte, Maud Maron)

  10/19 Epoch Times  監獄政策不矛盾 市議員候選人莫美倫訪僑領  (Christopher Marte, Maud Maron)

  10/19 Epoch Times 17 State AGs Demand DOJ Cease Attempt to ‘Chill Lawful Dissent’ at School Board Meetings

  10/19 Fox News Top physicist resigns in protest after speaker invite denied over George Floyd riot comments

  10/19 Sing Tao  莫美倫及馬泰繼教育議題 公共安全及房屋再互相批評  (Maud Maron, Christopher Marte, Jacqueline Toboroff)

  10/19 Wall Street Journal  Woke at Wellesley Public Schools

  10/18 China Press  市議員候選人莫美倫拜訪紐約中華總商會   (Maud Maron)

  10/18 Daily Caller  Parents Protest Outside Justice Department Against ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Label

  10/18 Epoch Times  紐約市長選舉倒數兩週 華人:斯利瓦言行如一  (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/18 New York Post  De Blasio’s final days are proving disastrous for NYC schools

  10/18 New York Post  The top issues for NYC’s next mayor ahead of the candidates’ first debate (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/18 New York School Talk NYC Cuts Gifted Program; New Approach Proven To Fail Poor & Minority Students

  10/18 Sing Tao  斯利瓦法拉盛見面會 承諾保留天才班  (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/18 World Journal   華人募款 挺共和黨市長候選人史里華  (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/17 China Press  市長候選人斯利瓦募款餐會法拉盛舉辦  (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/17 Epoch Times  Win for Virginia Parents After Loudon County School Board Member Announces Resignation

  10/17 Epoch Times  Superintendent Appears to Admit District Violated State Law by Not Reporting Sexual Assault

  10/17 Fox News  Prosecutor who sought to jail father of girl raped at school is tied to Soros, McAuliffe

  10/17 PJ Media  Virginia Parents Announce 'Not a Domestic Terrorist' March in Washington

  10/17 Sing Tao  高中收生安排混亂 家長責教育局拖延  (Maud Maron)

  10/17 Sing Tao  白育青提醒選民 11/2大選投票  (Yu-Ching Pai)

  10/16 China Press  皇後區民代家長集會反對取消資優班 黃敏儀與李琳達召集

​              (Grace Meng, Toby Ann Stavisky, John Liu, Edward Braunstein, David Weprin, Barry Grodenchik)

  10/16 Epoch Times  紐約民選官員抗議取消天才班計畫
                (Grace Meng, Toby Ann Stavisky, John Liu, Ed Braunstein, David Weprin, Nily Rozic, Barry Grodenchik​)

  10/16 Epoch Times   29選區市議員候選人邁克 獲紐約市居民聯盟背書  (Mike Conigliaro)

  10/16 Fox News  Commission on Civil Rights members blast Garland for memo against protesting parents

  10/16 New York Post  Parents, students in limbo as NYC dithers on high school admissions

  10/16 New York Post  NYC Catholic school enrollment rising amid end of Gifted and Talented program

  10/16 Sing Tao  亞當斯承諾上任後 將保留天才班計劃  (Eric Adams)

  10/16 Sing Tao  孟昭文劉醇逸斥市長玩政治遊戲 希望亞當斯若當選能撥亂反正

​             (Grace Meng, John Liu, Toby Stavisky, Ed Braunstein, David Weprin, Barry Grodenchik)

  10/16 The 74 Milllion Kids Left Schools Because of Remote Classes; They May Not Be Coming Back Soon

  10/16 Town Hall  NCAA Task Force Pushes for Elimination of SAT, ACT Scores to Advance 'Racial Equity'

  10/16 World Journal  取消資優班 皇后區民代怒嗆白思豪

             (Grace Meng, John Liu, Toby Ann Stavisky, Edward Braunstein, David Weprin, Barry Grodenchik)

  10/15 Chlakbeat  NYC school "segregation" legal battle continues despite proposed changes to gifted test

  10/15 Coalition for TJ Support for CACAGNY Statement on G&T

  10/15 Conservative Beaver  NYC parents: Keep Gifted and Talented classes

  10/15 Epoch Times Win for Virginia Parents After Loudon County School Board Member Announces Resignation

  10/15 Epoch Times 紐約各族裔家長憤怒 走上街頭抗議取消天才班 (William Colton, Robert Holden, Curtis Sliwa, Eric Adams)​
  10/15 Epoch Times  芝大教授演講遭 MIT 取消 獲普林斯頓邀請

  10/15 Forest Hills Post  Queens Council Nominees and Elected Officials Protest Elimination of G&T Program

​             (Grace Meng, Toby Stavisky, John Liu, Ed Braunstein, David Weprin, Nily Rozic, Barry Grodenchik, Peter Koo)

  10/15 Fox News  School board member resigns over sexual assault that led to Garland memo against parents

  10/15 NTD TV  紐約市天才班項目被取消 市民集會再抗議

  10/15 QNS Queens lawmakers and parents protest elimination of G&T program (Grace Meng, John Liu, Barry Grodenchik)
  10/15 Sing Tao  再有200多中外家長示威 抗議白思豪取消天才班  (William Colton, John Liu)

  10/15 Sing Tao  雙方一度出現對峙 3位西非裔唱對台戲
  10/15 Sing Tao  26學區教委會特別會議 譴責市長廢除天才班

  10/15 Town Hall  Yes, Critical Race Theory is Being Taught in Virginia Schools, Despite McAuliffe's Lie

  10/15 World Journal  抗議廢除資優班 家長示威籲亞當斯扭轉政策 (William Colton, Robert Holden, John Liu)

  10/14 China Press  家長民代集會抗議市府取消資優班  (William Colton, Eric Adams)

  10/14 Epoch Times  家長遭禁聲 美華裔母親質疑當局推共產政策

  10/14 Forbes  Panorama Education, Connected with AG Garland, Contracted With 23,000 Public Schools for CRT

  10/14 Fox News  AG Garland's potential conflict of interest on firm backing critical race theory under scrutiny

  10/14 New York Post  Gifted and Talented program backers rally at DOE headquarters

  10/14 Politico  National teen test scores slip for the first time — and it's not due to Covid

  10/14 Queens Chronicle  Protests and debate over G&T  (John Liu, Joe Addabbo Jr, Ed Braunstein, Grace Meng)

  10/14 Queens Chronicle  Conigliaro wants a change in CD 29  (Michael Conigliaro)

  10/14 The 74 Million Long-Term NAEP Scores for 13-Year-Olds Drop for First Time Since Testing Began in 1970s

  10/14 Wall Street Journal  Education Horror Show, Continued
  10/14 WPIX  Parents continue to fight for elementary school gifted and talented reform  (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/13 China Press  近百家長及民代集會抗議取消資優班 顧雅明批市府并未公平分配項目資源  (William Colton, Peter Koo)

  10/13 Epoch Times  白思豪取消天才班 亞當斯:保留決定權利   (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/13 Epoch Times  Daughter's Rape in School Led to His Inclusion in School Board’s ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

  10/13 Federalist  Where Are Teachers Getting Crtitical Race Theory? In Teachers' Colleges

  10/13 Megyn Kelly  Moms Fighting Back Over Masking Kids and CRT, with Maud Maron, Others  (Maud Maron)

  10/13 National Review Leftist Company Quietly Spread to Thousands of Schools before Parents Caught Wind

  10/13 New York Post Eric Adams signals support for a G&T program admissions exam (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/13 New York Post AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory

  10/13 New York Post  Parents are sick of critical-theory apologists’ lies

  10/13 NTD  NYC Parents Rally for the Gifted and Talented Program  (Willliam Colton)
  10/13 Shorefront News Assemblyman Colton Calling On Parents To Oppose Mayor’s Abolishing G&T (William Colton)

  10/13 SILive  NYC’s plan to scrap Gifted & Talented program is ‘outrageous,’ say some Staten Island officials
Michael Tannousis, Nicole Malliotakis, Joe Borelli, Michael Reilly, Andrew Lanza)

  10/13 Sing Tao  逾百不同族裔家長示威 嚴厲批評市長教育政策  (William Colton, Peter Koo)

  10/13 Sing Tao  馬泰責白思豪沒徵詢家長意見 莫美倫指馬泰認同市長教育方針  (Maud Maron, Chris Marte)

  10/13 Sinovision 美国华人圈  近百纽约家长抗议市长“天才班”决定:不该取消 反而应增多 (William Colton, Peter Koo)

  10/13 The Hill  Achieving equity through mediocrity: Why elimination of gifted programs should worry us all

  10/13 World Journal  紐約市將取消資優班 華裔家長抗議籲保留更應擴大  (William Colton, Peter Koo)

  10/13 World Journal  廢除資優班 亞當斯或反轉  (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/12 CBS NY  De Blasio’s Plan To Overhaul NYC’s Gifted And Talented Program (Curtis Sliwa, Eric Adams)

  10/12 China Press  史島衆多民代舉行記者會反對取消資優班

                (Michael Tannousis, Nicole Malliotakis, Andrew Lanza, Michael Reilly, Joe Borelli)

  10/12 China Press  州衆議院少數黨領袖巴克萊發聲反對取消資優班  (William Barclay)

  10/12 Epoch Times  9歲童想借錢唸私校 民選官與家長籲保留天才班
William Colton, Peter Koo, Maud Maron, Vickie Paladino, Eric Frankel)

  10/12 eStar TV KEEP G&T保卫天才班!我们会在52 Chambers Street市教育局抗议示威!

  10/12 Fox News  NYC parent rips de Blasio for replacing gifted school program, says it’s ‘nonsense'

  10/12 Fox News  Father arrested at school board event says school covered up daughter's bathroom assault

  10/12 New York Post Protesters call on de Blasio to expand Gifted and Talented program (Maud Maron, Robert Cornegy)

  10/12 New York Post Eric Adams: Expand opportunities for gifted learners, not cut them

  10/12 NY1  Some parents question how much input they'll get in gifted and talented plans (Eric Adams)

  10/12 PIX 11  Parents, pols push back against plan to eliminate NYC G&T programs

             (Joe Borelli, Michael Tannousis, Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/12 World Journal   華裔家長市教育局前抗議 要求市府保留並擴大資優班

  10/11 Asra Investigates  'F.B.I. vs. Moms??' Moms Win.

  10/11 Bari Weiss Why Are Moms Like Me Being Called Domestic Terrorists?

  10/11 Epoch Times  紐約同源會:取消天才班是CRT接管學校的信號

  10/11 Epoch Times  流行覺醒的公司    /   結束「美式共產主義」

  10/11 Fox News  Stephen Miller requests OIG investigate Garland memo that attacks parents

  10/11 Fox News  AG Garland's son-in-law's education company promotes book featuring Bill Ayers

  10/11 Fox News Cancel culture backfires when lecture banned at MIT draws thousands at Princeton

  10/11 Monday Notice Wokeness Comes For Asian Students

  10/11 New York Post  Chasing mediocrity: The left’s war on excellence threatens the American Dream

  10/11 New York Post  De Blasio’s attack on gifted education was the capstone to his dismal reign

  10/11 New York Post  Thousands register for geophysicist’s lecture after MIT caved to ‘Twitter mob’

  10/11 New York Post  Legal group demands probe into Garland’s school parents memo

  10/11 QNS  Lawmakers criticize city’s plan to replace Gifted and Talented Program with ‘Brilliant NYC’

​             (Joseph Addabbo Jr., John Liu, Grace Meng, Alicia Hyndman, Ron Kim and Edward C. Braunstein)

  10/11 QNS  Outrage and action following Gifted & Talented announcement 

             (Joseph Addabbo Jr., Edward C. Braunstein, Grace Meng)

  10/11 Sing Tao  天才班立場轉向? 莫美倫槓馬泰  (Maud Maron, Chris Marte)

  10/11 Wall Street Journal  Merrick Garland Has a List, and You’re Probably on It

  10/11 Wall Street Journal  Virginia Dad Takes On the School Board

  10/10 CACAGNY denounces de Blasio's decision to ax G&T with no educational justification

  10/10 Epoch Times McConnell Demands Attorney General Explain Directive to Crack Down on Parent Protests

  10/10 Fox News  Former gifted student advocates for program, de Blasio 'limiting opportunities'

  10/10 New York Post  AG Merrick Garland is at war with American families: Devine

  10/10 Sing Tao  白思豪取消天才班計劃引反彈 數十家長及公職候選人舉牌抗議  (Curtis Sliwa)

  10/10 World Jouranl  支持紐約保留資優班 家長上東城抗議  (Curtis Sliwa, Eric Adams)

  10/ 9 China Press 紐約市長白思豪宣布取消資優班 華社再掀反對聲浪

            (Grace Meng, Peter Koo, Sandra Ung, Nily Rozic, Edward C. Braunstein, William Clton)

  10/ 9 Citizen Free Press Minnesota high school is committed to ‘Dismantling Whiteness’

  10/ 9 Epoch Times 民團下週二在市教育局抗議 捍衛天才班 (Maud Maron)

  10/ 9 Epoch Times 州眾議員寇頓 籲全體家長反對取消天才班  (William Colton)
  10/ 9 Epoch Times NYC to Cancel Accelerated Learning Program for Gifted Kids (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa, John Liu)

  10/ 9 Epoch Times Mom: DOJ Using FBI Against Parents is Like ‘Dogs and Water Hoses Against Black Americans’

  10/ 9 Epoch Times  Time to Stop ‘Communism, American-Style’?

  10/ 9 Fox News AG Garland's son-in-law's company claiming Trump supporters are White supremacists

  10/ 9 Fox News Michigan professor ousted from class after playing Othello film where star wore blackface

  10/ 9 New York Post Don’t count NYC’s Gifted and Talented programs out yet: Adams rep (Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/ 9 New York Post De Blasio’s final ‘gift’ to New York City is ruining its schools: Goodwin (Curtis Sliwa, Eric Adams)
  10/ 9 Sing Tao 孟昭文劉醇逸顧雅明等 強烈反對取消天才班 (Grace Meng, John Liu, Peter Koo, Nily Rozic)

  10/ 9 World Journal  紐約市將取消資優班 集體加速學習  (Grace Meng, John Liu, Eric Adams)
  10 /8 C Bradley Thompson  A DECLARATION OF WAR

  10/ 8 CBS New York  New York City Unveils Plan To Phase Out Gifted And Talented Program

  10/ 8 China Press  寇頓促市府停止擅改資優班項目   (William Colton)

  10/ 8 Ed Source  Proposed 2022 California ballot initiative sets stage to define 'high-quality' education

  10/ 8 Ed Week  Is the Justice Dept. Silencing Parents or Stepping Up to Protect Educators?

  10/ 8 Epoch Times  美司法部長指示FBI處理校董會衝突 爭議再起

  10/ 8 Epoch Times  US Sees Surge in Homeschooling and Not Just Over Pandemic

  10/ 8 Fox News  Tulsi Gabbard: Attorney General is weaponizing federal agencies to intimidate Americans

  10/ 8 National Review  McAuliffe Tells Black Anchor That Bringing Up Critical Race Theory Is ‘Racist’

  10/ 8 New York Daily News NYC will phase out Gifted and Talented program

  10/ 8 New York Post  G&T programs helped me and my family — de Blasio is taking away hope

  10/ 8 New York Post  Parents rip de Blasio for ‘abominable’ plan to end Gifted and Talented program

  10/ 8 New York Post  De Blasio’s bid to kill Gifted & Talented programs must not stand

  10/ 8 New York Post  NYC to phase out Gifted and Talented program  (John Liu, Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa)

  10/ 8 Reason NYC Scrapping Gifted and Talented Program Is a Triumph of Redefining Language

  10/ 8 Reason New York City Is Hiding Its K-12 Enrollment Decline

  10/ 8 Sing Tao 二學區教委炮轟白思豪波特不守諾 天才班項目改革未充分讓社區參與

  10/ 8 Wall Street Journal Bill de Blasio’s Parting Gift

  10/ 8 WSET ABC 13  Parents, GOP accuse DOJ of treating school protesters like 'domestic terrorists'

  10/ 7 Epoch Times 利益衝突?美司法部長的女婿與推廣CRT的公司有關聯

  10/ 7 Epoch Times 防校園CRT政治灌輸 教師新創教育指南

  10/ 7 Fox News  Parents continue blasting DOJ, school boards amid probe into violent threats

  10/ 7 New York Post  Rand Paul tells Americans ‘be afraid’ amid DOJ schools threat policy

  10/ 7 New York Post  School boards, bastions of local democracy, persecute dissident parents

  10/ 7 New York Post  Union boss Mulgrew should look in mirror when bemoaning 180K kids out of NYC schools

  10/ 7 Parents Defending Education Letter to Senate Committee – Re: Data Mining of Schoolchildren

  10/ 7 San Francisco Chronicle School board faces more costs with lawsuit over controversial mural covering

  10/ 7 Unherd  Critical Race Theory’s new disguise

  10/ 7 Washington Examiner Garland's school board crackdown and son-in-law as social justice education kingpin

  10/ 6 Epoch Times Florida Gov. DeSantis Promises to Defend Parents at School Board Meetings Against DOJ

  10/ 6 Federalist Parents Refuse To Be Intimidated By Biden's Attorney General Labeling Them Domestic Terrorists

  10/ 6 Fox News  AG Garland faces scrutiny over ties to Zuckerberg-backed consultancy amid CRT battles

  10/ 6 Fox News  Karol Markowicz: Who do your children belong to -- you or your government?

  10/ 6 Fox News  Biden sics Garland's Justice Department on parents to bully them over free speech

  10/ 6 Fox News  MSNBC panel claims school protestors influenced by a 'White supremacist ideology'

  10/ 6 National Review DOJ’s Appalling Crackdown on Parents

  10/ 6 New York Post  AG Garland has conflict of interest with Facebook, critical race theory

  10/ 6 New York Post  Liberals were losing the argument over critical race theory in schools — so they call in the FBI

  10/ 6 Wall Street Journal  Merrick Garland’s Federal Offense

  10/ 6 Wall Street Journal  Students in a ‘Hostile Environment’

  10/ 6 Washington Examiner Judge allows parent group's forward motion in petition to oust school board member

  10/ 5 Asra Investigates  Merrick Garland Has Conflict of Interest

  10/ 5 Bari Weiss  MIT Abandons Its Mission. And Me.

  10/ 5 CNS News Before Investigating Anti-CRT Parents, Garland Needs to Address His Conflict of Interest

  10/ 5 Fox News DeSantis says AG Garland 'weaponizing the DOJ' against parents

  10/ 5 Fox News Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of seeking to 'silence parents'

  10/ 5 Fox News Biden's 'politicization' of DOJ continues with effort to combat "threats" against school boards

  10/ 5 Fox News Parents respond to DOJ, school boards' statements: 'I am what a domestic terrorist looks like?'

  10/ 5 Michigan Daily  Following "blackface" incident, Professor Sheng takes step back from teaching

  10/ 5 National Review  The Biden Justice Department’s Lawless Threat against American Parents

  10/ 5 New York Post  Parents take a stand against FBI crackdown on CRT opponents

  10/ 5 New York Post  Pol blasts City Hall for handling of school Gifted and Talented programs  (John Liu)

  10/ 5 PJ Media  427,000 Parents Respond to National School Board Association Labeling Them 'Domestic Terrorists'

  10/ 4 Epoch Times  29選區市議員候選人邁克:將致力提高居民生活質量  (Mike Conigliaro)

  10/ 4 Epoch Times  第二學區社委會「天才班新政」論壇 二百人獻言

  10/ 2 Epoch Times  美國學校董事會成「戰場」 和家長衝突加劇

  10/ 2 New York Daily News  Building better G&T education

  10/ 2 New York Post  Are you sure your kid can read? All too many US public schools won’t tell you the truth

  10/ 1 CACAGNY Joins PDE to Denounce NSBA's Brazen Power-Grab to Suppress Disagreement  (PDE Letter)

  10/ 1 Asra Investigates  School Boards Declare War on Parents

  10/ 1 Epoch Times  School Boards Ask Biden Admin to Treat Parents’ Protests as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

  10/ 1 Fox News  France rejects American 'woke' culture that is 'racializing' country

  10/ 1 New York Daily News  De Blasio’s G&T reforms need to be improved upon by next mayor

  10/ 1 New York Post  Prof sues UCLA ‘over suspension for not grading black students more leniently’

  10/ 1 Newsweek  Professor Suspended for Not Giving Black Students Easier Final Exam Sues UCLA

   9/30 Bari Weiss  Why I Am Suing UCLA

   9/30 Epoch Times   肯尼‧徐:推行「公平」愚化美國

   9/30 Federalist  School Boards Association Begs Biden to Use Terrorism Laws Against Concerned Parents

   9/30 New York Post  Fraud-promoting NYC principal removed ‘just’ two years after schemes exposed

   9/29 China Press  競選連任 市議員紀思廷向華人介紹政綱  (Justin Brannan)

   9/29 Epoch Times   1100名家長請願 要求參與天才班改革決策

   9/29 Epoch Times   布碌崙市議員紀思庭啟動連任競選  (Justin Brannan)

   9/29 Sing Tao   市議員紀思庭辦中文媒體圓桌會 談公共安全等多個華社關心議題  (Justin Brannan)

   9/29 Wall Street Journal  A Brawl Over Schools in Virginia

   9/29 Washington Examiner  Lawmakers drowned out by protesters as they announce critical race theory bill

   9/28 Federalist  Teacher Vows to Keep CRT in Classroom Despite District Assurances To The Contrary

   9/27 City Journal   A War on Excellence

   9/26 City Journal  The White Backlash That Wasn’t

   9/25 Fox 5  Fairfax County schools defending $20K presentation from "anti-racism" scholar

   9/23 Fordham Institute Performative teaching is undermining trust in schools

   9/23 Queens Chronicle  SCI calls for change at Maspeth High

   9/22 Fox News  Virginia's Loudoun County Board of Supervisors votes to launch study considering reparations
   9/22 Sinovision  纽约特殊高中考试时间确定 社区领袖促关注明年州议会选举

   9/21 Epoch Times  家長組織連署 要求參與天才班改革過程

   9/21 The Crimson  Harvard Sues Insurer to Recoup Legal Fees After Admissions Lawsuit Exceeds $25 Million

   9/20 American Mind  Winning the CRT Wars in the Courtroom

   9/20 Sing Tao   天才班改革方案料將公布 家長連署呼籲參與意見

   9/19 City Journal  Ripping Off the Veil

   9/19 National Review  Buffalo Philharmonic: No White or Asian Conductors Need Apply

   9/18 National Review  Massachusetts Wants ‘Woke’ Activists to Set School Curricula

   9/18 New York Post  Maspeth HS diplomas ‘not worth the paper’ they’re printed on

   9/18 New York Post  The DOE wants to make the ‘Maspeth Minimum’ a city-wide policy

   9/17 Newsweek  Critical Race Theory Distracts from Widespread Academic Underachievement

   9/17 WHDH Boston  Targeting MCAS, Massachusetts Teachers Association ties it to white supremacy

   9/16 China Press   市議會第一選區候選人莫美倫訪中華公所分享政見  (Maud Maron)

   9/16 Epoch Times   莫美倫訪中華公所 政見直指華人關注議題  (Maud Maron)

   9/16 National Review  The Folly of ‘Woke’ Math

   9/16 PM  New York superintendent and CRT advocate ousted by school board, parents

   9/16 Queens Chronicle  Another slap at our best students

   9/16 Queens Chronicle  Back to common sense admissions in city schools  (Joann Ariola)

   9/16 World Journal  市議員候選人莫美倫訪中華公所  (Maud Maron)

   9/15 Minding the Campus  I Support Affirmative Action. Do You?

   9/14 Fox News VA teacher says encouraging behaviors like 'following directions' is White supremacy

   9/14 National Review  The Dumbing Down of Expectations

   9/14 National Review  Missouri Superintendent Cancels Advanced Middle School Courses over ‘Equity Issues’

   9/14 World Journal  寇頓拚連任 華裔力挺  (William Colton)

   9/14 World Journal  保守黨市議員候選人 反對8大道改道  (Erik Frankel)

   9/13 China Press  競選市議員 弗蘭克爾向華裔選民介紹競選政綱  (Erik Frankel)

   9/13 World Journal  日落公園惹議亞裔校長 升職加入市教育局

   9/12 Fox News  Anti-critical race theory org taking aim at Loudoun County School Board in half million dollar ad buy

   9/12 New York Post  At over $42K per kid, Department of Education has no excuse for re-opening chaos

   9/11 New York Post  Brooklyn principal who cancelled Christmas and Pledge lands new gig

   9/10 Bari Weiss  I'm 17. And I'm Immunized from Woke Politics  (Video)

   9/10 Epoch Times  Critical Race Theory Aims to Turn Students Into ‘Red Guards,’ Chinese American Warns

   9/10 Epoch Times 【名家專欄】從加州州長選舉活動看不同價值觀
   9/10 New York Post  I’m a 17-year-old black American who refuses to go woke

   9/ 9 ABC News  What to know about suit challenging alleged 'racist' education system in NYC

   9/ 9 National Review University of Michigan’s ‘Center for Racial Justice’ Misunderstands the Concept of Justice

   9/ 9 New York Post  Dems’ green-obsessed, anti-merit agenda is a gift to China’s regime

   9/ 9 New York Times  Why SAT Test Prep Doesn’t Help Who You Might Think It Helps

   9/ 6 China Press  紐約州長競選人塞爾丁拜訪布碌侖華社闡述政見  (Lee Zeldin)

   9/ 6 Quillette  Remedial Education for All

   9/ 6 Sing Tao  代表共和黨明年選紐州長 澤爾丁訪布碌崙華社爭取支持  (Lee Zeldin)

   9/ 6 Wall Street Journal The Real Structural Racism: Is it OK that black 8th graders aren’t proficient in math & reading?

   9/ 6 World Journal   州長共和黨參選人澤爾丁 爭取華裔選票  (Lee Zeldin)

   9/ 5 Sing Tao   亞當斯揚言當選翌日 即赴佛州勸回紐約人  (Eric Adams)

   9/ 5 World Journal   亞當斯:若勝選 飛佛州勸紐約客回來  (Eric Adams)

   9/ 4 Epoch Times  共和黨市長候選人斯利瓦拜訪法拉盛市民  (Curtis Sliwa)

   9/ 3 Epoch Times  San Diego Parents Sue State Over Aztec, Ashe Prayers in Curriculum

   9/ 3 Fox News  Teaching race doesn't mean teaching critical race theory, activists say

   9/ 3 PM  California's Board of Education sued over making kids chant and pray to Aztec gods

   9/ 3 Wall Street Journal  Will New York Come Back? Will New Yorkers? (Eric Adams)

   9/ 3 Washington Times Parents sue California over mandated 'chants to Aztec gods' in ethnic studies classes

   9/ 2 Wall Street Journal  A Woke City Wakes Up: likely recall election for San Francisco school board members

   9/ 2 World Journal  不滿教育局開學準備 市議員:家長難放心

   9/ 1 City Journal  Main Line Madness -- Schools in Pennsylvania adopt critical pedagogy and face backlash

   9/ 1 New York Post  By getting rid of grades and honor rolls, NYC's DOE hurt kids it claims to want to help

   9/ 1 New York Post  De Blasio’s DOE takes its war on learning to a new extreme with ‘no honor roll’ push

   8/31 China Press   州參議員奧特與亞裔社區領袖對談  (Robert Ortt)

   8/31 Federalist  Meet the Marxist Revolutionaries Behind California's Emerging Ethnic Studies For Public Schools

   8/31 New York Post  NYC wants schools to rethink honor rolls deemed ‘detrimental’ to students not making grade

   8/30 Epoch Times  馬丁路德演講58周年 美國人分享夢想

   8/29 World Journal   「所有族裔都有權讀特殊高中」 非裔少女請願促白思豪定SHSAT日程

   8/28  CACAGNY Joins American Dream Affirmation on Anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech

   8/28 College Fix  Left-wing teachers still can’t decide if they do or do not teach critical race theory

   8/27 Epoch Times  參議會少數黨領袖線上座談會 談紐約恢復正軌  (Robert Ortt)

   8/27 Washington Examiner  Critical race theory permeates North Carolina schools, task force says

   8/26 Carolina Journal   N.C. Senate passes anti-indoctrination bill after emotional debate

   8/26 Federalist  Coloradan Explains How She Helped Ban CRT In Her Local Schools

   8/26 LAMAG   Cecily Myart-Cruz’s Hostile Takeover of L.A.’s Public Schools

   8/26 Sing Tao  教育局再推遲宣布 SHSAT日期添變數

   8/25 National Review  Asian Americans Disprove CRT

   8/25 New York Post  De Blasio’s legacy: A mass exodus from NYC’s public schools

   8/25 New York Post  NYC delays top high school entry exam date announcement for 2nd straight summer

   8/24 Epoch Times  中共官媒對美國孩子宣傳CRT 弄巧成拙被諷

   8/23 Epoch Times  家長組織PLACE辦論壇:考試是對能力的獎勵

   8/23 Federalist  Educrats Are Panicking As Their Extremism Alienates More Families

   8/21 New York Post  NYC moms coordinating to fight critical race theory in schools

   8/20 China Press  43選區市議員候選人福克斯訪問華人健康協會 (Brian Fox)

   8/20 The 74 Million Identical Results, Education as Zero-Sum Game: NYC Not Raising Bar For All Students

   8/20 World Journal  保守黨、共同黨候選人 訪華社談政見  (Herbert, Pai, Fox, Vernikov, Szuszkiewicz, Frankel)

   8/19 Quillette  As US Schools Prioritize Diversity Over Merit, China Is Becoming the World’s STEM Leader

   8/19 Sing Tao  劉醇逸警告新學年 開局不利恐須推遲 (John Liu)

   8/19 World Journal  紐約公校防疫規定模糊 劉醇逸:恐延誤開學  (John Liu)

   8/18 New York Post  Liu warns of school reopening chaos — even a delay — if issues aren’t worked out soon

   8/17 Wall Street Journal   Meritocracy Is Worth Defending

   8/16 Education Next  Biden Backs Down As Senate Passes Amendment Against Teaching Children to Hate America

   8/11 Real Clear Politics   The Great Parent Revolt

   8/10 Fox News  Oregon governor signs bill suspending math, reading proficiency requirements for HS graduates

   8/10 Fox News  Virginia teacher resigns at school board meeting, denounces 'highly politicized agendas'

   8/10 New York Post  Half of all NYC school districts have lost at least 10 percent of enrollment since 2017

   8/  9 Fox News  LA Times editorial pushes critical race theory: 'Needs to be part' of 'ethnic studies' in schools

   8/  9 National Review   UNC Dean Worried ‘Diversity of Thought’ Would Interfere with Social Justice

   8/  9 New York School Talk  It Cost More To Get Into Public Art School Than Specialized High School -- Nobody's Upset!

   8/  8 World Journal  批判性種族理論入校 被批文革翻版

   8/  6 New York Post Virginia school accused of indoctrinating kids with ‘Woke Kindergarten’ video

   8/  5 Minding the Campus  Ethnic Studies and DEI—A Convenient Marriage Anchored in Critical Race Theory

   8/  4 Daily Mail  University of Kentucky hosted $5,000 anti-racism seminar to accept 'white inferiority' 

   8/  4 Epoch Times  CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns

   8/  4 Fox News  Ayaan Hirsi Ali fears CRT curriculum will teach children to 'hate each other''

   8/  1 IJR  Soviet Immigrant Issues Stark Warning about Critical Race Theory

   7/ 31 Fox News  Lawsuits filed against CRT in Minnesota allege it promotes harassment, intolerance

   7/ 31 New York Post Freedom of speech is endangered on college campuses — and I’m fighting back

   7/ 29 OCR Critical race math meets a critical public

   7/ 28 Algemeiner  The Tale of Two Ethnic Studies: A Case of Bait and Switch

   7/ 28 Epoch Times   共和黨市長候選人:CRT正蔓延到紐約市學校  (Curtis Sliwa)

   7/ 28 Federalist  Is Your Kindergartner Learning CRT? School Tells Mom It'll ost $74,000 To Find Out

   7/ 28 LA Times O.C. Ed Board forum panelists warn of dangers they see in teaching critical race theory in schools

   7/ 28 Real Clear Education Put Aside the Term CRT – Should Kids Be Taught How Racism Shapes Society?

   7/ 27 New York Post   Curtis Sliwa says critical race theory is ‘creeping’ into NYC schools  (Curtis Sliwa)
   7/ 26 Fox News  NYC middle school under fire for eliminating honors Math class

   7/ 26 Fox News  Minnesota fourth graders told to hide ‘equity survey’ questions from parents

   7/ 26 Wall Street Journal  The Revolt of the Unwoke

   7/ 24 Epoch Times Minnesota Student: Teacher Told Her to Hide ‘Equity Survey’ Questions From Parents
   7/ 25 Epoch Times  Critical Race Theory Is a ‘Race to the Bottom’

   7/ 24 New York Post  Parents demand NYC middle school bring back honors math classes

   7/ 23 American Mind  The End of Merit

   7/ 23 College Fix Kentucky district to host year-long anti-racist mathematics training program for teachers

   7/ 22 Atlantic  The University of California Is Lying to Us

   7/ 22 Epoch Times  美教育部:推行CRT激進手冊是個「錯誤」

   7/ 22 Fox News CRT group promoted by Biden admin has ties to top Education Department officials

   7/ 22 Minnesota Sun Fourth Grader Says Teacher Told Her to Never Repeat Equity Survey Questions to Parents

   7/ 22 National Review  Teachers, CRT Advocate Plotted to Hide Curriculum from ‘Trump Country’ Parents

   7/ 21 Epoch Times  CRT Opposition Grows Stronger, Bolder, More Organized: ‘You Have to Fight Fire With Fire’

   7/ 21 Fox News Biden admin walks back ties to group pushing critical race theory in schools

   7/ 21 Fox News Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools

   7/ 20 Epoch Times  美教育部修改決定 不為CRT課程提供撥款

   7/ 20 Epoch Times  Montana Attorney General Provides Legal Basis for Rejecting Critical Race Theory

   7/ 20 Psychology Today  The Problem with Claims of "Lived Experience"

   7/ 20 Wall Street Journal  A Deeper Look at Critical Race Theory

   7/ 19 Epoch Times  紐約公校學生流失 教師家訪勸學生返校 時薪25元

   7/ 19 New York School Talk  What Mayor Eric Adams Might Mean For NYC Schools  (Eric Adams)

   7/ 18 PJ Media  VICTORY: Biden Caves on Critical Theories Grant After Parents Push Back

   7/ 18 Quillette  Christopher Rufo’s Whirlwind Campaign Against Critical Race Theory  (Transcript)

   7/ 18 Sing Tao  工會派錢招教師 家訪哄學生回校

   7/ 17 Epoch Times  被失業 馬倫起訴「法援處」違反言論自由  (Maud Maron)

   7/ 17 New York Post  NYC’s top schools seek next generation of woke educators

   7/ 16 City Journal   The People v. Critical Race Theory

   7/ 16 Epoch Times  美國中學教師:激進課程正在製造種族敵意

   7/ 16 Fox News  'Let them die': NAACP, PTA leader attacks people who are 'anti-equity,' 'anti-social justice'

   7/ 16 Wall Street Journal  The War on Bright, Hard-Working  Asian Students

   7/ 16 Washington Times  Cardona retreats from making critical race theory part of new school grants

   7/ 15 City Journal  Going All In: The NEA pledges to bring critical race theory to a public school near you

   7/ 15 Ed Week  ‘Stop CRT’ Bill, Votes in Congress Add to Political Drama Over Critical Race Theory

   7/ 15 Epoch Times  學校灌輸「批判性種族理論」密西根家長反對

   7/ 15 Napa Valley Register  Thomas D. Elias: Critical ethnic studies using back door into public schools

   7/ 15 New York Post  Foolish schools going for woke — lagging US kids need 3 Rs, not race theory

   7/ 14 The 74 Million  2021 Is Shaping Up as the Year of School Choice. 3 Hypotheses that Might Explain Why

   7/ 14 Boston Herald  Boston Schools Committee to vote on exam school admissions policy

   7/ 14 National Review  41 Percent of Baltimore Public High-School Students Have Under 1.0 GPA

   7/ 14 New York Post  California district approves mandatory ‘ethnic studies’ course based on critical race theory

   7/ 14 Wall Street Journal  Parents vs. the New Racism

   7/ 14 Wall Street Journal  The Lessons Lost When Critical Race Theory Arrives in Class

   7/ 13 California News Times  California school district to spend $40m on ‘ethnic studies’ for high school students

   7/ 13 Epoch Times  Over 5,000 Sign Pledge to Continue Teaching Critical Race Theory Even if Outlawed

   7/ 13 Fox News  Success of Asian Americans debunks critical race theory, ‘Inconvenient Minority’ author says

   7/ 13 Fox News  California backtracks on woke math curriculum overhaul after stern opposition

   7/ 13 Legal Insurrection   I’m A Middle School Teacher And See How Critical Race Is Creating Racial Hostility

   7/ 13 New York Daily News  Public defender running for City Council sues Legal Aid for labeling her ‘racist’

   7/ 13 New York Post  Public defender against anti-racism training says she was forced from job: suit

   7/ 13 Newsweek  Critical Race Theory Has No Idea What To Do With Asian Americans

   7/ 13 Wall Street Journal  Critical Race Theory Is a Hustle

   7/ 13 Washington Examiner  Chicago-area lawsuit blows up media defenses of critical race theory

   7/ 13 Washington Examiner  School board races primed to explode with critical race theory backers, opponents

   7/ 12 Bari Weiss  A Witch Trial at the Legal Aid Society

   7/ 12 Wall Street Journal  A PTA Purge of Asians

   7/ 12 Wall Street Journal  California’s ‘Ethnic Studies’ Gold Rush

   7/ 11 Epoch Times  民意調查:大多數人希望學校教授傳統價值觀
   7/ 11 Epoch Times  Leading the Charge Against Critical Race Theory

   7/ 11 Legal Insurrection  Ontario: Math Is "Subjective," "Used to Normalize Racism and Marginalization"

   7/ 11 New York Post  Teach history, not racism, in city classrooms

   7/ 10 Epoch Times  教委主席:CRT是馬克思主義 威脅美國
   7/ 10 New York Post  White spite: NYC principal ‘conspired to oust Caucasian teachers’

   7/ 10 New York Post  What took so long for NYC DOE to address its dysfunction?

   7/   9 Sinovision  紐約市斥6.35億推“學業恢複計劃” 華人家長爲何不看好?

   7/   9 China Press  与亚当斯竞争选市长 斯利瓦:支持特高考试   (Curtis Sliwa)

   7/   9 Epoch Times  Mom of Bullied Daughter Speaks Out About California Schools’ ‘Indoctrination’

   7/   9 Epoch Times  麥斯佩斯高中校長學術不端 被教育局免職

   7/   9 Epoch Times  共和黨籍白育青 11月選紐約法拉盛市議員  (James Yu-Ching Pai)

   7/   9 New York Post  Disingenuous defenses of critical race theory

   7/   9 New York Post  Biden believes children need to learn ‘challenging’ US history

   7/   9 Queens Chronicle  Holden: Grade fraud goes far beyond Maspeth  (Robert Holden)

   7/   9 World Journal 公校一刀切 華人憂復興流於形式

   7/   8 Epoch Times  5千左派教師要教CRT 學者批邏輯矛盾引混亂

   7/   8 New York Post  The Post Says: Beware the word ‘standardize’

   7/   8 New York Post  Universal curriculum coming to NYC schools with focus on diversity

   7/   8 New York Post  NYC DOE removes Maspeth HS principal for role in grade-fixing scandal

   7/   7 Epoch Times  California Teacher Moves to Florida After Exposing Critical Race Theory in Ethnic Studies

   7/   7 Epoch Times  全美最大教師工會表決 要在公校推CRT惹議

   7/   7 New York Post  Clarity on critical race theory: It’s a political drive, not an educational one

   7/   7 New York Post  Critical race theory author headlines AFT conference on educating kids

   7/   7 Wall Street Journal  The Teachers Unions Go Woke

   7/   7 Washington Examiner Teachers unions embrace racial essentialism to distract from their real crisis

   7/   6 AP Union will defend teachers in ‘critical race theory’ fights

   7/   6 Epoch Times  Education Union to Target Those Opposing CRT: Florida Mom Says ‘Bring It On’

   7/   6 Epoch Times  全美最大教師工會表決 要在公校推CRT

   7/   6 Epoch Times  學生考試差 紐約市第29學區中產家長批公校 / 天才班與普通班混合上課  家長不滿 搬家轉校

   7/   6 Fox News  Pages on CRT, anti-racism and mandatory vaccine resolutions disappear from NEA website

   7/   6 New York Post  Thousands of teachers pledge to break anti-critical race theory laws

   7/   4 New York Post  A chance for the Supremes to end Harvard’s ugly discrimination against Asians

   7/   4 New York Post  Why America needs to ban critical race theory in schools

   7/   3 Daily Wire  Lawsuit: School District Forced Students On ‘Privilege Walks,’ Compared ‘Whiteness’ To Devil

   7/   3 PM  BREAKING: NEA adopts motion to promote critical race theory in America’s schools

   7/   2 Epoch Times National Teachers’ Union to ‘Research’ Organizations that Oppose CRT

   7/   2 Epoch Times Yes, We Should Ban Critical Race Theory From Our Schools

   7/   2 Epoch Times Loudoun County’s Fight Over CRT Resonates With the Nation, Says Arrested Parent

   7/   2 Fox News  Critical race theory opponents to be targeted, ‘researched’ by NEA teachers' union

   7/   2 Washington Post  The purge of Asian American students at Thomas Jefferson has begun

   7/   1 Commentary How U.S. Schools Became Obsessed with Race

   7/   1 Epoch Times Larry Elder: Parents Slam CRT

   7/   1 Wall Street Journal  Lawsuits Say Antiracism and Critical Race Theory in Schools Violate Constitution

   7/   1 Washington Examiner  Conservatives aren’t the only ones opposing critical race theory
   6/30 Breitbart  Teacher Sues School District over CRT Training: ‘Pitting Racial Groups Against Each Other’

   6/30 NTD TV   專訪李南央:美國版文革與變異的「多元化」

   6/29 Atlantic  The Left’s War on Gifted Kids

   6/29 Federalist  Teacher Sues Illinois School District For Discrimination Against Whites

   6/29 Fox News  Pitzer College removes test scores from admissions process to promote equity

   6/29 City and State  The 2021 Queens Power 100  (John Liu)

   6/29 Sing Tao  「皇后區100強」榜單出爐 孟昭文第2名劉醇逸第8名  (John Liu)

   6/29 Wall Street Journal  The New Racial Discrimination: The Biden Administration’s ‘equity’ policies

   6/28 Daily News  G&T admission is a total mess: Getting kids into accelerated programs is in full meltdown

   6/28 Fox News Eli Steele: The shameful scapegoating of Asians by NYC's Critical Race Theory machine
   6/27 New York Post  Critical race theory is part of woke agenda —parents should fight it

   6/27 The 74 Million  More G&T Classes Would Help School Diversity in NYC, Not Harm It

   6/27 Wall Street Journal  Battle Over Critical Race Theory

   6/27 Western Journal  Pitzer college Ditches Test Scores for Admission, Prefers to Focus on 'Equity'

   6/24 Epoch TImes  華人家長向教育總監建議 增設特殊高中

   6/24 New York Post   A 9-year-old’s vital warning: Making kids think in racial terms does enormous harm

   6/24 Sing Tao  教育總監參訪法拉盛120小學 家長籲增中餐課後輔導保SHSAT

   6/24 Sing Tao  數學也涉歧視非裔 批判種族理論挨轟

   6/23 New York Post  Are cosmic black holes racist? Take this Cornell course to find out!

   6/23 New York Post  Kudos to black AND white parents mounting an uprising against race theory

   6/23 Real Clear Politics  The Movement Against Critical Race Theory Is Deeply Necessary

   6/22 Epoch Times Critical Race Theory’s Upside-Down History

   6/22 Epoch Times Critical Race Theory May Violate Civil Rights Act, the Constitution: Dr. Carol Swain
   6/22 Epoch Times  朱利安尼號召市民投「守護天使」斯利瓦  (Curtis Sliwa)

   6/22 Newsweek What 'Critical Race Theory' Critics Are Actually Criticizing

   6/21 Federalist  Moms Must Keep Hammering School Boards Until Critical Race Theory Is Dead

   6/21 Fox News  RI teacher awards students extra credit for testimony against bill banning CRT in schools

   6/21 New York School Talk  Just When You Thought NYC Gifted & Talented Couldn’t Get More Absurd….

   6/21 NTD TV  【名家專欄】左派在寫你孩子的社會學課程

   6/20 Epoch Times  捍衛校園 抵制批判種族理論

   6/20 NTD TV  【華府衝擊播】專訪Asra Nomani:捍衛校園 抵制批判種族理論

   6/20 Sing Tao  爭取第二或第三選擇 莫美倫李翠珊政敵變盟友 (Maud Maron, Susan Lee)

   6/19 Gateway Pundit  Mom From Soviet Union Destroys Marxist Critical Race Theory

   6/19 New York Post Most Dem voters disapprove DOE cutting academic screening for middle schools

   6/18 New York Post  Parents revolt at Manhattan’s posh Spence School amid race-video scandal

   6/18 Real Clear Politics  A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools

   6/18 World Journal  臧東慧訪世報 談參政願景  (Donghui Zang)

   6/17 China Press  市议员参选人臧东慧访问《侨报》分享政见  (Donghui Zang)

   6/17 Epoch Times  Majority of Americans Hold ‘Unfavorable’ View of Critical Race Theory: Poll

   6/17 Greenwich Time  Greenwich parents protest masks, critical race theory, school curriculum

   6/17 New York Post  State Sen. Leroy Comrie: NYC DOE is letting parents’ morale plummet

   6/17 Queens Chronicle  Community leaders want to sue DOE

   6/16 Epoch Times  亞裔社區不滿紐約市公校教育 期待新政府帶來改變

   6/16 Epoch Times   脫北者震驚:美高等學府正被共產思想滲透

   6/16 Epoch Times  Mao’s Cultural Revolution Has Arrived in America

   6/16 New York Post  ‘It’s frightening’: Troubled NYC school told mom to pull her smart son out

   6/16 NTD  NYC Parents Voice Concerns Over Education
   6/16 Sing Tao  教育局管理不善 惹非裔家長不滿

   6/16 Town Hall Dems Caught in Bald-Faced Lie Over CRT in Schools

   6/15 China Press  魏普林访纽约崇政华人社区联合总会  (David Weprin)

   6/15 Epoch Times  在家長反對下 紐約初中保留數學提高課程

   6/15 New York Post  Parents rip into DOE, say NYC has failed black students

   6/15 New York Post  Parents seeing through educrats’ lies about critical race theory can ‘fight the power’ and win

   6/15 Washington Free Beacon Teens Take Charge Likely Violating Federal Tax Law, Experts Say

   6/14 Fox News North Korean defector: 'North Korea not this nuts' after attending Ivy League school

   6/14 New York School Talk  Which Mayoral Candidate Do You Trust With Your Child’s Education?

   6/14 NTD TV  華裔母親反擊左派教育:形同美國版「文革」

   6/14 Wall Street Journal NY Republicans Hope Public Safety Will Give Them Edge (Curtis Sliwa, Fernando Mateo)

   6/13 Epoch Times  National Parent Group Emerges to Fight ‘Woke’ Education, Says It Harms Children

   6/13 New York Post  American moms are taking a stand against Critical Race Theory

   6/12 Epoch Times  美華人家長和組織 要求否決CRT「種族教育」提案

   6/12 Epoch Times  2021初選提前投票開跑 PLACE NYC背書楊安澤

      (Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, M. Caruso-Cabrera, R. Holden, D. Zang, M. Maron, J. Menim, M. Danzilo, R. Lee, Y. Chen)

   6/12 Epoch Times  哥大非裔教授:家長愛孩子就撤離教CRT的學校

   6/12 Fox News  Critical race theory: Diverse group of mothers from across the country speak out

   6/12 Fox News  Critical Race Theory: These states are already cracking down on the controversial concept

   6/12 Greenwich Time  Fiorello to host critical race theory talk for Concerned Greenwich, Stamford parents

   6/12 NTD TV  美華裔母親痛斥校董會視頻走紅!教育界上演「美版文革」

   6/12 NTD TV  抵抗美版「文革」各族裔家長斥左派種族理論Play
   6/12 World Journal  PlaceNYC首選改楊安澤:資優班、特殊高中招生 看法一致 (Andrew Yang, Eric Adams)

   6/12 World Journal  紐約市居民聯盟 挺楊安澤選市長:他支持保留SHSAT

      (Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Tony Avella, Robert Holden, Donghui Zang, Yu Lin, Maud Maron)

   6/11 Chalkbeat  After NYC education councils led on "integration" efforts, new members sweep election

   6/11 China Press  劉醇逸祝賀325名家長當選新一屆學區委員

   6/11 Daily Caller  Meet The Opponents Of Critical Race Theory The Media Does Not Want You To See

   6/11 Epoch Times  全市36個教育委員會成員選出 多名華人當選

   6/11 Epoch Times  憂批判性種族理論滲透學校 家長聚集富樂屯學區

   6/11 Epoch Times  Florida Board of Education Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   6/11 Epoch Times  Virginia County Teaching Children to ‘Root for Socialism’: Teacher

   6/11 New York Post Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education co-endorses Andrew Yang (Andrew Yang)

   6/11 New York Post  Top city school cancels plan to scrap accelerated math classes after parent backlash

   6/11 New York Post  NYC’s Department of Education is waging war on excellence

   6/11 New York Post  NYC teacher: Stop watering down math

   6/11 NTD   Survivor of Mao’s China Warns School of Critical Race Theory
   6/11 World Journal  挺楊安澤選市長 紐約市居民聯盟:他支持保留SHSAT  (Yang, Adams, Zang, Avella, Holden, Maron)

   6/11 World Journal  參選、投票破紀錄 教育理事會亞裔成員大增

   6/10 CACAGNY Opposes CRT Indoctrination in California Schools

   6/10 Daily Signal  She Won Her School Board Race by Opposing Critical Race Theory

   6/10 Fox News  Virginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board's critical race theory push

   6/10 NTD  New ‘A-Z Guide’ to Combat Critical Race Theory in Schools

   6/10 NTD  Florida Board of Education Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory in Public Schools
   6/ 9  Epoch Times  紐約曼哈頓區長候選人博伊蘭訪中華公所  (Lindsey Boylan)

   6/ 9  National Review  Iowa Governor Signs Law Targeting Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   6/ 9  New York Post  Pro-accelerated candidates sweep key education election in Manhattan

   6/ 9  Sing Tao 亞當斯法拉盛競選辦公室成立 2反對者鬧場被勸退  (Eric Adams)

   6/ 9  Sinovision  SHASAT、天才班何去何从?纽约市教育局这样回应本网……

   6/ 9  Wall Street Journal  Woke K-12 Education Goes to Court; Parents and students sue Loudoun County

   6/ 8  New York Post  Parents rage as top NYC school plans to end advanced math program

   6/ 8  Sinovision  纽约市教育局邀亚裔社区参加闭门会议 却引亚裔家长更大不满

   6/ 8  World Journal  喬州教委會:公校不應教批判性種族理論

   6/ 7  Epoch Times  紐約家長反擊左派學校董事會 視頻走紅​  家長反對灌輸孩子憎恨警察

   6/ 7  Minding the Campus  Critical Race Theory and Common Sense

   6/ 7  New York School Talk  Choosing My Daughter’s High School To Please Mayor DeBlasio

   6/ 7  NTD TV  學校開《批判種族理論》課 議員及家長反對
   6/ 7  Sing Tao  法拉盛市議員競選白熱化 8位民主黨參選人決勝負  (Sandra Ung, Neng Wang, Ellen Young)

   6/ 6  Quillette  No, Critical Race Theory Isn’t a New Civil Rights Movement. (Just the Opposite)

   6/ 5  Epoch Times 共和黨紐約市長参選人辯論 聚焦犯罪、教育  (Curtis Sliwa, Fernando Mateo)

   6/ 5  World Journal  克勞利訪中華公所 捍衛SHSAT、資優班
   6/ 4  Epoch Times  華埠市議員候選人李金枝訪大紀元  (Gigi Li, Maud Maron)

   6/ 4  Epoch Times  Biden’s Proposed Funding of Critical Race Theory Puts US on a ‘Very Dark Path’

   6/ 4  NTD  Georgia Education Board Passes Resolution Opposing Critical Race Theory, Kemp Applauds
   6/ 3  China Press  皇後區長候選人克勞利訪中華公所表競選理念  (Elizabeth Crowley)

   6/ 3  Epoch Times  美版文革進行中 華裔老僑:階級鬥爭翻版

   6/ 3  Federalist  Washington State Mandates Critical Race Theory in All Public Schools

   6/ 3  New York Daily News  LaGuardia H.S. backs off plan to reduce AP courses after parent backlash

   6/ 3  New York Post  DOE continues to fail students at every turn

   6/ 3  New York Post  Virginia parents bullied by other parents for stance against critical race theory

   6/ 3  OCR The assault on meritocracy helps no one

   6/ 3  Sing Tao  賓臣墟市議員參選人 李凱健訪星島  (Ari Kagan)

   6/ 2  China Press  布碌侖區長參選人康立基訪問僑報

   6/ 2  Epoch Times  教育團體背書亞當斯競選紐約市長  (Epoch Times)

   6/ 2  Epoch Times   皇后區長候選人訪中華公所 支持保留SHSAT  (Elizabeth Crowley)

   6/ 2  Epoch Times   羅格斯大學法學院廢除強迫學生團體推廣CRT的政策

   6/ 2  New York Post  DOE assigns top Manhattan students to troubled schools — and parents want out

   6/ 2  Sing Tao   誓保衛SHSAT擴展天才班 布碌崙區長參選人卡內基訪星島  (Robert Cornegy)

   6/ 2  Sinovision  纽约市议会第48选区参选人Mariya Markh:反对取消SHSAT、削减警局经费  (Mariyah Markh)

   6/ 2  Wall Street Journal   Banning Critical Race Theory

   6/ 2  World Journal  挺SHSAT家長團體支持亞當斯 「他能讓學生獲更好教育」  (Eric Adams, Andrew Yang)

   6/ 1  石山角度  美國激進左派正在推動激進課程進入學校,孩子們被迫否定自己和自己的家族

   6/ 1  Forbes  Time To Bust The Government’s Public Education Monopoly

   6/ 1  New York Post  Parent group that supports NYC’s accelerated education endorses Eric Adams (Eric Adams)

   6/ 1  New York Post  Parents CAN beat critical race theory — by running for school boards

   6/ 1  Washington Examiner  Black father and daughter go viral slamming critical race theory

   5/31 New York Post  Americans must join hands to stop the 1619 Project’s poisonous slanders

   5/31 Post Millennial  Students weaponized against parents who oppose removing merit-based school admissions

   5/31 Sing Tao  華人家長「自救」新舉措 居民聯盟暑期班培養領導力

   5/29 Epoch Times  Critical Race Theory Update: Et Tu, Williamson County?

   5/29 Fox News  Angry 'woke' parents and teachers are trying to silence critics of critical race theory

   5/29 New York Post  NYC public schools’ daily enrollment plunges to around 890K: DOE records

   5/28 Epoch Times  ‘Critical Race Theory Is the New Racism,’ Says Texas Public Policy Foundation Scholar

   5/28 Epoch Times  消除數學教學中種族歧視?加州新框架挨批

   5/28 Epoch Times  「守護天使」斯利瓦訪紐約美國退伍軍人會 認應增加警力  (Curis Sliwa)

    5/28 Federalist  You Won’t Believe How Activists Pushed Loudoun County Schools Into Critical Race Theory

   5/28 Washington Post  Today’s anti-Asian racism usually disguises itself as ‘diversity’

   5/27 Fredrik deBoer  Please, Think Critically About College Admissions

   5/26 Epoch Times  美媒喊話最高法院:受理哈佛大學歧視亞裔案

   5/26 NTD  Tennessee Governor Signs Law Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   5/26 World Journal  黃敏儀訪台灣會館 誓言確保社區組織經費到位  (Sandra Ung)

   5/25 City Journal  Indoctrination As Intervention

   5/25 Epoch Times  以信念和勇氣 學者:抵制批判性種族理論擴張

   5/25 Epoch Times  DeSantis on CRT Ban: Students Will Learn ‘Historical Fact,’ Not ‘Non-Empirical Ideology’

   5/25 KTTH  WA forces Critical Race Theory on med students to graduate, limits Asian enrollment

   5/25 NTD TV  英評論家:批判性種族理論是新馬克思主義

   5/25 NYCRA  Urges Assembly Members to Oppose Assembly Bill A7510
   5/25 PoliticsNY  DSAer Salazar Chided for Proposed Legislation being Anti-Asian

   5/25 The Hill  One father's stand against critical race theory: We're indoctrinating our children
   5/25 Washington Free Beacon  In New York City, adult activists use teenagers as human shields

   5/25 World Journal  特殊高中錄取權轉紐約市 州眾議會再提案

   5/24 CACAGNY Urges Assembly Members to Reject Anti-Asian SHSAT Bill
   5/24 Wall Street Journal Justices, Please Take the Harvard Case

   5/24 Washington Times Anonymous student 'Bias Reporting' form sparks outrage among Virginia parents

   5/23 China Press  數十華裔社區人士爲斯靜格競選紐約市長造勢   (Scott Stringer)

   5/23 Daily Wire Judge Rips Elite ‘Anti-Racist’ High School, Approves Lawsuit Over New Admissions Policy

   5/23 PLACE NYC: Oppose New York State Assembly A7510 to Repeal Hecht-Calandra

   5/23 World Journal  6方案改善公校教育 楊愛倫盼擴建資優班  (Ellen Young, John Liu)

   5/22 China Press  市议员参选人杨爱伦承诺当选将力保资优班和特高考试  (Ellen Young, John Liu)

   5/22 Epoch TImes  DEI顧問崛起 究竟是好還是壞?

   5/22 Epoch Times  楊愛倫談教育政策理念 支持天才班SHSAT  (Ellen Young, John Liu)

   5/22 Fox News  Florida parents outraged by school's 'White advantage' statement

   5/22 World Journal   黃敏儀母校前造勢競選市議員 紐約教師聯合工會力挺  (Sandra Ung)

   5/21  Epoch Times  加州民間團體:公共教育課程威脅美國未來

   5/21  NTD TV  【熱點互動】美國學校推行「批判種族理論」危害學生

   5/21 PJ Media  School Superintendent: Critical Race Theory 'Isn't Optional Anymore'

   5/20 Epoch Times  22組織連署反對教育部資助課程將CRT引入公校

   5/20 Fox News  The Price of Conforming to Critical Race Theory

   5/20 Los Angeles Times  Will your child take calculus? Maybe not under California’s reimagined math plan

   5/19 CACAGNY Joins Letter to Secretary of Education on Proposed "Civics Education"

   5/19 Education Next  Critical Race Theory Collides with the Law

   5/19 Epoch Times  Critical Race Theory Indoctrination in Schools Dehumanizes Asian Families

   5/19 Focus Talk  Critical Race Theory is Poisoning Our Kids and It Must Stop

   5/19 Sinovision  取消SHSAT?纽约市教育局长态度突变:不会取消 而是...
   5/19 Spectator  Biden Admin Pushes Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   5/19 Times Union  After nasty fight over racism, Saratoga Springs school voters lean conservative

   5/18 Epoch Times  艾維樂、臧東慧、李真 中華公所拜票  (Tony Avella, Donghui Zang, Richard Lee)

   5/18 EdFirstNC  Socio-Emotional Learning Is Anti-White, Anti-Christian, and Anti-American Indoctrination

   5/18 Wall Street Journal  California Leftists Try to Cancel Math Class

   5/18 World Journal  艾維樂、尹導、臧東慧相互背書 望攜手合作  (Tony Avella, Donghui Zang, Dao Yin)

   5/17 Epoch Times   紐約市議員參選人臧東慧和尹導獲艾維樂背書  (Tony Avella, Donghui Zang, Dao Yin)

   5/17 Bloomberg  Killing the SAT and ACT Isn’t the Way to Fix College Admissions

   5/17 Freddie deBoer  You Aren't Actually Mad at the SATs; you're mad at what they reveal

   5/17 New York School Talk  Where Is the Equity? Different Kids Face Different Tests for G&T Admissions

   5/17 Sing Tao   艾維拉背書 尹導和臧東慧  (Tony Avella, Donghui Zang, Dao Yin)

   5/17 World Journal  紐約市資優初中新生更多元化 疫期取消篩選錄取見效

   5/15 Epoch Times   紐約精英亨特高中與「教育公平顧問」合作

   5/15 Epoch Times   拿種族開刀 美國教師聯盟主席跟批SHSAT

   5/15 New York Post   Attacking test-in schools is anti-Asian

   5/14 Epoch Times  田納西立法禁止學校「批判性種族論」教學

   5/14 Epoch Times  家長反對 橙縣一學區仍通過「社會正義標準」課

   5/14 World Journal   首場電視辯論 楊安澤、亞當斯挺警察  (Only Eric Adams, Kathryn Garciasupport the SHSAT)

   5/13 China Press  首场电视辩论 八市长参选人激烈交锋  (Only Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia support the SHSAT)

   5/13 Epoch Times  紐約高中生組織反SHSAT 背後有「大人」指導

   5/13 Epoch Times  北卡立法禁批判性種族理論進入校園    北卡三角區的母親們有些什麽心願?

   5/13 New York Post  Teachers union chief cites Stuyvesant HS in ripping standardized testing

   5/12 Asian Dawn   ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Gifted’ Students Are Now ‘Racist’

   5/12 PLACE NYC Opposes Anti-Asian Senate Bill to Destroy Specialized High Schools

   5/12 Sing Tao  廢SHSAT法案再提 亞裔家長組織反擊  (仇恨亞裔州參議員:Salazar, Hoylman, Biaggi, Myrie, Ramos)

   5/11 China Press  州议员再提法案 旨在废除SHSAT

   5/11 Epoch Times  紐約州參議員再提廢除SHSAT 民團展開攻防
 ​  5/11 Sing Tao  亨特高中入學考試下月舉行 市議員誓向CUNY施壓促改革  (
Brad Lander, Corey Johnson, Jumaane Williams)

   5/11 World Journal  特殊高中錄取改革提案捲土重來 劉醇逸:不會通過   (John Liu)
   5/11 World Journal  紐約客談/亨特高中堅持舉辦入學考 華人家長振奮

   5/10 Marianne  États-Unis : la méritocratie scolaire est-elle "raciste" ? Le débat fait rage à New-York

   5/10 National Review  A Welcome Backlash against Critical Race Theory

   5/10 New York Post  Teachers union chief Randi Weingarten defends use of 1619 Project in schools

   5/10 New York School Talk  NYC Endorses G&T Approach That Does Least Good For Students

   5/10 PoliticsNY  Chinese community group continues support of SHSAT

   5/  9 CACAGNY Requests Meetings with State Senators on Anti-Asian SHSAT Bill

   5/  9 NTD TV  紐約家長要求教育局長下台 停止歧視亞裔孩子

   5/  8 China Press  再提废除特高入学考试 亚裔家长吁纽约市教育局长辞职

   5/  8 Epoch Times  紐約家長籲市府修復教育系統 停止歧視亞裔生

   5/  8 NTD  Asian Parents Rally Against NYC Schools Chancellor

   5/  8 NYCRA  Requests Meetings with State Senators on SHSAT Bil

   5/  8 Sing Tao 「亞裔靠努力獲特殊高中席位」 民眾教育局外高呼波特下台

   5/  8 World Journal  忽略亞裔學子努力與成績 教育總監挨轟

   5/  7 Epoch Times  Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   5/  7 New York Daily News  When teachers become activists: Schools owe parents transparency

   5/  7 Sinovision  因亞裔生錄取多取消SHSAT?亞裔家長集會抗議:停止歧視我們的孩子

   5/  6 Epoch Times  市議員參選人臧東慧訪大紀元 談把「常識」帶回紐約  (Donghui Zang)

   5/  6 New York Post  GOP-led states passing bills to block or limit critical race theory

   5/  6 New York Post  What critical race theory is really about

   5/  6 Epoch Times  批判性種族理論滲透 家長質疑學校用假課程應對

   5/  6 Texas Public Policy  A Plea for Racial Harmony

   5/  5 Epoch Times  紐約教育局長廢SHSAT言論 亞裔社區批駁  (Maud Maron)

   5/  5 Newsweek  Ban Critical Race Theory Now

   5/  5 Pacific Legal Foundation  Harvard’s inconsistent position on discrimination

   5/  5 PoliticsNY  G&T Programs will Help Close Achievement Gap, not Cause It  (Elizabeth Crowley)

   5/  5 Sing Tao  亞裔團體市長參選人論壇 亞當斯主張保留SHSAT單一錄取  (Eric Adams, Andrew Yang)

   5/  5 Sing Tao  教育總監發表聲明 SHSAT非教育危機始作俑者  (Maud Maron)

   5/  4 Epoch Times  反對取消SHSAT 紐約中華公所致信市教育總監

   5/  4 Reason  In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math

   5/  4 Sing Tao  教育總監稱SHSAT不公平 多華裔團體不滿嗆聲反擊

   5/  4 Sinovision  亚裔生特殊高中录取率高 纽约市官员竟不满欲取消考试 家长们不干了!

   5/  4 World Journal  教育總監再喊取消SHSAT單一錄取制度

   5/  3 China Press  称特高考试对非裔学生不公 皇后区教育局高管脸书惹议

   5/  3 China Press  中华公所致信市教育局长反对废除SHSAT

   5/  3 Epoch Times  「民眾說需要我」艾維樂再度競選第19選區市議員  (Tony Avella)

   5/  3 New York Post   Expelling Asian Americans from top schools proves NYC education is off the rails

   5/  3 Sing Tao  家長支持SHSAT 被官員狠批偏執

   5/  3 World Journal  主計長參選人魏普林 布碌崙8大道拜票  (David Weprin, William Colton)

   5/  2 China Press 布碌仑区长参选人论坛述政见 特高入学考试立场迥异 (Robert Cornegy Jr, Antonio Reynoso, JoAnne Simon)

   5/  2 Epoch Times  新民調顯示:民主黨選民也支持特許學校

   5/  2 Washington Times  Critical race theory teach bans killed or stalled in many states

   5/  2 World Journal  前州參議員艾維樂角逐市議員 華裔支持:他為我們發聲  (Tony Avella)

   5/  1 Epoch Times  同源會賀亞裔生:永不為學習好而道歉

   5/  1 Epoch Times  美教育部擬資助歷史課 將CRT引入公校挨批

   5/  1 New York Daily News  How De Blasio should’ve opened specialized high schools to more Blacks...

   5/  1 New York Post  NYC DOE official called parents who support specialized high school tests ‘bigots’

   4/30 CACAGNY Sends Unique Message to Students Receiving Specialized High School Offers

   4/30 CNN   McConnell letter to the Education Department regarding ‘1619 Project’ programs

   4/30 Epoch Times  Oklahoma House Votes to Ban Teaching of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

   4/30 Epoch Times  美國教育部擬資助歷史課 將CRT引入公校

   4/30 Epoch Times  紐約特殊高中錄取 亞裔過半 但考生人數降

   4/30 New York Post  Don’t teach American children divisive nonsense: Mitch McConnell

   4/30 New York Post  Don’t blame the test for the small number of minorities at elite NYC high schools

   4/30 Sing Tao  特殊高中放榜亞裔占比過半 教育組織批對非西裔不公平

   4/30 World Journal  紐約客談/亞裔學生名額被偷 SHSAT戰鬥仍須努力

   4/30 World Journal  特殊高中放榜 亞裔錄取仍過半…教育局再促取消SHSAT

   4/29 China Press  SHSAT特殊高中考试放榜亚裔录取率持平非裔西裔降

   4/29 Commentary  A Minority Group Triumphs. Liberals Are Upset.

   4/29 New York Post  NYC schools chancellor calls for end to elite school test as Asians dominate

   4/29 NTD TV   【思想領袖】米利克:身分政治不容言論自由

   4/29 Wall Street Journal  NYC Sees 18% Drop in Students Testing for Admission to Specialized High Schools

   4/29 World Journal  紐約市特殊高中考試放榜 亞裔錄取率持平但名額下降

   4/28 Epoch Times  新罕州民眾反CRT 籲禁學校灌輸種族分裂

   4/28 Newsweek Senate Democrats Voted To Permit Systemic Racism in Higher Education

   4/27 Epoch Times  新罕州民眾集會 反對文革式「批判種族理論」

   4/27 Epoch Times  Conservative Parent Groups Working to Reclaim Schools from Leftists

   4/27 Fox News  Idaho Senate passes bill banning critical race theory in public schools

   4/27 Fox News  GOP Reps warn against Biden's 'dangerous,' 'divisive' critical race theory push

   4/25 Epoch Times  批判性種族理論進校園 美國家長集結抵制

   4/25 New York Post  US kids get bad Marx; China students excel: Devine

   4/25 Wall Street Journal  A Revealing Vote on Anti-Asian Bias

   4/24 Epoch Times  北卡州公共教育總監談工作重點及CRT影響

   4/24 Epoch Times  阻學校灌輸左派思潮 美傳統派組織反擊

   4/24 New York Post  The growing underground network of parents fighting ‘anti-racism’ in NYC schools

   4/23 Epoch Times  紐約FAIR負責人朱雅婷:CRT是馬克思主義

   4/23 Epoch TImes  紐約教會學校承認「妖魔化白人」錄音曝光

   4/23 Epoch Times  家長們呼籲:關注學區會議阻止種族教育

   4/23 Epoch Times  非裔教授:家長們正組織起來反對CRT

   4/23 Epoch Times  Parents Organize to Push Back Against Critical Race Theory

   4/23 Fox News  NYC dad: private school was trying to make daughter feel guilty about her skin color

   4/23 Manhattan Institute  An Education Playbook for the Next Mayor

   4/23 New York Post  Exam debacle shows State Education Department doesn’t give a damn about kids

   4/23 New York Post  Get set for dangerous Critical Race Theory in every school in America

   4/23 Sing Tao   紐約州500傑出高中排名 華生佔多數史岱文森排名第一

   4/22 Fox News  Virginia to eliminate accelerated math courses as part of equity-focused plan

   4/22 Fox News  NYC dad says private school tried to make daughter feel guilty about her skin color

   4/22 New York Post  New York English exam questions recycled from old tests

   4/22 NY1  Here's why this year's state exam questions may seem familiar

   4/20 Epoch TImes  「總與華人站在一起」 第30選區居民挺市議員霍頓連任  (Robert Holden)

   4/20 New York Post  ‘Woke’ principal of elite NYC school caught ripping ‘demonizing’ curriculum

   4/20 QNS   Fighting for what’s right

   4/19 Epoch Times  亞裔保守派呼籲:在反仇恨浪潮中保持清醒

   4/19 George Yancey  The Dangerous World of Kendi's Antiracism

   4/19 New York Post   NYC teacher booted from ‘woke’ classroom, says boss has ‘grave doubts’

   4/18 China Press  布碌仑区长参选人康力基拜访亚总会 重申支持保留SHSAT和资优班,反对消减警费 (Robert Cornegy Jr)
   4/18 Sing Tao  紐約華埠市議員競選激烈 7民主黨候選人6月大決戰

            (Susan Lee, Jenny Low, Gigi Li, Christopher Marte, Maud Maron, Tiffany Winbush, Denny Salas)

   4/18 World Journal  霍頓競選連任 多位華裔站台支持:他不會只說不做  (Robert Holden)

   4/17 Epoch Times  教育局官員籲取消天才班 紐約同源會:後果是優質生源流失

   4/17 Epoch Times  毛陰魂不散 批判性種族論武裝學校

   4/17 New York Post   Maya Wiley wants to end ‘discriminatory’ screens that got her own kid into a top school

            (Hypocrisy alert on Maya Wiley, Scott Stringer, Dianne Morales)

   4/17 New York Post   How Congress is pushing for our schools to teach racialist anti-Americanism

   4/17 NTD TV   【名家專欄】毛陰魂不散 批判性種族論武裝學校

   4/17 USA Today  Hard work should pay off for Asian Americans, not block their education opportunities

   4/15 Epoch Times  民間組織籲廢除CRT:勿在校園傳播仇恨

   4/15 Federalist  Loudoun County Teacher Explains How Leftist Institutional Racism is Devastating Schools

   4/13 Bari Weiss I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated

   4/13 New York Post  NYC teacher: We’re damaging kids with ‘Critical Race Theory’

   4/12 Wall Street Journal  Great Schools Are the Solution to Educational ‘Segregation’

   4/ 9 NTD TV  專訪Kenny Xu:亞裔的成功顛覆左派種族論調

   4/ 4  City Journal  Test Anxiety

   4/ 4  Wall Street Journal  Inconvenient Facts for the War on Testing

   4/ 2  San Diego Union-Tribune  Pouring millions of dollars into ethnic studies courses will be a disaster

   3/31  Epoch Times  哈佛歧視亞裔案 紐約多團體籲複審

   3/31  Sing Tao  同源會華裔家長交陳述書 呼籲最高法院重審哈佛案

   3/30 CACAGNY Asks Supreme Court to Stop Racial Discrimination in College Admissions  (The Brief)
   3/30 Campus Reform  ASU dean writes book alleging that grading students’ writing is 'white supremacy'

   3/30 John Stossel  Woke Colleges vs Testing

   3/30 NTD TV  【名家專欄】阻止批判性種族理論毀滅美國

   3/30 Washington Times  'It's everywhere': Parents group fights left-wing indoctrination in schools

   3/26 Epoch Times  用「平權行動」來抵消成功的社會 不是亞裔能成功的社會 生存都會成問題

   3/26 USA Today  Asian American students have a target on their backs thanks to critical race theory

   3/26 Wall Street Journal  School Choice Scores for Public Schools

   3/25 Queens Chronicle  Are unequal results racist?
   3/24 China Press  市議員第一選區參選人李翠珊訪問  (Susan Lee)

   3/24 Epoch Times  青少年訴訟促撤擇優錄取制 紐約同源會籲家長制止

   3/24 RealClear Education The War on Merit

   3/23 OANN  Chinese-American Group Condemns Left-Wing Critical Race Theory

   3/23 OCR  Identity politics do more harm than good

   3/23 USA Today  Don't blame the tests: Getting rid of standardized testing punishes poor students

   3/22 CACAGNY Support Parents’ Intervention in IntegrateNYC’s Absurd Lawsuit

   3/20 Epoch Times 臧東慧獲纽约州眾議員寇頓背書  (William Colton, Donghui Zang)

   3/20 Robert Cornegy  布碌崙區長參選人康立基 訪華社宣揚理念  (Robert Cornegy)

   3/20 World Journal  臧東慧支持資優班 獲州眾議員寇頓背書  (William Colton, Donghui Zang

   3/20 World Journal  市議員參選人莫美倫訪中華公所 籲市府投資亞裔仇恨犯罪工作組  (Maud Maron)
   3/19 National Review  SF School Board Member Accused Asians of Using ‘White Supremacy’ to ‘Get Ahead’

   3/19 WSET ABC News  Virginia parents threatened after criticizing critical race theory

   3/18 China Press  州众议员寇顿背书支持臧东慧参选市议员  (William Colton, Donghui Zang)

   3/18 New York Post  DeSantis rips Critical Race Theory, says it won’t be in Florida curriculum

   3/17 City Journal  Subversive Education

   3/17 Epoch Times  種族平衡招生打擊亞裔 全美各地湧現訴訟

   3/17 NBC News  Boston wants to diversify admissions to elite high schools: Why some parents are suing

   3/17 NTD  Coalition Sues Virginia Public School for Admissions Practices

   3/16 Education News  Critical Race Theory in Texas K-12 Bills

   3/16 Town Hall  A Parent Who Criticized Critical Race Theory Has Been Placed on Hit List for Harassment

   3/16 Wall Street Journal  California’s Ethnic Studies Mandate

   3/15 City Journal  The Pollyanna Principals

   3/15 Epoch Times  紐約學校指南 籲學生不叫「爸媽」引質疑

   3/15 Federalist  Leftists Are Pushing Asian Americans Out Of The Democratic Party

   3/15 Wall Street Journal  The ‘Equity’ of Bill de Blasio
   3/13 Atlantic  What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum: BLM, Education, Indoctrination
   3/13 National Review  Critical Race Theory Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Fight It

   3/12 Epoch Times TJ科技高中改革後減招亞裔 家長提告 同源會聲援
   3/12 World Journal  曼哈頓教會學校 鼓勵學生不稱父母為爸媽

   3/11 Sing Tao  傑菲遜高中錄取改革鬧上法庭 紐約同源會發出聲明力挺

   3/11 World Journal  TJ高中新錄取標準涉歧視亞裔 社區團體告上聯邦法院

   3/10 City Journal  Revenge of the Gods

   3/10 Epoch Times  第20選區市議員參選人黃敏儀 獲朱寶玲背書  (Sandra Ung)
   3/10 Real Clear Investigations  California Is Embracing Mandatory Racial-Injustice Study for All High Schoolers

   3/10 Real Clear Investigations  And Now, the School Pep Rally Against Whiteness

   3/10 Washington Post  Thomas Jefferson students and parents are fighting changes to admissions standards

   3/  9 Breitbart  ‘Social Emotional Learning’ Now a Vehicle for Critical Race Theory

   3/  9 City Journal  The Miseducation of America’s Elites

   3/  9 New York Times  California’s Ethnic Studies Follies
   3/  9 Newsweek  Asian Americans Emerging as a Strong Voice Against Critical Race Theory

   3/  9 Sinovision  天才班,特殊高中危險了?紐約市錄取政策遭訴訟挑戰

   3/  9 Washington Examiner  Lawsuit filed in NYC alleges school system of racist admission policies

   3/  8 Buffalo News  BPS’ ‘responsive’ curriculum promotes division

   3/  8 World Journal  楊安澤:讓各族裔公平享用資源 基本收入促進疫後復甦  (Andrew Yang)

   3/  7 Boston Globe  Race-based admissions are wrong, and it’s time the Supreme Court said so

   3/  7 Epoch Times  華裔教授因言獲罪 美國教育界的文革?

   3/  7 Epoch Times  Chinese American Parents View Critical Race Theory as New Version of Chinese Exclusion Act

   3/  7 New York Post  US Dept. of Education curbs decision on race-based ‘affinity groups’
   3/  7 Wall Street Journal  Dividing by Race Comes to Grade School

   3/  6 Epoch Times  紐約同源會籲白思豪重啟天才班合同     市議員霍爾頓呼籲恢復天才班入學考試  (Robert Holden)

   3/  6 New York Post  NYC mom enraged by teacher playing rap videos during Zoom economics class
   3/  6 Weekly Dish  Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities

   3/  5 Andrew Sullivan  Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities

   3/  5 City Journal  Same as the Old Boss
   3/  5 Dorchester Reporter Exam school admissions are delayed by lawsuit

   3/  5 Epoch Times  橙縣家長盼阻加州《民族研究示範課程》
   3/  5 MBNC Chinese American Parents View Critical Race Theory As New Version of Chinese Exclusion Act

   3/  5 National Review  Woke Math Is Coming to a Classroom Near You

   3/  5 Sing Tao  亞美正義聯盟舉辦 3市議員候選人線上論政   (Maud Maron)

   3/  5 Washington Times  Oklahoma state senator wants to ban critical race theory from public schools

   3/  5 World Journal  高中生反SHSAT組織 邀市長參選人表態  (Eric Adams, Andrew Yang)

   3/  5 World Journal 鼓勵華裔參政 市議員顧雅明背書臧東慧  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)


   3/  4 China Press  顾雅明背书支持臧东慧竞选第29选区市议员  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)

   3/  4 Epoch Times 顧雅明背書臧東慧參選第29選區市議員  (Donghui Zang, Peter Koo)
   3/  4 New York Post  NYC’s new schools chancellor seems stuck on bad old priorities

   3/  4 Wall Street Journal  ‘Equity’ Is a Mandate to Discriminate

   3/  3 Asian Dawn Chinese-American Group Fighting Against Critical Race Theory

   3/  3 China Press  幫助城市恢複 7市議員參選人組共識聯盟  (Maud Maron, Donghui Zang)

   3/  3 Daily Mail  Children told white heads are dangerous places for black people

   3/  3 Federalist  The Left’s Vision Of Equity Will Cripple A Generation Of Minority Students

   3/  3 GBH News  Speedy Trial Set In Challenge To Boston Exam School Admissions

   3/  3 New York Post  Rep. Jamaal Bowman calls standardized testing ‘a pillar of systemic racism’   (Rebuttal)

   3/  3 Pandemic Warroom  Critical Race Theory Uses ‘Same Tactics’ of Chairman Mao

   3/  2 China Press   史塔文斯基背书支持黄敏仪参选市议员  (Toby Stavisky, Sandra Ung)

   3/  2 Epoch Times  黃敏儀獲州參議員史塔文斯基背書  (Toby Stavisky, Sandra Ung)

   3/  2 GraniteGrok  “Critical Race Theory (CRT) Is a Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud”

   3/  2 Hoover Institution The Capitalists Who Sell Ethnic Studies

   3/  2 World Journal 波士頓優學家長聯盟 控公校新規違憲

   3/  1 America's Citizen Press  Chinese American Group Denounces Leftist Critical Race Theory

   3/  1 Bari Weiss  There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math

   3/  1 Daily Friend  Chinese association condemns Critical Race Theory

   3/  1 Free Beacon  Incoming NYC Schools Chancellor Backs Claim That America Was ‘Built On Lies’

   3/  1 New York Post  Half of polled Democrats disapprove of City Hall schools policy

   2/28 NTD TV  美國的「新排華法案」

   2/27 石山角度   美國公立學校推動批判性種族理論教育,被斥為「新排華法案」
   2/27 Boston Globe Civil rights group to challenge lawsuit over admissions policy at Boston exam schools

   2/27 Epoch Times  【有冇搞錯】美國的「新排華法案」

   2/27 Epoch Times  共和黨市長候選人訪華埠宣傳政見   (Sara Tirschwell)

   2/27 MSN News Chinese American group denounces ‘Critical Race Theory’

   2/27 PJ Media Asian American Group Eviscerates Critical Race Theory: 'A Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud'

   2/27 RT Boston halts advanced school program after study finds it has too many ‘white and Asian’ students
   2/27 Sing Tao  市長參選人田詩薇 拜訪中華公所   (Sara Tirschwell)

   2/27 Yahoo News  Chinese American group denounces ‘Critical Race Theory’

   2/26 Asra Investigates  Parents Sue Boston Schools for Racism

   2/26 Boston Herald Parent group suing school committee for new exam school admissions process

   2/26 Epoch Times 「批判種族論」風行 紐約同源會籲家長抵制

   2/26 Epoch Times  紐約市長候選人亞當斯訪紐約中華公所  (Eric Adams)

​   2/26 Fox News  Chinese American Group Denounces Critical Race Theory:   Shannon Bream   /  Ingraham Angle

   2/26 New York Post  Supreme Court now has a chance to end the real ‘systemic racism’

   2/26 Real Time with  Bill Maher Megyn Kelly on Race in Education | Real Time with Bill Maher

   2/26 Sinovision  紐約市教育局長突然辭職曾因這些提議遭亞裔家長強烈反對

   2/26 Washington Times  Loudoun County Schools cancel Dr. Seuss for 'racial undertones'

   2/26 WGBH   Citing Racial Inequities, Boston Public Schools Suspend New Advanced Learning Classes

   2/26 World Journal  哈佛招生歧視亞裔案 原告申請最高院受理

   2/25 China Press 参选市长 布碌仑区长亚当斯拜访中华公所  (Eric Adams)

   2/25 China Press 25學區學區裏民會下月開 CAPA籲華裔參與

   2/25 Daily Wire  Chinese-American Group On Critical Race Theory: ‘Racist, Repressive, Discriminatory’

   2/25 Epoch Times  Chinese American Civil Rights Group Denounces Critical Race Theory: ‘A Hateful Fraud’

   2/25 Fox News  Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 India TImes Post Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 KCUE  Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

   2/25 News Wars Asian-American Group Blasts Critical Race Theory as ‘Hateful, Divisive Fraud’

   2/25 Newsweek  The Supreme Court Must Now End the 'Systemic Racism' of Affirmative Action

   2/25 PR Newswire  SFFA Files Petition for Certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court to End Race-Based Admissions

   2/25 RT Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’ in fiery letter

   2/25 South Asian Express Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’

   2/25 WCSI   Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory - 1010 WCSI

   2/24 Ara Investiages  Chinese-American Parents Condemn Critical Race Theory

   2/24 ArabNews24  Asian-American civil rights group blasts critical race theory as ‘hateful, divisive fraud’

   2/24 Bacons' Rebellion  Chinese-American Parents Condemn Critical Race Theory

   2/24 ENM News ‘Hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud’: Chinese American organization denounces critical race theory

   2/24 Epoch Times  比爾蓋茨基金會推「反種族主義數學」

   2/24 Epoch Times  91分以上先抽籤 紐約湯森哈里斯高中改招生辦法

   2/24 Investment Watch Oldest Chinese-American association has announced revolt against critical race theory

   2/24 Sing Tao 亨特中學錄取改革升溫 公聽會議員逼問何時實施  (Inez Barron)

   2/24 Twitchy 'Critical Race Theory is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act’: Chinese-American association comes out swinging

   2/24 Washington Examiner Chinese American organization denounces critical race theory

   2/24 World Journal  今年將辦州會考 不列入畢業要求

   2/23 CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud   (For mobile: HTML)

   2/23 Daily Signal Woke Math Spreads to Oregon

   2/23 Epoch Times 曼哈頓區檢察官候選人泰莉拜訪紐約中華公所  (Tali Weinstein)

   2/23 Newsweek Math Suffers From White Supremacy, According to a Bill Gates-Funded Course

   2/23 Thinking Conservative CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud

   2/22 Chalkbeat  Schools must still give standardized tests this year, Biden administration says

   2/22 Wall Street Journal  The Woke ‘Model Minority’ Myth

   2/22 Washington Times Bronx educator's $150M lawsuit: 'Wakanda Forever' salute dispute contributed to firing

   2/21 Town Hall  De Blasio’s Attack on the American Dream

   2/20 China Press  新任州衆議員譚杜喜晤華文媒體 期與華裔選民增進溝通  (Mike Tannousis)

   2/20 Epoch Times  BLM進學校推廣黑命貴課程 推進左翼議程?

   2/20 Epoch Times  皇后區市議員候選人黃啟俊訪紐約中華公所  (Edwin Wong)

   2/20 New York Post Veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired after refusing ‘Black Panther’ salute

   2/20 Sing Tao 稱取消SHSAT無法被接受 譚杜喜批市長教育徹底失敗  (Mike Tannousis)

   2/19 American Thinker Critical Race Theory Is Coming to Your Suburban Community

   2/19 Bacon's Rebellion  Five Dem Senators Defy Party Orthodoxy on Governors Schools

   2/19 Wall Street Journal  Science Needs Criticism, Not Cheerleading

   2/18 KNKX Seattle Public Schools says it will no longer offer separate honors classes in middle school

   2/18 Sing Tao 教育局宣布取消今年天才班考試 華裔家長氣暈罵市府不守信

   2/18 Virginia Mercury  Senators kill legislation to increase diversity in Virginia’s elite public high schools

   2/17 Epoch imes  數學是種族主義?2+2=5?左派手冊引關注

   2/17 New York Post DOE announces new Gifted and Talented admission system for next year

   2/17 Sing Tao 校長要求家長反思 「自己到底有多白」

   2/16 City Journal  What Multiculturalism Has Wrought

   2/16 New York Post NYC public school asks parents to ‘reflect’ on their ‘whiteness’  (Letters to Editor)

   2/16 New York Post William Shakespeare ditched by woke teachers over ‘misogyny, racism’

   2/15 American Conservative Teachers Unions Have Always Been Terrible

   2/15 Federalist  San Francisco High School To ‘Combat Racism’ By Selecting Students Based On Skin Color

   2/13 China Press  市议会参选人臧东慧Maron向华社送上新春祝福  (Donghui Zang, Maud Maron)

   2/12 Fox News  Oregon promotes teacher program that seeks to undo 'racism in mathematics'

   2/12 Sing Tao  2市議員候選人呼籲 春節光顧華人店鋪   (Donghui Zang, Maud Maron)

   2/11 City Journal Bad Education

   2/11 NW Asian Weekly Yale admissions lawsuit dropped

   2/11 Patch I am a Black Student in a Specialized High School

   2/11 World Journal 爭議聲中 洛威爾高中招生改革通過

   2/10 ABC News 7  SF School Board votes to end merit-based admission at Lowell High, move school into lottery

   2/10 City Journal Saving Gotham’s Students

   2/10 Daily Caller San Francisco Board Of Education Votes To End Merit-Based Admissions at Prestigious School

   2/10 Quillette Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America

   2/10 National Review  SF School Board Not Sure Gay Dad Adds Enough Diversity to All-Female Parent Group

   2/10 National Review  Biden’s Empty Promise to Fight Discrimination against Asian Americans

   2/10 San Francisco Chronicle S.F. school board strips Lowell High of its merit-based admissions system

   2/10 Spiked  ‘Systemic racism’ is a conspiracy theory

   2/ 9 Glenn Beck Hour  Critical Race Theory in California's ESMC

   2/ 9 New York Times  Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

   2/ 9 Sing Tao  紐約市主計長斯靜格線上舉辦 亞裔媒體農曆新年圓桌會議  (Scott Stringer)

   2/ 8 Federalist  How 'Socio-Emotional Learning' Became Another Vehicle For Anti-White Racism in Schools

   2/ 8 New York School Talk  Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s Education Legacy

   2/ 7 Wall Street Journal  Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory
   2/ 7 Washington Times  Lawmakers in two states target teaching of critical race theory, 1619 Project
   2/ 6 Epoch Times  耶魯大學歧視亞裔案被撤 專家:影響深遠

   2/ 6 Sing Tao  天才班考試出題公司合同取消 逾千家長聯署要求重新投票

   2/ 5 Bari Weiss  'Spirit Murder,' Neo-Segregation and Science Denial in American Schools

   2/ 5 Epoch Times  要求對天才班考試合同決定重新投票 763名家長連署

   2/ 5 New York Post  New website tracks where critical race theory is taught at US schools

   2/ 5 New York Post  Public school parents are fleeing to charters, too

   2/ 5 Wall Street Journal  San Francisco’s Race Games

   2/ 5 Wall Street Journal  School Choice Momentum in the States

   2/ 4 Epoch Times  黃敏儀競選第20選區市議員 獲紐約市聯合教師工會背書  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 4 Fox News  Asian-American GOP Reps. Steel and Kim reject DOJ decision to drop Yale lawsuit

   2/ 4 Newsweek San Francisco School Board Commissioner Calls Merit-Based Education 'Racist'

   2/ 4 Washington Free Beacon  North Carolina Approves New, Radical History Curriculum for K-12 Students

   2/ 4 World Journal 參選紐約法拉盛市議員 黃敏儀獲聯合教師工會背書  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 3 Bloomberg Yale Admissions Bias Suit by Trump DOJ Dropped Under Biden

   2/ 3 Breitbart  SF to Dump Merit-based Admissions to Majority Asian Magnet School Because ‘Systemic Racism

   2/ 3 China Press  學生以華裔爲主 舊金山知名高中招生或不看成績隻抽簽

   2/ 3 China Press  聯合教師工會背書黃敏儀  (Sandra Ung)

   2/ 3 Fox News Biden Justice Department is dropping Yale University admissions practices lawsuit

   2/ 3 New York Post  Biden’s would-be education secretary pioneered classroom race theory

   2/ 3 QNS UFT endorses Robert Holden for City Council re-election  (Robert Holden)

   2/ 3 San Francisco Chronicle S.F. school board leans toward stripping Lowell High of merit-based admissions

   2/ 3 Wall Street Journal  ‘Equity’ for Asian-Americans in Practice

   2/ 3 World Journal  紐約州是否取消州會考 2/5前徵民意

   2/ 2 ABC 7 News SF school board presents resolution to change merit admission at Lowell High

   2/ 2 Asra Investigates  Judge: ' Gifted Students'

   2/ 2 NBC News Prominent San Francisco high school could drop academic achievement for admission

   2/ 2 Sing Tao  亨特中學成考試改革新目標 民選官員施壓推多元化

   2/ 2 World Journal  紐約客談/楊安澤會助華裔維權?莫一廂情願 (Andrew Yang)

   2/ 2 World Journal 亨特高中入學考因疫延期 學生團體、民選官員籲取消  (Charles Barron, Jumaane Williams)

   2/ 1 ABC 7 News  Are acronyms a symptom of 'white supremacy culture?

   2/ 1 New York Post  San Francisco school official deems acronyms ‘racist’ in axing arts department moniker

   2/ 1 World Journal  7市長參選人表態 要廢單一考試錄取制 (Stringer, Adams, Yang, Donovan, Morales, McGuire, Wiley)

   2/ 1 World Journal  紐約亨特高中遭學生指控歧視 提出4點要求取消入學考試

   1/31 New York Daily News  Inside NYC Education panel’s stunning vote to nix ‘Gifted and Talented’ exam

   1/31 New York Post Will Biden’s team go along with killing another year of standardized testing?

   1/31 San Francisco Chronicle Lowell High School would permanently switch to lottery admission

   1/31 Santa Monica Observer Scholars Challenge Benefits of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Children

   1/30 Epoch Times 紐約市12名民代反對教育局取消中學篩選錄取

            (Colton, Abbate, Cymbrowitz, Dickens, Braunstein, Weprin, Savino, Felder, Louis, Holden, Deutsch, Yeger)
   1/30 New York Post  Dad says NYC DOE public schools are ‘brainwashing’ kids with woke agenda

   1/30 New York Post  Dalton parents fight ‘anti-racism’ agenda in scathing open letter

   1/29 Atlantic  Schools Must Resist Destructive Anti-racist Demands
   1/29 Epoch Times 紐約市長候選人均贊成天才班招生闢新徑 (Andrew Yang, Kathryn Garcia, Eric Adams, Ray McGuire, Loree Sutton)

   1/29 Gothamist  Andrew Yang: Scrapping Gifted Programs Would Cause Some Families To Leave NYC
   1/29 New York Post  Mayoral hopeful Yang slams Gifted and Talented test nix, warns of parent exodus (
Andrew Yang)

   1/29 World Journal  角逐紐約市長立場丕變 斯靜格認應廢SHSAT (Scott Stringer, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Andrew Yang)

   1/28 China Press  杨安泽:增加特殊高中保留特殊考试 (Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Ray McGuire, Loree Sutton)

   1/28 Epoch Times   楊安澤支持疫情受創小商家 獲紐約市議員陳倩雯背書  (Andrew Yang)

   1/28 Epoch Times   終於考了! 新移民學生獲延長一倍時間考SHSAT

   1/28 National Review  The Problem with ‘Systemic Racism’

   1/28 New York Post  Families are fleeing NYC’s public schools — of course

   1/28 New York Post NYC education panel rejects contract for Gifted and Talented exam

   1/28 Politico NYC mayoral candidates divided on politically fractious elite high school test

   1/28 Sing Tao 公校入學率跌4% 學生人數跌穿百萬

   1/28 World Journal  紐約客談/會不會是最後一次考SHSAT?

   1/28 World Journal  終於開考了…進軍特殊高中 華生「忍凍」考SHSAT

   1/27 China Press  紐約市今年第一批SHSAT考試在各中學考點線下舉行

   1/27 Commentary  What They Really Mean by ‘Equity’

   1/27 Loudoun Times  Judge: Lawsuit over Thomas Jefferson school’s admissions can move ahead

   1/27 New York Post  NYC public schools have lost 43,000 kids this year

   1/27 NY1 Middle Schools Around the City Open Briefly for 8th Graders to Take SHSAT

   1/27 Sing Tao 布碌崙區長參選人可內基 稱支持SHSAT及天才班

   1/26 Epoch Times 紐約市長參選人教育論壇 週四晚舉辦

   1/26 Epoch Times  市議員科尼加競選布碌崙區長 支持SHSAT  (Robert Cornegy)

   1/26 National Review  ‘Equity’ and ‘Systemic Racism’

   1/26 World Journal 紐約市長參選人賈西亞接受世報專訪 支持擴大SHSAT和資優班  (Garcia--but she  lied)

   1/25 Epoch Times  紐約市教育局備忘錄流出 天才班入學考或泡湯

   1/25 New York Post  Biden has embraced lunatic ‘critical race theory’ — but you can still fight it

   1/25 SI Live New York seeks to forgo state standardized tests this spring

   1/25 Sing Tao 州教育廳申請 取消春季統考

   1/24 China Press  陈熠参选第25选区市议员  (Chen Yi)

   1/24 Spectator World  Harvard’s diversity disgrace

   1/24 WTVR  Judge: lawsuit over elite Virginia school's admissions can move ahead

   1/22 China Press  紐約同源會等28日舉行市長參選人論壇 楊安澤将參與

   1/21 Epoch Times  紐約華埠選民最在意:社區監獄、租金與地稅  (Maud Maron)

   1/21 Epoch Times  前紐約市清潔局長賈西亞參選市長 訪中華公所  (Kathryn Garcia)
   1/21 Fox News  Diversity session tells teachers 'colorblindness,' 'all lives matter' are white supremacy

   1/21 Queens Chronicle  What will become of G&T programs?  (Toby Stavsky, Nily Rozic)
   1/21 World Journal  競選市議員╱ 艾維樂、李真 支持擴大資優班  (Richard Lee, Tony Avella)
   1/20 World Journal  SAT單科、作文取消 華生升學再受影響

   1/ 19 Epoch Times 第19選區市議員論壇 選民重視政見承諾  (Tony Avella, Richard Lee)
   1/ 19 Epoch Times 法拉盛選區市議員參選人 聚焦緬街公車道 (Dao Yin, Sandra Ung)
   1/ 19 Fordham Institute  NYC’s dismantling of gifted education could hurt Black and Hispanic children most

   1/ 19 National Review  Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education
   1/ 19 Sing Tao  第19和20選區市議員參選人論壇 教育治安和住房議題引發熱議 (Richard Lee, Tony Avella)

   1/ 19 The 74 Million Opening Up Selective HS Admissions Can Hurt Low-Income Students’ College Chances

   1/ 19 World Journal 市議員競選論壇 森林小丘4參選人反廢SHSAT (Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang, Lynn Schulman, David Aronov)
   2/ 18 China Press  29選區市議員參選人介紹背景競選政見  (Lynn Schulman, Donghui Zang, David Aronov)

   1/ 18 Epoch Times  森林小丘市議員參選人臧東慧 籌款金額位居前五  (Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Epoch Times  紐約市議會皇后區第29選區民主黨初選參選人論壇 (Lynn Schulman, Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Federalist Minority Parents Fight The Educrats Erasing Gifted Education In The Name Of ‘Antiracism’

   1/ 18 Sing Tao  第29選區市議員論壇 4名參選人各抒政見  (Lynn Schulman, Edwin Wong, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 18 Sing Tao  正式參選法拉盛市議員 尹導強調綜合治理  (Dao Yin)

   1/ 18 World Journal  反對取消資優班 紐約同源會:應擴大

   1/ 17 China Press 尹导宣布参选第20选区市议员  (Dao Yin)

   1/ 16 CACAGNY urges more electeds and candidates to defend Gifted & Talented Programs

   1/ 16 Epoch Times  反對廢資優班考試 紐約民代發聲  (William Colton, Peter Abbate, Margaret Chin)
   1/ 15 Sing Tao  有意參選紐約市長 卡西亞拜訪星島日報  (Kathryn Garcia)

   1/ 14 Bklyner  Southern Brooklyn Parents React To Ending of Gifted & Talented Screenings
   1/ 14 China Press  资优班被砍寇顿:將联合民代反对中学录取改革 (William Colton)

   1/ 14 NewsWars  Parents ‘Shocked’ After California Elementary School Taught Critical Race Theory

   1/ 14 World Journal  廢資優班考試 華人區民代齊反對:不負責任 (Koo, Malliotakis, Abbate, Colton, Treyger, Holden, Johnson, Liu)
   1/ 14 World Journal 資優班考試取消 華人家長不滿 寄望下屆市長扭轉局面

   1/ 13 Bklyner  No More G&T Screening After This Spring

   1/ 13 China Press  教育局叫停“資優班” 今春最後一次考試 亞裔占比最高 黃敏儀等發聲反對  (Sandra Ung)

   1/ 13 China Press  紐約教育局将叫停“資優班” 今春最後一次考試  (Maya Wiley)
   1/ 13 City Journal  Woke Elementary

   1/ 13 Gothamist  City Will Offer Gifted & Talented Test To Four-Year-Old Students One Last Time

   1/ 13 New York Post  De Blasio is trying to kill gifted-and-talented education
   1/ 13 New York Post  De Blasio hates gifted schooling because it exposes his own failures

   1/ 13 New York Post  NYC to reboot Gifted and Talented program for schools this fall
   1/ 13 Sing Tao  取消天才班各界嗆聲 反對聲高過支持聲 (
John Liu, Andrew Gounardes, Sandra Ung, Donghui Zang)

   1/ 12 Cal Matters  Without statewide testing data California will fall short in supporting student learning

   1/ 12 NY1  DOE Will End Gifted and Talented Test After This Year  (Maya Wiley)

   1/ 11 World Journal  斯靜格:特殊高中錄取應採用州考分數  (Scott Stringer)

   1/ 11 World Journal  1/5公校高中生 未獲應完成學分

   1/ 10 China Press  市长论坛 斯静格表态改革SHSAT考试  (Scott Stringer)

   1/  9 Gotham Gazette  Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Pitch Upper Manhattan Club

                Against SHSAT: Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Shaun Donovan, Kathryn Garcia, Loree Sutton, Carlos Menchaca

                For SHSAT: Eric Adams

                Not Saying: Ray McGuire

   1/  9 World Journal  寇頓號召家長 反對取消初中篩選  (William Colton)

   1/  8 San Diego Union-Tribune  Why did Prop. 16 lose in California? Most people oppose racial preferences

   1/  7 Chalkbeat  1 in 5 NYC high schoolers received incomplete grades last spring

   1/  5 Epoch Times  紐約市1600人簽名 呼籲保持天才班招生

   1/  5 The 74 Million  How to Avoid Integrating Schools While Ending Up With Segregated Classrooms

   1/  4 New York Post  Parent letter rips City Hall silence on Gifted and Talented programs
   1/  4 New York School Talk  Three Potential Silver Linings to Unscreening All NYC Middle Schools

   1/  2 New York Post  Teaching ‘white fragility’ is bad for kids of color


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